Man Creator & Destroyer Discourse By Spirit Guide Lai Yung

Peacock Group Spiritual Development Discourse

by Lai Yung


Man Creator and Destroyer: Greetings, beloved ones. Lai Yung greets you this night, and in the peace of love and understanding may you dwell. Lai Yung draws close once more, that the beloved ones who sit in cooperative silence this night may be united, and that together we may blaze a pathway, that those who follow in our footsteps may see clearly where it is necessary for them to place their feet; that they may at all times walk with security, with freedom and with continuing progress. For the footsteps of the many are often bewildered by the conflicting opinions, by the conflicting and often misrepresentation of information that comes to them during life. For as you know, beloved ones, there are many who would endeavour to proclaim what they believe to be the truth, many who endeavour to lead those Children of Earth who walk in darkness, and who seek for enlightenment.

They go in different guises, they travel under different banners. Some are genuinely honest in their efforts to aid, and these undoubtedly bring a certain amount of hope to those who follow them. There are others who misinterpret the laws of spirituality, the laws of nature, deliberately for their own ends in order that they may, through the gullibility of others, gain for themselves more power. There are those who genuinely wish to aid, but who themselves are not sure of the road, who are still in confusion, but who are pressed by their own egos to express to others that which they have not fully gained themselves; and there are those who through apathy, have fallen into a rut, who proclaim very loudly the beliefs and the sayings of their fathers and their forefathers, and of all who have gone before, but never at any time halting to query whether that which was given to their forefathers, and passed on to their fathers, was indeed the truth, or was in any way a misconception.

Children of Earth

And of all these who would lead the Children of Earth, all these who have brought down to earth different messages, their influence upon the Children of Earth has been felt and the Children of Earth have listened and have grown more confused, more bewildered, as the time has passed. Until today, those who are upon earth, especially amongst those of the younger generation, have come to a point where they have forfeited and turned away from all advice. And although it was necessary because of what had gone in the past; because of the false information, misleading information, that has been given forth; because of these things, it was inevitable, necessary, even understandable, that the Children of Earth should strive to turn away from that which had been given to them through the mouths of others, and to search within themselves, to search for that truth which they so strongly desire.

Nevertheless, the majority of those who walk the earth today are not, by nature of their own formation, their own inner constitution, in a position to follow truly and with balance, within the depth of those paths which they seek so diligently, and it is very necessary that those who today search for light and search for truth, should find some source of directive, some source of guidance, whereby those findings may be realigned, may be brought into some kind of a pattern; may be brought into a position whereby they make, for the individual, a pattern which will be both sensible and directive, which will be constructive and which will be a leading light. And therefore we speak tonight as on other recent nights, for the benefit of those who will eventually hear our words both recorded and direct. We speak to those who are of an entirely different vibration.

Intellectual Mind

Man creator and destroyer is determined by where his focus is directed and applied. Which means to be either ego or soul focused.
Man creator and destroyer is determined by where his focus is directed and applied. Which means to be either ego or soul focused.

The Children of Earth who belong to your own generations and who belong to the generations of the past will come and will imbibe what is given to them on a very different level. For they will sense within themselves that the experiences of their own nature, the inner experiences through which they have passed, and are passing, will give them enlightenment on the words which will be directed to them. They will find that, unlike the other information that has been passed to them, given in dogmatic forms so often and given in a narrow, domineering, unexpansive way; they will find that that which is given out to them in the future, by us, through you, and through others, will be in such a form that they will be able to take from it the pieces which will, for them, draw together the whole pattern of their experiences. It will not so much be a listening to a ritual, to a dogmatic statement, to a recording or to a fixed program which had to be followed religiously. It will be, for them, an out-flowing of spiritual truth, wrapped up in a cloak, both of intellectual acceptance, spiritual reality, and with the impact of inner feeling, that can permeate their being, at that centre of their whole nature, that chakra of the heart which with them is so open; far more open than the generation of today, who have been in incarnation for a considerable period.

