Spiritual Path Prevent Health and Structural deformities

Spiritual path serious meditation from early age will prevent many health problems and structural deformities before they normally occur later in life
Spiritual path serious meditation from early age will prevent many health problems and structural deformities before they normally occur later in life

Young people who find spiritual path early in life may discover that serious meditation is easier to implement with far better results. Consequently serious meditation practice from an early age will prevent many health problems and structural deformities before they would normally occur later in life.

Choice determines Spiritual Path

Every individual has the choice to hide behind a facade; which maintains the power of the ego living a life in the pattern of illusion. Or walk the spiritual path and face what their own soul light would reveal; to eventually become enlightened. Spiritual path presents the same choice; which is before us all.

Mindfulness is awareness that arises when we non judgmentally focus our attention in the present moment.  

Successful Future will avoid health problems and structural deformities

Choice determines the whole framework for a successful future. Personality or Ego focused patterns of being; leads to a hard brittle crystalline structure. Naturally this results in hot reactive patterns of behavior or tantrums and health problems. Only soul light which is cold, resilient and flexible can melt and break down the crystalline structures of Ego leading to more responsive patterns of behavior.

There are two paths in life, which is either traveling round in circles or traveling straight up. Vipassana meditation is a technique. When practiced correctly will enable anyone to find their way to the straight up path in life.

A meditation course is available at many meditation centre locations around the world today. Perhaps you may choose to visit an Ashram or monastery. It is not possible to be released from the wheel of rebirth. Without first seeing the whole truth about yourself. Essentially the practice is pure equanimous self observation; to the deepest levels of your own mind. While demonstrating the complete absence of craving or aversion.

All illusions are temporary

All illusions are temporary in nature and usually end in pain and suffering experience. Grief is the one emotion; which opens you to the greater reality. Only the truth will set you free.

Should anyone choose to implement the steps of purification; then one day you will gain the ability to verify the contents of this website; by your own direct personal experience!! Wake up to walk the spiritual path with escape from illusion or continue living the illusion of emotional glamour with endless cycles of incarnations.

Choice is circle path or spiritual path

Yes we can travel the round in a circle path with the EGO as our master for one lifetime, ten lifetimes, 100 lifetimes or for that matter all eternity. Net result is always the same, which is more incarnations. Only the straight up path of purification with reduced ego, lowered poisons or defilement’s with lowered resistance, greater voltage and freedom from pain; is the pathway to liberation or enlightenment with the resultant release from the wheel of rebirth.

Yes it is a correct statement to say that the spiritual evolution of most people follows a spiral pattern. This is a combination of the round in a circle path with the straight up path. If you feel your spiritual evolution follows a spiral pattern and you are happy with it; then by all means stay on it. However the net result if you follow true to this path is that it may take you 100 lifetimes to achieve what can be achieved in only one lifetime!

Spiritual Maturity

In some cases individuals come into incarnation with a good level of spiritual maturity with comparatively few major limitations to overcome. However sometimes after 18 years of growing up there has been an absence of any significant spiritual education. Therefore they are now totally ignorant of the service. That they are destined to provide to others.

It is always a birthright. To be provided with this how life works. Which is mostly a refreshing of the current conscious mind with what has already been learned and stored in the unconscious mind.

Birth process erases conscious memory of previous life

Birth process routinely erases conscious memory of life in spirit and any previous incarnations. Everyone has a lot of work to do to regain what they had before coming into incarnation. This is before focusing on the issues, which you have come into this lifetime to overcome in the first place!!!

It is possible for many young people who start early on the spiritual path; with correct application to make a full correction. With release from the wheel of rebirth in this lifetime while avoiding many health problems. In essence this means starting serious meditation practice to gain meditation maturity.

If you do not learn earlier then you will certainly learn the wisdom of what I have been sharing with you; when you view the Akashic records for yourself after your return to spirit at the end of your life with death. However when you wait this long to expand your awareness; you will have missed the opportunity for serious spiritual growth. The physical body is a resistance meter. When effort is correctly applied. This will allow you to easily identify all of your defilement’s with their diffusion.

