Psychic Barriers Imprison

Relationship Success free of psychic barriers

Psychic barriers create a resistance in the aura, which slows down the passage of energy and distorts perception.
Psychic barriers create a resistance in the aura, which slows down the passage of energy and distorts perception.

No one can achieve correct relationship with another. Until first you have correct relationship within yourself in the first place. Only way to achieve correct relationship within yourself; is to take down your own psychic barriers. As psychic barriers create a resistance in the aura. So that in this way you will come to see your own self clearly. While you approach any relationship with psychic barriers imprison in place. Then by definition you will always project your limitations; onto another instead of facing them in yourself in the first instance.

Psychic Insights easier with a clear aura

In summary this will mean that you will sabotage; every relationship into your future with relationship failure. Every relationship failure presents a crisis of opportunity. As severe emotional trauma can unbalance and unhinge the established psychic barriers. Which can allow more soul light into your consciousness. In passing I will mention that these psychic insights can be gained far more easily; and with far less emotional trauma with insight meditation practice.

Therefore in this way you may come to see; your own psychological pattern more clearly. Which is to become a more conscious human being. However we will begin with relationship failure; because it is here that we have the seeds for success. When on our journey into consciousness; this is where we all usually commence serious spiritual evolution.

Relationship Failure with psychic barriers imprison

Psychological or psychic barriers do not protect but imprison. Relationships framed within barriers of protection; are all doomed for failure. Which presents a crisis of opportunity. Changing your life partner is not a solution in itself; because you take your barriers with you. Thereby creating the same unbalanced pattern; with another person with exactly the same consequences. Person who puts up or creates the barriers in the first place; is the only one who can take them down.

In the case where you have chosen to take your barriers down; but your partner in life has chosen to keep theirs. Well in this case it is perfectly justifiable to walk away; which is in direct comparison to running away. As you adopt this action in complete awareness or consciousness.

Unconditional love

Quote: “Please don’t get confused between my personality and my attitude. My personality depends on who I am but my attitude depends on who you are”. Unfortunately this quote is an example of emotional sentimentality or conditional love; which is a function of ego.

Therefore this statement is structurally incorrect; because your personality or ego is not who you are. Clearly your soul is who you are at the deepest level. Soul always responds while the uncontrolled or undirected ego by soul will always react. Moral of the story is to become unconditional. Which means to express soul or spiritual love under all conditions. In summary this is only possible after the ego has become; an instrument of soul with no independent power of its own.

Psychic Barriers imprison creation of ego

Therefore how could your ego ever possibly define you; in the case where your ego has no independent power of its own? Unfortunately at the present time most of average humanity is ruled by their ego. Which naturally means that the above quote correctly defines their level of function. Psychic barriers are a creation of ego; that helps to perpetuate and maintain the illusion.

Psychic Barriers Imprison is Pathway to Insanity

Pathway to insanity begins with choosing to ghost another person or other people in general. Which is the ultimate denial of personal responsibility for how you feel in the first place. It is a natural progression of the psychic barrier protection pattern; which is a consequence of the uncontrolled or uncorrected ego by soul.

By comparison then the Pathway to Sanity is to make the choice in the first place to be 100% responsible; for how you feel or your own emotional health. This is commonly called emotional maturity, which forms the solid basis for spiritual maturity. Naturally spiritual maturity is the ability to see all of someones faults and then choose to love them anyway. Anyone who is seeking to gain greater spiritual maturity; would be wise to visit an Ashram for personalized guidance.


In the psychic barrier protection pattern the ultimate extreme with this approach. Conclusively is to adopt the energy state of the total switch off and shut out. Common terminology is ghosting. Individual concerned does this because they do not wish to face; in any way their own psychic pattern. However the person in question who does this; will have a very justifiable reason to soothe their own conscience. In the absence of soul light the ego will provide an illusion explanation to cover up an illusion.

In the psyche of the person who does the ghosting. Does so because they perceive a particular individual as a threat. Perceived threat has its basis in soul light revealing the lower personality. Psychological shut out to anyone is effectively; a shut out to everyone who brings an influence of soul light.