And so these Children, wide open to receive upon levels which it is not possible for other older and less advanced, less open, more materialistic Children of Earth to receive, these Children will receive the impact of what is said, through these three levels; for they will fit into the intellectual mind because so many of them have mixed on an intellectual level, in themselves are very intellectual with a high quality of thinking matter, with a high quality of brain power, mixed with this wide open heart centre chakra, in which they receive and they feel in one straight impact which also bypasses the intellectual mechanism of their nature; at the same time their awareness of the spiritual from which they have so recently departed, and from which they are less divorced – less separated than the older people. And so this new generation have three aspects by which they can receive knowledge, and it is through these channels that we will in future speak, and our words, our teaching, our guidance, will be so arranged that it will fall into a pattern whereby each aspect of these three channels will be fully supplied. And where those who draw into themselves that for which they search, will find a nourishable food which can be easily digested, easily received and easily assimilated.

Younger Souls

So the pattern of our speaking, if it at times feels a little strange to you, will be because it is based on the receiving pattern of these younger generations, younger souls of an entirely different calibre who will, as we have said, be receiving it. And there are too, beloved ones, yourselves, to receive what is given to you through these three channels, because, although you are of a different generation, although many aspects of your nature will be far more rooted to the earth than those to whom we will speak in the future, nevertheless this does not mean that you cannot both receive and appreciate that which is spoken to the younger generation, because it is for these very qualities that have been developed within you, that you have been chosen to work in a position where both young and old, materialist and idealist, saint and sinner, may be able to come to you, and through our cooperation and your cooperation, will be able to receive that for which they seek, on that particular level in which they can best receive it.

And we have trained you very carefully, we have trained you in the past; much of the training that you have passed through, much that you have received, has been to bring you along on those lines for you to become inclusive, where you become able to express, or we become able to express through you, a different vibration, a different note, a different particular timbre, which can bring, and strike a certain note in the listener, and as each listener will be vibrating in a different way, it is very necessary that instruments should be brought to a point where the whole range of the octave can be played upon; and this is the type of instrument that we strive to create and perfect. This is the type of instrument who, for us, can be used in any particular environment, with any particular audience, at any particular time. For there are many upon your earth today who excel along certain channels, in certain ways; but the varied, expansive and all-communicative instrument, capable of playing a whole range of harmonics, and of expressing a whole range of vibrations upon your earth today, are rare, and those who can stand with their feet upon the earth, who can take the blows of earthly life without crumbling or finding it detrimental and who can also stand with the highest of the spiritual aspirants, with the highest of the idealists, with the most aware and open of the intuitive ones, and in each position remain secure and as firm and as balanced as we wish them to be, indeed becomes invaluable.

Regulated Boundaries

An instrument of this type is the type that we have striven to turn you into, has passed through many trials and many hardships, and we know that you are passing through many difficulties, many hardships, where truly these days that print you with the fire, because we are placing you in certain situations in which the whole force of opposition can be thrown against you. And this is not in order to give opposition more strength, but in order to be sure exactly how you can react, and how you all behave when you are placed in a position where the opposition is very strong. And we can say, beloved ones, that the opposition which has been turned against you, on more levels than one, has been very strong during the last period. And we have watched how you have taken the pressure, and as you have taken the pressure in one way, we have increased it in another. Or at least we have allowed those who would oppose, to increase it. But do not be afraid, beloved ones, because this is all of our doing and it is all under control; and those who have been allowed to oppose have been well watched, so that their efforts could only go so far; could only work within regulated boundaries, and at all times we have taken care that no harm has come to you, although we have not always been able to prevent a certain amount of discomfort.

But then beloved ones, what is discomfort? We know that you do not concern yourselves too much about these things, for you have offered yourselves as dedicated instruments, and indeed discomfort is something that you are quite capable and quite willing of shrugging off with ease. And, as we say, you do not need to fear any harm, anything that is going to be detrimental to you or any damage to you on any level. We have placed you in circumstances where danger has hovered around and where danger continues to hover around, but you know, and we know that the instrument knows, for he is in a greater position of danger at the present time than you yourselves, that there is a protective barrier through which, if he plays his part, and he is well aware of this part, darkness can never move closer to him than a certain distance, for he is surrounded by that which holds at bay all that is detrimental, while at the same time permitting all that is beneficial to flow forth from you to those in need. And through these conditions, beloved ones, you have been brought to a point where we can be satisfied, because that which has taken place within you is there to be plainly read, but even then it is necessary, because all the Children of Earth have their free will, and you are no exception, and although we can be aware of that which has been developed within you, we can be aware of your capabilities to withstand the forces of opposition, and to stand under pressure, and to stand betwixt two fires; nevertheless we can only test how you are going to use these capabilities by putting you in a situation where you will have to show for yourselves what your actions are going to be.

