Meditation Symptoms Pathway to Enlightenment

Meditation symptoms of purification or aggravation may be uncomfortable. However they need to be passed through on the way to achieving enlightenment
Meditation symptoms of purification or aggravation may be uncomfortable. However they need to be passed through on the way to achieving enlightenment

Every meditator will need to accept the discomfort of any meditation symptoms of purification or aggravations; which may occur while meditating to facilitate progress in their own maturity of meditation practice.

Meditation symptoms or
Aggravation side effects

With serious meditation practice you are consciously increasing the flow of energy, which will impact upon the resistance in your body. When energy meets resistance this will generate a friction creating heat with pain and discomfort symptoms. Meditation symptoms can be on all three levels of the personality physical, emotional and mental.

Every individual experiential process or meditation symptoms pattern is different and unique. Which is determined by original resistance pattern. This is the whole reason why I say that serious meditation is not for the faint hearted; who will balk and shy away from continued practice due to these uncomfortable symptoms.

Common meditation symptoms side effect is headache

Important most common meditation symptom side effect is headache. In particular this may be in the early stages of meditation practice. By the increased flow of energy through channels in the body; that are not yet ready and open enough to facilitate the increased flow.

Naturally this creates a pressure or congestion that forms the basis for the headache. These channels are progressively opened up. Which facilitates even greater flows of energy.

This is particularly so through the central channel or cerebrospinal system. Hence this observation explains why it is essential to sit still maintaining an erect straight spine when in the early stages of meditation practice. Once meditation maturity is gained. Then posture is no longer an important consideration; as the channels are now open enough to facilitate the flow of energy with any body position or activity.

Meditation Symptoms of Purification Aggravation are limitless

Certainly the variety of symptoms of purification or aggravation are limitless. Here are a few common examples on the physical level, which are burping, coughing, farting, skin rashes, diarrhea, colds and flu symptoms, fevers. Even head and/or body tremors will be experienced in some cases.

Even changed sound or tonal qualities in the voice. May be experienced with altered energy through the throat chakra. Certainly all the discomfort symptoms of a changing alignment to the spinal column. With its associated changing of body conformation. Or physique is usually experienced.

Emotional and Mental level symptoms

On the emotional level there may be crying, anger, fear, grief and guilt; in fact every reactive pattern imaginable is possible. Any emotional imbalance will come to the surface. Consequently and sadly in most people’s opinion this often means that it is given greater intensity of expression.

On the mental level a meditation symptom may be fuzzy thinking. In its many forms. Clear perception is gained with meditation. It is an individual choice as to how much pain and discomfort. You can accept. In order to facilitate your own maturity in meditation practice.

Sweeter body odour

As you gain greater maturity of meditation practice resulting in greater energy with lower resistance. Naturally the consequence is greater efficiency of metabolism within the body. With less impurities eliminated through the skin or third kidney. Naturally this will lead to a change in the microorganism flora with less fungal organisms living in the skin zone; as they have less waste or micro elements to live on.

Yes you will find more friendly bacteria living in the skin zone, which means a sweeter body odour is created. When you can see a persons physique, colour texture of skin with its associated smell or body odour. Accordingly you have three very significant criteria to accurately determine a person’s over all health status. In passing I will mention this also leads to a longer life span.

Meditation Purification Scalpel of soul energy

Simply put with meditation practice you are applying the scalpel of soul energy to lance and drain the psychic puss. Certainly it is uncomfortable and perhaps even painful while it is all happening. However you will experience an inconceivable bliss when it is all over. 

It is ego energy that contracts and soul energy that expands. Therefore it is clear and easy to see that the degree of correct spinal column alignment will reveal the spiritual status of any given individual. Spiritual status is the energy resistance balance or frequency. To straighten the spine and square up our frame or posture we need to first start beginner meditation or anapana.

Meditation course

Fastest way to gain maturity with meditation ability is to attend a ten day silent retreat meditation course. Most meditators find that they will need to attend a number of meditation courses, before continuous meditation ability is achieved. Many meditation centre options are available today.

Probably it doesn’t matter much which one you choose. While you are meditating the essential elements of the technique described on this website; for at least ten to eleven hours every day during the course. However the centre I would recommend if one is available for your geographic location is a Vipassana centre. Alternatively perhaps you may choose to visit an Ashram?

Focused meditation

Diffuse meditation leads nowhere while focused meditation leads everywhere. It doesn’t really matter, which particular meditation technique you choose to practice. Provided that you follow a few rules. Firstly focused awareness to a point technique is absolutely essential. Secondly you will need to become progressively aware of increasing energy flow strength with a corresponding decrease in resistance.

Big advantage of the Anapana exercise as described; is that you are able to be aware of gross sensations; which will occupy your attention. While you transition into greater sensitivity to become aware of subtle or aura sensations!

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