Holistic Healing is Self Energy Training to Correct Health

The holistic healing of your whole being begins with an understanding of energy. It is ego energy that contracts and soul energy that expands. Therefore it is clear and easy to see. That the degree of correct spinal column alignment will reveal the spiritual status of any given individual. Spiritual status is defined to be the energy resistance balance or frequency. Whole body healing is self energy healing purification, a simple process of moving from contraction to expansion. An explanation of why counseling services alone will never produce long-term sustainable improvements in human behavior.

Insight meditation is the only way to access the deeper levels of the mind. In a completely conscious way, which will lead to holistic energy healing purification.

Healing Arts

When becoming a member of the healing arts; learning a language of expression in a whatever particular healing modality is chosen. Only becomes the medium of communication that enables us to connect with others on a surface level. The real and complete transformational healing comes from the deep love; that emanates from the core of our being on an inner level.

Recipe Success

Advanced meditating enlightened secrets is a guide for querents or spiritual aspirants seeking to discover the truth. Interestingly meditation is one percent theory and 99 percent practice. Above all no one will ever come to know. What meditation is all about by reading any book about it. Neither for that matter by listening to anyone talk about it. Because meditation is a process of entering and moving; within the fourth dimensional world. We all must make this journey alone to achieve holistic energy healing!

All you need are the two techniques of Anapana and Insight Meditation. Which will need to be combined with the tenacious discipline to apply them correctly. This is in addition to the degree of practice required; to achieve the big results of total personal transformation. Why not enter an Ashram today on the journey of discovery within the fourth dimensional world; and form your own expert oppinion for the definition of insight meditation?

Holistic healing training is all about learning the steps of purification. Eating a pure healthy raw food diet. Practicing insight meditation to invoke energy.
Holistic healing training is all about learning the steps of purification. Eating a pure healthy raw food diet. Practicing insight meditation to invoke energy.

Pathway Holistic Healing Training: Energy Purification

Pathway of healing with posture correction is achieved; by implementing the steps of purification. This leads us to an explanation of why counseling services alone will never produce long-term sustainable improvements in human behavior. Insight meditation is the only way. To access the deeper levels of the mind in a completely conscious way; which will lead to holistic energy healing. Even hypnosis alone will not produce long-term results. Path of consciousness is the only way to achieve long-term complete sustainable improvements. In the human psyche combined with healing the three vehicles of the personality!

Most of average humanity begins their journey through life lacking in awareness or the unconscious state. Many unwise choices are being made. Which leads to many painful and unhealthy consequences. As a net result of pain and suffering experience. Choice is made to look a little deeper. WHY is the question; which invokes the light? Light is the great revealer!

Firstly the focus of our attention is on understanding the physical level. Therefore our observation begins with nutrition in its widest context. Which is to include food, drugs, liquids, gases and the environment. Consuming too many unwholesome low energy substances. Will cause a build-up of poisons and toxins in the body commonly called toxemia. This occurs because there is inadequate biological energy remaining for the complete elimination of the waste products of metabolism. Hence it is essential to understand the conservation of energy rule.

Physical level

Firstly we will look on the physical level. On this level the underlying cause of every degenerative disease is a toxic blood stream or toxemia. This build-up of impurities can be on the emotional and mental levels as well. Natural consequence is increased resistance. Consequently this will lead to a lower vibration rate or frequency with a lower voltage. The state of health of any living organism. Can be defined as an electrical voltage. Every treatment approach, which does not lead to an improved purification state. Is an example of treating symptoms or Band-Aid medicine.

Unfortunately the net result of all surface or symptomatic treatments will be. The original problem will always be returned in one form or another. Permanent health improvement only comes with the removal of underlying causes. Every disease is curable but not every patient. This is simply because every individual has free will to make the choice between low and high energy alternatives. We are all the sum of our energy choices energetically speaking. After implementing a good quality raw whole food balanced natural diet. We see health improvement but still the same health problems persist.

Emotional level

Secondly we will now look on the emotional level. Expression of less emotional reactivity due to stressful stimuli. Leads to less acid metabolic reside. Furthermore this will lead to fewer impurities; to be eliminated. However who has the ability to control their emotions by focusing on this level only? Only way to control the emotions. Is by going to the next highest level. Which is the mental level. By adopting the discipline of holistic attitudes; which drives more wholesome emotions. We will then demonstrate less reactivity with improved health results.