Spiritual Strength

As we have said, we know what you are capable of, but we do not know how you are willing to use those capabilities. But we are learning, and what we have seen is very pleasing. And then gradually we use different circumstances, at all times bringing you into use in each position, for we do not just spend our time testing; we use at all times all the material that is available for us; we continue our work, for on our level of operations, we do not do only one thing at one time; and while we are testing our instruments, we still take care to put them to the full use for which they are capable. It is a little different upon the levels upon which we work than upon your material world. While material which has been placed through the melting pot, and is being gradually shaped and created into some object or into some tool, cannot be put to much use, for there is a separation between preparation, creation and adaption to a certain task upon your earth, and each separate process must be completed before the next one can take over. But upon the levels upon which we operate, many processes can continue at the same time, and therefore we take our instruments while we are shaping them, through the fire and through the water and through the air. We put them to the fullest use, and we pour through them all that is necessary, or as much as it is possible to pour through them of what is necessary, for the benefit of those who await, and who stand in need of that spiritual guidance, that spiritual strength which we endeavour to bring to them.

So you see, beloved ones, at this period, you are travelling along a road which is like a train that runs along three or four tracks at the same time, and because of this, your purpose and our purpose is accomplished much more quickly. For because the Oversoul, which rules your existence, can operate upon these different levels with different tracks, all at the same time, it draws to itself a greater expansion of knowledge and experience than it would if it had to gain this knowledge along a single track, at a single time. And so, walking forward, each one of you, into the different aspects of life and the different experiences of life, you will find that the experiences that each of you pass through will be shaped, tailor made, to suit your own nature, to strengthen those aspects of your own nature which are most in need of strengthening. Or to relax and make more supple those aspects of your nature which, we can say, have become too strong in the way that they have become too fixed, too resistant, too unmalleable.


And so, gradually, by strengthening or relaxing, by making softer, by making harder, by making more durable, all the aspects of your nature are brought into harmony, and the road which you have to follow becomes straighter, more clearly defined, and over a vast length, a greater magnitude, and the ability to look to a further horizon becomes easier with every step that you take. For the soul who commences his journey upon the spiritual path can at the start see but a little way, and that but darkly. But the soul who has travelled, who has strengthened, who has lived, sees continuously more, and from each experience is able to gain a wider variety of material, and put this to greater use. And also from each experience, is able to see to a greater distance, and to be aware of the inner meaning and the inner benefits of each experience; to become more aware of exactly why one had been placed within that particular experience. And this, beloved ones, this is what progress is all about. This is what it means to have spiritual growth, to move from one level of consciousness to another, to expand gradually, to become as one with all living things; to grow in ones nature or other nature, and to live ones life on the same heartbeat and the same rhythm as other cycles of life. So that all becomes awareness, all becomes understandable, and true understanding on an ever increasing level is to be able to administer and to aid to an ever greater and wider degree.

Insight meditation higher consciousness is a dissolving process. Inducing increased energy from over soul; reducing resistance to speed up spiritual evolution
Insight meditation higher consciousness is a dissolving process. Inducing increased energy from over soul; reducing resistance to speed up spiritual evolution

Man creator and destroyer

So, beloved ones, you will find that during these talks, each one of you will take to yourselves those shining pieces of truth, which for each one of you will glisten and beckon in a different way. Because the different facets of truth are like a jewel, and according to the reflection of the light upon the jewel, certain aspects, certain facets, will glisten more brightly than others, and because each one of you who listens to us this night, will shine in a different way; will reflect your light in an individual way, so the jewel of truth which is placed before you will present to you the flashes of the reflection of your own light, and these will come from different directions, according to the angle in which your own light is spreading. And therefore one will see truth where another, perhaps, for the time sees only darkness. One will see perhaps but dimly, a light which beckons, but which at present they cannot fully understand. Another will see a light so bright that for the moment they will be filled with wonder; but unless their own light can be kept at its present brilliance, that aspect of truth will also become dimmed, and they will need to search once again to find it on a different facet.