Spiritual path points way to discover truth

My motivation is not to convert anyone but only to point the way; where truth may be discovered. When you are in the possession of a valid road map for life; then it is far easier to navigate; the shortest safest route to the destination of your choice. While avoiding many of the pot holes in the road; which are the many health problems and emotional traumas.

Seeds of awareness are presented. Which when nurtured will allow anyone to create a life living in the grace of conscious awareness. For seeds to realize their full potential. They need to be placed in fertile soil. Which in this case means a mind illuminated to at least a reasonable degree by soul light; the laser mind of the soul infused mind.

In addition they need to be tenderly nurtured. With food or knowledge nutrients, water or love wisdom in order to grow during those early fragile years. Only when the tree is big and strong may it stand independently before all adversity.

Spiritual path learn Discrimination

No one expects anyone to blindly adopt any doctrine presented! We all need to maintain a high level of discrimination and discernment in everything we choose to do. Middle way in all things just as the Buddha taught; which is not too believing and not too disbelieving either. Best approach is to maintain an open mind. Exploring the presented possibilities.

If you are wise you will explore the direction pointed out. If not then the net result will be more pain and suffering experience; which will then lead whether you like it or not to consider other alternatives anyway. It is not possible to understand correctly what has been shared until you have first practiced vipassana meditation [Insight meditation] correctly!

Accept truth where you find it

In passing it can be mentioned. That it is not important in any aspect. Where truth is found. Truth is always the truth no matter where you find it. Feel free to be guided by whoever you wish.

Hopefully you will gain a natural progression in your maturity level as you gain more life experience. A conscious aware life in complete grace and compassion. Can only ever be created. As it will never fall off any tree into your lap.

First responsibility Spiritual Evolution of our being

Our first responsibility or loyalty in life is neither to our two parents nor any brothers or sisters; nor to any other person either in incarnation or out of incarnation. It is only to the evolution and unfoldment of our own spiritual being! Many members of average humanity would prefer to hide behind the façade of avoiding conversion; rather than facing the truth of what their own soul light would reveal.

Ego does not listen which means endless health problems and structural deformities

Everything anyone needs to get started on the spiritual path. Pathway for successful life is contained in this article. The wisdom contained within them; when correctly applied will work for any person or being on any plane of existence.

Meditation is the communication of our brain consciousness in the earth plane with our own Oversoul or Higher Self; which exists in a higher dimension. When we make the choice to sit in silence and stillness then the ego will become quieter as a natural consequence; which then enables our Oversoul to communicate with us more effectively and efficiently. As a natural consequence of this process we will see the truth about ourselves [as it is and not as we wish it to be].

Soul energy purifies to correct health problems and structural deformities

First influx of soul energy is to purify the personality; which means the three vehicles of personality [mental body, emotional body, physical body]. In the beginning our body is like a crystallized rock. Which is chipped away at by our cold resilient soul energy. The more meditation that we do then the greater is the cooling force; which will dissolve the hard reactive nature of ego. After a critical point is reached with meditation. We will discover our meditation becoming a continuous 24 hour automatic process.

Your spine will move into straighter alignment. AS it reflects more efficient function of all the organ systems in the body. Consequently this will lead to visible improvements in clear mental processes with healthy skin and hair. There is also a visible softening of your body features. Surprisingly which becomes more significant. As you become older.

Over soul is power house of energy to heal health problems and structural deformities

It is quite possible to appear young into advanced old age! Our Over soul is a real powerhouse of energy, waiting to purify. Perhaps you will be impelled? Into service of humanity to share what you have already discovered.

First time you feel the real power of your own soul; you will wonder why you ever waited so long to invoke it. Total power to heal everything on all three levels of being; which includes all manner of health problems and structural deformities.

Spiritual path is Self Observation

If you are unable to take that giant leap of faith into meditation from your current level of awareness? Perhaps you may wish to consider some basics with an exercise that you may choose to do? Self observation for reactive or responsive behavior is a very important assessment.

