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Interesting meditation observations to meditate is conscious process of increasing energy from oversoul. Leads to higher states of consciousness with nirvana
Interesting meditation observations to meditate is conscious process of increasing energy from oversoul. Leads to higher states of consciousness with nirvana

Interesting View of Meditation

Meditation Observations

Bert Luchjenbroers·Wednesday, July 6, 2016 Yes these interesting meditation observations, anyone can confirm. Who meditates with the discipline required to achieve the same level of meditating maturity. Energy follows thought is a demonstration. That insight meditation is dissolving experiential process. As a natural consequence my motivation in sharing these [interesting observations] is not entertainment. Most of all to provide inspiration and stimulation to act upon them? Awareness of spiritual knowledge presents an easy to follow road map. However be aware that the personality will resist a weakening of its power with soul light.

Therefore in passing I will mention. For all those people who start serious meditating too late in life in earth years of their incarnation. I feel only compassion. Because they will have no possibility to achieve enlightenment; before the current incarnation is over! They will need to wait until their next incarnation. Before this same opportunity presents itself once again.

Spiritual maturity

Definition of spiritual maturity is see all of someone’s faults and then choose to love them anyway. Learn about spiritual science and meditation at an Ashram or monastery.

Furthermore in most cases this dissolving process will take very many years. Consequently the gaining of serious spiritual maturity is not a mental or emotional process. Which can only point you in the correct direction but a meditation process. In conclusion there is only one way to correctly gain meditation understanding; which is to practice. As an esoteric studentin this way you will develop your own experiential process and see for yourself.

Meditation observations will teach you as you go

View of meditation is a practice that will teach you as you go. Eventually it will lead to conscious astral travel. In conclusion a greater energy lower resistance balance. Will raise your vibration rate or frequency with improvements in spiritual awareness or consciousness. Naturally this will also change your karma and probability pattern or fate. Finally I wish you well with your meditation practice? Hence if so then maybe I will see you at the same place in the fourth dimension. Interesting view of meditation observations.

In Buddhist symbolism the lotus is symbolic of purity of the body, speech, and mind. While rooted in the mud, its flowers blossom on long stalks. As if floating above the muddy waters of attachment and desire. It is also symbolic of detachment; as drops of water easily slide off its petals. Interesting observations of meditation leads us to understand. The symbolism of the lotus flower creation.

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After reading and studying this post. You can now regard yourself to be a serious esoteric student. Importantly the next step is to practice serious insight meditation! Which is in order to achieve a lighter vibration of being. That will completely transform the pattern of your life!

Insight Meditation is a dissolving process; which promotes or invokes the increased flow of energy from the Oversoul. It is an awareness focused to a point meditation technique. Which is the only way; to bring the full power of the Oversoul. Into your brain consciousness or being on the earth plane; in order to fully dissolve the resistance of ego. Learning the meditation technique is simple and easy. However the discipline of practice requires a little more effort.