Aura Magnetic field Reveals the Stage of Spiritual Evolution

Essentially the human body is a salt solution; with an electrical current running through it. Which animates and gives it life. Significantly when an individual correctly understands the principles of purification. Which is then combined with the necessary discipline to apply these principles correctly into the everyday living pattern. Then importantly this will lead to an uplifting clear magnetic field. As the aura reveals spiritual evolution. Naturally this is confirmed by the physics of Ohm’s law.

Ohm’s Law Demonstration Aura reveals Spiritual Status

This will lead to an efficient system of elimination of toxins and waste products of metabolism from the body. Accordingly this will delay the natural consequences of precipitation of excessive waste products within the body. Which is a process of sedimentation with freezing up or crystallization. Ohm’s law determines that when the flow of energy or electricity is increasing. Then the resistance must also be decreasing. When the voltage remains constant. With the flow of electricity through any wire. There will be generated a magnetic field or aura.

Consequently the strength of the magnetic field is directly determined. By the power of electricity or magnitude of the electrical current flowing through the wire. In other words the life span of the individual will be prolonged. With comparative relative freedom from the degenerative diseases. When any given individual implements the steps of purification. This applied understanding means. That our electrical current is maintained at optimum performance levels. Which can be seen in the auric field of any individual.

Importantly the human aura is a composite result; for the combined influences of the physical, emotional and mental bodies. This means it not only reflects physical health but also psychological health. Additionally it will also reveal the spiritual status or frequency of being. More spiritually evolved individuals will usually display better physical and psychological health parameters.

Ohms triangle representation Ohms law Three labels are V voltage I current and R resistance Formula is V=IR As resistance decreases current increases
Ohms triangle representation Ohms law Three labels are V voltage I current and R resistance Formula is V=IR As resistance decreases current increases

Contraction of Ego or Expansion of Soul

The eternal choice in life for every entity; is between contraction of the ego or expansion of the soul. It is only when gaining maturity with serious meditation. Can an individual become consciously aware of their own unique stage of contraction. Which is commonly referred to as spiritual status. Insight meditation is a dissolving meditation; that enables the invoking of greater amounts of energy from the Over soul. This is the pathway of progression from contraction into expansion in consciousness.

The timeless esoteric expression “as above so below”; reveals that the flexibility and health of the physical body is an indication. For how well we are doing on an inner level. This is particularly so when viewing an older physical body in earthly years. Correspondingly this also represents a movement from reactive into responsive behaviours. Which is to become a more responsible human being. This also means that every person who successfully practices personal responsibility; is also a priest. Pointing or lighting the way for others who seek to escape the illusion.

Aura reveals Spiritual Status or Energy Resistance Balance

It is ego influence to contract and soul influence to expand. Which means that ego resistance slows down energy. While soul energy function is to speed up the flow of energy. Which in turn will lead to a lighter state of being; with a higher frequency. In this way it can be seen. That the energy resistance balance determines the frequency or spiritual status of any individual.

Insight meditation practice is the fastest way to speed up soul energy flow. Consequently in this way it will dissolve resistance leading to a lighter energy state. Resulting in a more spiritually evolved person; who will display a brighter clearer aura. In simple words insight meditation is the fastest way to clear your aura on an energy level.

Many try to achieve spiritual development or personal growth. While taking their bad habits with them. Which is living the ego focused approach. Probably it is bad news for most to learn; that both legal and illegal substance abuse. Will degrade the quality and purity of the aura. Simply because poisoning the body leads to greater resistance. Which in turn will slow down energy leading to a courser or lower vibration. Therefore this will be displayed in the aura. As a duller yucky unpleasant less vibrate colour. Even to the point in some cases where the aura will display dark shadows. Beware of the slimy dark green colour within the aura that reveals dishonesty.

Aura Reveals Spiritual Evolution

This all leads us to realize that we are the sum total of all our energy choices. In other words there is a vibrational consequence; for every choice that is made in life. The more high energy choices that we make. Then the greater will be our achievements; on the pathway of aura reveals spiritual evolution evolution.

Open Sky

Open as the sky is the way that we all need to become on inner level This energy state can be easily achieved with insight meditation
Open as the sky is the way that we all need to become on an inner level This energy state can be easily achieved with insight meditation

The open sky symbolizes how we all need to be. When we interact with our brothers. Importantly only in this way will we ever have any chance to escape the illusion. Which is the opposite to the psychological pattern or pathway of putting up psychic barriers. The creation of blind spots in the human psyche. Is associated with and intrinsically linked to psychic barriers. Which are a sole creation of the ego to protect itself; that will keep out soul light illuminating the mind. This is the self protection psychological pattern. Consequently it is only ever the lower personality; that is being protected in this way. Which means living within a self imposed limitation or psychic prison.

Unfortunately not until a person first realizes or becomes aware. That a physical body is in fact a prison. Which consequently requires seeking the key of release. Will there ever be any possibility of escape. Naturally we may all become aware in our consciousness. That the divine spark of divinity is the same within us all. Importantly this is the natural final conclusion energy state result with insight meditation practice. Which is an electrical dissolving process; that enables the moving onto finer levels of being in order to become free.

Being as open as the sky. Accordingly will create the strongest possible energy state. Which naturally means the strongest auric pattern or energy field. Why not enter an Ashram and clean up your aura today? All the while contemplating the beauty and wisdom of Ohm’s law; which enables the freedom from illusion..

Two Paths in Life

There are only two paths in life. Which is either the path to nowhere or the path to everywhere. Alternatively we may say the circle holding pattern path or the straight up path. Which is to fly above and beyond the limitations of the material plane of existence. Significantly the only difference being in regard to the aspect of frequency or vibration. Fortunately the aura reveals just how well we are doing. Which is an easy monitoring system for our progress. Who is curious to find out? Why not get your aura photo taken today; and walk the path of spiritual evolution more determinedly?

Brother Bert’s Aura photo is available on the home page.

Aura Reveals Spiritual Evolution Photograph

This is Aura reveals spiritual evolution photographing equipment Also presented are the energy centres or chakras of the body with their associated colours
This is Aura reveals spiritual evolution photographing equipment Also presented are the energy centres or chakras of the body with their associated colours

Moore Than A Healing

Importantly the following information is supplied by Moore than a Healing: Colours in your aura match the seven major chakras along the front of your body.
(Base – Red     Sacral – Orange     Solar Plexus – Yellow      Heart – Green     Throat – Blue     Third Eye – Indigo     Crown – Violet) there is also the colour white – which is represented by all the colours, a very spiritual & angelic energy.  And Pink which signifies unconditional spiritual love and energy.

The first three chakras relate to physical reality, the heart is the link between the physical & spirital and the top three chakras relate to our spiritual energies.  All of the energies are necessary and valuable to a balanced, healthy, happy, connected life. Here is a link to the website MTAH.

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After reading and studying this post. You can now regard yourself to be a serious esoteric student. Importantly the next step is to practice serious insight meditation! Which is in order to achieve a lighter vibration of being. That will completely transform the pattern of your life!

Insight Meditation is a dissolving process; which promotes or invokes the increased flow of energy from the Oversoul. It is an awareness focused to a point meditation technique. Which is the only way; to bring the full power of the Oversoul. Into our brain consciousness or being on the earth plane; in order to fully dissolve the resistance of ego. Learning the meditation technique is simple and easy. However the discipline of practice requires a little more effort.