Ghosting puts complete stop to your spiritual evolution

Which explains why anyone who chooses this approach; is effectively putting a complete stop to their own spiritual evolution. With an individual who is blocked in their soul; this will stop soul light illuminating the mind. Which in summary is the whole basis for effective self observation; upon which all spiritual growth forward is based.

See truth within oneself is easy with a clear aura

Psychological resistance has nothing to do with the person; who just happens to be the focus of attention the messenger. But everything to do with the inability or lack of motivation; to see the truth within oneself in the first place. Or simply to say face the truth of the message! Shooting the messenger is never a solution in life.

As a natural consequence limitations not faced in yourself; are projected onto others. These limitations have nothing at all to do with them. This neurotic pattern is a disconnection between thinking and feeling. With superficial relationships these resistance patterns are usually not so noticeable.

Psychic poisons

Psychic barriers lead to the creation of blind spots; because these psychological patterns operate outside conscious awareness. Therefore as a consequence; when an individual continually resists life learning lesson messages. He will generate further psychic barriers to prevent further unwanted messages. The more intensely the individual resists. Then consequently he will create a whole range of negative emotions. Which forms the underlying basis for a buildup of toxic psychic poisons.

Psychosis Reveals ultimate darkness within Aura

Which causes an auto intoxication of the body that depletes brain chemicals. This is the underlying basis for the various psychiatric disorders. Additionally it will also lead to the many neurological degenerative diseases; like dementia for example. First step on pathway of psychological dysfunction is the neurotic pattern. Which is then followed by psychosis; which is a more severe form of neurosis.

During psychotic episodes the affected individual loses the ability to know the difference; between what is real or true and what is not. In its most severe form; it is a process that will eventually lead to insanity. Which is therefore a demonstration that a totally uncontrolled ego; without any soul light influence at all will progressively destroy itself. Definition for insanity is all ego with no soul.

Psychological resistance revealed with deeper discussion

However as soon as the topic of discussion moves onto deeper levels like religion, spiritual science, politics or psychology in particular. Then consequently these barriers become far more easily seen. Because there is the inevitable; “no I do not wish to discuss this or even look at that”. Classic psychic barrier comment is “I do not want to look at or change anything”. Ultimate defining expression is “leave me alone”; which is the complete blanket shutout or ghosting phenomenon.

An additional defining comment is simply “I do not care”. Making this very serious flippant comment; indicates that the individual concerned does not care about their own spiritual growth. This psychological pattern reveals a mental level switch off due to emotional overload. When you speak with someone who has barriers in place against you. It is a shutout. Precisely what psychic barriers; are designed to do.

Fear is a mirage mucky Aura

Basis of psychological resistance is fear. Which is a fear of weakening the power of the ego. Which is precisely what happens. When the soul exerts greater control over the life pattern of the entity. It is only a mirage that we all must pass through to evolve spiritually. At every turn in the road a man must turn and face himself. In summary is a reference to the quality or capability of self observation; the basis upon which all spiritual growth forward is based.

An initiate during meditation revealing a balanced flow of energy; that occurs with advanced meditation practice. Indicating a changed consciousness.
An initiate during meditation revealing a balanced flow of energy; that occurs with advanced meditation practice. Indicating a changed consciousness.

Psychic Barriers Imprison

Ego protecting itself basis of illusion

Everything begins with the ego protecting itself; which is the whole basis of illusion. In the consciousness of the individual; he thinks that he is protecting himself from an outside threat. However what he is really protecting himself against; is the illumination of his ego by his own soul light. Anyone who is seriously interested to face the truth within ones self; will visit an Ashram to learn about insight meditation.

These psychological barriers create a resistance in the aura, which distorts perception. A psychic bubble that disconnects you from the people around you. With the natural additional secondary consequence of being insensitive to the feelings of others. Therefore invariably people living this pattern will experience; a sense of loneliness, isolation and emptiness.

Inner level Soul connection dispels feelings of loneliness

Many in this category will seek out many superficial relationships within a social network for sensual gratification. Which does absolutely nothing to correct the feeling of inner reality emptiness. No amount of social butterfly networking activity will ever dissolve that feeling of inner insecurity. If anything this escapism only makes matters worse. Only an inner level connection with your own soul; will ever dispel the feelings of loneliness. Demonstrating that you are connected; to the whole in your consciousness.

