Spiritual Entertainment or Spiritual Development

As demonstrated by Buddha sitting under the Bodhi tree; where he achieved enlightenment. Focus of responsibility needs to be within the self.
As demonstrated by Buddha sitting under the Bodhi tree; where he achieved enlightenment. Focus of responsibility needs to be within the self.

Spiritual entertainment or serious spiritual development: The first time you sit still to meditate is the first moment. When the choice is made. To select against the ego or personality; in order to promote your own evolution of spiritual consciousness! In the stillness you become aware of the deeper energy within yourself. You gain a direct awareness that every living thing is more or deeper than just a physical body! Focus of responsibility needs to be within the self.

Spiritual Entertainment

Choice between spiritual entertainment and serious spiritual development. Is the discipline of applying the steps of purification to change energy state. Consequently what is the nature of average humanity. Who are ruled by ego? Naturally this is to attend fine performances of spiritual entertainment.

Most of all to be thoroughly entertained; by the conductor or presenter of spiritual knowledge out the front on the stage. However as a result. Audience is being charged. A big fat entry price for admittance. Which is indeed completely appropriate. Because the focus of responsibility rests with the spiritual entertainer and not with the audience. However what is our alternative?

Especially noteworthy is that serious spiritual development. Only achieved when focus of responsibility. Adopted by the individual querent. Choice is made to achieve real spiritual growth. Accordingly this is the movement; from a lower energy state to a higher energy surrender state. Since the spiritual aspirant in question has made the choice of personal responsibility. They are only seeking information from others on how to achieve their stated aim or objective. Which is simply to learn and apply the steps of purification to achieve the surrender or non reactive state of being.

Spiritual knowledge leads to spiritual development

Most noteworthy is that pure spiritual knowledge. Always given free of charge. Because its root motivation is service by the soul. When you go to a serious spiritual development instructor. Focus of responsibility is opposite to the more usual entertainment approach. Naturally the only price or sacrifice for the service is to apply or practice. What you have learned through being a participant. It is a sad reflection upon humanity as a whole. That spiritual entertainment is far more popular these days.

Spiritual entertainment is more popular

This is because as soon as the spiritual presenter starts giving to many directions. On what the audience needs to be practicing for homework. Audience will soon be lost; with its associated source of income. When the instructor starts insisting on timely homework application; which is not very profitable at all.

Since the ego is completely; captivated and enthralled by the brilliant performance. Ego loves to think and believe; that it is achieving real progress while still maintaining the status quo. Which is its position of power over the direction of the entity.

Any good spiritual entertainer can bang away about surrender. While navel gazing absolute truth for all eternity, for what final result? Here is another timeless secret! Net result is more pain and suffering experience; by staying in the wheel of rebirth. Real results achieved only with steps of purification.

Spiritual entertainment provides seeds of awareness

However spiritual entertainment does provide a very valuable service to the community; in that it brings the seeds of awareness. Humanity needs the freely scattered seeds of spiritual knowledge; that they may ignite and grow in receptive minds. However visiting an Ashram will provide faster and better results.

Any meditator may follow same pathway to enlightenment; as the Buddha achieved many years ago.
Any meditator may follow same pathway to enlightenment; as the Buddha achieved.

Kundalini energy naturally rises with advanced meditation practice.


Furthermore lets now talk about; the Kundalini primal energy located at the base of the spine. Symbolized in the literature as the serpent power. This power will either fuel the passion impulse; when channeled through the lower centers or chakras in the unconscious state.

It will become compassion when raised to a higher level in the conscious state. Especially relevant it is the same energy; directed to a different purpose. Interestingly the only difference between these two energy states of being. Is applied effort.

Insight meditation is a process that leads to a stronger aura; with the development of clear mental process.
Insight meditation is process leads to stronger aura with clear mental process.

In stillness awareness rises. Wise choice can be made between spiritual entertainment and serious spiritual development.

Insight meditation is the conscious process of increasing energy or the flow of electrical current from the oversoul. Which will drive the Kundalini force higher in the body; from the base chakra at the base of the spine to the crown chakra at the top of the head. At a certain point in your meditation or spiritual maturity; you will become directly aware of this energy.

As a natural consequence this will give you the wisdom of direct experience. Walking the pathway of healing raising this energy. Is what will eventually lead; to the achievement of the energy state of enlightenment. Do you ever think anyone functioning only on the spiritual entertainment level; will ever experience this energy state?

Insight meditation speeds up spiritual evolution