All Humanity Needs to Develop Common Meditation Ability

Common meditation is continuous meditation level third eye or Brow Chakra. Develop fourth dimensional awareness enlightenment release from the wheel of rebirth
Common meditation is continuous meditation level third eye or Brow Chakra. Develop fourth dimensional awareness enlightenment release from the wheel of rebirth

Common Meditation is Continuous Meditation

We can define common meditation as continuous meditation ability at the level of the third eye or brow chakra. Therefore, regardless of which particular meditation technique, you have utilized to start your meditation career. In order to develop fourth dimensional awareness. Eventually you will need to arrive at that place. Where you have the ability to gain this particular skill. This is when you can hold the focus of your attention, within the soul energy flow continuously. The only times you are not meditating. Is when you are asleep or lying down resting. At times you may choose to meditate while lying down as well. This is the beginning in the process to achieve release from the wheel of rebirth.

In my own case I personally could not do significant meditation while lying down. Until I had first been meditating continuously for 8 to 9 years beforehand. As we can see it is the degree of openness of your energy channels. That will determine this ability. Which reflects the power and strength of the energy flow from the oversoul. When you have sufficient power this ability will come to you. Regardless of how long it takes for you to get there.

Brother Bert Video Presentation on Common Meditation

Meditation is the pathway to freedom from illusion with release from the wheel of rebirth.
Meditation is the pathway to freedom from illusion with release from the wheel of rebirth.

Brother Bert Dialogue of Video on Common Meditation

Greetings meditation students. Brother Bert once more draws close. Today I would like to talk about common meditation. Which by my definition is continuous meditation at the level of the third eye. It is quite a process to get to this point where you have this ability. And that process begins with the beginner meditation technique of Anapana. Which is to focus on the triangle of your nose. And after you achieve a certain maturity with Anapana then you progress to Insight Meditation. Which is a body scan with your awareness. From the top of your head to the tips of your toes and back again. And then over a period of time you become aware. That there’s a tremendous amount of energy just sitting there.

And intuitively you know this energy needs to come through your being through your body. But it can’t because there’s too much resistance in your body in your being. So it’s a process to dissolve that resistance away so this energy can in fact come through. And then you evolve to the next point in the meditation maturity. Which is to pop the energy. What I call Pop the energy and where you penetrate the energy into your body. And for me that happened between the skull and the first vertebrae. And then over a period of a couple of years.

Energy finds its way through areas of Lowest Resistance

That shifted and came down through the baby soft spot at the top of the head. And it came straight through. It varies from individual to individual. Basically where the weakest resistance is the energy finds Its way through. So wherever it happens for you is fine. You know it doesn’t really matter as long as it comes through somewhere. Because on that there’s generally a pattern of tracking around resistances. And then as you dissolve away then it comes down through the more natural course. As the main Channel becomes cleared.

For me there was an alternation in my awareness. Between opening the opening where the energy came through. And penetrating the energy deeper. The technique that I pursued with meditation. Was one of while I was seeing changes in sensation I maintained my awareness at that particular point. Once the awareness of sensation stabilized. Then you shift your awareness somewhere else. And then over a period of time of opening and penetrating deeper and opening and penetrating deeper. Eventually your meditation stabilizes at the third eye. And then you’re meditating continuously. While doing your everyday activities and meditating both at the same time.

Resting Meditation 20% Awareness Power Meditation 100% Awareness

Admittedly when you’re doing your everyday function meditation awareness is probably 20%. And that’s what I say. And 80% is concentrating on interacting with other people. Or doing a job or doing whatever you need to be doing. And then during those times. When you’re in your own space in your own time. And you’re not distracted with anything. Then you can go into Power Meditation. So I talk about resting meditation when you’re dealing with other people or activities. And power meditation when you’re totally focused on the meditation exclusively. It’s during the power meditation that you’re pushing through. I use the word pushing. You’re pushing through that energy at its absolute maximum. And dissolving out the resistance as far as your system can allow. And you do that every day.

30 years of Continuous Meditation to achieve Enlightenment

The energy gets stronger every day, the resistance decreases every day and you keep that up. I’ve been led to believe and this is what I can see is happening. It takes about 30 years of continuous meditation. From the first breath of Anapana to achieve the enlightenment experience. Certainly you can experience Bungarelli. And you can induce that consciously after a certain maturity in your meditation. Which is like a mini Enlightenment experience. But the energy comes through in a flush but it slows down because of the resistance prematurely. But when you have the enlightenment experience. The resistance is so little that the energy comes through as a full experience. I wish you all every success with your serious practice of Insight Meditation. Brother Bert Wishes you all the best thank you and bye bye for now.

