Fear and Love Discourse By Spirit Guide Rani Lash

Fear and Love discourse by Rani Lash.   Spirit guides over see the spiritual evolution of humanity.
Fear and Love discourse by Rani Lash. Spirit guides over see the spiritual evolution of humanity.

Discourse by Rani Lash Keeper of the Gateway of Power

Spirit guide Peacock Group Spiritual Brotherhood

Fear & Love Guidance for Spiritual Aspirants

Fear and love: Greetings beloved ones, greetings. Rani Lash once more draws close and we hope that tonight we may once again see commune; and that we may find within ourselves a little understanding, a little expansion and a little more strength. Because in the unity of the past we have indeed gained much; and according to the law we have endeavoured to walk forward; step by step, taking each one of you to your allotted point of contact. And helping you to attain that for which your own soul nature has been so adamantly demanding.

Group Emanation

As we move forward, we are able to take this particular group; and we are able to say to you that in the movement and expansion in which you have all moved. And in which you have all made progress, there has been an overall drawing together. The very centre of emanation from this group has become so powerful; that it is now emanating to a considerable distance beyond this particular point. If any of you are able to utilise your inner vision. You will be aware that the light that radiates is expanding now; not for a 20 mile radius as it was when we commenced. But it is now manifesting for at least a hundred mile radius.

And so you see there has been tremendous power infused into this particular group; and there has been the ability of those. Who are within this group to take that power and to expand it and to stretch it out to the furthest limits.

Progress is movement Fear and love

So we have a growth and in growth indeed we have progress; because without growth there would be no progress. All progress is movement and that which remains static would indeed enter into death. We find that in movement all grows, and so through growth the process of gradual movement; we move within circles and cycles and expand that which is within, until it reaches the perimeter. When it reaches the perimeter, we allow its radiations to go forth; and those radiations in their turn augment and stimulate the central nucleus in others. Who in their turn begin to expand their own circle of concernment.

Group Brotherhood is a Spiritual Network

Thereby the work in a chain reaction in a network; goes forward and moves to its allotted purpose and its allotted points of contact. So we have a group-brotherhood, and we have extension and expansion. We have within the group-entity a movement; that is towards the accumulation of energy. Which in its own way will be used according to the capacity of each member of the circle; and will be bought to bear upon that particular member. In order that the three vehicles of their personality may be increased and may be purified and may be rarified. In order that more energy and light may be added. Thus does expansion express itself and thus does spiritual unity make itself felt upon earth.

So you see we are dealing beloved ones; not with myths and not with something that is nebulous. But we are dealing with something that is actual fact. We are dealing with energies which in their power and circumference and their strength and expansion; are far greater than most of you realise. And are of a potency which can be utilised once it has been correctly directed; in order to further the work which each one of you is intending to accomplish. Most of you here, certainly the regular members of this group, are workers. They are active and they are utilising that which has been given to them.

Magnetic force of Brotherhood

If this were not so; it would not be possible for them to continue to emanate the power. And it would not be possible for them to invoke the power. And so as each of you is, in your own way, a particular worker within your own capacity
and within your own light and lineage. You are able to go forward and you are able to make use of the knowledge; of the knowledge which is accompanied by light that has been given to you.

Expansion grows. Each one of you, some of you group leaders in your own right; are already working your own particular group: Are already expanding the brotherhood, and already bringing that power to that particular group; which is enabling it to grow and which is enabling it to draw others with a magnetic force into the vortex. Which is the very centre of its power and which draws all things unto it.

Magnetic Energy

So therefore we work within magnetic energy and we work within the power of synthesis. We work in a way that others are drawn towards us. And we work in a way that that which is drawn eventually begins to grow because of the light; and if it finds the light is too strong, automatically, according to the law, it is thrown to the edge. The centrifugal force will always throw that which is heaviest outwards; and therefore we will find that that which has gone out will eventually find its way into the outer shell. And will gradually go back into the matrix from which it came.

