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Children Meditation Energy Follows Thought

As the Buddha said so many years ago. There is no path to happiness: Happiness is the path.

Meditation is defined as the conscious or awareness process of increasing energy while dissolving resistance. As the level of energy increases; there is a co-responding reduction in the level of resistance. Consequently awareness will rise. Gaining maturity in meditation practice is the only way to achieve a completely conscious life. This means that you come to know and understand how life works!

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However anyone who achieves same meditation ability or maturity as Buddha will gain ability to give same discourses that Buddha used to give.

Site map with all links to meditation secrets Site map contains all links to Meditation secrets website. Therefore assuredly spiritual aspirants; will find their search for nirvanic peace so much easier. Wheel of rebirth Wheel of rebirth or reincarnation explains how consciousness is a continuing experience; through various physical bodies or incarnations on the earth …

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Potala Palace Only sacrifice of participation is to implement in practice what you come to learn while being a member of spiritual development group.

Yes these interesting meditation observations can be confirmed by anyone; who meditates with the discipline required to achieve the same level of meditating maturity.
Energy follows thought is a demonstration that insight meditation is a dissolving process.
For all those people who start serious meditation too late in life. They will have no possibility to achieve enlightenment; before the current incarnation is over! They will need to wait until their next incarnation; before this same opportunity will present itself once again.

Pathway of Consciousness Reincarnation

Tapestry from Monastery in Himalayas Tibetan wheel of life is a diagrammatic representation of reincarnation.

Wheel of rebirth or reincarnation is explained in the very old esoteric book “Tibetan book of the dead”. It is our ego functioning independently of soul; that keeps us in the wheel of rebirth. Therefore when the choice is made; to become conscious or walk the pathway of consciousness. Then we are choosing; to enable …