Ashram learn Insight Meditation Enlightenment

Ashram or Monastery learn about Insight Meditation; path of complete transformation with escape from reincarnation. With self observation learn how life works
Ashram or Monastery learn about Insight Meditation; path of complete transformation with escape from reincarnation. With self observation learn how life works

Ashram Meditation Enlightenment.

An Ashram is a spiritual hermitage or monastery; which is where one goes for spiritual instruction. At the Ashram learn about insight meditation enlightenment; which is self observation on an energy level. This technique is a focused serious meditation discipline. Which is in addition to learning about how life works or spiritual science. Serious meditation practice is a conscious awareness process; that achieves a structural transformation from unconscious to conscious.

Therefore it is a process that enables fourth dimensional awareness. Which in other words is a pathway of movement into a stronger energy field. This is quite naturally reflected; in a stronger energy magnetic field or aura around your body. Above all on the footsteps of the Ashram or monastery; the querent or spiritual aspirant. Must leave all of their ego or personality desires behind.

Rules of entry to Ashram or Monastery

This will include the whole multitude of ego desires or addictions on the mental, emotional and physical levels. Sacrifice is contained within the rules of entry; from an ego point of view. Which is firstly to abstain from all forms of intoxicants; (i.e. alcohol,  nicotine, caffeine, all illegal drugs and even prescription mood altering drugs). That will only dull the mind; and hinder receptivity in gaining higher spiritual truth.

Importantly the intention is to become; free of illusion with vibrational education. It is a pathway of learning and applying; the steps of purification or Ashram meditation enlightenment. If you seek to achieve spiritual advancement; then you will need to make an investment in your future. By opening yourself to receive and to abstain from energy lowering choices.

How to Meditate for Advanced Meditation Secrets

Above all you will learn about Insight meditation; which is a focused to a point dissolving meditation technique. That begins with the Anapana technique or beginner meditation. However after a certain level of sensitivity and discipline; a clear mental focus will be achieved. Consequently this is followed with the insight meditation technique. Which is a complete systematic body scan; of your whole physical body with your awareness.

What starts as a humble beginning with feeling a few sparks with Anapana practice; becomes a complete flood of energy. That is gained with achieving the advanced deep meditation stage of ability. In this way you will discover by your own direct experience. All the advanced meditation secrets at the Ashram while practicing meditation to gain enlightenment.

Monastery or Ashram

You are your attitudes

Therefore in this way you may accelerate your spiritual evolution by visiting an Ashram. Thereby opening yourself up to receive direct guidance; on how to observe and learn about yourself. Importantly reactive behavior has its basis in ego reaction; while responding behavior has its basis in soul responsiveness. In conclusion choice determines fate.

Ego Reaction Test

At the Ashram or monastery learn about the ego reaction test. Which provides a determination; for the level of reaction of the ego or the responsiveness of soul. It is a challenge question or statement; that is presented to any given individual. Which has the intention to ascertain the level of ego present; within the given individual under test. The challenge statement can be about anything. If the statement is true and the ego reacts with a “I do not like”. This indicates an ego focused individual; who has failed the test.

However when the person under test responds with a “why” question this indicates a soul response. Because why invokes soul light to answer it correctly. The person under test has revealed. That they are prepared to face; all the available information on the challenge topic. Additionally the person under test may laugh; because the challenge statement is simply in fact incorrect. However it is probably a good idea to keep in mind.  Under the guidelines of the ego reaction test. That the ego takes very seriously true information; that weakens its power over the entity.

Example of Failed Ego Reaction Test

For example when the meditation teacher says to a querent; “you only have the ability to meditate on a surface level” Which in effect is an ego reaction test. Consequently the querent chooses to answer the statement with a “I do not like your suggestion; that your meditation is better than mine”. This is an indication for an ego reaction. However in the event that the querent answers with; “why do you say that?” Which is a why question. That requires illumination with additional information to answer it correctly. This represents a soul response.

Appropriately the meditation teacher will provide the evidence for his observation . As a consequence the querent will learn something about their self. However in some cases the meditation teacher; will learn something about his self. In the event that the querent brings greater soul light; into this particular discussion. We all need to be open; to whatever the available correct evidence reveals in ourselves.

