Correct Quality Communication is the Basis for Harmony

Correct quality communication is seeing the truth about yourself. As well as recognizing the platform or level the other person functions on.
Correct quality communication is seeing the truth about yourself. As well as recognizing the platform or level the other person functions on.

The whole basis of correct quality communication with another person is being able. To see and understand the whole truth about yourself in the first place. Next it is necessary to be able to see and understand the level or platform. Upon which the other person functions on. In addition it is also absolutely necessary to understand the language or words used. And their interpretative meanings for the person who is speaking with you.

For example a common error is to place meanings upon words. That do not comply with the meanings that the other person speaking to us has applied to them. So in order to understand another person correctly. We need to first understand their own particular style of word meanings and their interpretation. Significantly the most simple way to arrive at a basic understanding of another person’s terminology. And their perspective in communication is inquiry.

This means to ask questions with “why” on a particular topic until you arrive at the deepest level. Why is the word that invokes the light to illuminate the topic. In this journey to achieve correct communication with another; there is a need to acknowledge. That it is a process of coming to see the truth about ones self. As well as the other person in its application.

Deeper Levels Correct Quality Communication

What you will usually find with moving onto progressively deeper levels in communication. Is that the other person will reach their limit. On how far they can see and face the truth of the issues involved. Right here we will see the level or platform that a particular person functions on. When we reach this limit. We come to acknowledge. That effective communication beyond this point is simply not possible. So now what is the ideal result in communication.

Well few people can achieve it. But it is to move beyond vocal communication and move into the realm of telepathic communication. This will mean to communicate without words only thoughts. As an example we will now talk about an interview. Where a family court reporter is interviewing a respondent father. In order to ascertain his psychological profile. That will be evidence in court. This particular parent used the word “strong energy”; which is an aspect of spiritual law terminology to explain a point. Its meaning for this person is an ability to see and face the truth about the self.

However the court reporter put the interpretative meaning of dominating and over bearing to the words “strong energy”. Which is a law of force perspective. This example shows how incorrect discernment of information or context; leads to miss interpretation.

Focus of Perception

Due to the different focus of perception in assessing the parent’s explanation. This has led to its natural consequence of totally incorrect conclusions. Certainly the court reporter could have asked the appropriate “why” questions. To clarify the meaning of the words used and their interpretation for the parent explaining their point. In this way the court reporter could have arrived at the correct interpretation and understanding of the parent’s perspective. Alternatively the court reporter could have simply asked the parent the question what does “strong energy” mean for you? In order to completely clarify the correct interpretation for the explanation.

Psychic Insights

In this way to gain a psychic insight into the workings of the mind of the parent. When we begin to explore more deeply. Then we all must face whatever we see in ourselves. Certainly when exploring more deeply we may elicit a strong reaction. Which may be in the other person or in ourselves. It will be where ever energy impacts resistance the strongest. Significantly this may potentially be difficult to deal with for the person who reacts. However we can all see the truth. And the whole situation becomes easy for everyone to see.

Circus represents circle path with its many illusions. Clowns are excellent ambassadors of fun surface spiritual entertainment. Self observation is Ashram path
Circus represents circle path with its many illusions. Clowns are excellent ambassadors of fun surface spiritual entertainment. Self observation is Ashram path

Face the Truth about the Self for Better Quality Communication

In this example the other party is the applicant mother. Who we can see is a “weak energy”. Because she has so far shown herself to be unable to face the truth about herself. Due to the counsellor’s choice of not delving too deeply into the applicant mother’s psychology with inquiry. She accepted the mothers full story at face value with all its untruthful information.

As a natural consequence we once again see completely incorrect conclusions. There is no such thing as the innocent victim; as we are only ever “victims by our own consent”. This is an aspect of personal responsibility. Where a person needs to accept 100% responsibility for how they feel in all situations. In the first place before considering secondarily any aspect of energy. That we see coming towards us.

Perhaps it is worth mentioning that every negative emotion created. Will primarily poison the individual concerned who generates such emotions.