Speaking symbolically, this is what happens. That which has been thrown out will automatically become; that which once again will be picked up by another vortex of power. And in due course will find its own level and its own understanding; as it moves forward upon its own particular path. We have always said that one particular group is for a section of the community. Who are at that particular time attuned to those vibrations which will draw it into focus and into functioning. As your earth today is very rapidly creating many, many groups of different capacities; in different rays, of different power and strength and different purposes. There is inevitably a point of contact, of progress and of
illumination for all.

Laws of space and time

It is just a case of one finding oneself in the right place at the right moment. That is something that is always created. Because at the right moment the laws of space and time and the laws of energy will always draw; that which is intended to be drawn to its counterpart. And that counterpart will be the balancing, focusing, point in which all will eventually find stabilization. So you see, your purpose and reason for being here tonight is not; as the old members of the group are well aware, a haphazard one. It is one which has Divine purpose and it has been brought about; because that for which you are specifically seeking will be found within the depths of this particular group.

However deeply it may at the moment appear to be hidden; nevertheless the efforts of the truly aspiring disciple to unwrap. As it were, the pearl of great price, from the centre of the lotus, the jewel in the lotus; will be the effort that brings to light that which has been sought for. As always, relentless and unceasing effort is the road of the disciple; so that effort shall bear fruit, and as you seek, so shall you find.

Fear is within all unpurified beings

Tonight beloved ones, we intend to speak about one particular aspect of energy; which we feel is of great concern to all of you; and is without doubt functioning to some degree or other in all of you. Tonight we move into a realm where we will speak; and perhaps later discuss, an aspect of energy which you think of as fear. Because fear is within all unpurified beings; and because all, except a perfected One. Have to battle their way through the realms of fear; then this particular energy has to be understood. Because it is something that all have to pass through. It is something that every aspirant and disciple has eventually to handle within themselves; and therefore a movement into fear brings about. For most of you, so many of the problems which are within your life.


It has been stated that fear is an entry into a realm; in which we are not able to function correctly. We would agree that this is true, because where we feel threatened, there will always be fear. And fear is a natural reaction. It begins indeed as that which is given on an instinctual level to the animal Kingdom; in order to be it’s rightful possession; and to protect it through it’s quick reaction from the dangers of its own Kingdom; and to bring it safely through that Kingdom whose laws make it correct and in accordance with Divine rotation. That beast shall eat beast and that that which preys upon the lesser shall; in its turn, be preyed upon by the larger.

So we find that there is a law in which cycles of movement take place, and at present within the system in which the various Kingdoms upon your earth are moving according to the divine law and divine cycles of energy, the instinctual feelings of fear have their place. They are protective; they give movement; they stimulate and allow many; perhaps who would fail before their allotted time, to protect themselves in their own way. Because speed and swiftness so often is brought about through fear. The very movement of the adrenalin within the glands of those particular Kingdoms, enables them to have a speed which is beyond normal; or enables them to turn if it be their nature to protect themselves with aggression.

Laws operate within Kingdoms

This is true, and like all laws it operates within Kingdoms where it was intended to operate. Once it leaves the animal Kingdom it has in truth no further use. Fear is an energy that has been (partly because of the evolution of man and his mental process and his misuse of that which has been given to him, and partly through the manipulation of material forces that have endeavoured to hold him enthralled and entrapped to prevent the spiritual manifestation of man’s true destiny). Fear has been brought to a point where it has been prolonged long beyond the point; where it should have been carried from those early Kingdoms into Kingdoms.

Where humanity has evolved to such a stage that the mental aspect and the emotional aspect (now developed and being integrated) make of him an individualised Being; and a Being who is rapidly endeavouring to bring about the manifestation of his true spirituality. So therefore we have indeed this once very operative and correct Law of fear; brought about, as all laws for a specific purpose, being now used out of context.

