Putting Theory into Practice By Spirit Guide Lai Yung

Putting theory into practice is a spiritual growth subject. Spiritual limitations are only personality limitations to be over come
Putting theory into practice is a spiritual growth subject. Spiritual limitations are only personality limitations to be over come

Discourse By Lai Yung Master of Happiness

Spirit guide Peacock Group Spiritual Brotherhood

Greetings, beloved ones, greetings. Putting theory into practice Lai Yung, Master of Happiness, once more draws close; that we may commune a little while. How much wisdom we have heard today, how much wisdom. You have almost over-run your time, have you not? You have been so enthralled with your wisdom. But we have, indeed, as our instrument indicated, been speaking to you not fully; because we wanted to let you to talk and discuss. But putting in much that you can remember; and talk about (if you can remember) that we were saying through our instrument.

Your questions were so good; your situation and your subject that you were talking about was so good. That we moved a little closer in order to answer some of the things you said. And because of this, of course; you have got a wider pattern and you were led into a wider level of thinking and even wider answers. Yes, the subject of spiritual growth, the subject of spiritual limitations; which you have been talking about should we say more truly. Personality limitations are very deep and can reveal much; because you have found for yourself that there are many ways of approaching this path. And that there are many energies to be contacted when one gets upon the path; and there are many ways of dealing with these energies.

Recognise Energies

But perhaps, brothers, the biggest learning situation and which has to be the first learning situation; of course, in all progress, is to recognise these energies. And many of you are in a position where you are being put into certain situations; so that you can of your own accord recognise energies. What is an occultist who cannot recognise energies? Well in truth, the simple answer he is not an occultist, brothers. An occultist, an esotericist, there is little difference.

Occultist strives to put Theory into Practice

The word occult means, as you know, that which is hidden. And the occultist begins to understand, to know and to understand, that which is hidden. So as the energies flow, and as to the average person energy has a very little connotation, being only earthly energy; and for most people meaning he is either tired, or he is physically fit and full of the energy to work; or that he is ill, or that he is physically well. But beyond that, energy means little, does it?

But the esotericist is beginning to learn about energy; and beginning to learn the truth about the occult statement that: There is nothing but energy. And he is learning it, like all things have to be learned; first in theory and then taken out of theory into practice. And practical experience teaches one, in no uncertain way, what theory at first presented the idea.

Theory presents an idea

The purpose of theory, brothers, and its only purpose truly, when fully understood, is to present an idea. In theory, if we think about what we read or hear in theory theoretical knowledge. We are presented with an idea which someone has thought about and come to a conclusion. And when we are presented with it, we have the opportunity to think about it and draw our conclusions. But in order to truly understand it, in all its depth and meaning; in order to bring that idea into manifestation, then we have to have the experience, do we not? Experience must follow the idea, because it is the pattern by which all spiritual growth is made. Remember this, brothers. You know the old occult saying: Experience first, explanation after. Well it is a triad.

Theoretical Ideas

First theoretical ideas come to one; the world of ideas where all things, literally all things, are created the world of ideas. The world of ideas is in truth part of the higher mind; part of the creative mind of God, whatever you wish to call it. And so ideas are the highest creative pattern that one is likely to contact. Ideas, of course, all starts with ideas. No matter how we develop these ideas, how we come across them; whether they are passed onto us by others, whether they come to us from within ourself. We have to, in our own way, contact the world of ideas. And as a disciple progresses, brothers, and indeed, he is going to contact eventually the world of ideas; and that is where the whole of spiritual progress starts.

Do not conflict, brothers, this world of ideas with anything to do with the lower mind and the intellect. If you do, you will be confused, as our instrument said. The world of ideas spring from way beyond the understanding of the intellect or the finite mind. For want of better ways of expressing it (and words are so limiting, brothers). They are the ideas in the mind of God. They are creative ideas coming from the mind of God; and as they go forth, the whole of creation as you know it, is brought into manifestation.

God had an Idea

God thought, God had an idea, and God clothed that idea in a wish in a whim if you like. And Gods wish of course, had to become law. And Gods ideas, because it was his wish, his will, if you like, had also to become law. And as Gods ideas were gradually brought down; and through Gods will, Gods wish, were brought into manifestation. So were the worlds of creation brought into manifestation.

