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Peacock Group Spiritual Brotherhood: Above all anyone with the motivation may join the Peacock group spiritual brotherhood; which is a spiritual development brotherhood; while in incarnation or the fourth dimension. In other words commonly called the spirit world.

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This photo is a symbol for Peacock group spiritual brotherhood. Which is for anyone who is seeking to achieve spiritual development.
This photo is a symbol for Peacock group spiritual brotherhood. Which is for anyone who is seeking to achieve spiritual development.

Peacock Group Spiritual Development Brotherhood

For instance during a period of some years, a group of people in Cairns Far North Queensland, Australia. Who have met monthly in order to hear teaching discourses. In addition these Beings have come from other levels of existence to that of Earth. Through a medium much revelatory and consciousness expanding information has been received. In conclusion our Teachers, or Guides, have given their approval and encouragement for the publishing of these discourses.

Peacock Group Spiritual development: Evolution of consciousness guided meditation

However the sole author of this entire guided meditation is Lai Yung, master of happiness; one of the guides from the Peacock Group Brotherhood. In conclusion should a meditator choose to practice this guided meditation as a source of inspiration. Importantly it in no way diminishes the need to practice disciplined Insight Meditation.

Peacock Group spiritual Brotherhood: Guided meditation:

So relax at this moment and endeavor to unleash your consciousness from its limitations. Endeavor to allow your consciousness to roam free. During this period of meditation we ask you to let go of all preconceived ideas, of all attitudes which you have held whether they are beneficial or not, let go of them all for the moment, you can pick them up again at the end of the meditation if you still want them. And to allow your consciousness to roam free. To see it as a wide expansion of formless being. See it as inclusive, inclusive of your whole existence.

To see that your existence in consciousness is limitless, that it goes out of it, withdraws within, according to spiritual will of which you are a part, and that it can travel into other realms of existence, that it literally is not limited to any level of existence as it is when it is held within the physical body. And that it is not limited by the narrow concepts and attitudes of the mind, or by the narrow desires of those lower forces of the astral planes.

Atomic structure

But that expanding within the very atomic structure of the physical body, so that the physical body is no longer limited but is expansive, remembering that it is only a collection of atoms, always in movement, unfixed, expanding from that point of those moving atoms, out into the realms of feeling.

Through the astral worlds, into the golden light of the higher astral worlds, and in that light moving into the wider expansive wholeness of consciousness upon the Buddhic or Christ level, in which expansive brilliant light of purity, and healing, and the freedom from all limitations. You can feel it, and it can know itself to be one with all creation.

Level of consciousness

Hold that particular level of consciousness for a while as you proceed through that journey. The unrestricted moving atoms of the physical, let go of it, move, let go, move out, let go. Move, they are not solid, they will not restrict you unless your attitude believes they will. Move out of form, move into peace. Feel, feel what this group feels.

Let go of your own personality, and merging with the group, the group soul, feel what this group is feeling, for what they feel is part of the whole, and you are part of the whole. Therefor it is yours. It lifts you up out of the limitations of your own person, because you share the group whole Your feelings are light, your feelings are golden, and you share that inner awareness of the cosmic whole. Expand, let go, become one.

Each will have his own experience, it will be different than his brother, but to each it will be meaningful as he proceeds on his journey of consciousness. It will explain to him, because he will experience much of that which we have endeavoured to put into him. So move up and out, from the world of golden feeling into the world of prismatic thinking. And in the world of prismatic thinking, let go of those constricting attitudes.

Universal mind

You are now in the world of universal mind, and you are approaching it through group mind. And as you move out of the single colour, of single concepts, and the narrow attitudes, you move into a prism of light, you move into a scintillating rainbow. Knowledge and ideas.

For you are moving out of narrow concepts into the group mind; what the group knows, you know. Merge into it. Atoms in the one body. What the group knows, you know. The prismatic radiation of those colours engulfs you, wipes out all narrow thought, stills the brain for the time being, and you live just in a world of ideas, in-pouring without effort, without thought; ideas, ideas of what should be, of what is, and of what can be.

Divine mind

Therefore you are becoming the knower, in the true sense, you are sharing divine ideas, you are merging into divine mind, the meaning of life, the purpose of life, as known at all times and understood by divinity. And you are merging; you are merging because you are atoms in the body of divinity, particles in the One Whole, drops in the One Ocean, engulfed in those prismatic colours.

Each colour bringing its own quality and its own ideas, each colour representing something, because it is ensouled by an entity. And each colour, each symbol, brings its own message, reveals its own identity, and its own purpose.

Oneness of all life

What you see, whatever it is, what you experience, what you feel, enter into it and request that it reveal its purpose. And thus you begin to share in the meaning and the oneness of all life. And every atom, every form, from the amoeba to the gigantic, will reveal itself and its purpose, as you merge with it; as you merge.

This is knowledge, this is being, this is understanding. And through it all those prismatic colours of the mind, that golden light, the overwhelming, all encompassing light. Blue-white brilliance of the Circle surrounds, permeates, unites and synthesizes. Yet never obliterating those prismatic colours, never obliterating the golden light, but enhancing it, in that mysterious way, so that the higher feelings and the golden light, the prismatic colours of the higher mind, the ideas, are enhanced by the brilliant light of soul quality, but never annihilated.

Limitations of mind

Now we are taking you into the worlds where rational thinking, logical thinking has no meaning, its been destroyed. How can one light obliterate another yet it still be in existence? How do three lights exist at the same times? Do not attempt to think, just experience, for if you think you will obliterate the whole. The limitations of mind, the destroyer of the real. You are in the realms above all this, therefore be absorbed, for you are experiencing the evolution of consciousness.