Power used out of context is a hinderance

As all power that is used out of context and is therefore misused; becomes a threat and becomes a hindrance to the Human Kingdom. As they battle through those realms (which, as we say, they themselves have partly created; and in which they have been augmented and encouraged to do so by the forces of materialism. That have endeavoured to hold back the progress of evolving humanity). We see fear now as a very real and potent force; encircling your earth today both individually and collectively amongst Humanity as a whole. Therefore we are speaking about this subject
in order perhaps that a little Light. A little more understanding, may be shed upon it. You, as spiritual aspirants now, will have to face up to problems, all of which will be based upon fear.

Along with the normal reactions to fear which Humanity as a whole is constantly exhibiting; for you there will be an enhancement of this fear. The very energies, the very Light that is being sent through you, the very lightening and purification; the vibrations of your three vehicles of the personality: the physical, the emotional and the mental,
will automatically increase. All energies as they impinge upon you and your awareness of those energies; will indeed be increased by your increasing sensitivity.

As above so below

Therefore as aspirants you will find that much; that has bypassed you from which your very density protected you in the past; will be now made available to you. As Above, So Below: so the Light that shines will reveal, will purify, will enlighten; and will at the same time, bring its own problems until those problems are understood. And until the veils of maya and illusion have been finally rent and you step free.

So you see, you will be moving into energy; and for a long time now we have spoken to you about energy, because it is the one thing that the disciple has to understand. His whole life becomes based upon various forms of energy, and as we have said. A human being is but in the last analysis, a collection of energy. This energy is something within each one of you; and as a group, through the group entity, it has to be dealt with.

Fear is an energy

Fear indeed is energy, it is energy which has, like so many other forces, become out of place and therefore instead of being a benefit, it has become detrimental and it has become an obstruction. So we take fear and we look at it, because that which has to be overcome must always be looked at. He who allows any astral energy (and fear is an astral energy because it is emotional) to dominate, will remain trapped in those realms of astral energy which have been termed glamour, and which cover all astral energy remember. Within those energies, he will find that he is like a swimmer, swimming through a sea of treacle or thick mud, and his movement will be slowed.

He will be unable to progress, and he will find that he is constantly in danger of being sucked down over his head so that his vision is certainly darkened, and so that his ability to breathe or exist becomes very impaired; in which case he feels that emotionally he is being smothered, and that his true self and his highest capacity as a human being is not being allowed to function.

Stabilise power within yourself

Fear, yes! it brings its force to all, and when we look at that fear which surrounds humanity today, we see that it is brought about because so many of you at present have not attained the stability within yourselves, and therefore there is insecurity. You rely on that which is outside yourselves, and because you rely on that which is outside yourselves, you are at the mercy of that which is outside yourselves. You rely on the powers and the forces in others; because you are not yet able, although you are developing very rapidly, to recognise that you are a stabilised power within yourself.

You have within yourself all that is necessary for you both to exist to utilise what you are, to be conscious on all levels; and to be a focal point for creative energy which can go forth to your brethren and to the world. Then you tend to feel that you are inadequate and you tend to feel that because of your inadequacy; forces that come towards you are a threat: the old saying that “that which man fears he hates, and that which he hates, he tries to destroy”.

Esoteric Truth

SO we have once again, an old proverb based upon esoteric truth, being brought into the Light We find that when man feels that he is threatened, he hates that which threatens him, and then he is filled with fear. What he fears, he tries to destroy, so he tries to destroy, not the fear unfortunately; which would be a wise move and something which he must
learn eventually. But he so often tries to destroy the instrument; which he feels is bringing the fear.

Thereby so often he misses an opportunity which could be to his advantage. Remember that when we face up to something which we feel is a threat; it is automatic that we endeavour to protect ourselves. It is automatic that however illogical we may be, we endeavour to put a barrier between ourselves and that which we feel is threatening. Very often that which is threatening, in fact most often, is the approach of Light. We indeed are striving to attain to Light.