Power of Positive Thought

And why? Because God willed them to come into manifestation. All of you are beginning to learn upon the earth today there are many teachings going on about it in different ways the power of positive thought. The power of the human will. The power that what we say, comes to pass. And if we wish to be strong, and well, and healthy; then we have to say, we are strong, and well, and healthy, and it will come to pass. If we say we are sick, and weak, and out of function; then that is how we will be. Because we are dealing with the power of divine creation within us, brothers. Within us, remember.

It is one thing to learn in theory; all the theoretical background of esoteric teachings and it has to start in theory. As we say theory gives us the idea; but for the disciple, theory has to come down through the other levels; just as the creation of divine mind comes down through the other levels in the creation of the universes; of the cosmos. So brothers, we have the ideas within us; and we have the will within us, and we have to remember many things at your stage of development.

Insight meditation higher consciousness is a dissolving process. Inducing increased energy from over soul; reducing resistance to speed up spiritual evolution
Insight meditation higher consciousness is a dissolving process. Inducing increased energy from over soul; reducing resistance to speed up spiritual evolution


We have to remember that we now have to move out of the world of theory. You have, most of you, experienced your world of theory; and you have enough knowledge and enough basic laws at your disposal. To begin to utilise them and to bring them into manifestation. The time is past for you to go on going round and round in the world of theory; although it is very useful to those who come behind you, and very necessary.

For you, the time has come when the recognition of so many laws; so many occult statements that have been made by the Masters about creation and about God; have to be more fully understood, have to be thought about, have to be linked up; and nothing that you have learned can you afford to leave in the realms of theory, of speculation. You have come too far, brothers, much too far. The personality in its lower nature, and of course, the darkness that always tries to control the personality; will do its best to hold back any disciples who are not one-pointed and determined to go ahead. And as you have all reached a point where it is high time; and where you are well capable of being one-pointed and going ahead, there is no excuse why you do not.

Turn theory into practice

And so this turning of theory into practical; this recognising in practice exactly what you have been learning in theory. Is at an important crossroad; and it is at a crossroad where you are going to have to decide which way you are going. Are you going on? Are you going backwards? Are you going to the right, or are you going to the left? The teaching has said to you, We are all one, we are all part of God. And if you go back and think about your teaching; you can bring it all back into memory. You know it all and you can widen it and you can begin to understand it.

Teaching into Practice?

And you can begin to say to yourself, Well, how do I put this teaching into practice? How can I take it out of theory? And perhaps some of you will first have to clarify your position, by saying, Do I want to take it out of theory? Am I ready to put it into practice? And according to your answer, you will at least know where you stand, will you not? You all have free will. You all have free choice. And everyone at a crossroads has the choice of going in four directions. That is simple to understand, is it not, brothers?

Very simple. You can go to the right, you can go to the left, you can go up or you can go down. If any of you know any other way, we will be interested for you to say; we do not. But as you think about it, you will find that whatever you do, whatever you decide, there is one thing you cannot alter, you stand at a crossroad. And why, brothers? Because you have brought yourself to that point with our help, which has been asked for. And having brought yourself to the crossroad, you have limited your choice, have you not? You still have choice, four choices, and you are going to have to ask yourself very definitely, what is the choice and then make it. And you are going to have to make it with all that is in you, a hundred percent.


It is purposeless and dangerous for one at the centre of the cross, which is where every true disciple is stationed, to try to walk two paths. To try to sometimes turn to the right and other times think, Oh well, we will have a break, it will be nice to follow the personality and go to the left. Or sometimes to go upwards, and say, The soul is all that matters, I am the soul. And at other times to say quite deliberately, Now I am not ready, I will go back and enjoy a few of the joys of earth. Let us eat, drink and be merry. Let us express the lower nature.

It is, as you will find on some of your tapes, brothers, and what we have said to you many, many times, the riding of the two horses, and as you think now, at your point of achievement, and if you take the trouble to listen to those tapes again, you will understand much more fully, because you have had the experience, exactly what we meant.

