Quest for Freedom How to escape from the Limitations of Ego

On the pathway of life the quest for freedom from the limitations of ego. Is a process that will transcend karma. In essence an entity we can define. As a frequency which is the net result of soul energy. That has its energy slowing down by the resistance of ego. The stronger is the ego; then the stronger is the resistance, resulting in a lower overall frequency, vibration. Commonly referred to as a rocks consciousness level of awareness. By comparison an entity with little ego resistance will have a higher frequency or a butterfly consciousness level of awareness. Perhaps you may identify more easily with the concept of hippy power.

By definition hippies are lighter vibration people. Who are free from the gross forces of materialism. So we find ourselves walking along our chosen path in life. Putting out into the world our own unique frequency. Which then becomes our completely allotted pattern. This is purely physics or dharma. Which are basically Karma consequences. Now here is the trick to understand; that will open up the heavens. The universe will reflect back to you; your own unique frequency. This is mirroring. It is working to the homeopathic principal of like curses like.

Karma or Cause and Effect

Now what do we find when we meet our own frequency via the universe. Well it is one of two things. Either a rejection of the message through denial of personal responsibility. Resulting in reactive behavior that maintains our own limitations. Or embrace the message sign posted by the irritation. As two low frequency energies interact with each other. Karma or cause and effect determines every aspect of life.

Unfortunately, individuals who focus predominantly on effects. Will rarely recognize the underlying causes; for these effects in the first place. It is only by understanding the underlying cause can anyone have any possibility of implementing a holistically permanent solution. The esoteric truth is that the source and solution to every problem is within the self. Which means that the individual needs to recognize the underlying cause correctly. Naturally removing underlying causes drives permanent change. As this will change your frequency. With its natural consequence of changing the effects that come back to us via the universe.

Vibrational Consequence

By definition an atheist is the absolute ignorant state. Which includes everyone. Who has any particular type of fixation belief system. That denies the comprehension and recognition for the continuation of consciousness after death. Accordingly, the natural consequence is limitation. In the ability to understand how life works. In particular there will be a struggle to understand the connection or link. Between the lifestyle choices and the vibrational state of being. Another aspect of the atheist is the usual choice to live a self protective psychology pattern. As a true atheist sees little value in personal development. Here is a link to a Youtube video on self protective psychology.

All the poor lifestyle choices of drugs, elimination sex, alcohol, low quality nutrition and dysfunctional music lead to energy loss. Resulting in a lower frequency of being, with the overall consequence of reduced perception of the greater reality. Which in other words it means to become deaf, ignorant and blind to truth. By comparison all the energy raising choices lead to improvements in frequency. Resulting in improvements in fourth dimensional perception or clairvoyant psychic abilities. An understanding of vibrational consequence is essential to any serious esoteric student. In order to successfully transcend karma.

Transcend Bad Karma

Only in this way will the individual transcend or transform bad Karma. That keeps coming back to you via your actions from the past. From the spiritual point of view, it does not matter who you are in relationship with. Because you can work out your own lower personality nature interacting with anyone. Which is to recognize your own limitations and then to transform them. Probably it is wise to accept that everyone is a divine spark of divinity or one on a soul level. It is only the ego that gives us the illusion of separation.

Transform Reactive Behavior in Quest for Freedom from limitations of Ego

Avoid imprisonment with a quest for freedom from the limitations of ego. It is a process of learning and applying the steps of purification to transcend karma.
Avoid imprisonment with a quest for freedom from the limitations of ego. It is a process of learning and applying the steps of purification to transcend karma.

In the event that we do happen to meet an old energy that was formerly a stressor. This will cause no irritation with no reactive behavior. Hence it is non issue because there is no commonality of two similar low energies coming together. In other words the solution in life is to recognize our irritations. To face the “why” to the deepest level and then to identify the underlying cause within ourselves.

Appropriately then remove them to completely transform the pattern of our life. It is so easy is it not? Sadly not so easy when we have a big ego that only wants to preserve its power over the entity. It is a process. You need to apply constant vigilance and discipline.

Consequently the fastest way to gain psychic insights is by invoking energy with insight meditation practice. Which you can be learn at any meditation centre or Ashram. A psychic insight is an illumination of your own psychological pattern in a wider context to your previous awareness. In this way you come to identify the underlying causes. Which results in the only permanent solution. Naturally you will gain greater self esteem and self confidence with your newly acquired lighter frequency.

Path of the Coward

Just as Christ said many years ago beware of false prophets. So here we will talk about fear or the path of the coward. So instead of facing the mirage of fear and walking through it. Many will resort to escapism in its many forms; that will usually involve some form of drug abuse. This can be any mood altering substance both legal or illegal. The list is exhaustive. However the common examples are alcohol, nicotine, marijuana and psychiatrically prescribed drugs.

