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Spiritual science or metaphysics is the study; of the pure science of man. Therefore by definition it is a movement in consciousness. It will cover all those aspects. For instance that are related to the inner workings or soul of mankind. Above all spiritual science is 100% repeatable. Which means that anyone can study; the same unchangeable timeless steps of purification. And then choose to apply these principles; achieving the same completely repeatable results!

Perhaps we may all consider; why the master and slave relationship is the pathway of the unconscious? By comparison a conscious relationship is based; upon equality, non domination and love. Therefore importantly the only way to move from unconscious to conscious; is through developing the capability of holistic self observation. In summary there are three stages of self observation ability.

Stage one self observation

Self observation is an essential requirement for achieving progress. So in the beginning when practicing self observation for the first time. In most cases the spiritual aspirant can only see; what the ego allows you to see. In other words this is commonly called having blind spots.

Stage two self observation

This stage is also characterized; by ego distorted self observation. However there is the addition of psychic flashes with psychological insights. Which may occur during periods of intense emotional trauma. Or perhaps during insight meditation practice. Often this stage represents the transition from ego into soul control of the entity. When the pull of the ego and the soul is roughly 50%/50%. This is usually referred to; as the crisis of decision.

Stage three self observation

Importantly only in the case where an entity is firmly dominated by soul; can the practice of self observation be free of distortion. In this way you have the ability; to consistently see the whole truth about yourself. It is absolutely essential that every spiritual aspirant. Be aware of their own particular stage of self observation capability!

An Ashram is the designated destination; to learn about serious meditation and spiritual science. Which is how life works. Insight meditation is the conscious process of transformation from unconscious to conscious. With insight meditation practice you will see directly for yourself. What you have learned in theory with studying the subject of theology.

Man Creator and Destroyer

Man creator and destroyer depends upon focus of perception.

Peacock Group Discourse by Lai Yung INSIGHT INTO THE NEW GENERATIONAND NEW ASPECTS OF OLD SPIRITUAL LAWS. Man Creator and Destroyer: Greetings, beloved ones. Lai Yung greets you this night, and in the peace of love and understanding may you dwell. Lai Yung draws close once more, that the beloved ones who sit in cooperative …

Man The Thinker

Peacock Group Discourse By Rani Lash Spiritual Laws intellectual mind: Greetings, brothers, greetings. Rani Lash, Keeper of the Gateway of Power, once more comes to speak to you, that we may, indeed, consolidate and expediate a little perhaps that which you have been saying. We have not been with you, as you are aware, most …

Correct Quality Communication

Querent sitting around fire lotus position; seeking guidance sage. Difference between spiritual entertainment and serious spiritual development is discipline.

The whole basis of correct quality communication with another person is founded upon the ability; of being able to see and understand the whole truth about yourself in the first place. Next it is necessary to be able to see and understand the level or platform; upon which the other person functions on. In addition it is also absolutely necessary to understand the language or words used; and their interpretative meanings for the person who is speaking with you. For example a common error is to place meanings upon words; that do not comply with the meanings that the other person speaking to us has applied to them.


Expansion of consciousness recognizes two aspects, which is one being the stream of Life, and the other being the stream of Consciousness.

Millennium discourse By Rani Lash Keeper of the Gateway of Power Peacock Group Spiritual Development Brotherhood Millennium spirit guide spiritual law: Greetings, brothers, greetings. Rani Lash, Keeper of the Gateway of Power, once more draws close, that we may utilise our power; with the power of the storm that you are experiencing. That you may …

Necessity of Change

Necessity of change by Rani Lash Peacock spiritual development brotherhood

Discourse By Rani Lash Keeper of the gateway of power Peacock spiritual development brotherhood Necessity of change: Greetings, brothers, greetings. Rani Lash, Keeper of the Gateway of Power, once more draws close; that in the peace of understanding, the unity of, shall we say, both conflict and harmony. A strange contradiction is it not, an …

Evolution of Consciousness

Evolution of consciousness by Lai Yung: Any meditator may follow the same pathway to enlightenment; as the Buddha achieved.

Discourse By Lai Yung Master of Happiness Peacock Spiritual Development Brotherhood Evolution of consciousness: Greetings, brothers, greetings. Lai Yung once more draws close, that in the peace of understanding we may unite. That we may find in this group tonight; and the synthesis with which it is surrounded; an augmentation of that inner light which …

Expansion of Consciousness

Millennium with an expansion of consciousness Rani Lash keeper of the gateway of power. Spirit guides spiritual law? "without vision, man perisheth".

Discourse by Rani Lash Keeper of the Gateway of Power Peacock Spiritual Development Brotherhood Expansion of consciousness: Greeting, beloved ones, greetings. Rani Lash, Keeper of the Gateway of Power, greets you this night, that we may, within this group; find for ourselves that which is the heart, the very kernel of our being. And that …

Meaning of Words

Timeless secret is revealed with meditation practice. It will lead to complete transformation with release from wheel of rebirth or reincarnation.

Discourse by Lai Yung “Master of Happiness” Spirit guide Peacock Spiritual Development Brotherhood Meaning of words: Greetings beloved ones, Greetings. Lai Yung, Master of Happiness, once more draws close; that in the peace of understanding we may unite once again. It is indeed a little while since we contacted each other; for most of the …

Near Death Experience

Near death experience is experiential process of dying. During which you can view the Akashic records to study spiritual evolution progress.

The near death experience is the experiential process of dying. However in this event you do return to the physical body; bringing with you the memory of the dying experience. In this way you come to see the Akashic record of your current life; and something of the memory from your past incarnations. It is just as Christ said many years ago, all is recorded on the scheme of time.
Path you weave for yourself by Lai Yung. There is no path other than the path which you weave for yourselves. You create your own light, you create your own pattern; you create the stepping stones for your feet. And you create the mudholes in which you so often flounder. Thereby you find that your special path is an individual path; which you have created for yourselves. And therefore, if it is rather stony, turn only to yourselves and ask yourselves “Why?” When one begins to create with purpose. Then one sends forth streams of energy and one creates various forms; various thoughtforms which are drawn together and each thought form is that which lies at the back of our progress. Directing, augmenting or retarding, according to its qualities and according to the energies we have utilised, creating it.

As we utilise we bring about certain conditions and we find that we have brought from the matrix as it were; from the endless source of energies of which we are composed and with which we are surrounded. Those various substances which we bring together; and link together in order to make for ourselves both the present and the future. A future which depends upon that which we are creating today. And therefore in our creation; it behooves us to be aware of our present pattern rather than be concerned with the past or with the future.

Spirit Guide discourse Fear and Love

Group of people in Cairns Far North Queensland, Australia, have met monthly to hear teaching discourses. Beings on other levels of existence to Earth

Discourse by Rani Lash Keeper of the Gateway of Power Spirit guide Peacock Group Spiritual Brotherhood Fear and Love Guidance for Spiritual Aspirants Fear and love: Greetings beloved ones, greetings. Rani Lash once more draws close and we hope that tonight we may once again see commune; and that we may find within ourselves a …