Pathway to Enlightenment Steps of Purification

Dharma wheel is a representation of karma with the wheel of rebirth. Until insight meditation enlightenment has been achieved.
Dharma wheel representation of karma with wheel of rebirth. Until meditation enlightenment path has been achieved.

When studying Buddhism meditation enlightenment path you will find out; all about the holy eight fold path with the four noble truths. As a pathway to enlightenment. Certainly this knowledge is very useful and practical in nature. Because it is based on the third ray of active intelligence or common sense. Which is particularly so for querents; who first step upon the spiritual path. Which is the beginning of their journey of discovery; in working out how life functions. As symbolized in the story spiritual journey of the caterpillar. In summary the word Buddha means “the awakened one” or “the enlightened one”.

Meditation Path fourth way to Enlightenment

Above all the fourth way to enlightenment is a discipline. Enabling focused concentration; to replace day dreaming and navel gazing. Therefore every change in attitude is beneficial on the spiritual pathway to enlightenment. From ego selfish to soul selfless; which will bring about improvements in frequency or vibration. Which reflects a greater soul influence. However the fastest and greatest movement in spiritual education; happens with continuously practiced insight meditation. It is with disciplined meditation practice; that the meditator actually actively changes energy state. From low energy high resistance to high energy low resistance.

Physics of manifestation, spiritual science, natural laws or Dharma does determine everything. Spiritual path is the choice to live within the guidelines of Dharma or spiritual science; as a pathway to enlightenment.

Meditation develops mindfulness on pathway to enlightenment

So as we become meditation enlightened moving onto lighter higher frequencies. Meditator will demonstrate a corresponding reduction in reactive behaviors. Also seen is a corresponding improvement. In cool level headed emotionally balanced responsive behaviors; in the face of adversity as well! Which is a demonstration that meditation develops mindfulness ability.

It is ego that contracts while the soul expands. Therefore with ego domination; there is a slowing down of energy flow within the body. Naturally sediment forms with its resulting crystallization causing energy congestion. This forms the whole basis for reactive behavior; which is due to sudden releases of congested energy in the face of challenge.

By comparison with strong flows of energy from the over soul with no congestion. There is no basis for reactive behavior to occur. Naturally what will be seen is the surrender state; of non reaction, a cool responsive individual in all circumstances.

Vibrational spiritual education Pathway to Enlightenment stages

Without exception every individual no matter how great a sinner he may be; will successfully change his energy state. With correctly practiced seriously disciplined insight meditation enlightenment path. Therefore as he does so his essential nature will change and evolve; in direct proportion to his success with practice. With maturity of practice over time; he will come to realize that the whole dissolving sequence must be completed. In order to avoid any regressions in progress in vibrational spiritual education.

Visit an Ashram to learn about the three stages of meditation ability or maturity; which are superficial, deep and escape on the pathway to enlightenment. In this way from a very humble beginning a trickle of energy with Anapana or beginner meditation practice. Becomes a mighty flood of energy after enlightenment. As insight meditation stimulates an increased flow of electricity from our Over soul. In other words sometimes referred to as electrical meditation. However do not let any meditation symptoms ever distract you from your final goal.

Spiritual journey of the caterpillar symbolizes the descent of an aspect of the over soul into matter; with its eventual return back into the over soul
Spiritual journey of the caterpillar symbolizes the descent of an aspect of the over soul into matter; with its eventual return back into the over soul

Spiritual Journey of the Caterpillar

Symbolizes pathway to Enlightenment

Spiritual journey of the caterpillar begins. There was an egg and from it hatched a baby caterpillar. Which symbolizes the first entry of spirit into matter. Soul is becoming encased; in the three vehicles [mental, emotional and physical] of the personality or ego. In particular our physical form which is the anchor; that keeps us in the material plane of existence. Until it wears out of course and we return to our true and real home the fourth dimensional world.

However we bring all our desires with us; which will pull us back into a future incarnation once again. While we have desires in any form then it is inevitable; that we will remain in the wheel of rebirth. In passing it will be mentioned that the ego loves to say; only a little bit of this or that. Which are our additions. This in particular is what the alcoholic will say; only a couple of drinks every day of poisoning the body and the mind. Not seeing the other times when he goes on a real bender; and becomes completely intoxicated and drunk all together.

Selective vision of the ego. It really doesn’t matter because I am living an all round balanced lifestyle without extremes. If you are serious about your spiritual development; then you will abstain from all forms of energy lowering choices all together.

Crystallization of Ego

During our experiences over a number of lifetimes the ego symbolically speaking; grows and grows to become a very large and fat caterpillar. In this way of feeding upon all manner of wants and desires; it becomes a total glutton for the glamour of sensation and excitement. However eventually the caterpillar becomes so fat; that he can not move any more and becomes quite literally crystallised. In this process of crystallisation the caterpillar; becomes a pupae instigating a complete transformation.

Insight meditation is the conscious process; of dissolving the hard crystalline structures of the ego. On enlightenment path it is quite literally the breaking down of our prison; to become truly and completely free as a butterfly. The butterfly is the symbol of the soul flying free; of ego limitations dragging it down in any way. How long will it be before you start serious meditation enlightenment path to become free?

Spiritual journey of the caterpillar is Circle of Life

Spiritual journey of the caterpillar symbolizes the descent of an aspect of the over soul into matter. Which in other words is the story about the soul coming down; and becoming progressively more and more encased in matter with each successive incarnation. Which demonstrates the weakening of soul power; with the co responding equal and opposite rise of ego power. Until it reaches the very lowest point possible; which is a strong ego with little soul influence. At this point there can only be return to its origins. In this way the soul works its way back home; to become reabsorbed back into the over soul once again.

Insight meditation speeds up spiritual evolution