Hold it, hold it by being, not by force, you cannot hold it by force, thought will destroy it, but by letting go and becoming part of it, you are it, you are love, you are knowledge, you are consciousness, you are life itself. This night you have an opportunity which will not occur again for a considerable period of time, so utilize it to the full, let no fear stand in the way, for there is nothing to fear, only wholeness, only light.

Return as a whole

Now gradually begin your descent, begin your descent as a whole; for you began your ascent as separate entities, but you will return as a whole. Never again will you be quite as separate as you were when you began, for each has become part of the other, each has absorbed a little more of the whole.

And you will return slowly, return down to your level of consciousness, continue to leave the light through the prismatic colours, bringing with you the ideas that you gained there, in the golden light, the higher astral, bringing with you the love, which will colour those ideas and bringing them back through the roving atoms, which you can now slowly draw together and stabilize into form, that you may work within that form.

Buddhist pilgrims chant and meditate below Bodhi Tree. Where the Buddha attained enlightenment, at the Mahabodhi Temple in Bodhgaya India.
Buddhist pilgrims chant and meditate below Bodhi Tree. Where the Buddha attained enlightenment, at the Mahabodhi Temple in Bodhgaya India.

Peacock Group Spiritual Brotherhood Expansion of consciousness guided meditation

Similarly the sole author of this entire guided meditation is Rani Lash, Keeper of the Gateway of Power. It is reproduced here for your benefit and further information. Should a meditator choose to practice this guided meditation as a source of inspiration. It in no way diminishes the need to practice disciplined Insight Meditation.

Guided Meditation Peacock Group Spiritual Brotherhood

So, if you will all relax, and close your eyes. Are you all ready? Then we ask you to become aware. We ask you to become aware of your physical body – concentrate on it. What it is doing? What feelings you are experiencing through it? The energy which is within it. Is it tired? active? Is it energetic? Is it tranquil? Concentrate on your physical body. And as you concentrate upon it, think to yourself, This is my physical body.

Note what we say, not this is me, not I am the physical body, this is my physical body. This places yourself as a separate entity, quite outside your physical body, but you are thinking about it, you are concentrating on it, you are seeing what its doing.

Consciousness is going to expand

Now move out. Your consciousness is going to expand, and you are going to go onto the astral levels, and there you are going to say, What do I feel about that physical body? You forget the physical and you concentrate on your feelings. What are you feeling about it? Just feel – do not think, just feel, note the feelings that are flowing through you, whatever they may be.

You are still outside, you are noting your feelings as you noted your physical body. You are the observer, now observe with detachment, do not get involved with the feelings, observe them, they are flowing, they are the astral worlds, they are a stream of energy.

Energies flowing through you

Now, as you feel those energies flowing through you, those various feelings, move into the mind. And then start to question yourself; still letting the feelings flow through, still aware of the physical body. And now say, What were those feelings? Where did they come from? Think deeply. Are they yourself or are they merely passing through you?

You are aware of them, so how can they be yourself? You are thinking about them. Having now expanded into the higher mind, you are pure thought; you are neither the physical body, nor the emotional body, and yet you are thinking about both of them.

Six pointed star

So, at that point, you begin to visualize. You visualize a brilliant light – a white light – it is in the form of a six pointed star. Visualize it. Forget your physical, the emotions, and your thoughts about them and visualize only the six pointed star. A star of brilliant light, and look right into the center of it. Now, without thought or feeling, go into the center of it. Upwards, upwards – go into it, into the star, letting your consciousness flow. Flow, releasing all that you were conscious of, and you the entity go forth.

Now you are leaving the physical, the emotional and the mental behind and you are going deep into the brilliant light of that six pointed star. Do not see anything else, hold it and go into it. You are being absorbed by it, you are becoming part of it. Now you are formless, you are the light, and that light is permeating every atom of your being. Within that light you stand supreme; you are complete; within that light you have all that you need.


Your light is real, all that you passed through to reach the light, was illusion. Stay in the light, do not come down yet, brothers, hold it. Hold it because you augment each other, you have each others strength, you can accomplish in this group what you will not accomplish as yet on your own, because the strength of the group is focused on one thing. Therefore, you are working as one, you have the benefit of the group energy, you have the benefit of our energy lifting you. So, utilize to the full this opportunity; stay in the center of the star.

Joy of unity [Peacock group brotherhood]

It is so brilliant that sight vanishes, you are blinded by it, but you do not need sight, because you are experiencing, you are beyond the senses, you are part of, you are being, it is the whole, and you are part of the whole. Feel the light consuming, feel the darkness vanishing; the darkness within you. Feel the joy pouring through you, the joy of unity, the joy of working with others where all is one; where you are not having to rely on your own limitations, but have the full use of your whole being. Let all fear go.

So, brothers, the light is now withdrawing, and you are gently coming back, because you cannot, as yet, stay up there without our help. You are gently coming back, steadily, steadily, to your earthly duties. Back through the thinking mind, through the emotions, into the physical and back to your earthly consciousness.

Learn about Your true self: Peacock Group Spiritual Brotherhood

But you bring with you something which was higher than anything you have experienced before. Some went higher than others but all traveled a considerable way, and that will permeate your life from now on. And with practice, step by step, you will go more easily into your star, and it will become part of your whole life; your true self.

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Peacock Group Spiritual Brotherhood

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