Buddhists chant meditate below Bodhi Tree, descendent tree where Buddha attained soul energy insight meditation enlightenment Mahabodhi Temple Bodhgaya India
Buddhist pilgrims chant & meditate below Bodhi Tree. Where Buddha attained insight meditation enlightenment Mahabodhi Temple Bodhgaya India.

Definition of Enlightenment

Enlightenment is defined to be the physics energy state. Where a meditator has advanced meditation ability. In addition to successfully dissolving all resistance. With its associated crystallization; to become ego-less. This is the final conclusion energy state. Achieved with soul energy insight meditation enlightenment; which is a self-observation process from the perspective of detachment. In summary it is a focused meditation technique; that enables stronger flows of energy from the Oversoul.

Through this process the meditator comes to see himself clearly; which enables the clear seeing or perception of others. Above all no one can see the truth about another. Until first you face the truth in yourself; in the first place. In conclusion this will mean; achieving insight meditation enlightenment. As energy follows thought.

How to Meditate for Enlightenment

Discipline of effort to achieve enlightenment; needs to be upon process and not results. Once the process is correct with the gaining of advanced meditation ability; then the results are 100% guaranteed. In other words we would say. That you need to always focus upon the next step; that is before you on the spiritual path.

20 to 30 years of continuous meditation to achieve enlightenment

However it is very important to realise. That the average meditator takes between 20 to 30 years of continuous meditation practice; to achieve meditation enlightenment. It is a long and disciplined process. That requires a high level of commitment and tenacity; to be successful before your incarnation is over.

Insight Meditation

Insight Meditation is the conscious awareness process. Of bringing down a larger inflow of soul energy; from the over soul into your being on the earth plane. The net effect of this increased soul energy flow; is to dissolve the crystallization of ego and expand the inter vertebral spaces of the spinal cord. Which then leads to a straightening and elongation of the spinal canal.

Due to the stronger energy the metabolic efficiency; in your body is also restored. This is the only way to heal permanently; the medical condition of Migraine. This is in addition to every other degenerative disease as well. Meditation practiced correctly will eventually enable you to discover; directly the energy state of insight meditation enlightenment for yourself.

Anapana first step on pathway Meditation Enlightenment

An individual faces the truth about their self; with equanimous observation without craving or aversion. Where you focus your awareness; is where soul energy will flow more strongly. The method or technique for practicing Insight Meditation begins with Anapana; which is like the glow plug on a diesel engine. Therefore this will warm up the engine; to where it will fire with Insight meditation becoming possible.

During the standard hour-long meditation period; you focus your awareness on the triangle of your nose tip with the upper lip. You focus on the awareness of your natural breath; with all the sensations that occur in this area only.

Hence the purpose is to sharpen and discipline the mind. Thereby improving your degree of intensified energy sensitivity. Furthermore the longer you can hold your concentration on this area. Without any distracting thoughts; reveals how disciplined your mind has become.

Anapana maturity before Insight meditation practice

After approximately 35 one hour meditation sessions practicing Anapana. Most people will have achieved Anapana maturity; and will be ready to practice insight meditation. The guideline for readiness; is to be able to maintain focused concentration. Far at least two minutes without any distracting thoughts. This is in addition to being able to feel subtle or auric sensations; over the whole of the triangle area.

Certainly it is usual during Anapana practice; to be able to feel subtle sensations over other parts of the body as well. However you do not allow the focus of your attention; to be ever distracted from the meditation exercise!


You are aware of these other sensations; but you do not focus on them while practicing Anapana. Make no mistake about it; even with Anapana practice you are promoting the speed up of soul energy flow within your being. Insight meditation enlightenment begins with focusing your awareness; on the top of your head at the former baby soft spot.

Significantly if you feel some sparks the first time you try this? Then great as you are firmly away; towards the final goal of insight meditation enlightenment. The first influx of soul energy is to purify. Hence nirvanic peace is an energy state; created by the increased flow of energy from the over soul.

Importantly in passing it will be mentioned that psychic barriers; prevent psychic insights easily penetrating the mind. Above all the platform upon which an entity develops a greater awareness of what lies within; is by detached observation of the self. To view all manifestation from the detached mental level.

Without an emotional focus distorting perception in a way; which nurtures the ego? However in the beginning when the ego is strong. Detached mental level self-observation is not possible; and this needs to be recognised.

Meditation Enlightenment overcomes Ego Resistance Patterns

Every degenerative disease has ego resistance patterns associated with it. By their very nature they are reactive in the way they influence and sabotage your life; which for most people is in an unconscious way. By comparison soul energy is cold resilient and flexible.

Advanced Meditation

Advanced meditation ability is defined to be achieved; after the successful dissolving of all the sediments surrounding the spinal column. Which results in a corrective straightening of the spine. That enables powerful currents of energy to flow; during meditation through your body from the over soul. This occurs towards the end of stage two; deep meditation level of capability or meditation maturity.

In summary Insight Meditation enlightenment; is the progressive bringing down of cooling soul energy. Above all it will then neutralizes these resistance points; eventually leading to enlightenment with nirvana. Learn about insight meditation enlightenment at an Ashram

Insight meditation speeds up spiritual evolution