Pathway of Consciousness Reincarnation or rebirth Awareness

Reincarnation: wheel of rebirth diagram reveals consciousness is cyclic rebirth or reincarnation pattern.
Reincarnation: wheel of rebirth diagram reveals consciousness is cyclic rebirth or reincarnation pattern.

Wheel of rebirth or reincarnation is explained in the very old esoteric book “Tibetan book of the dead”. It is our ego functioning independently of soul; that keeps us in the wheel of rebirth. Therefore when the choice is made; to become conscious or walk the pathway of consciousness. Then we are choosing; to enable our ego to become an instrument of soul. Timeless secret is to walk the path of consciousness.

Escape wheel of rebirth or reincarnation timeless secret

Wheel of rebirth reincarnation picture; gives you an excellent representation or road map. Of how consciousness is a continuing experience; through various physical bodies on the earth plane. By choosing to adopt in practice the path of consciousness; then you can be assured of ultimate success; in escaping illusion by transcending the ego.

Who would like to escape; the wheel of rebirth or reincarnation into the earth plane? Then you will need to study and implement; the steps of walking the timeless secret pathway of consciousness. This approach is one of building energy; and moving into a more vibrationally educated state. Insight Meditation is the only way to heal your whole being. Consequently it is a process; that is defined as bringing down or invoking energy; from your oversoul into your being on the earth plane. This process will clear and sweep clean the uncleared personality.

Understanding Electrical Basis of Meditation pathway of consciousness

All serious esoteric students would be wise to study in detail enlightenment meditation guideElectrical Basis of Meditation , how to meditate articles; which when implemented will take you beyond the wheel of rebirth.   Our choice in life is very simple; which is either to remain in the unconscious or default state and remain in the pattern of illusion with endless cycles of rebirth. Or walk the path of consciousness in order to escape the illusion.

The fundamental difference between these two states of being has only one aspect and that is energy. This perception reveals that the only real difference; between members of humanity is the level of awareness or degree of consciousness.  

Reincarnation Vibrational education pathway of consciousness

  The path of moving into greater awareness or consciousness; is one of building energy vibrational education. Simply explained this means to adopt in practice energy building choices. This leads us to that age-old adage; which is that all healing is purification. As we invoke and build energy within our being; then we are progressively removing impurities or resistance. Which then leads to greater energy flow with its associated higher levels of awareness.

This is a process of moving from a high density low vibration crystallized contracted energy state; into a more flexible low density high vibration expansion energy state of being.   This simple observation of the level or degree of crystallization. Explains why so many of average humanity; have so much difficulty in understanding or grasping. What the world spiritual leaders have been sharing all along; so of uh ten during the course of human evolution on this planet.

Walk in reincarnation

How then do we create this pattern of vibrational education in practice? Walk in reincarnation understanding; is simply by reading all the articles contained on this website; and then by putting into practice the guidelines indicated. Oh so simple? From the soul point of view it is easy; but from the ego point of view it is hard. Naturally this is plainly. Because a stronger level of discipline is required. Ego does not like discipline too much.

Psychic pattern is stored in the physical body

Basically the strong independently functioning ego; will distort the physical body downwards into a contracted state. This results in a person with poor spinal alignment; with its associated health problems. It is easily seen that anyone; who has this body conformation requires personal development. People demonstrating open attitudes with good quality spinal alignment; and relative freedom from health issues demonstrate greater spiritual maturity.

Open balanced energy centers create optimum spinal alignment; which gives rise to the balanced functioning of the cerebra-spinal system and associated nervous system. The physical body is an out picturing or hologram; of what is present on an inner level. Our spirit guides would say “As above so below”. Which is a timeless quote that demonstrates this fact. Physical level disability reflects the inner disharmony.

Wheel of Reincarnation

Heal Thyself by Doctor Richard Bach explains this phenomena very well. In addition the book [You can heal your life] by Louise Hay is also very useful. Another important consideration on the pathway to building energy; is the understanding and implementation of the Energy Conservation Rule. Every choice we make leads to either a net energy gain or loss. We are all quite literally the sum of all our choices energetically speaking. On the physical level we need to take into our body’s; air, food and water as pure as possible.

Perception of Timeless Truth

This meditating monk is pointing in the only direction leading anywhere, which is straight up. Path of increasing frequency or vibration is improving awareness or consciousness. In the early stages of meditation practice it is usual to receive psychic insights. Above all is the beginning of timeless truth perception.
This monk is pointing in only direction leading anywhere which is straight up.

Meditating monk is pointing the way. Which is path of increasing frequency or vibration that will improve awareness or consciousness. In the early stages of meditation practice it is usual to receive psychic insights. Above all is the beginning of timeless truth perception.

Timeless Secret pathway of consciousness

It is a Timeless secret that all manifestation is energy. Certainly it can be consciously realized by any individual. Who lives the spiritual discipline. Combined with the tenacity of Insight Meditation practice taken to its final conclusion. Step by step manual is available on this website. Clearly the more meditation that you do in practice. Accordingly then the deeper will your understanding become. As meditation will teach you as you go.

Consequently Insight Meditation practice will lead to the gift of psychic sight or the opening of the third eye another timeless secret. In conclusion is the natural secondary result of dissolving resistance. No pure mystic has ever or will ever escape the wheel of rebirth. Perhaps we may be motivated; to meditate deeply on this statement to discover why? Above all would a true mystic; ever be motivated to practice; insight meditation to see timeless truth?

Spiritual understanding pathway of consciousness

That’s right once an individual first begins serious meditation. Thereafter he is no longer a pure mystic [emotional focus]. As the first impact of soul is the higher mental level. For instance it is what brings in spiritual understanding!   In conclusion solution to every problem is within the self. An inherent panacea solution is simply a process of building or increasing energy. Furthermore simply presented this naturally means that the solution to every problem is energy. Increasing energy will lower resistance.

Naturally this leads to a raised level of vibration or frequency. With its natural consequence of a raised level of perception. In conclusion this is often referred to; as the spiritual status of an individual. Belief system will never ever change reality. Similarly only aspect that anyone can ever change in real terms is their perception of reality. Therefore it is the level of perception, which determines reality.

Oversoul is timeless truth

Oh celestial oversoul light of the universe thou center being from which all pours forth and to which all returns. Pour forth thy love and thy wisdom upon these thy servants that they may become strong and worthy instruments for the fulfilling of thy purpose in the world of man.

Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world. It represents a symbol for the soul's departure; from the earth plane of existence with enlightenment.
Mount Everest is highest mountain in world. Symbol soul departure earth plane.

Mount Everest Himalayas roof of the world is a symbol for the evolved soul’s departure from the material plane of existence. Perhaps you may chose to attend a meditation Centre?

Escape Reincarnation Continuous meditation Enlightenment

After a critical point is reached in your meditation ability. You will find that your meditation; has become a continuous 24 hour automatic process. Consequently the stronger the soul energy flow; then the easier it is to maintain continuous meditation awareness. Your spine will move into straighter alignment. Which will be reflected in more efficient function; of all the organ systems in the body.

Which will then lead to visible improvements, in clear mental processes with healthy skin and hair. Also there is also a visible softening of your body features. Which becomes more pronounced and significant; as you become older. Because your aging process is delayed. Certainly it is quite possible to appear quiet young into advanced old age; which is a secondary consequence of nirvanic peace! Tibetan book of the dead is a very old esoteric book on the afterlife.

Insight meditation speeds up spiritual evolution