Working in group formation

We are opening ourselves, we are meditating, we are working in group formation, we are giving active service; we are doing everything which we have been taught to be Light-bearers, and we are endeavouring to bring the Light into our lives. And yet it is a paradox how often when the Light approaches, we automatically feel threatened. The personality throws up a barrier because we feel fear; and we isolate ourselves from the very Light which we have sought. In so doing, we protect ourselves perhaps on a personality level; but we put a barrier between ourselves and our own progress.


And so what do we do? We have to recognise, first of all, that fear is but instability within ourselves; and thereby we do not turn our attention and our aggression towards that which we fear, for this in truth is foolish. But if we fear, we look within ourselves, and we ask ourselves why we are afraid; because we have to come to recognise that all fear is within us, and we have to come to recognise that if we are secure in ourselves there is nothing to fear.

Therefore the focus and the emphasis is obviously on becoming secure within ourselves. In order to do that, it is necessary for us to follow the many laws and the many rules which we have been given; and which those who have walked ahead of us have proven to be very satisfactory and therefore at least a working hypothesis for our future progress.


We have never asked anyone to accept what we say without question and without discrimination, and without the application of the Light of their own intuition, for this would be foolish. We have always told you to discriminate intuitively about all that is said. At the same time, we have always advised that you look carefully at everything that is said. We have always advised that you look, not only at the instrument which is providing the knowledge of the Light, whether that instrument be ourselves.

Whether it be the instrument through which we work; or whether it be a friend or relative. Or those who you perhaps consider to be your enemy speaking to you; and offering perhaps some form of energy in one way or another. Which can be for you, according to your receptivity and your understanding; either detrimental or beneficial. Remember that the wise person is in incarnation to learn; and in truth this is the only reason that any of you are in incarnation.

Life is a training school

Remember that life is a training school. It is a training-school for your true self; your higher self your soul, [whatever you wish to call it) which is working through the three vehicles of personality in order to learn. In order to gain knowledge and through that knowledge to expand; through that knowledge to utilise the qualities of your higher nature. Then you are no longer dominated, either by the material world, the emotional world or the lower mental world; which means you are not dominated by your thoughts, your feelings and desires, or by your physical body. And so life is a learning process. It is seeking after knowledge and for that purpose do we all come into life.

Divine Plan

When we get here what do we do, most of us? We put up a barrier, and we refuse to accept the very knowledge that we have come to learn. We refuse to accept the Light which enlightens; we refuse to allow that to enter into us; because we do not like it and we allow the darkness of our personality to hold us enthralled. This process has been going on for a very long period of time and as we have said; in order to hold humanity enthralled and imprisoned. The forces of materialism, of darkness; are certainly utilising their own power in order to bring this about. If one’s consciousness is vast enough; and if one can look at the Divine Plan in its final and complete emanations. One sees that this also is part of that which has been ordained.

Divine Creation

But how many of you are capable of doing this? How many of you can truly see that light and dark are both sides of the same coin, and that everything in creation is brought from the one creating force? So to you it is necessary, to bear in mind that all comes from the one point of creation, and that all basically is Light and Love and all is creating goodness. Nevertheless, in order to bring that goodness into manifestation; there has to be duality and duality is light and dark; however much we wish to avoid this fact. It is a fact in nature, it is a fact in the cycles of the universe, and it is a fact in the entire Divine creation.

If we did not know darkness; we would not be able to appreciate light and if we did not have the heaviness of materialism. We would not appreciate the freedom of the soul upon its own plane. One has to be experienced in
order that the other may be known. The prisoner in prison has a greater appreciation of freedom; when he comes out than one who has never entered the prison. Because one takes it as his right and does not understand; what it is like not to be free.


So the imprisonment of your physical body, the imprisonment of life upon earth; for that is all it is of course, brings you the opportunity to learn. We specifically, in such groups as this; work with you in order to augment that learning and in order to give you the opportunity you so wish; to utilise your knowledge to the full.
We are endeavouring to guide a little, endeavouring to point various roads; always leaving you free to follow your own inclinations and your own intuition. But at the same time, because you are definitely material for discipleship and future initiation. Seeing in each one of you the means for future progress; and seeing each one of you a true worker in the Light and a member of the inner Ashram.