Inherent in the psyche resistance pattern is the denial of personal responsibility; for what is put out into the universe in the first place. For example all the negative emotions of fear, resentment and anger; that are a natural consequence of any person who demonstrates emotional immaturity. Many people may think that their resistance is only to a difficult person to deal with. Never realizing that their barriers have been in place for a very long time beforehand. In fact usually carried over from previous lifetimes.

An obvious observation is that the only barrier. That can not be put up more strongly; is a barrier that does not exist in the first place. Psychic barriers are indiscriminate in that a barrier to anyone means; that this barrier is present to everyone. Admittedly it will be more evident towards anyone; who is perceived to be the most significant threat. This leads us to discussion on reactive behaviour.

Psyche resistance denial of personal responsibility

Reactive Behaviour Cloudy Aura

Level of emotional maturity for any given individual is completely revealed; with the intensity of the reactive behaviour expressed. This is because love is being withheld; as a natural consequence of judgement. This leads to a suppression of all the associated negative emotions; such as fear, anger and resentment as well. Therefore it is quite literally a squeezing down of energy like as in a pressure cooker. This leads to a blockage or damming back of energy within the individual concerned.

Squeezing down or suppression of the emotions is never a solution in life. Which occurs as a natural consequence of not being prepared; to face the truth within the self in the fist place. Self observation will always soften anyone; as soul light is being invoked. In summary this forms the whole basis for reactive behaviour; as sudden bursts of energy are released.

Anxiety Solar Plexus Chakra Congestion can be seen in Aura

Usually this congestion occurs at the level of the solar plexus Chakra, in the diaphragm region of the body. Where it can be felt as a pain with chronic anxiety. In the face of a perceived threat to the ego; there will usually be a sudden release of this congested energy. Directed towards the person who is perceived to be the source of irritation. Which takes the form of uncontrolled reactive aggressive energy or reactive behaviour. Therefore it is this reactive behaviour that entrenches the illusion of separation.

Squirrel in a cage emotional circles Cloudy Aura

Like a squirrel in a cage you are a slave to emotional circles. Unfortunately that is kept within a self perpetuating cycle of lower personality emotions. Natural final result is to remain entrapped within the wheel of rebirth. Only solution is to become open and face it all; which means the spiritual love with the lower personality emotions. In this way by becoming open and allowing energy to freely flow through our being. Will we all become eventually truly free.

Psychic barriers imprison slow energy mucky Aura

However it is only with deep meditation ability. That real structural permanent change occurs with the complete dissolving of the psychic barriers. Which means their complete removal from your being.

Discriminate between psychic barriers imprison and energy protection

Barriers of resistance slow down energy creating a lower frequency, which feels unwholesome, off putting or disconcerting. In many cases can lead to the mental state of depression; as the individuals concerned can see no solution. Every painful experience is an opportunity to put more psychic barriers up or to take existing psychic barriers down. It is all a question of your spiritual maturity; to look under the code or deeper into how the patterns of life are created.

To achieve a solution firstly an individual needs to accept 100% responsibility for how they feel. Next there needs to be a realization or awareness; of being entrapped in illusion. Naturally the next step is to ask why and to seek escape. You are your attitudes. Therefore in the event where you experience a pain and suffering life experience. This may be used as an opportunity; to take barriers down with surrender and letting go.

Advanced meditation dissolves psychic barriers imprison

Main bulk of psychic barriers can be removed; during a crisis of opportunity when experiencing a psychic insight or intuitive flash. Which reflects a deep and significant attitude change. Insight meditation is the discipline of focused concentration; to increase the flow of soul energy from the over soul. Which will illuminate the higher mind and so dissipate any existing psychic barriers within our being. Surface meditation enables you to receive psychic insights.

Psychic barriers imprison which are a creation of the ego. By comparison should not be confused with white light or energy protection; which has its origins from the soul. Which is a natural process; that will protect you from uninvited psychic intrusion by others.