So you see, beloved ones, nothing is presented, nothing can be presented, in a hard and fast way. Nothing can be presented along dogmatic scales in which any person can say ‘This is right and that is wrong. This must be done and this must not be done.’ For the vibrations of light are the vibrations of life, and each life and each light vibrates in a different way. Could one say that each star in the heaven is similar to the next one? Could one say that its reflection of light is exactly the same? Does not each star send its light from a different distance? Does not each planet revolve at a different speed? For do not the life forces within each planet manifest different expressions of themselves, differing creations of that planet? Therefore, how can one say that two souls are alike? How can one say that the understanding of two people can be the same? How can one present the hard and fast rule and say that all must understand and obey? In this present period this is not our way, because we have a little more understanding of the nature of those who are in incarnation at this moment, and also of the cyclic changes which have brought about these different vibrations amongst the Children of Earth.

Development within a Framework

We are aware of that which has gone before, and that which must come in the future; and therefore we bring to earth today, unlike the past, a fluidic rule. In the past, we know that certain laws were made and were brought to the Children of Earth. They have been written within many of your sacred books, and they were written for children, for souls, who at that time found it necessary to have for themselves a definite fixed law, a definite fixed framework in which they could control the more animal-like, the more unformed, the wild, more passionate components of their own nature. And because they were both wild and yet aware, they had to have a framework which could give operational longitude and latitude to their own inspired receiving, in order that the undeveloped physical bodies which they inhabited, should not completely dominate them with the forces which at that time ruled them. So hard and fast rules were made, and the Children of Earth in those days found it easy – or shall we say easier to conform to these rules, because they sensed within themselves the necessity that that which was so fluidic, that which was still bewildered and uncompleted, should be held for its own safety and development, within this framework. And the framework was given life because their inner awareness, their contact with spiritual levels, made it possible for them to understand from within, that which was expressed without. But the laws as they were given, were made to control, as we have said, and to give a framework of operation to undeveloped souls.

Today, it is a different matter, because the Children of Earth have moved through many ages, and they have come to a period when they now are far more developed and far more balanced in many aspects of their nature – the physical, the emotional and the mental levels of their nature are now more mature and more operative. Therefore the Children of Earth today are entering into a period whereby they have to make for themselves their framework of operation, and only from themselves, through their own more completed and balanced being, can they find some level of operation which they can accept, because the souls upon earth in the past, one could say, were more childlike, more wilful, more passionate, more unruly, in their childlike awareness of the nature of life, and therefore they needed this framework to hold them, as the framework of teaching of the parents of earth holds the children of today. But now today we can say that the souls on earth work as mature souls. Whether they express themselves as mature souls is a different matter. There are still those who are remnants of the past. There are still those, as always with the change of the cycle, who must come slowly into the new cycle. But those who are the vanguard of todays life upon earth are very mature souls, and to give to them the playthings of a child would be an insult, and they would discard them, as indeed they are discarding them upon your earth today.

Rules and Regulations

To offer them the rules and regulations of the worn out formula of the past is only to show them how worthless these empty shells in todays civilisation and todays life force upon earth can be. For they have to receive their framework of understanding, they have to receive their mode of operation on an entirely different level, and this level has to come from within. For what was received by the childlike people of old now has to come through an awakened intellect. It has to be balanced by their intellect. It has to be received through their intuition, which as we have said is open to their heart chakra. It has to be received by their feelings, by their compassion, and it has to be expressed through physical bodies which today are not so unruly as in the past; and although much is undertaken today, and much licence is given to the young, and much licence is taken by the young, nevertheless the drive of the nature of those who are the vanguard of life today is not the same as in the past, because their actions, which may break all laws; which may be outside all laws, are the actions of experimentation.

They are not the actions essentially, of the driving forces of the passions and the feelings. There is a search within those who walk ahead today, a search and a tremendous drive, a tremendous curiosity to find the answers to so many problems which are still ringing within their minds; still ringing with the echo of what was said to them before they descended to earth, of what they understood before they descended to earth, but which, after their descent, as is usually the case with those who come down to earth, is no longer as clear as when they first heard the question, or first made the decision; but clouded, a little foggy, a little uncertain upon finding themselves here, as to what the answer really was.