Overcome Fear with Love

So we work together beloved ones, and we come once again to our point of fear. And we say, how do we then overcome this fear? And we say that fear can only be overcome when we are giving forth enough love. And perhaps we say again then, what is love? And we say that love can only be known when one has forgotten oneself; and one is giving out rather than taking in. When one is concerned about giving rather than about getting; and when one has ceased to be so focused in the personality. And when one is letting one’s light shine out and is becoming so concerned with the problems and the welfare of others; that one is beginning to cease to realise that the personality exists, then we realise that we are stable.

Light to be our protection

As we realise that we are stable, we suddenly realise that there is nothing to be afraid of; and although many may throw stones and many may throw harsh words. In truth what harm can they do us; for our own barrier of light is like a
sounding-board; and the stones and the harsh words merely bounce against the Light. If they are thrown it is with Love that will ricochet, and they will go back to those who throw them. This is inevitable, for we do not have to do anything except allow our Light to be our protection and cease to be concerned.

Fear is an Animal Instinct

But if we show fear, immediately we make a hole in the armour: immediately we dim the Light, and at that point where the Light dims, the stone that is thrown, and the harsh word, goes through and we feel its impact. We feel that we are threatened and so we react. We revert to the animal instinct; we become aggressive or we become fearful; and we close up and so we have ceased to be a child of Light. We have become once again dominated for the moment by instincts of the past, and we have for that moment regressed and therefore must suffer the consequences as if we were
living within our animal nature. Fear has taken its toll and we have ceased to react like a human being.

So we become loving in the true meaning of the word, and we do not speak of emotional sentimentally, we speak of that love which seeks to recognise the need of a brother; and to fulfil the need of a brother, at no matter what cost to ourselves, When we are doing this, nothing that we give forth will be harmful and nothing that we give forth will be harmful and nothing that comes towards us can in any way cause us to be afraid. So we have found that fear is an emotion: that it has been brought forward from a time when it was intended to be used, and that it is being misused at present at our point of evolution.

Fear results in emotional sentimentally

We have also discovered that fear which is rampant in all of us upon one level or another; comes to us because we are afraid and feel threatened. It comes to us when we feel threatened; because we feel threatened that we are going to have something taken from us; and that we are going to lose something. So what do we usually feel that we are going to lose? We feel that we are going to lose some thing on one level or another obviously. Perhaps it is on mental level that we feel threatened.

Perhaps we feel that our thinking and our attitudes are threatened. Perhaps we feel that someone is trying to break up our attitudes, is trying to implant another attitude; another way of thought, another pattern of thinking, and therefore because we are perhaps crystallised in our attitudes and our methods of thinking; we desire to cling to them.

Psychic Barriers

That is our own wall, our own barrier, and the crystallisation does not wish to be broken. We feel afraid and we become aggressive; and we seek to break up the attitude which is being sent towards us. So indeed we are presented with fear on a mental level because we are afraid of losing something. And yet beloved ones, if we stop to think, is it not possible that the new attitude; which is presented to us is an attitude which has far more Light in it than our own. Is an attitude, a way of thinking; a pattern of thought, an expansion of thinking; that is more enlightened than our own.

Does it not perhaps bear thinking about that if we allowed that attitude; that new thought pattern to come into us; why not accept it? If we gave it consideration and allowed the possibility that there was something to be learned from it; we might truly learn something. If we were not so rigid in holding on to our mental pattern of the past; then indeed we could augment that mental pattern perhaps; and take the best of the new that was offered to us. But if we take the attitude that we are threatened; and if we automatically become aggressive and resist, then we have lost all opportunity.


And for what? Because in truth we were not threatened with anything except the loss of something; which perhaps would have been better to have been broken up because it was crystallised. So you see beloved ones, there is an instance of fear attacking us upon a mental level; and so perhaps fear attacks us upon an emotional level. Something that we desire, we feel is being threatened. We feel it is being taken away from us.

