Tag: meditation is dissolving process

Energy follows thought is; a direct experience for any serious meditator. Revealed is that insight meditation is a dissolving process. For instance as energy arises with meditation; then so too will resistance decrease. From the first breath of Anapana; until the achievement of nirvanic peace; is one continuous dissolving sequence. When will you be motivated; to practice serious meditation?

Meditation Spinal Alignment Aspect Self Energy Healing

Spiritual aspirant needs to study the spiritual laws; on the pathway to the spiritual wisdom.

Increased flow of energy from the oversoul; which will position spinal column progressively into its straightened correct alignment. Naturally this will improve health and function of your physical body. Three stages of meditation maturity surface, deep and escape will reflect the level of results that are achieved. One ten-day meditation course correctly practiced will enable you to make a significant improvement in your stage of progression or ability.