Astral Planes

Because you found it so clear when you left the astral planes, it seemed so easy. You saw the ideal. You saw what had to be and in what position; it seemed but a simple step to express it. But we warned you, and although you listened to our warnings, we know it was impossible for you to understand fully that which you had not experienced; that it would not be as clear once you had descended into the flesh. Now you have descended into the flesh and you do not find it at all clear, and yet within you still rings that echo; there still rings that knowledge of the words that were spoken of what you had to do; of what you had to complete. And this drives you with a restlessness, with a force; for you know that there is work to be done. You know that there are ideals to be expressed, you know that much dirt, much hypocrisy, much corruption has to be removed, has to be loosened, and has to be eventually swept away by the searchlight of truth, by the searchlight of your own higher nature. But you are finding it difficult to express this upon earth; you are finding it difficult to live within the two worlds and to unite one with the other.

So, beloved ones, this is why we have spoken to you tonight, and will continue to speak to you. That you may find in our words, in our vibrations, those facets of truth which most appeal to you; those facets of truth which will be like radar signals, flashing to guide you on a certain path; flashing to make a link that will, for each one of you, fulfil that gap and clear away that murk which has taken its place between the clear understanding of the original idea and the final fulfilment of the earthly plane. And as each facet of truth explains to each one of you in your inner selves that which you were searching for, that which you have to know in order to take a further step, so you will gradually be led into a pattern whereby the original idea can be made into a material manifest, and thereby you can live upon earth according to the dictates of your higher self. And each one of you will find that, as this takes place, then your need to continually experiment with the experiences of earth will cease; you will leave aside those means by which you have sought to re-open doors to a world which you have left. You will start to take your place upon earth and you will become aware of what it is you have to accomplish; and you will realise that while living upon earth, in the midst of earthly life, you can still be a shining expression of that which is within you and which comes from above you.

Live between the two Planes

And so, you will live between the two Planes, but will not seek for illegal means to re-enter the one that you have left, but your own completion and fulfilment of the work upon earth will be the means which will leave you free to travel from one level to the other.

So, go forth, beloved ones. Think well of what we have said and let those aspects of truth which most appeal to you and of which each one of you are in need, flash their message to you, that you may contact and walk across that bridge which is made by the arc of their scintillation.

So go in peace, beloved ones, and may only success of your future work be with you at all times, for you will undoubtedly achieve that which you came to achieve, and those who follow will undoubtedly complete the work.

Go, beloved pioneers, and with strength and understanding walk unafraid through the jungles of earth, that you may be freed of all the vileness, of all the savagery, and of all the dangers which at present walk with those who as yet are spiritually unpurified. So go in peace, beloved ones. The blessings of Lai Yung be upon you; the blessings of Lai Yung be upon this house and all within it, that all may live in harmony and peace to the end of your sojourn upon this piece of terrain. May the experiences gained, strengthen you and uplift you, and make you even more reliable instruments than you are at present. Go in peace, beloved ones, go in peace, and the blessings of the three worlds be with you.


Greetings, beloved ones, Lai Yung, Master of Happiness, once more draws close, and has come to take this circle tonight in spite of your expectations, in place of our brother Rani Lash, because in deference to the condition of our instrument tonight, who is not in the best of form, we are taking it as easy as possible, in order that his vocal cords will not be strained too much. We will endeavour to complete this Circle, and to bring our message to completion.

We said, or at least our brother Rani Lash said to you in the past, that tonight we would have a discussion upon a subject which has held fire for a little while, being a little controversial, perhaps in the thoughts of our instrument, although from the amount of souls we see with us tonight, it appears as if his fears were perhaps unnecessary, and we will indeed talk on the subject of death, as we said. We also, of course, were aware of the remark which our instrument made today, when he said that it was very appropriate that, as the subject was death, they should use a half dead medium. Nevertheless, he did not really think that we heard that one; we do not feel that he is perhaps quite as dead as he imagines, but we know that he has been under considerable strain this week. Tonight he will be rejuvenated, and when we have gone we hope he will be completely healed.

So we will begin beloved ones, and we will look at this condition, this process, we would say, of dying, as you call it on your earth, and looking at it, we would say that to us, of course, it is more a process of living not of dying, because true death, from the outlook of the soul, is entrance into form, into bodily form; it is entrance into incarnation, for there it is imprisoned, it is limited, and it is unable to express itself to the full capacity, as it can upon its own level of manifestation. So looking at the soul in incarnation, imprisoned within the fleshy body, we see truly a restriction, and we see an imprisonment willingly undertaken in order to gain experience, and to learn, in order to fulfil that which has to be fulfilled, and in order to bring about a widening of the consciousness, and the manifestation of the various growths, and the various spiritual purposes, through the experiences of life on earth.