We feel that something to which we are emotionally attached, or someone to whom we are emotionally attached; is in danger of being taken away.We feel that they are going to leave us. We feel that the gap is becoming too great and so what happens? Once again we feel we are losing something. We feel threatened and we do not perhaps become aggressive or maybe we do, but more likely we just hold on tight. We reach out. We endeavour to put chains around that which is moving away or which we feel is moving away. We feel that we are losing an emotional tie and so we endeavour to hold on to an emotional tie. And therefore fear has once again come in.

Common sense and logic

Common sense and logic has gone out. For the moment, we have returned to our animal instincts; and for the moment we react to fear because through a sense of loss, we think we are being deprived. And yet once again, what are we truly being deprived of? Is it not an emptiness, a lack of stability within ourselves. We feel we cannot exist as the human being that we are in our true spiritual status; if we are not emotionally anchored and wrapped in another. Or if another is not emotionally wrapped around us?

Are we not in truth, not expressing love; but expressing that we are just tied within the net of a spider and that the net has been woven by ourselves. And that we are as trapped as the fly which goes into the net of the spider; and in the end will inevitably be eaten by that spider; which is our own desire, and our own emotional weakness? So once again we have reacted to fear; and we have reacted to it because we feel that we are being deprived of something that we desire. And so it can be anything on the emotional level that we desire; but if we feel that an emotion is threatened, then we become afraid.

Feel threatened build barrier or aggressive

We either build a barrier and close the door; or we become aggressive and we drive away the one that we feel is threatening. And again how much we can be losing: how much joy, how much true love; how much sense of unity, how much ability to learn what unity truly is. What opportunity to learn how the group brotherhood truly is working; and how the group entity must inevitably learn to integrate, to merge, to interact and to react to each other. If we only consider relationship a weakness in ourselves; something to be augmented by drawing on the emotionalism of another. Or if we only consider that we can be stable if another is drawing on our emotionalism; then in truth how weak we really are and how far we are from becoming group brothers and learning what true unity means.

Group Must Unite

A group must unite. A group must inevitably build an entity, a group must build a point of contact in which, on the higher level. They can all be as one, work as one, think as one, feel as one and move as one. Yet this entity can never in any way be bound by emotional ties; can never be ruled by fear; otherwise it will not be a group entity and it will not function with the power of Light; through which a group entity can, in its purity, function.

So you see beloved ones, fear, and how much there is to be learned from it. Fear again can be brought down to its last and densest level, which is the fear of the physical. On that level most of us again have our fears, for we fear that we are going to lose something; and there, what do we fear that we are losing? We have fear perhaps that we are going to lose our physical strength; that we are going to lose some physical attribute; that we are going to lose physical strength which allows us to dominate.

Physical aggression is final manifestation of fear

Because we rely perhaps on physical strength to dominate; we feel that once again we will be less of a person if we lose it. Therefore we feel that if we are threatened, we must perhaps react with physical aggression. So in the world today we see physical aggression; the final manifestation of fear, bringing about brutality and violence amongst individuals. And bringing about brutality and violence amongst humanity as a whole; between nation and nation; as the wars which are springing up on your planet continually are a living proof. Yet every one of these reactions, very problem that faces humanity, is truly based upon fear.

Fear is a Mirage

When that fear has been recognised; when it has been faced up to; when it has been seen for what it truly is, meaningless. A point of focus and force which can only impinge and find a way through a broken aura; through a gap in the Light, through an instability in each one or in each nation or in each group; that when one is not afraid or when a group or a nation is not afraid that they are going to lose anything; either materially, emotionally or mentally, then they are in truth free from fear.

When they are free from fear; then they can express a love which does not have to be withdrawn every time fear shows its head. For how can one truly love in an abstract way; all who come to us. If every time we feel threatened by one who comes needing that love; we are going to react against that one and build a barrier. How can we, in truth, give out the love which all disciples are seeking for; in fact which all of humanity, knowingly or unknowingly, are seeking for?