White Horse of Adversity

One, we told you that you would ride the white horse of adversity, with courage and strength. Right, the time has come for you to decide are you going to ride it? And two, that you could not serve two Masters, or ride two horses. The time has come for you to decide, definitely, irrevocably and with all that is in you. The period has finished when you can indeed, perhaps be tempted by the personality to play a little game of riding both horses, of saying to yourself: Well, I am not really ready for the very serious path, but I am quite happy to go along and it is a very interesting game.

If I play a little with my left hand friends and, of course, I know if I get a bit scared of them, I can turn to the right and go to my right hand friends. Up to now, permission granted, but games cannot be carried on beyond a certain point, brothers.


The crossroads, how often you have heard of the crossroads? Now you will learn the meaning of the crossroads. And as with all experience and lessons in training, the lesson of the crossroad is a very hard one, a very severe one, because one-pointedness is not the option, it is the demand; the demand of the soul. One has to finally stand still, one has to finally grow up, one has to finally stop saying, Well, I am only young in evolution, too much cannot be expected of me. Children are allowed to play their little games, are they not? But adults are not, and disciples certainly are not, because one leaves behind ones earthly childhood in the physical body and in just the same way one leaves behind ones spiritual childhood.

Remember the journey on all levels is the same, brothers, there is no difference, no difference at all. We start as a little child in a physical body and we grow up into an adult, hopefully wiser and more experienced. We start on the spiritual levels as a little child, a little child in soul contact. A flickering light, a flickering candle, and then we have to grow up and we become a teenager on the spiritual path. And we have to face our problems and go out, and we have to take responsibility for our lives.

Discipleship is putting Theory into Practice

And then as we grow into discipleship, and are given intensive training, and as we reach that critical point, the crossroads, for the disciple, we have to make the even bigger decision: Which horse do I ride? Which Master do I follow? I am an adult, and as an adult I no longer play with the things of a child. The decision is made, and one way or the other we are going to go irrevocably. Think about this, and of course, whichever way you go, remember that from now on you will not be able to turn round and make excuses, and you will not be able to say to us on one level or another, in one way or another, But you did not tell us, you did not warn us, we did not know.

Scotch Joke

Because like the Scotch joke that our instrument so often tells his people, and we hear it: The old preacher saying to the people that the Day of Judgement would come, and when they stood before God they would say: But Lord, I did na ken. Oh Lord, I did na ken. (I did not know, in English). And the Lord would say: Well, go down into the fire, you ken the now. You know now. And although that was a joke, there is truth in it like so many of these like sayings and it often amuses our instrument with his strange sense of humour, we know. It nevertheless has truth. And from now on, disciples at the crossroad will no longer be able to say; I did not know.

Because the answer, of course, is a very hard one, a very long period of harsh training and discipline which could have been avoided because it wasn’t necessary, until one can say: Well Lord, I know now. And a better choice, perhaps, is made next time. Think of these things, brothers, think of these things.

Mind is only an Instrument

The path begins as a bed of roses; a path strewn with flowers, very beautiful. Very happy, children skip along it playing with their toys. Their toys can be on many levels, they get enhanced with toys on the physical, the emotional and the mental level. That is what you have been talking about today, brothers, is it not? The pitfalls of the various levels, which from a personality point of view are the toys of the various levels that you want to play with. And playing with the intellect and the mind is one of the greatest and most, shall we say, restrictive and dangerous toys there is, and it is being played with so much upon your earth today.

Thinking to much is dangerous toy

To think too much is to play with a dangerous toy, a dangerous firework. And to think too much, one is going to have it explode eventually in ones hand and create a lot of damage. So one does not hold onto ones toys for too long. In fact, even if one starts seeing the various levels and new energies that one contacts, as toys interesting toys, then one has to remember, they cannot remain toys, that life has to become serious and that one has to utilise what one is receiving the knowledge, theoretical teaching, the statements, the various truths, and one has to learn and bring them into practice.

And one can do this and ease the burden to a great extent, willingly, by thinking about it and automatically beginning to apply them in ones life, or one can wait otherwise and refuse to apply them, in which case, circumstances will be created by your higher self in which you will find yourself – very painful circumstances often – in which you will learn what you would not learn in an easier method, or by an easier method.