Therefore at the end of any particular incarnation, we have the withdrawal of an entity into the inner planes of existence, and we have liberation from that prison in which it has been gaining its experience. Were this not so, as we have said in the past, there would be too long a period in which the soul was incarcerated in the fleshy body, and there would be little balance, because the heaviness of life upon earth, if continued for too long, would indeed bring about a heaviness of vibration, which would be absorbed, and which would in many ways hamper the evolving soul; and so, just as there has to be balance in all life, there has to be movement, there has to be positive and negative, so there has to be a continual repeating, as it were, a balancing of a sojourn, both upon earth, and a sojourn upon the inner planes of consciousness. In this way, balance is kept, and the soul is able to go forward without becoming too unbalanced in either direction.

Without a sojourn upon earth, there would indeed be continual living within the inner planes, which in many ways are far less limited and restricted, and although much of the experience would be perhaps a little more pleasant, nevertheless there would be a lack in the true development of any particular soul. It would be an angelic existence, and it has always been said, that man of course, has the potential, and in the last analysis will become, greater than the angels, and this is because he takes upon himself the sacrifice of sojourning within form, and experiencing life within the Human Kingdom, and also experiencing life within the Spiritual Kingdom. In this way there is a continual balance; it is the cycle of opposites, just as there has to be night and day, just as there has to be a flowing from the state of awakening into the state of sleep; therefore we can say that if one were deprived of sleep upon your earth, there would soon be a disintegration, and exhaustion of the physical vehicles, and there would soon be no possibility of any particular soul continuing to exist to any benefit upon earth. So we have the continual cycle, we have the movement, we have this going out into different experiences, and we have in these different experiences, the possibility of creating harmony and balance.

Three Vehicles of Personality

We look therefore at the process by which a soul is able to utilise its three vehicles of the personality, and having done this, we look at the situation in which an incarnation is drawing to a close, and perhaps we would begin by saying that what conditions, or by what decree is an incarnation drawn to a close. And we find that the initial cause of the termination of an incarnation is when the allotted period for that incarnation has come to an end, and when the soul upon its own plane sends forth the word of command, and the entity is withdrawn. The entity of course, is that small aspect, that small portion of the Soul, the Universal Soul, which is sent down into incarnation in order to gain experience, and once the soul decides to recall that portion of itself, then the die is cast, and all things being equal, that portion will return, in order to gain the necessary balance. So when this word has been sent forth on the inner planes, the energies and forces of the three vehicles of the personality begin to perform specific functions; the soul, having released its grip upon the three vehicles of the personality, prepares itself for withdrawal, and the first stage to enter into withdrawal is for the energies to be withdrawn into the etheric body. The etheric body, as you are aware, being the energy body which permeates the physical body, the body which is next in density to the physical body, and which indeed is so permeated by it that it would be difficult to separate the two, at least to your way of thinking and seeing and experiencing. So energy is withdrawn, because it is the energy of the etheric body which keeps the life flowing within the physical body, which keeps that substance permeated with life, and when the life force is beginning to withdraw, then we have certain processes beginning to take place.

Remember that, quickly recapitulating, a human entity is supplied by energy, in fact is an amalgam of energy, as we have so often pointed out, and this stream of energy is divided roughly into two; it is divided into the life force which enters via the heart, and into the consciousness stream of energy which enters via the head centres, and therefore we have consciousness which makes a human being aware of what they are, conscious of their environment, and conscious to a certain extent of themselves, and if they are, according to the stage of evolution that they have reached, conscious also of inner planes of existence. So when the life force is beginning to withdraw, we then have remaining, the consciousness which continues, and continues beyond this physical level of existence, into those levels of existence which you term the astral, the emotional planes, the mental planes and the spiritual planes, the true home of the Universal Soul.