Can not find love hiding behind a barrier of fear

How are we going to find that love; if it is always hidden behind a barrier of fear? And if every time we try to express that love we are immediately over-whelmed with the threat. That we are going to lose some part of ourselves and therefore we close the door against that life-force; which should be flowing unimpeded through us? So you see beloved ones, fear is the threat of the whole of humanity; and in the life of the disciple and the aspirant, it is a threat which has to be gradually abolished; completely dissipated, so that there is no fear upon any level.

Therefore each one can give freely, and that giving, that loving, does not cease when the situation changes; and when one feels threatened either slightly or greatly in any way. So think about this beloved ones, for it is important. Everyone must pass through the realms of fear, for it is an energy that is loose in the world. It has always been loose, as we say; it has its origins in the past. But it is time now that humanity gradually lifted itself out of this valley of fear.

New Age Golden Age

Until this is done, and it will be done in this New Age; then for humanity, there will be no Golden Age. There will be no community, true community living, there will be no true brotherhood. There will be no true expansion into the Light; in which unity and synthesis and complete merging can be attained without any loss of individuality. While there is fear that individuality will be lost; then it will be impossible for a group to merge. Because the minute they feel that something again is being taken from them; their individuality, the minute they feel that a little something within themselves is threatened, they will automatically withdraw.

Until one can become stabilised in one’ s own individuality; to such an extent that one can in truth allow, on a soul level, all others to merge and to allow themselves to merge with others for the group good. Then they will not have attained that for which they are seeking.

Process of spiritual evolution

So you see beloved ones, in the process of evolution; we learn to become individuals through trials and errors of living our daily life; through the many incarnations through which we have passed. Then having attained our individuality; we learn to stand in spiritual status and stability and to let go of that individuality. Knowing that it can never be taken from us and that we can in truth; without fear or loss, give what we have gained, to the group, in order that true group unity and true group living may develop. We know that it is for this that you all search. And we know that it is for this that you are endeavouring valiantly to reach those higher points of living; in which group communal living on all levels will be the order of the day.

Meditate upon Fear and Love

Therefore, at this moment, we point out to you who have come so far, who have made so much progress; who have listened so well to that which you have been given; who have sorted and analysed it in your own minds, the truth. As you see it and according to your own dictates of your higher selves. You are endeavouring to utilise those truths within your daily living in order to bring about the pattern of the future which many of you have in your vision. So beloved ones, think about this; for there is much wisdom in what we give you tonight. And much that you can profitably use as you listen and as you meditate within yourselves upon this problem of fear.

As you approach it, each in your own way, with the determination to master it, to eliminate it; and to step into that Light and into that true spiritual status; in which you are not afraid that you are going to lose anything. And with the recognition that you are indestructible; and that you as an individual can never lose one atom of what you are. And no one can take anything from you on any level unless you allow them to, thus will you stand and be unafraid. Nothing will feel to you to be an attack, and nothing will warrant either aggression or withdrawal. Think of this beloved ones, for it has much to offer and it is an important step for all of you.


And now we will allow you to present yourselves and your ideas and your feelings as you wish; that you may carry ahead your questions, your discussion. Whatever you wish on this particular subject if you wish, or on another one if you wish to change it. We will lead you round in our own way; that that which is within you may be expressed to the full advantage of all. Who will ask the first question?

Fear and Love Guidance

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After reading and studying this post. You can now regard yourself to be a serious esoteric student. Importantly the next step is to practice serious insight meditation! Which is in order to achieve a lighter vibration of being. That will completely transform the pattern of your life!

Insight Meditation is a dissolving process; which promotes or invokes the increased flow of energy from the Oversoul. It is an awareness focused to a point meditation technique. Which is the only way; to bring the full power of the Oversoul. Into your brain consciousness or being on the earth plane; in order to fully dissolve the resistance of ego. Learning the meditation technique is simple and easy. However the discipline of practice requires a little more effort.