This is the alternative to the tried and tested learning the steps of purification and applying them. In this way weak people try to achieve cheap spiritual growth. Which is a completely artificial creation that results in absolutely zero structural changes to the foundation of your being. In this way you do not alter your frequency or level of function in any way. It is a dead end path that leads nowhere.

As you need to continually provide the drugs with an increase in dosage. To achieve the same sensation fantasy illusion results as earlier. Also when the drugs wear off there is the usual downer experience. With the usual addiction withdrawal symptoms that can be very uncomfortable. In addition these drugs will poison. Creating toxic symptoms that will weaken the physical body. Over time they also weaken the emotional and mental bodies as well.

Spiritual Will to Transcend Karma or Limitations of Ego

Additionally the spiritual will eventually weaken; a totally and completely tragic situation. As the individual looses all motivation to do anything at all. In short the person who pursues this path will eventually loose. Their ability to ever find their way correctly in the quest for freedom. Overall it is important to realize that there is no such thing. As the innocent victim because a person is only ever a victim by their own consent.

Blind Spots have Karma Consequences In Quest for Freedom

All it takes is one false assumption or miss conception to become completely lost. Which is the way of the ego; to keep itself in power over the life patten of the entity. By denying even the validity over some presented evidence, theory or concept. Its natural consequence is to not even looking at it. Rather than examine all the evidence; in an ambivalent way without any expectations of outcomes. Which would then enable the ability to see all of what is there. And then hopefully in this way learn the life lessons from this pattern of experience.

In failure you have the seeds for success. The ego thinks it is so smart; demonstrating ego directed intelligence. Which is not worth very much. As most people will eventually come to work out for themselves.

But what is the natural conclusion for this approach? Pain and suffering experience of course. Because you can not see the pot holes in the road. And the fool ego falls right into them every time. A perpetually recurring pattern until the pain and suffering becomes so great. That you create a beautiful grief experience for yourself. Bringing with it the surrender state. A giving up with the opening up of the crown chakra. Allowing greater soul light intensity from the oversoul; into the brain consciousness of the individual. How many lifetimes? Before you apply the discipline of meditation. To escape the illusion.

Avoid Imprisonment with Insight Meditation

By comparison insight meditation is the only legitimate addiction. Simply because there are no adverse or withdrawal symptom consequences with its practice. The only true and correct panacea solution that will heal everything. Unfortunately it is sad but true that many in average humanity would prefer to hate their brother. Rather than face the truth in their self in the first place. Hence this results in the never ending denial of personal responsibility pattern. Which is to project your limitations onto your brother instead of facing the issues in yourself.

Naturally you guessed it the attraction and craving for all forms of escapism. To avoid facing a dysfunctional psychology in the first place.

Therefore, this is the pathway to imprisonment rather than a quest for freedom. It is important to keep in mind. That no one can hurt or harm you except yourself. Keep in mind that every emotion you feel passes through your own self first. So, to focus on how someone has upset you is to demonstrate an egoic perception. While by comparison to focus on how to be of service to someone. Is a soul perception. Love is giving what a person needs. Hateful or loving energy that we give out to others. Destroys our own sense of inner security or cultivates it.

Transcend Karma for Success in Life Quest for Freedom

The achievement of a conscious life is the only pathway to transform karma. Upon which you can create a correct and blissful freedom. It is process of cultivating energy. Every choice that you make; will either take you closer or further away from your chosen goal of freedom. Depending whether it is an energy lowering or energy raising experience. Positive or uplifting choices will result in greater power with increasing frequency. With its associated improvements in fourth dimensional sight or clairvoyant perception.

As you move closer to an ethereal awareness. Which reveals that the only escape from the symbolic prison bottle. Is directly upwards through the only opening at the top. Fortunately success in life from the limitations of the ego. You can see in the magnetic field or aura. As we move from a lower to a higher frequency; the quality of the aura will improve. Which is a movement from low dark colors into higher lighter brighter uplifting colors. Which is the natural consequence of transcending the limitations of ego.

In this way we are consciously embarking upon the pathway of vibrational education. To escape the circle path of dealing with endless karmic consequences. As a direct result from the limitations of ego. Hence the aura reveals the stage of spiritual evolution or spiritual status of any given individual.

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After reading and studying this post. You can now regard yourself to be a serious esoteric student. Importantly the next step is to practice serious insight meditation! Which is in order to achieve a lighter vibration of being. That will completely transform the pattern of your life!

Insight Meditation is a dissolving process; which promotes or invokes the increased flow of energy from the Oversoul. It is an awareness focused to a point meditation technique. Which is the only way; to bring the full power of the Oversoul. Into your brain consciousness or being on the earth plane; in order to fully dissolve the resistance of ego. Learning the meditation technique is simple and easy. However the discipline of practice requires a little more effort.