Direct Inquiry to Deepest Level

An ideal and competent counsellor will use direct inquiry to the deepest level. With both the adversarial parties to determine their individual particular levels of function. In this way seeing the whole dynamics of their relationship. In the event that the counselor had performed closer questioning of the applicant parent. Then we would all see that the applicant parent would have refused. To answer any questions on deeper aspects of the topic under discussion.

Closer inquiry would have revealed that the applicant mother had in fact switched herself off. And was living within a psychic bubble. In this way she does not have the ability to see clearly; which in practice means a dysfunctional psychology.

Circle Path

Failure to accept full responsibility for everything; that you attract to yourself in life. Leads to travelling the circle path; which is round and round like a squirrel in cage. Until you develop a beautiful depression for yourself; as you can not see any solution. Only solution is to be still and accept full or 100% responsibility for the whole pattern of your life. In effect this will be to surrender and allow the divine spark of divinity within yourself for full expression.

Straight Up Path Correct Quality Communication

Certainly with a correct interviewing technique with direct inquiry to the deepest level. The counsellor would have been able to see correctly. Which parent or parents requires psychological assistance and which parent does not. Instead of as happened in this case the counselor’s own miss conceptions. Being a hinderance to the court process of discovering the truth about the litigants. The motivation for correct communication needs to be love. Which means to give what the other person needs. People who are open and loving get rewards or treats.

However people who are living within a self protected psychic bubble or a self imposed prison get restrictions. Only way out is to become open and free; which means to become vulnerable. It is important to understand that when both parents do not require psychological help. Then they will never find themselves in court in the first place.

By definition only a “strong energy” person has the ability to be completely open and vulnerable. Which means clearly understanding that the only form of self protection is in fact correct discrimination. It is indeed very fortunate that the litigants daughter understands open and loving correctly. So she is moving within the energy field of psychological balance and true freedom. By definition this is to travel the straight up path; which is the only form of escape from illusion.

Psychic Bubble limits Correct Quality Communication

Most of average humanity is living within a psychic or self protective bubble. As a natural consequence a dysfunctional humanity creates a dysfunctional message. That he will transmit out into the universe. When that energy returns as it always does in one form or another. Then the individual concerned will deny responsibility for the returned energy. Which will then create problems. And then to deny responsibility for their consequences.

Which is a denial of personal responsibility. This then justifies all sorts of immoral thoughts, emotions, telling of lies and destructive actions. To justify the bitterness with the sense of being the innocent victim. And then consequently attack some poor unfortunate individual. Who we falsely see and perceive to be the source of the problem.

Self Observation

The key to a successful life is self observation. Where we learn to identify; the source of our irritations in the class room of planet earth. Irritation equals resistance. Like attracts like, and like cures like; which is the homeopathic principal. By seeing the source of our irritations; which forms the basis of the emotional reactions in our behaviour. We come to identify the message, we are giving out into the world in the first place. If we do not like the message that we are receiving from the world. Then we will need to change the message or tape. That we are putting out into the world in the first place.

In the example of the court process story we have all the elements and perspectives. Which form a framework to work out; our own particular stage of emotional and spiritual maturity. When a person fully realizes that there is no such thing as the innocent victim. This will ultimately lead to a complete transformation in consciousness.

Meher Baba once said “if you can not hear me in silence what can I say”? In addition he also said “do not worry be happy instead”. Both of these expressions reveal that it is only our own self creation energy state. That we give out to the world. That needs to be our primary focus. And not be concerned to much but what other people around us are doing or not doing.

Which is unconditional love in action from the perspective of detachment. We are all directly responsible for the energy that we choose to put out into the world. Regardless of which particular energy aspects you need to face. At any given point in time.

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After reading and studying this post. You can now regard yourself to be a serious esoteric student. Importantly the next step is to practice serious insight meditation! Which is in order to achieve a lighter vibration of being. That will completely transform the pattern of your life!

Insight Meditation is a dissolving process; which promotes or invokes the increased flow of energy from the Oversoul. It is an awareness focused to a point meditation technique. Which is the only way; to bring the full power of the Oversoul. Into your brain consciousness or being on the earth plane; in order to fully dissolve the resistance of ego. Learning the meditation technique is simple and easy. However the discipline of practice requires a little more effort.