Pilgrim on path of life looking at himself in the mirror to see everything that is there. At every turn in the road a man must turn and face himself Rani Lash
Pilgrim on path of life looking at himself in the mirror to see everything that is there. At every turn in the road a man must turn and face himself Rani Lash

Ashram Learn Three stages of Self Observation

True change starts with the person you see in the mirror. Now perhaps we may all consider; why the master and slave relationship is the pathway of the unconscious? By comparison a conscious relationship is based; upon equality, non domination and love. Therefore the only way to move from unconscious to conscious; is through developing the capability of holistic self observation. Interestingly there are three stages of self observation ability.

Stage one self observation

When the querent first begins a serious journey upon the spiritual path; it becomes very clear. That self observation is an essential requirement for achieving progress. “At every turn in the road a man must turn and face himself” is a quote by Rani Lash. This statement reflects that all inner work for consciousness starts with self-observation.

So in the beginning when practicing self observation for the first time. In most cases the spiritual aspirant can only see; what the ego allows you to see. This is because the pull of the ego is to strong with emotional distortion; only allowing you to see a pale shadow of the truth. In other words this is commonly called having blind spots.

Stage two self observation

This stage is also characterized by ego distorted self observation. However there is the addition of psychic flashes with psychological insights. Which may occur during periods of intense emotional trauma. Often this stage represents the transition from ego into soul control of the entity.

When the pull of the ego and the soul is roughly 50%/50%. This is usually referred to as the crisis of decision. At this stage a spiritual aspirant may eventually revert back to ego domination or push through to become a soul dominated entity. Once the soul is firmly in control there is no possibility any more; to revert back to an ego orientation of being.

Stage three self observation

Only in the case where an entity is firmly dominated by soul; can the practice of self observation be free of distortion. In this way you have the ability to consistently see; the whole truth about yourself. Soul softens and illuminates the higher mental level; which is the first impact of soul. It is totally and absolutely essential. That every spiritual aspirant be aware of their own particular stage of self observation capability!

Ashram Spiritual Science

Spiritual Evolution is black and white

As spiritual evolution follows the laws of physics or mathematics; it is by definition a black and white subject. Which is the whole reason why the study of spirituality; or pure science of man is called spiritual science. The ego or personality is black while the soul is white.

Just about all of average humanity is a blend of black and white; which means that they function within the grey scale. Which suits the ego just fine because it can always operate within the shadows. Doing its villainy of creating the illusion of separation. Dark grey is more ego or black while light grey is more soul light or white.

Every individual who is functioning within the grey scale at the time of death. Which is the transition to the fourth dimension or spirit world; will be pulled back into a future incarnation.

Ego addictions create resistance

Ego influence is one of resistance, contraction and reactivity due to the various addictions; which pulls the overall energy lower on the frequency scale. While however the soul is universal, resilient, non reactive and responsive, which pulls the energy higher on the frequency scale. Every human being is the sum total of all their choices! In common language this is the spiritual status or energy resistance balance of the entity.

It is only by being 100% soul; while the ego only exists as an instrument of soul. That any individual will achieve the frequency threshold; required to escape the illusion with enlightenment. An Ashram meditation enlightenment is the defined location, to study the subject of spiritual science.

Demeanor reflects Ego and Soul balance

Natural demeanor of the ego is aggression; with its associated confrontational, quarrelsome and argumentative attitude. While the soul demeanor is one of being non aggressive; with its associated friendly, pacifist and meek attitude. Significantly the overall demeanor for any individual, will be reflected in the ego and soul balance.

In summary this will mean more correct and efficient practice of meditation. Which will consequently lead to stronger flows of energy from the over soul. That will lead to greater expression of the soul qualities of gentleness and kindness. In summary the real power in life is in the gentleness and kindness.


In passing it will be mentioned. That by making the choice to ghost another. Which is in choosing to behave as if another person does not exist. Represents the ultimate in aggressive behavior or ego consciousness. Significantly we all need to recognize. That the only person who is being harmed with the ghosting process. Is the person who is doing it.

This action of putting up psychic barriers. Represents a complete block on spiritual evolution because this is a shutting out completely. Of your own soul light to illuminate the lower personality level. In summary when we love our brother we are loving another aspect of our own self. Which in other words is the ultimate in soul consciousness and spiritual love.