Higher Self or Oversoul

So, brothers, you all have to look, to see, to ask yourself questions again; give yourself another good analysis; give yourself another lead; shine the light of the higher self, or allow it, rather, to shine into you and reveal. Because one of the greatest and most dangerous blockages that, at your point, the disciple likes to bring about, is to block the light of the soul. However it comes, through words, through vision, through feeling, through experience, and the more easily it is allowed to shine and reveal the faults, the limitations, the darkness, so that you may deal with them and eliminate them and allow your soul – which is more important to help with that elimination – then the quicker the journey. But one of the greatest traps and one that brings the greatest suffering and slows down the disciple, is the shutting of the door against the light.

Truth is beautiful when recognised

Truth is hard, brothers, we know that, very hard, but it has to be faced. Truth is, indeed, a beautiful thing when it is recognised and when it is followed, but to the personality truth is a very frightening thing. As you were saying yourselves in your very deep discussion today, why are you full of fears? Well, brothers, one reason why everyone is full of fears is because for you as disciples, your fears are enhanced as the light approaches.

Think of it. The light of the soul shines in order to reveal every dark corner, every limitation, every nasty, creeping, crawling creature that some of you call the dark forces, that are within you. And so because it is not nice to face, because it takes strength and will power, then one has, indeed, to allow the light of the soul to penetrate. To block it only makes the problem worse.


The process of elimination, the process of purification, is well under way. You are disciples, all of you, of long standing, remember this, brothers, longer than the time you have been with this particular group. We have watched you for many lifetimes. We have been with you and we have guided you. Because you do not consciously remember some of you, others, perhaps, do remember – nevertheless, you have not reached the point you are at today, in this lifetime. You have come through many lives, many disciplines, much suffering, much experience. The striving for much light, the striving for much knowledge and for that elusive truth; a long roadway behind you which you have walked, footsore and weary, in which you have been battered and wounded and bleeding.

In which you have kept walking as we have beckoned to you, and supported you and walked by your side. In which you have found your road and your goal. In which you have seen the beckoning light of your own soul and continually moved towards it, because like a beacon it blinked and winked, and attracted you and called to you. And so through the many lifetimes you have gone towards it. And, of course, today you are getting very close to it, brothers, the culmination of a long journey.

Do not waste suffering

The culmination of so much effort, and suddenly you look round in your closeness to the light of the soul; and its brilliance frightens you. You say, What have I done? What have I brought on myself? As you gaily went towards that hypnotic light, How did I get here? We hear the sounds rising from you. How did I get here? Brother, you worked very hard to get here, you suffered much. Are you now going to waste that suffering?

Light of Soul

The light of the soul is very close, very powerful, it penetrates. And much is going to be fetched out of you – all of you, if you stay. But you have reached a point where it is going to be difficult not to stay. There is always free will. But remember the crossroads four choices. And so, the light is going to do its work because it is at the crossroads that the light shines brightest, because you have the focus of four lights. This is something you have not had before. You have the light of the planet and the material gods.

You have the light of the mind and its illumination. You have the light of the right hand path, the soul. And you have the light of the left hand path, which has it own power, its own directive, its own control over the material forces. Its own ability to manifest and create in its own realms upon earth.

Material Energies

Remember all that is in the left is balanced, it is not always evil, only how it is used makes it evil. And so the strength that is gained from the planet and from those left hand energies, which are material energies, which are the energies that control all the lower life, all the lower beings and bring that lower life to your aid in order to strengthen you, keep alive your physical body, build you up, give you strength. Remember this, we cannot do without those left hand energies, therefore to cast them out completely may feel good, but one has to be careful, brothers, not to cast out the baby with the bath water.

When we cast out those left-hand energies – many of you will know what we are speaking about – one has to remember that they are the strength of earth. They are the iron, they are the mineral, they are the vegetable kingdom. They are the birds and the animals. They are the lower gods. They are the gods of earth which you no longer worship as you did in the past, because you recognise they are aspects of the one God. But remember, also, that they have a part to play. And remember, that while you have a physical body and you have a mind which has to be housed, and you have an astral body which also has to be housed so that it may function on earth, then you need the energies of the left hand path. You need the energies of earth.

