Enlightenment Three stages of Meditation Ability or Maturity

Enlightenment path has three stages of meditation maturity  or achievement to become enlightened.
Enlightenment path has three stages of meditation maturity or achievement to become enlightened.

Enlightenment three stages meditation achievement; outlines and describes; the three stages of meditation enlightenment progression or maturity in meditation practice. On the enlightenment path to achieving the final goal of the enlightenment energy state. Reincarnation or wheel of rebirth is explained in the “Tibetan book of the dead“.

Two Meditation Technique Categories

First category of meditation technique is the diffuse awareness focus. Which includes a whole multitude of diffuse or general meditation techniques. This is the technique where most people will start their meditation career. By definition all diffuse techniques are surface level of meditation ability. In itself all these diffuse meditation techniques will lead nowhere. This is in the context of dissolving yourself out; and becoming released from the wheel of rebirth; by achieving enlightenment energy state.

Second category is the focused awareness technique of which insight meditation is an example. Basis of the focused technique is to increase energy and dissolve resistance. Until the point is reached where all the resistance has been removed; from the three vehicles of the personality physical, emotional and mental.

Enlightenment path three stages Meditation achievement

Presentation on enlightenment path three stages meditation; describes my own experiential process. Even though the detail may be different for each individual meditator. Overall process is the same for us all. Three arbitrary stages of meditation achievement are all described. In the context of practicing continuous meditation

When you meditate soul energy speeds up. However when you stop meditating soul energy flow slows down. Therefore by continuously holding your awareness within the soul energy flow; at the level of the brow chakra or third eye location. You are practicing what I call common meditation. At this stage of meditation practice soul energy flow; is only speeding up with no slowing down. In summary all three stages of Surface, Deep and Escape are a natural progression; of intensity in soul energy flow strength and power; on the path of enlightenment meditation.

Surface Meditation

First stage is surface meditation. Which can be referred to as brushing off the dust. During this beginner stage a meditator has an awareness; of the flow of energy over the outer surface of the body. Very sadly many meditators remain at this level of function during their whole life time. Thereby failing to penetrate the veil of illusion very deeply at all.

It is a stage characterized by slow soul energy flow with high resistance. During this first stage it is usual to receive; what are called psychic insights. This aspect is what forms the whole basis for the name insight meditation. Consequently this is where you gain the ability to see your own mental and emotional pattern or psyche. In a wider context when compared with what was previously the case. For many this experience is a brutal psychic shock; as it was for me when I first faced the whole truth about myself.

Over weight

In passing I will comment upon the overweight physical body. It is by definition an unhealthy state. Overweight is a combination of extra fat cells and poison, toxin deposits with retained water. From a meditation point of view this is extra resistance. So your progress in meditation maturity will be heavier going with greater difficulty to achieve.

If you are really serious about your meditation. Appropriately then you will need to implement a healthy diet. With an exercise program to moderate your weight. It is usual for serious meditators to adopt the two meal a day system with no evening meal. Some meditators will even take this a step further with the one meal per day system.

Long fasting phase every day allows for more efficient metabolism. With greater efficiency of elimination of toxins and poisons. Once started on this stricter dietary program; it will need to be a permanent life time change. Otherwise when going back to the original system. You will put on weight at twice the rate that you did before.

Hopefully you will be strong enough to pass through this early stage of meditation, which has a duration of 2 years.

Deep Meditation

Second stage is deep meditation, which is what I call the heavy lifting. As this is the stage; where the energy flow is becoming stronger and more significant. Therefore it will really penetrate and bite in to dissolve serious resistance. In summary it is during this stage; that the bulk of the dissolving or dissolution will be achieved.

During this phase a meditator becomes aware of energy flowing through the body. Therefore as a natural consequence you will experience; various aches and pains in your body. As it becomes progressively straightened out. Resulting in a more correctly aligned spinal column, with a squaring up of your frame or posture.

Deep meditation is characterized by the piercing, penetrating and dissolving action of energy. Which is at the point or level of your meditation focus within your physical body. Initially this will happen in the head areas; but with the progression of your deep meditation ability. Naturally this dissolving awareness will progressively move down; and dissolve out the sediments within your entire spinal column.

Importantly this clearing out of the sediments and crystallization’s surrounding and permeating the spinal column; is a very important milestone in your meditation achievement or maturity of practice.

On Enlightenment path Energy resistance balance is spiritual status

Energy impacting upon resistance generates friction, which will create heat. This physics is by definition a painful process. It is with very good reason; that fire is the symbol for transformation. Only energy without resistance will be pain free. It is our energy resistance balance; which determines our spiritual status. Consequently it determines our position on the pathway or scale of human spiritual evolution.

If your meditation is basically pain free when you begin. Then you are either already a very advanced soul with little resistance. Or your meditation is not generating sufficient soul energy flow, to dissolve significant resistance. You really do need to know the difference. Because it is the difference between being in illusion or reality. Duration of this phase is for about twelve years.