Ashram or Monastery become Chosen Ones

As we make greater purification choices in our life. While avoiding the energy lowering choices of personality desires. Then we will attract the attention of the spiritual hierarchy, who will come closer like moths to a flame. Therefore in this way we become the chosen ones. Who will become the pathway upon which others may walk on the earth plane of existence. Above all anyone who is chosen will need to be open to scrutiny. Which by definition means that they will answer any question to the deepest level honestly.

Perhaps in some cases a counter question will be asked. Before a question is fully answered to clarify the level. Upon which the original question was asked. When asking any question there is a need to be responsible to face the answer. Certainly the most illuminating answers will usually be very uncomfortable for the ego. As spiritual evolution is a conscious selection; against your own ego in preference for the soul.

Therefore why not make the choice to enter your local Ashram or monastery; to become one of the chosen ones?

Circus represents circle path with its many illusions. Clowns are excellent ambassadors of fun surface spiritual entertainment. Self observation is Ashram path
Circus represents circle path with its many illusions. Clowns are excellent ambassadors of fun surface spiritual entertainment. Self observation is Ashram path

Life Choice is Circus or Ashram Monastery

Significant eternal life choice before every human being is to either enter the circus or the Ashram Monastery. Which represents a choice on an inner level, of either travelling in a circle or straight up. In other words this is to say follow and pursue the personality desires of the ego; or to walk in the illumination of soul light changing energy state. However whichever path is chosen the ego or the soul. In conclusion there will be its inevitable 100% repeatable physics consequences.

Life in the circus with its complete lack of discipline and many fine performances can be so much fun. However unfortunately when the illusion ends as it always does. Then there will be the pain and suffering experience, of facing the natural consequences. While functioning on this level with very little soul illumination. There is usually the gabbing of another illusion; to replace the old one that has just come to an end. Round and round and round we go like a squirrel in cage. Endless cycles or rounds of emotional circles leading nowhere.

Grief Experience Opens Crown Chakra

Sometimes there is a greater than usual painful experience when the illusion ends. Leading to a severe grief experience, which opens up the crown chakra. That allows greater influxes of soul light to illuminate the mind. In this way we can see that pain and suffering experience; is our greatest blessing when viewed correctly. By default even during circus life; there is some straight up path. Importantly this is the way it is for most of average humanity.

Monastery or Ashram Meditation Enlightenment

Path of Discipline

After a few psychic insights the affected individual. May choose to get really serious about their spiritual development. To make the firm commitment to enter the Ashram all together, to become an initiate. With the motivation to leave behind the endless cycles of illusion; with pain and suffering experience for ever. By comparison life in the Ashram is a complete and total discipline. Therefore it is with very good reason. That the path of discipline is the only way to achieve real complete freedom.

Spiritual growth does not need to be painful. However in most cases it is because the ego resists. So now we may consider the one approach, of achieving spiritual growth made easy and relatively pain free. Which is insight meditation practice. The conscious process of increasing or invoking; the stronger currents of energy from the over soul. In order to dissolve the resistance of ego. Psychic insights form the whole basis for the name insight meditation.

In conclusion whatever path Circus or Ashram meditation enlightenment is chosen. Just be aware of the structure that you have decided to function within.

Monastery Three stages of Meditation ability

Meditation Enlightenment

On the pathway to enlightenment there are three stages of meditation ability; which are surface, deep and escape. Which can be learned about in far greater detail on the enlightenment page. Energy Healing Centre is an Ashram located in Redcliffe, Queensland Australia. In summary if you seek to find out how life works. It is simply a case of Monastery or Ashram meditation enlightenment.

Meditation secrets Ashram meditation enlightenment reveals stronger aura with insight meditation. Buddha showing a nimbus of energy around the head.
Meditation secrets Ashram meditation enlightenment reveals stronger aura with insight meditation. Buddha showing a nimbus of energy around the head.

Nimbus of energy around the head is commonly called the halo. Lotus flower is the Buddhist symbol of purity. Above all because it is an object of such beauty; that is able to live upon the surface of a swamp.

Insight meditation speeds up spiritual evolution