Master on all Worlds

You have to become, as you stand at the centre of that crossroad, a master on all worlds, on all levels. You have to be as much a master of earth and of the physical energies and the physical minerals and sustenance of the various kingdoms below you, vegetable and animal, as you have to become master of your emotional energy and the astral worlds, master of your mental energy on the mental worlds. And on the fourth level, going up, the road to spirit, the road to completion, the road to the eternal light, at present beyond your understanding, but nevertheless always radiating its light to augment the light of soul, and this is why, at the crossroads the light of soul becomes much more powerful and reveals much more.

Because you are not only getting what you call, brothers, the light of soul you are getting the light of the spiritual realms, the Atmic realms. You are getting the light of the very essence of divinity beginning to reveal, and so some of you feel afraid, of course, you feel afraid.

God is burning fire

Think of your teaching. Think of your statements. Think of your theoretical adages and proverbs. What happens when one first contacts the touch of God, whatever your God is called? And the esoteric teaching says Absolute terror. Absolute terror is the experience when the breath of God; in the most gentle whisper, the most gentle touch, reaches out and Gods finger reaches out symbolically speaking, to lift you a little higher and call you into the warmth of his eternal love. And terror, that is what one experiences. And one is not taught that, brothers, one is taught that God will be beautiful, God will be all loving and all our problems will be gone. But the truth is, as once again if you re-read your Bible, when Moses came down from the mountain with the Ten Commandments, he said:

God has spoken, my God is a Burning Fire

And when God spoke to him from the burning bush, what happened? The bush blazed, and he saw a blazing fire, and once again God spoke to him. The symbology of fire, brothers, and terror, and burning. So think of these things, because these things are going to be necessary to you in your future experiences. You are going to experience things which are going to frighten you, really frighten you terrorise you sometimes, and without this understanding you are not at a point where you are completely safe from retardation. You could easily turn like a frightened horse and bolt, remember this.

And although you are held pretty firmly by those who love you, although you are held by us and by your Masters, nevertheless, you will need all the strength and all the control that you have and that you can reach up for and pray for, in order to keep going. Your point upon the path is no insignificant one, brothers, and this is why, always bear this in mind: He who travels furthest finds the road harder and narrower. The road, indeed, like an old proverb, winds upwards all the way. It is all uphill and it winds upwards and the higher one goes the narrower it gets and the rougher it gets; the more potholes, the more gullies and streams to fall into.

Road harder and narrower climbing very high.

So remember this, and if your road is becoming hard, and the pressures becoming great as it is for some, and will indeed; for all of you within the next few years. then remember that if the road is getting harder and narrower you are climbing very high. You are attaining something that for lifetimes you have sought, and you are going to attain it if you hold firm, and if you hold steady and if you do not panic and bolt.

Great Esoteric Meaning

Remember that the light will reveal. Horrors will be before you. Monsters will be before you. And all that you have been given will have to be called on, brought into the light, thought about, understood; theory will have to be applied, biblical statements that you know now and understand with great esoteric meaning, will have to be applied. Why is this happening? Do I need to be afraid? What is there to be afraid of? And if this is the touch of God, which I have sought for so long, although the personality is afraid, why is it afraid? Because it knows it is going to be annihilated, but you are not going to be annihilated, brothers.

And although you talk glibly about getting rid of the troublesome personality, how frightened you are when that begins to happen. Think deeply, brothers, think deeply. Let theory merge into practice, then practice can become experience, and experience can reveal the truth, and as the Master Jesus said to you in the Scriptures: The truth will set you free. Think of all these things. Think, brothers, on what we are saying to you. The reality.

Do not worry be Happy.

That is why there are not many of you here at the moment, because this kind of teaching is for those advanced members of the group who are ready for it. What would it mean to many who have not yet attained this stage? It would only be confusing and could be harmful. But you can accept this in your own way and with understanding, and even the weakest of you is not going to run, at least we hope not, because you all have sufficient strength to bear what you have to bear and to bear it with happiness and joy. And as the Master Meher Baba says to his disciples, Do not worry, be happy. And we, indeed, endorse that.

