Mountain of Awareness Peak Enlightenment

Symbolic mountain of awareness reveals the true summit of enlightenment. Which can only be achieved with disciplined insight meditation 100% focus of Oversoul
Symbolic mountain of awareness reveals the true summit of enlightenment. Which can only be achieved with disciplined insight meditation 100% focus of Oversoul

Base section Mountain of Awareness

Average humanity functions under law of force.

Base section and middle section of the mountain of awareness; represents most of average humanity. Invariably the people who belong in this group; function under the law of force. Significantly this is rather; than being guided, by any form of spiritual law at all. Top section represents the querents and spiritual aspirants. Above all when a person, first steps upon the spiritual path. He will either choose, the mystical or the esoteric approach. For instance only people from this group; will ever have any chance at all to reach the true summit of enlightenment with disciplined insight meditation practice.

Mystical path drawn to Christianity

Querents who feel impelled to pursue the mystical path. Will quite naturally be drawn to the teachings of Christianity. This is because the world spiritual leader. Christ worked on the second ray of love wisdom. Which in other words is the emotion or feeling based approach to life.

Esoteric path drawn to Buddhism with disciplined insight meditation

However by comparison querents who choose the esoteric path. Will be drawn to the teachings of Buddhism. Because the world spiritual leader Buddha; worked on the third ray of active intelligence. Which is the mental level or thinking based approach to life.

Very important point to recognize is that either approach. When taken in isolation to its final conclusion. Will only ever lead you to the achievement; of a false summit in awareness. In practical terms this will mean; remaining within the wheel of rebirth.

Peacock Brotherhood is an esoteric group

In passing it will be mentioned. That the Peacock Group is a spiritual development brotherhood. Which is an esoteric group. Naturally this means that the focus of function; is the higher mental level. In other words anyone who is unable; to come to the higher mental level. Will find little value in this group. In particular this will mean all pure mystics. Therefore in precisely this same way, the website Meditation Secrets; is an esoteric platform of information. Any reader is required to function; on the higher mental level to fully appreciate it.

Awareness full power of the Oversoul

Only path that leads to the true summit is insight meditation practice; which can be learned at an Ashram. Which results in the highest level of purification with awareness achievement. Therefore demonstrating that the gaining of the best results; can only ever be achieved. When you invoke the full power of pure energy from the Over soul. It is not the false summit; of the mystical emotional path in isolation. Similarly it is neither the false summit; of the esoteric mental level thinking only approach.

With meditation practice you give up, both thinking and feeling. Therefore your focus is to place your awareness; within the soul energy flow. In this way the soul energy flow speeds up. Over time with practice every day this soul energy flow; eventually becomes a torrential flood of energy. Full power or voltage of the Over soul; will dissolve the last remaining specks of ego resistance. Escaping illusion is not a thinking or feeling process but a meditation dissolving process.

Mountain of Awareness True summit is enlightenment

In conclusion the true summit of awareness is defined to be. Where enlightenment is achieved; with release from the wheel of rebirth; which is symbolized on the mountain of awareness. Above all anyone who has ever achieved this energy state. Knows exactly what they have experienced. As for others looking on their only option; is to create the same energy state for themselves.

Spiritual status starting point irrelevant to eventual success

In addition it is important to mention that your spiritual status starting point. Is irrelevant in the context; of eventual success with insight meditation. When you start from a relatively low frequency or spiritual status. This will only mean that in your case. It will take a lot longer period; of continuous meditation practice to achieve the final goal.

Perhaps in some extreme cases; you will need to be a serious meditator over two or three lifetimes. In other words you can be the biggest sinner on the planet. Yet still achieve enlightenment. However this is provided you choose; to practice seriously disciplined insight meditation. Taken to its final conclusion.

Beyond karma with enlightenment

Mountain of awareness is a symbolic representation or road map; to guide your path safely to eventual success. Significantly after the achievement of enlightenment. You will be beyond the forces of karma or cause and effect. In that there is no longer any pull; or feeling for being drawn into incarnation in any way.

In conclusion the last point is that meditation has to be done. While you have a physical body in order to progress; the final stages of your spiritual evolution. This is in the context of escaping the wheel of rebirth.

Mountain of Awareness Clairvoyance

As you gain maturity of meditation practice. There will be a progressive opening up; of the various chakras within the body. Which is directly associated with the opening of psychic doors. When achieved as a natural consequence of spiritual growth; it is a perfectly safe process.
Generally this is called becoming aware of psychic phenomena or clairvoyant ability. It is a side effect of meditation. However it is not the primary purpose. Wisely we do not form a primary focus upon psychic abilities.

By comparison when psychic ability is achieved by forcing open psychic doors. As a result of taking hallucinogenic drugs. Then it is positively dangerous. For some unfortunate people their psychic doors become so damaged. That they lose their ability to control what is seen. Which is often scenes from the lower astral. That are usually not very pleasant at all. Taking drugs is what I call cheap spiritual growth. Which is a total emphatic illusion that only delays your spiritual evolution.

Etheric web enables telepathy

Just like the story about the tortoise and the hare, which is based upon the spiritual reality. That every spiritual growth step must be taken one at a time. Except in rare cases with special circumstances; where steps can be taken three at a time.

Because our first priority is the building of energy while dissolving resistance. A path that eventually leads to escape from illusion. Being enthralled by or with psychic pictures is still a form of illusion. As we become more attuned to the fourth dimension. We become aware of the etheric web; which is the universal matrix for the spirit world. It is the existence of the etheric web that enables telepathy.

Mountain of Awareness Timeless message

People who do not practice seriously disciplined insight meditation; will have no possibility of escape. Therefore in real terms this will mean; remaining within the wheel of rebirth. However by comparison only those people; who gain continuous meditation ability. Will ever have the possibility of escape; which is symbolized by the enlightenment peak on the mountain of awareness.

Insight meditation speeds up spiritual evolution