Meditating Ability Skill Sequence is Unique for each Meditator

Here I will explain my own experiential process in detail. However, we will acknowledge that the meditating ability skill sequence. Can be different and unique for each particular meditator. Because the starting point for the penetration of energy with your awareness. Is usually the weakest point of resistance to penetration of energy into your body. In addition, another very important consideration is your base rate frequency or stage of spiritual evolution. When you first start. This is a significant issue when considering how long it will take. For you to gain maturity in meditation practice.

So here we go. This is a process that first began for me when the guides in spirit. While I was meditating telepathically placed into my mind the suggestion. That I should hold my awareness during meditation. At the point which is between my skull and the first vertebrae. In my own case I needed to do. A lot of isometric physical movement exercises of twisting and turning my head. To further weaken the sedimentation and attachments of resistance located here. To facilitate the easier passage of energy through this area. This is what I call where I popped the energy into my body.

Meditation Enables Fourth Dimensional Awareness

Over time all of a sudden during a meditation session I came to the realization. That the focus of my attention or awareness had shifted. From the original entry spot to the former baby soft on the top of the head. This represents the movement of energy straight down and through instead of the deviation in flow path as formerly. Often this is the way with the flow of energy finding its way through the path of least resistance. Until the main channel for energy flow becomes open enough. Then the flow of energy will deviate down its more natural course.

So you focus your awareness at the opening at the top of your head. Which creates an expansion or a stretching open of this entry point. When during meditation you find that awareness expansion here has come to reach its limit. Then you move your awareness deeper to penetrate the energy. Which is deeper into your body within your head space. So, there is an alternate movement for the point of awareness. Between the opening at the top of your head to open the channel even further. And then to move your awareness downwards to penetrate the energy deeper into your body.

Common Meditation

After a few years of meditating in this way eventually the point of awareness. Stabilizes to the level of the third eye or Brow Chakra location. This is the meditating skill point that I call common meditation. The interaction between energy and resistance at this location is what I call the coal face. It is with the piecing, penetrating and dissolving action of your awareness. That you can penetrate deeper and deeper into and through the resistance in your being. Which means in effect to be meditating continuously at the same time. As you live your everyday life.

The only hard part is to gain a solid start. And once you achieve it. Then you will find yourself not turning back for anything in the world. With what starts as a few sparks with Anapana practice. Becomes a faint tickle of energy when you first practice the insight meditation technique. Then gradually over time with 30 years of continuous meditation practice. You will consequently find from this very humble beginning. That you will induce quite literally a torrential flood of energy coming down. When the full power of the over soul is in activation. Which is into your brain consciousness on the earth plane of existence. After which you have now enabled clear fourth dimensional awareness.

Common Meditation is pre requisite to Achieving Enlightenment

When other people talk about believing this or or that. In your own case you will know and you will know that you know. Only meditators who gain common meditation ability. Will ever have any chance to achieving enlightenment with escape from the wheel of rebirth.

Enlightenment with Escape from the Wheel of Rebirth.

Your aura will become stronger while meditating. Which is due to the increased flow of energy or electricity from the oversoul. Consequently, this will result in a stronger energy field. Emanating from around the crown chakra and also from the hands. This stronger aura will protect you more strongly from unwanted psychic intrusion by others. In other words you will become a stronger more independent being. Who is able to be a beacon of purity and light. To with stand the lower frequency influences from a vile and contaminated world. You have now become a divine spark of divinity within a cosmic ocean. Which interesting enough this concept has a symbol in the Buddhist faith. Which is the Lotus flower.

Enter an Ashram for Anapana Instruction

The easiest way to start serious meditation, is to enter an Ashram or Monastery for instruction. This is a process that begins with Anapana. Which is the gateway to fourth dimensional awareness. The Insight Meditation short term goal is common meditation or continuous meditation ability. While the long term goal is the achievement of enlightenment with release from the wheel of rebirth. Which is to escape from the illusion all together.

This is also the appropriate location to understand the consequences of self protective psychology. Which is the most common barrier before humanity on the pathway of spiritual evolution.

Spirit Guides

The Spirit Guides asked me to write this article. Whenever they ask me to jump and do something. Then my first question is always how high?

In the peace of understanding may we all dwell. Quote by Lai Yung

Brother Bert whose job title is servant of the servant.

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