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Peacock group brotherhood mindfulness and gratitude. Choice is to cultivate the ego or soul. Any man is only as strong as the man who is guiding him
Peacock group brotherhood mindfulness and gratitude. Choice is to cultivate the ego or soul. Any man is only as strong as the man who is guiding him

Mindfulness and gratitude will blend together; when living in the present moment. So perhaps we may all wonder about the peacock group brotherhood. Why any man is only as strong as the man who is guiding him. Cultivate ego or soul is our eternal choice in life.

Therefore as a natural consequence; we will feel impelled to express gratitude. Towards the people who have sacrificed; their time and energy to guide us. For instance when we walk upon the path of life; seeking answers to life’s mysteries. However we need to be aware; that it is only possible to process information. That we find or have been exposed to.

Spiritual Entertainment

Reading or listening to others is only important. In that aspect of gaining an idea; that we are prepare to act upon. Too much reading and listening without overtly decisive actions. With improved outcomes is classed; as functioning on the level of spiritual entertainment. Sadly it has little lasting value; other than emotional sentimentality.

For instance right here natural selection of information; is at work by the psyche of the seeker. Will the ego ever allow the querent to recognise and value timeless wisdom; that will weaken the power of itself? Unfortunately in many cases this only happens; after severe pain and suffering experience. Which consequently allows the influx of soul energy; to illuminate the mind. In other words the emotion of grief opening up the crown chakra; to enable the seeing of life in a wider context.

Peacock Group Brotherhood Cultivate ego or soul

So our eternal choice is to cultivate ego or soul with its natural consequences. Our whole basis for spiritual evolution or movement forward; rests upon self observation. Unfortunately without a strongly developed self observation capability. Your life is will be doomed to remain; within a never ending perpetual cycle of wheel of rebirth experience. Wisest approach is to enter an Ashram or monastery; to learn about spiritual science and serious mediation. As well hopefully gain some psychic insights.

Perhaps however it may arise one day. For instance that a querent decides; to become a spiritual aspirant; by joining a spiritual development group. Here is our very first important discrimination choice, which is which one? Unfortunately many spiritual groups are led by people; who only possess a partial understanding of how life works. Certainly no one can give to another; what you do not have yourself. All it takes is one incorrect assumption. To lose your way towards freedom of illusion; which is to remain lost in the wilderness.

Incorrect assumpton meditation not needed

Probably the most common incorrect assumption; most of average humanity makes. Is that you do not need meditation. Similarly even with spiritual aspirants; who do discover meditation. They may become lost in surface meditation. Which however in itself is a form of illusion. Three stages of meditation are surface, deep and escape. Where escape is defined to be; the meditator successfully escapes the prison of the physical body. Therefore not until this state has been achieved; will anyone ever be completely free from illusion.

So now we have come to that point; where we have chosen wisely. Who we listen to and who are best to be ignored. However we may find ourselves; in that state of total and complete loving grace. Where we give thanks to those guides; who have made our rapid spiritual evolution possible.

Certainly it is true to say. That the random approach to almost anything will eventually work. However in this case the random approach; can only ever lead you. To the same point of sitting still meditating. Importantly no one who seeks to escape the illusion. Can avoid insight meditation taken to its final conclusion.

Gratitude for faster Spiritual progress with guides

However our progress is so much faster. When we seek the guidance from others. Who have already successfully done it. Which in this case is escape the wheel of rebirth. Surprisingly we also find ourselves feeling loving grace and gratitude. Even towards those people; whose ego resists soul light. Because this interaction; allows a crystal clear perception to develop. In addition there also occurs a strengthening and solidifying. Of the spiritual growth steps; that have already been taken. In conclusion when energy is given to you. It needs to be passed on. Because it can not be held onto.

Therefore gratitude is an expression of loving grace; which arises involuntarily. As a consequence of invoking stronger flows of energy; from the over soul with meditation. Yes I express wholehearted gratitude. When I thank spirit guides; Rani Lash, Lai Yung and Ra Iman Hoteph for their quality spiritual guidance during this incarnation.

Insight meditation speeds up spiritual evolution