Escape Meditation final step to Enlightenment

Third stage of meditation is escape. It is the stage which begins after the completion; of the dissolving of all the resistances and sediments surrounding and permeating the spinal cord. That has been completed during stage two or deep meditation. It is what I call the home straight.

It has a touch up phase with a final conclusion. Now the meditator has arrived at the point, of being aware of high energy with low resistance. Quite literally a real powerhouse of energy is pouring down from the Oversoul. Our experiential process is now moving within the energy field or pattern. That is full of compassion with loving grace.

Oversoul only source of power to dissolve ego

Meditation and spiritual enlightenment

Meditation and spiritual enlightenment is the way. Therefore to achieve the energy state; which is no longer functioning on a navel gazing theory level. But a real living finely purified energy state of being. No amount of flapping your gums [commonly called talking], pretty pictures, tattoo’s, religious artifacts or practices. Will ever change your energy state. Admittedly any changes in attitudes from narrow and restricted to wide and holistic will improve your energy state. Intelligently this demonstrates a greater soul influence.

Only the hard work of serious meditation will effect, a significant change in your vibration rate or frequency. Reflecting that the power of the Over soul is the only source; to dissolve the resistance of ego. In comparison with earlier stages, we move through this final stage much more quickly. Only requirement now is to dissolve, last remaining specks of resistance to gain enlightenment. Duration of this stage is usually around 6 years.

It is at the completion of escape meditation stage three; that you will experience the final dissolution to become enlightened. In summary it will take the average meditator. Between twenty to thirty years of continuous meditation practice; to achieve the energy state of enlightenment.

A spiritual aspirant is seeking guidance from the Buddha. Enlightenment path has three stages of meditation maturity or achievement to become enlightened.
A spiritual aspirant is seeking guidance from the Buddha. Enlightenment path has three stages of meditation maturity or achievement to become enlightened.

Meditation Enlightenment energy state

Definition insight meditation

Insight meditation is the conscious process of increasing energy from the Oversoul. In other words it facilitates the movement, from the ego [personality] contracted state into the expansion of soul. In summary enlightenment is a natural progression created with continual meditation practice. Over all this process is exactly the same for every individual in incarnation.

Especially relevant is that the experiential process. Is different and unique for each particular meditator. Furthermore this is because the resistance pattern within each individual is different. As a result of the ego’s being different; then so too when the increased soul flow energy impacts. It will create a different dissolving experiential process. Beginning with the study of spiritual science correctly. Accordingly you will increase your energy state or spiritual awareness.

Enlightenment three stages Meditation Energy State

All serious esoteric students would be wise to read and study. Every healing and meditation article contained on this website. Until a holistic picture forms within the mind. If you seek to walk upon the enlightenment path. After this point is achieved. Importantly you will no longer need any more theory. Therefore all that you need to do now is implement the steps of purification to see for yourself. In summary to achieve the wisdom of you own direct experience.

Our focus of perception may remain on the surface levels with discussion. Perpetuating endless cycles of contraction consequences with pain and suffering experience. Demonstrating the passion elimination symptoms, with their associated reactive aggressive behaviors. Perhaps we may choose to move onto a little bit deeper level by stopping the discussion. Being stimulated into action an energy level with serious enlightenment meditation practice.

Hence with increased energy through our being. We will move on an inner level into expansion with its natural consequences. Especially relevant is the demonstration of compassion qualities; with their associated responsive non aggressive behaviors.

Enlightenment path Discussion needs to be enacted upon

Discussion is only useful in the aspect of providing an idea. That needs to be enacted upon. Who will take their first steps of moving out of the glamour of illusion or the dream into reality? What is required is the strength and motivation. Above all to face the truth. Of what is within without fear or distortion by emotion.

Especially noteworthy is that the ego likes to keep the entity entrapped in illusion. Perpetrating and maintaining its position of power. Rather than seeing the truth of the divine spark of divinity within. Perception barrier is only a mirage. Which needs to be moved through.

Secondary consequence of increasing energy to dissolve resistance. Is to gain the ability to see clearly. Which is firstly in yourself and then in everyone else around you. Usually this is referred to as clairvoyant sight or vision. Therefore it is simply the gaining of ability; to see in a wider spectrum of energies. In other words it is called the opening of the third eye.

Symbol of Souls Journey to Enlightenment energy state

Stupa Symbol is a representation of the souls journey through various lifetimes until enlightenment energy state has been achieved when there is release from the wheel of rebirth at the top.
Stupa Symbol is representation of souls journey lifetimes until enlightenment.

Stupa Symbol is a representation of the souls journey through various lifetimes until enlightenment has been achieved. When there is release from the wheel of rebirth at the top.

When on the enlightenment path beginning serious meditation; it is easier to gain a solid start by participating in group meditation sessions. Because you are held in a stronger group aura.

In summary you will find that your meditations; will be of a longer duration with stronger intensity. When compared with what they would have been meditating alone. Above all after you have achieved; a certain meditation maturity with continuous meditation ability. In conclusion Group meditation is no longer necessary. As your own energy is now strong enough; to sustain itself independently.

Insight meditation speeds up spiritual evolution