Perhaps you may wish to observe others for reactive or responsive behavior as well. A good idea is to take particular note of the results with each example. Reactive behavior is ego based while responsive behavior is soul based. The results of which will indicate the likelihood of how successful a life will be.

Astute observation

Astute Observation creates the basis for all progress in life. If you do not have this then you have no possibility to create a wholesome life. All you need to do is this little exercise; which is the first step in a very long path.

Step two is when you decide that you would like to be less reactive and more responsive; because you are looking for more favorable outcomes? You may search far and wide and find any number of books or guru’s. However the simple fact remains that you will find yourself unsuccessful to transform these reactive behaviors. While your approach is on a counseling or surface level. Feel free to spend your whole life searching for the easy fix; to prove the truth of my previous statement.

Less reactive more responsive correct health problems and structural deformities

Reason why, is because counseling only deals with the surface levels of the mind. Reactive behavior patterns are present in the deeper levels of the mind. Which is usually beyond the level of awareness of all average humanity. Most common reason for relationship break down is reactive behavior patterns; which is usually present in both individuals! How many broken relationships does a person need to experience before this is realized?

Now we come to step three which is the only approach; which will bring to your awareness the contents of the deeper levels of the mind. You need to be aware of it before you can do anything about it.

It is a correct statement to say that I wish to bring an influence. Which will enable anyone to make the decision to convert themselves; from a current low-level of awareness or consciousness to a deeper or higher level of consciousness.


Atheist state is only the ignorant state; which in itself is not a problem while we realize this is our state of awareness or commencing point. Once realized. We may move forward on to correct this low-level state of awareness.  To be ignorant of our ignorance is a real tragedy; because this only results in staying in this state on a permanent basis.

Ignorance is a path; which solves nothing, which everyone learns through pain and suffering our greatest blessing. It is very sadly for anyone who does not choose to adopt the spiritual path any time soon.

Discover Spiritual path avoiding health problems meditation course

Certainly intensive courses speeds up progress in meditation practice; a lot faster than daily practice of two hours a day. Our chosen path in life is in itself irrelevant in the context of spiritual growth. Only the component of higher mental level in our chosen path is truly important as a primary focus.

This is what enables us to see and face the truth about our self, which is the whole basis of spiritual movement forward, which is out of illusion into reality. The first contact of soul is the higher mental level.

With meditation it can be realized that achievement of spiritual growth is 10% theory with 90% insight meditation practice. Ego is poorly penetrated by Oversoul. Because it is like a crystalline rock. It knows everything on all levels about our being. The discipline of insight meditation allows us to gradually dissolve the crystalline structures of ego, which interferes with function in the three vehicles [mental, emotion, physical] of personality. Our physical body is like a resistance meter pointing the way.

Blind spots

Early in the practice of insight meditation a person gains the ability to see the psychic insights or the blind spots. These are the unbalanced psychic patterns; which are normally beyond the level of conscious awareness. Which are the whole basis for creating health and structural deformities.

Quiet literally with insight meditation we bring down to our brain conscious awareness our own Oversoul awareness, which is ever-present. With equanimous, detached mental level or pure awareness observation [the secret of life], which is the absence of craving or aversion these unbalanced psychic patterns are dissolved in our being.

Psychic insights to correct health problems and structural deformities

Psychic insights are comparatively the easier part to gain. Complete melting of all the crystalline structures of ego takes much longer. It is clear that it is only after complete dissolution of all our defilements; or the removal of all ego crystallization that it then becomes possible to live free; of all the sins as presented in the prayer of repentance.

In particular to achieve the state of total and complete compassion with loving grace is only achievable after we have reached the state of egolessness with enlightenment.

Removal of crystallization or resistance leads to stronger energy flow with stronger voltage; with its associated improved function on all levels, which naturally then leads to lower pain experience within the body. While there is pain in the body a person will always demonstrate reactive behavior, it is completely inevitable.

Enlightenment with Nirvanic Peace will never be achieved with discussion. But only by the wisdom of direct experience gained with Insight Meditation practice. While walking upon the spiritual path.

Insight meditation speeds up spiritual evolution