However while our understanding is only on an intellectual level. Then our awareness can only be functioning on the surface levels of the mind. Therefore the contents of the deeper levels of the mind. Will always still be sabotaging; our results with uncontrollable emotional reactivity. This explains why counseling services alone will never produce any long-term sustainable results.

Mental level

Thirdly we will now look at how do we control the mind? There is only one way and that is by allowing the mind to become an instrument of the soul. Consequently now that we understand the theory; how is this achieved in practice? Insight meditation practice is the discipline, which enables the soul to gain complete control of the mind. This purification of the mind will result in the laser mind of the soul infused mind. Now we have a pure mind with pure emotions, which in turn leads to a pure body free of all health problems. As a result all energy healing is purification.

The independently functioning ego distorts the physical body downwards into a contracted state. This will result in poor spinal alignment. Which will contribute to many health problems due to lowered nerve function from the compressed nerves from the spinal cord. Therefore when we direct our focus of perception onto an energy level. We can see that the underlying basis for all degenerative disease is congestion of energy.

Spiritual enlightenment meditation will increase life force or aura magnetic field. This is the pathway to achieving the enlightened energy state with nirvana.
Spiritual enlightenment meditation will increase life force or aura magnetic field. This is the pathway to achieving the enlightened energy state with nirvana.

Insight meditation three stages achievement

Holistic alternative training: lastly leads us to discuss Insight meditation in more detail. Which is the conscious process of increasing the electrical current flow from our over soul into our being on the earth plane. Increased soul energy flow results in expansion to the body. Which is directly linked to stage of meditation maturity. When beginning meditation for the first time easiest way to start is by joining a meditation group. Usually this will mean attending a live in ten day intensive meditation course at an Ashram, monastery or meditation centre.

Hence there are three stages of meditation achievement, which are surface, deep and escape. This effect in particular will be to expand the inter vertebral disc spaces of the spinal cord. Which then will directly relieve pressure on the nerves from the spinal cord.

Holistic Healing Energy Purification: Correct Spinal Alignment

With continued Insight meditation practice we will eventually see the optimum correct spinal alignment. Which gives rise to the balanced functioning of the cerebrospinal system with the autonomic nervous system. The physical body is an out picturing or hologram of what is present on an inner level. Physical level disability reflects the inner level disharmony; which is “as above so below”.

A pure diet combined with a correctly aligned spinal cord means less impurities to process and eliminate. Greater energy is available for healing. Which is the basis for achieving complete healing. The end result of all this is a longer healthier more youthful life with clarity of mind of course. Everyone who practices Insight meditation correctly knows this fact by their own direct personal experience!

Posture correction is an important aspect of Holistic Healing Training

Even in the early stages during meditation practice you will feel the energy build up stretching and elongating your spine. Consequently only to contract down again after one hour meditation. Over time as you meditate more and more your soul energy flow rate will become more permanently increased. Now you find that your spine remains in a more permanent correctly aligned state.

What is the essential difference between a person in poor health and someone in good health? There is only one difference and that is the level of awareness or consciousness. All forms of mood altering drugs both legal and illegal are only aspects of chasing sensation or the glamour of illusion. This leads us to that age-old quote “A man lives in the protection of his own shadow and then complains that the world is a dark place in which to live”.

Holistic Energy Healing Purification is self energy healing

Vibrational education is the solution for all addictions. When you make the choice in life to build energy. Then your vibration rate or frequency will increase in direct proportion. To the number of wholesome or high energy choices that you make. The higher your frequency becomes then the less craving or attraction you will feel for any low energy mood altering drug. The only permanent solution for all addictions is vibrational education. Psychic healing or energy healing can provide; a glimpse of a higher state of being or vibrational frequency.

When you have reached the point where you have dissolved all resistance. Then you will have lost all your commonality with the earth plane or attraction for it. A person at this point has the ability to remain detached without emotional reactivity in all conditions! Walking the path way of holistic healing training to its final conclusion. Is the only way to achieve complete holistic spiritual healing with true freedom.

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After reading and studying this post. You can now regard yourself to be a serious esoteric student. Importantly the next step is to practice serious insight meditation! Which is in order to achieve a lighter vibration of being. That will completely transform the pattern of your life!

Insight Meditation is a dissolving process; which promotes or invokes the increased flow of energy from the Oversoul. It is an awareness focused to a point meditation technique. Which is the only way; to bring the full power of the Oversoul. Into your brain consciousness or being on the earth plane; in order to fully dissolve the resistance of ego. Learning the meditation technique is simple and easy. However the discipline of practice requires a little more effort.