Who among you has the ability to come with empty hands? Which in other words is simply to approach others with freedom from psychic barriers. Therefore recognising your limitations is the first step to doing something creative about them. So what are you waiting for? Book yourself into the meditation centre to improve the quality of all your relationships.

Disciplinarian has best clearest Aura

Methodology of how to discipline another adult is an essential aspect; that we all need to know and understand correctly. In relationship there are times. When it becomes necessary to discipline your partner in life. Because they are treating you unfairly and unreasonably.

Critical position is to stand firm to prevent the other person’s ego from successful domination. During this process you maintain the strength and warmth of inner love. Which the other person can feel; should they be open and sensitive enough to feel it. Therefore there is no switching off with an absence of caring. That is usually created with psychic barriers .

With holding love with psychic barriers imprison cloudy Aura

Standing firm with inner love is in direct comparison to the withholding of love; which occurs with psychic barriers. This withholding of love happens within the individual in the first instance. However instead of accepting personal responsibility; for what is created. This is expressed as withholding of love for them.

Emotional trauma crisis of opportunity open crown Chakra

By definition any severe emotional trauma can lead to a crisis of opportunity. So when the next relationship fails. Another crisis of opportunity is presented. Consequently there is also the possibility of receiving another psychic insight! Which is to see the truth; of what you are really doing in the first place. In this way you come to see through your own great illusion; and the wisdom of taking psychic barriers down.

Quite literally you will experience these relationship failures continually with crisis of opportunities. Until you really do get it and change your own psychic pattern. Unfortunately in many cases this pattern is lived; as a continuously repeating cycle for many many lifetimes.

Psychic intuitive flashes seen easily clear Aura

Crisis of opportunity defines the opportunity; that becomes available during the period of a peak relationship failure experience. During this focussed severe emotional impact experience; there can often be sudden influxes of soul light. That will come down from the oversoul and permeate the consciousness of the individual.

These psychic or intuitive flashes provide opportunity for raised levels of awareness. For example to see the real consequences of your own psychic barriers. Combined with the wisdom in taking them down, So that you may relate to the people around you; in a more real and genuine way.

Psychic barriers imprison resistance in Aura

Interferes Energy Exchange

These barriers interfere with the mutual exchange of energy. Therefore in effect you are throwing out the baby; which is love out with the dishwater of unwanted negative emotions. Inherent in the psychic barrier protection pattern; is an absence of deep, real and true caring for another. Once you come to see how enslaved. You were to the withholding of love pattern; and then blaming someone else for it. There will arise within you a deep overflowing of love; that permeates your whole being. As you come to love everyone; in a deep and caring way a total transformation.

Tough love face adversity with clear Aura

Tough love is to stand your ground in the face of adversity. Because it’s motivation is to provide an influence. That gives the best opportunity for the disciplined person; to move from selfish to selfless behavior. In other words to become more soul and less ego in their function. Which is the whole basis of spiritual evolution moving forward.

Source and solution to every problem is within the self

Love is an energy state. Therefore it will need to discovered from within your own being. As it can not be found outside of yourself; in the aspect that it will completely fulfill you from another. Which is an aspect of emotional sentimentality. Source and solution to every problem is within the self. Certainly being bathed in pure love from others is inspirational and uplifting. Additionally it will guide you in the correct direction for liberation. However it will never lead to a real sense of inner level security with self confidence; as an energy state of being in the first place.

While we look outside ourselves to solve our problems to fulfill our needs. Then unfortunately we are looking in the wrong place; and will never find any real solutions. In the context of spiritual growth exclusive extrinsic perception leads nowhere; while the balanced intrinsic approach leads everywhere.

Open as the sky with clear Aura

With psychic barriers imprison in place; we will see only limitations. However when the barriers come down; then we will all witness the endless possibilities that arise. Open as the sky is the direction; that we all need to travel in order to escape the wheel of rebirth. True art of surrender is emotional non reaction. Same response when choosing either action or inaction; in relation to any particular energy; directed at you from within your own circle of concern.

Discrimination is our only protection in life. In the peace of understanding may we all dwell.

Humility is the pathway of becoming free of psychic barriers
Humility is the pathway of becoming free of psychic barriers
Insight meditation speeds up spiritual evolution