Immoral Action or Enlightenment is the Choice of Ego or Soul

With meditation practice the spinal alignment becomes progressively corrected; on the pathway to achieving the enlightenment energy state. This is in association with a balancing of the energy flow; through the chakras or energy centers of the body. Overall net result with the stronger electrical current flow; is a stronger magnetic aura field around your body. Enlightenment energy state you can achieve with enlightenment stages meditation completion. Meditating ability or maturity has three stages, which are surface meditation, deep meditation and escape meditation.

This article explains. How you may utilize awareness differently during meditation practice. When compared with the Goenka reported Vipassana Meditation doctrine.

Pattern of Meditation Awareness Ego and Soul

Within the category of a focused concentration to a point meditation technique. There are essentially two choices in how you choose to focus your awareness during meditation practice. The First technique taught by Goenka. Which is to follow your awareness over a gross sensation area until you feel subtle sensations. When you then move your awareness further on. The second way is to hold your awareness on an area with subtle sensations and when they stop changing. After which you then move your awareness on.

Either way produces the same results, with increasing soul energy flow with stronger sensations over time. My suggestion is for you to make your own choice as I did during this early stage of meditation practice. Eventually you will become aware. That there is essentially an interaction between energy and resistance in your being. Which is what I call the coal face.

Continuous Meditation Goal is Enlightenment

Because this is essentially what defines your level of meditation spiritual maturity; with its associated level of awareness or consciousness. At this point in your meditation practice; you will come to realize that you have continuous meditation ability. Now you are well on your way to transcend between immoral action or enlightenment.

Now it is time to practice what I call common meditation. Which is to hold your awareness within the soul energy flow at all times during your waking day. This is the common point where all individuals end up. Regardless of which particular technique you use. In the early or beginner stages of meditation practice.

Immoral action or enlightenment energy state is the one choice, which is before us all. When you present part knowledge as whole knowledge. This will lead to an inevitable set of consequences. Any individual who presents the wisdom of direct experience. Outside the official part knowledge doctrine is a heretic. And exiled from the official group.

Meditation Maturity Immoral Action or Enlightenment

During your meditation practice provided soul energy flow is increasing while resistance is decreasing. Then certainly you may feel totally self assured that you are gaining greater progress in your meditation maturity. This is the most important and essential aspect of meditation practice.

What ever particular meditation technique that you choose; or the way in which you utilize awareness. Certainly it is only a secondary consequence to the achievement; of increasing flows of energy from the over soul. Insight meditation is a dissolving sequence. Hence the closer you are to dissolving yourself out; then the greater is your meditation maturity to become enlightened.

Wider view Ego and Soul

Only those meditators who come to see clearly the wider view by accident or outside influence. Will then move on outside the official doctrine or program to eventually achieve enlightenment. The Vipassana meditation program is perfect. When you apply it as directed. To achieve the start of conscious awareness for soul energy flow within the body. On the pathway to achieving enlightenment energy state.

Enlightenment Stages Meditation Energy State

Meditation induces increased flow of energy from over soul; leads to release from reincarnation. Choice is between ego and soul; immoral action or enlightenment
Meditation induces increased flow of energy from over soul; leads to release from reincarnation. Choice is between ego and soul; immoral action or enlightenment

There are three stages of meditation to achieve Enlightenment. An alternative approach or protocol in the direction of awareness is to focus on soul energy flow. This is to facilitate the breaking through; of blockages or restrictions in the main energy channels in particular. Which will lead to a faster build up of soul energy voltage within the body. Consequently this will lead to the achievement of those very qualities that we are all striving to achieve.

In passing I will mention that a Sri Lankan assistant teacher explained to me. That you may focus your awareness on the sensations rather than the blind area’s to achieve the same end results. Consequently to which I replied, this is what I am already doing.

To focus on sensations is to focus on soul energy flow. As you hold your awareness on a sensation. The flow of soul energy will increase to that location leading to stronger more expansive sensations. When you feel that the energy flow at that particular moment has reached its peak. Then it time to move your awareness on.

Awareness on sensation is to focus on soul energy flow

You continually move the focus of your awareness to a point that demonstrates increasing soul energy flow. After a period of meditating at a different point or points. Then you may return to your original point of focus to find. Now the energy flow will be even stronger than before!

The next step then is to hold your awareness on the locations in the body. Which will lead to the greatest freeing up or release of soul energy. In the beginning in most cases you will need to observe the flow of energy around blockages. Then eventually through the blockages with the piecing, penetrating, dissolving action.

Pressure to expand channels not open

Yes there may be discomfort or even pain in the early stages. Which is because you are creating a pressure to expand. Which your channels may not be open enough to accommodate properly yet. This is the whole point as you are forcing open these channels.

It is an individual choice as to how much discomfort sacrifice. You implement to facilitate your own maturity in meditation practice. In my own case I experienced a thumping headache for three months. Which never deterred me at all because I knew exactly what I was doing and why. It is important to realize that this is a passing phase. Because as the channels open up properly all discomfort will disappear.

Understand Sankhara’s Enlightenment Stages Meditation

Certainly after clearing all the major blockages or restrictions to soul energy flow within the body. You can then go back to the official protocol to clear out all the remaining Sankhara’s. Only this time your practice will have far greater soul energy power driving it. Which will then lead you to achieve far better results. Especially noteworthy is that increased soul energy or electricity flow. A natural consequence of decreased resistance as the soul voltage remains unchanged.

Meditation stages enlightenment meditators may follow same path Buddha revealed achieving nirvanic peace. Process begins how to do Anapana meditation technique
Meditation stages enlightenment meditators may follow same path Buddha revealed achieving nirvanic peace. Process begins how to do Anapana meditation technique

This naturally leads to increased and improved metabolic functions within the body; with stronger auric emanations or subtle sensations. This is the fulfilling of the first aspect of soul; which is the purification of the three vehicles of the personality [Mental body, Emotional body, Physical body]. Any individual with the capability for advanced or deep meditation. Will always demonstrate the laser mind of the soul infused mind.

Enlightenment Stages Meditation Energy State: Compassion

Mr. Goenka’s comment that everyone needs to work out the path for their own salvation is 100 percent correct. Including how you utilize awareness. To facilitate the melting and removal of all the crystalline structures commonly called crystallization. Which the ego creates. For all those people who are unable to see the wisdom of direct experience. Contained within this article I feel only compassion. Because you will remain trapped in the illusion of your own ego for some significant period into your future.

Meditation Immoral Action or Enlightenment

Immoral Action or Enlightenment is the choice between ego and soul Expression. Discover your own unique meditating style. While learning about spiritual science and insight meditation by visiting an Ashram or the Peacock spiritual development group. Enlightenment stages meditation energy state is a guide to your spiritual maturity.

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After reading and studying this post. You can now regard yourself to be a serious esoteric student. Importantly the next step is to practice serious insight meditation! Which is in order to achieve a lighter vibration of being. That will completely transform the pattern of your life!

Insight Meditation is a dissolving process; which promotes or invokes the increased flow of energy from the Oversoul. It is an awareness focused to a point meditation technique. Which is the only way; to bring the full power of the Oversoul. Into your brain consciousness or being on the earth plane; in order to fully dissolve the resistance of ego. Learning the meditation technique is simple and easy. However the discipline of practice requires a little more effort.