Do not worry, be happy, because worry and unhappiness are the darkest forces within you, and if you are going to worry, then you are always going to be surrounded by the pull of the dark forces, are you not? Sucking you towards that left-hand path; sucking you away from the centre of the cross. You are going to go straight upwards to the soul level and then to the level of spirit. That is where you are aiming. That is where your contact will be, and it will be accomplished sooner than you think, if you listen to what we are saying and apply it.

Spiritual Service

Your feet are already upon earth, make sure they stay there. Your service from the centre of the cross where you are stationed is going to go outwards, both to the right and the left. It is going to go out in service. You are going to utilise left hand energy and right hand energy, balanced and augmented by soul energy. And as you serve, you are going to rise higher because you are using the energy that is pouring into you from the upright portion of that cross, from your soul and from the spiritual levels. You are going to utilise it. If you utilise it you are obeying the spiritual law of service, you are giving: As you give so shall ye receive.

Once again we urge you all to read and study your Bible with your new knowledge. It means so much more to you than it meant when you did it as children, perhaps at school, when you did it within the confining explanations of the religion and the limitations that were put upon it. Now as esotericists these words are words of power, they have meaning. They were spoken by a Master, remember, a Perfect Master, and a Perfect Master can only speak the absolute truth. And all His words are words of power and have meaning.

Master only deals in truth

It does not matter what manifestation of the Master you are dealing with; He speaks the truth because he has become the truth, because He has followed the same road that you have and he has become the truth. And he is drawing you on that same road, which you are all walking. Then one day you will become the Master and you will understand the truth. And you are getting very close to understanding more and more of the truth now.


You are stable at the centre of the cross and that is what matters. And to those who understand the esoteric positions and symbology, you will recognise where that puts you and where you stand in your initiations. And therefore from the centre of that cross you will now work. It is balanced. It is now only for you to deal with the power, the power you have. You have enough power, you have enough strength, you have enough balance. You have the strength of will, you have the determination to serve; you have the spiritual urge to serve. But that particular point, although it is very advanced, does not free you from danger. In fact, at the point at the centre of the cross, there are also different dangers that you do not realise.

The danger of so much light, and so much power, and for those portions of the personality that remain uncleared, they can be whipped up by the lower forces to overtake in an egotistical storm of self-righteousness, self-glorification and self-aggrandisement. And to feel that power is now yours, which it will be, brothers, make no mistake, and do not get caught up as we spoke to you last time we were with you in the laws of earth that: Do what thou wilt, is the only law.

Higher level initiate

It is true that more and more as your understanding grows, as a true higher level initiate, Do what thou wilt will be the only law, but you have to make sure that what you will is no longer the personality will. But is part of the will of the higher self; of the soul into which you have been absorbed. Then when your will and the will of the soul are one; then the will of the soul can will anything and you can do it in safety. It is a period where great care is needed and great thought, great courage and great strength. But, brothers, your first step no hesitation, no doubts. This is a great limitation for some of you – no doubts. No doubts, and remember that the battle is a hundred percent.

Disciples should learn more than others

Do not fall into the trap, which is a good example for all upon earth of what is happening out in central Europe. Do not fall into the trap, although in many cases well motivated, that if one wishes to control an evil, one goes forward, bangs a drum, makes loud bangs with the various weapons that you have on earth and the enemy will shake and run. Because you are all learning very much, and disciples should learn more than others, through the experience on your earth that is taking place, that the potential activist being used by the dark forces do not always run.

Remember that they understand the powers of evil better than those with what out instrument says to you many times and calls in his own inimitable way, bleeding hearts but vacuums between the ears. And, indeed, there can be amongst the whole of humanity a tendency to slip into that particular trap. Good motivation, but humanity now faces its own problem. It has created it in its efforts, perhaps, with good motives. It has made the big bang against evil. Evil has laughed and said, Do your worst, I understand power better than you do. So what now? What now, where does humanity go, brothers? Think of it.


We merely mention this to give you disciples an opportunity to realise, in yourself and in your own progress, what the world is having to realise in a very hard way and the situation has not yet been clarified. They are at the crossroads too, remember. Yes, NATO and humanity are at the crossroads and they have to solve it, just as you have to solve your problem, because it is a problem brought up by the millennium. The enemy has not run. What a difficult problem to solve. But solved it will have to be. And some of you have shouted, Go away! Boo! We do not like you. to dark forces. How far have they gone? How far have they truly gone?

How much has the battle been stripped to the basics and the blow which is struck in action, rather than words, in demonstrated action, in fearlessness – been recognised and utilised? Otherwise the sound of a gun, the sound of the voice saying, Stop, go away! may make them withdraw for a while until one is off-guard again, and then return.


So brothers, let us have a hundred percent solution in your own discipleship, if it is not yet attained en-masse upon your planet, in the rest of humanity. Let them learn and see that you learn yourself. Let your path be clear. Let your fight be a hundred percent, no half measures tolerated, no weaknesses in yourself tolerated, no excuses, but the blow of the sword, straight and true, the clefting of darkness the veil of darkness that surrounds your earth in one blow.

Maya or Illusion

Splitting the veil of maya or illusion which surrounds your earth, of which; of course, your own darkness is part, and going forth freed of that like a child new born breaking free from its shroud; its cowl, and stepping forth into a new world of living. You are coming out of your birth wrappings and into a new world of living. Remember this. You are shining children, bright and ready for the future; free of all those trappings that held you protected in the womb but are no longer needed.

Free of everything which has kept you under control; but at the same time, perhaps, has kept you free from growing too rapidly. The child has to be protected. Brothers, you are not children. You have stepped out of the child stage, you now are working adults and you will accept your responsibility. You will accept everything that is given to you. Forty years in this lifetime of training, much, much more in past lives; all at your disposal, all there to be called on, all written or recorded to be heard whenever you wish.

Listen to inner voice

No problem in your lives that has not been answered and recorded, it is for you to listen, to remember. And because your expanded consciousness has grown; to see in those teachings that we gave you much wider meanings; much wider purpose, and much wider strength and light that was given to you. Your understanding has grown tremendously, brothers, now it is up to you to use it.

Advanced Disciple

We will leave you there, brothers, to think about what we have said; because we have given you much to think about, and we have given it to you because you yourself. With your wonderful discussion and the depth of information and understanding that you brought up from your experiences until now; opened the door and showed us your readiness. Yes, you can thank your Brother Joan, because she opened the door for you. And we would say to her personally before we go: Let go of this foolish inhibition; Brother Joan, that you are not competent, that you do not have ability or self worth. Because that is your dark forces, brother, and do not forget it. They put the thought in your mind.

There is no need for it, you are an advanced disciple; you are going straight ahead and you are our new worker and the one we have pinned much hope on. And we do not pick broken reeds, brother, we do not pick broken reeds. Forget this low image attitude, it is a birth cowl that must be shed. You have carried it too long. You have let human words of criticism since childhood bury into you and become part of your nature. Ignoramuses, expressing their own ignorance against one who was a being of light. So think, Brother Joan, think about this; and indeed we hope we will not hear any more nonsense about your inability and your lack of worth. You are worth much to us as a server, let that be sufficient.

Peace of understanding

Go in peace, brothers, go in peace. Lai Yung, Master of Happiness, blesses you this day and sends you forth on your journey; that in peace and understanding you may go forth, warriors with a sword in hand, no half heartedness. And that from that position at the center of the cross you may choose your right direction; working in balanced unity at all times. go in peace, brothers. Go in peace.

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After reading and studying this post. You can now regard yourself to be a serious esoteric student. Importantly the next step is to practice serious insight meditation! Which is in order to achieve a lighter vibration of being. That will completely transform the pattern of your life!

Insight Meditation is a dissolving process; which promotes or invokes the increased flow of energy from the Oversoul. It is an awareness focused to a point meditation technique. Which is the only way; to bring the full power of the Oversoul. Into your brain consciousness or being on the earth plane; in order to fully dissolve the resistance of ego. Learning the meditation technique is simple and easy. However the discipline of practice requires a little more effort.