Solar Plexus Centre

Therefore when the life force is withdrawn, we only have the withdrawal of that which supplies life to the etheric and physical bodies, and we are left with a stream of energy which gives life and consciousness to the entity itself; so in the withdrawal, the entity withdraws the life-force into the etheric body, and it starts to concentrate that energy, that etheric energy, in certain centres through which it is going to abstract from the physical body. It is according to the degree of evolution of any particular soul, which centre will be used. In average humanity, the abstraction will be through the solar plexus centre, because it is upon this level, the emotional level, that average man lives, the level of desire. For the more advanced human, those who begin to think, those who are indeed beginning to develop good heartedness, and universal awareness of their brothers needs, it will be an abstraction through the heart centre, because they have learnt to express love on a higher level. And for the disciple, and the spiritual aspirant, and certainly for the initiate, there will be an abstraction through the head centre, because that is where the focus of consciousness has been mainly used, and concentrated throughout the whole incarnation. So we have a withdrawal of energy, and in the withdrawal of this energy, we have a focusing in one or other of these particular centres.

We can say that the process of abstraction, and the life of the entity upon the inner planes, in between incarnations, takes place under three main headings. The first heading we could call Restitution, and the second heading we could call Elimination, and the third heading we could call Integration. The process we are speaking about now, as the energies are withdrawn from the physical body, into certain centres of the etheric body, is the process of restitution, because in restitution, if you think about this word, restitution means giving back; handing over; restoring to its original source, its original place, any energy or any form; and looking at it from our aspect of life and death, we see that the human form, or in fact any form in which life is incarnating, is only borrowed. It is a shell as it were; it is a vehicle of expression which is borrowed, and it is borrowed from the universal whole; it is borrowed from that amalgam of energy in which all energies are churning around as it were, in its own vortex; and so the energy of substance, whether it is physical substance, etheric substance, astral substance, or mental substance, from which the three vehicles of the personality are going to be formed, is borrowed, is built into a form and is then utilised by the entity for the period of that incarnation.


So we have that which has been borrowed and that which has been used, and during the incarnation, the purpose for which these particular vehicles are used will depend on the karma, the karmic pattern of the entity; and also upon the purpose which the soul has come back to fulfil; the experience to be gained; the knowledge to be gained; the karma to be balanced, and worked off. So in the first process of withdrawing the energy at the point of what upon earth you call death, into the etheric centres, we have the process of restitution, because the physical body, and the energy within it, and all the forces within it, is being restored, is being handed back into the vortex, into the universal pool of energy, from which it was borrowed. And playing its part, we have the directing entity, we have the planetary spirit which is the controlling spirit over the whole of the essence of substance, which begins to come into manifestation at the point of death; and as the soul sends forth the word for that portion of itself to be restored into the higher places, so the Spirit of the Earth, the spirit of substance, sends out its own call, demanding back the restoration of that which it has lent, as it were, for the building of form; and so we have a conflict at the point of death, because we have the essence of substance being drawn back by the Spirit of the Earth into the whirlpool of universal substance ready for re-use, and we have the spiritual entity being drawn out to the higher planes at the call of the soul on its own level.

We find that at this point, there is a going out into the astral body, and there is also a process which takes place which enables the etheric body and its energy, to be gradually separated from the physical body, and if the process of dying, as you call it, is continued, then the whole of the entity will abstract out of one or the other, of these centres which we have mentioned, into the etheric body and then it will withdraw the etheric body; the energy body will be separated from the physical, and therefore the life force will be withdrawn from the physical substance, and the entity will stand free within its etheric body; still close to the physical body, but withdrawing rapidly, and ready to break what has been termed the silver thread.

Esoteric Truth

When that is broken, then there is no return, and the physical body will rapidly disintegrate, and the Spirit of the Earth will claim its own, and all will be returned to the earth; ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Is this not what you say upon your earth when death takes place? Yes, it has meaning, it is not just meaningless ritual. It has, like so many rituals, esoteric truth when understood, because in truth the physical form does return to the Spirit of the Earth, when it has disintegrated. And so we are left now with the entity standing free within its etheric body.

Gradually the etheric body has to be eliminated. It is a body which holds many souls trapped very close to your earth, and earthbound souls are indeed held within the etheric body and find that they are incapable of breaking free from it, and they tend to hold close to the physical form if it is still around, if it has not been cremated, and they tend to hang about the various places upon your earth where these physical forms are interred. If the personality, which the soul was inhabiting, is still closely tied to the life of earth, is still very strongly attached to it through desire, and through the need of the material senses, the experiences of the material senses, then we can have the etheric bodies remaining within the vicinity of earth for a considerable period of time, and this is often what happens in these cases where there have been upon your earth in the past, civilisations that have utilised embalming, and have kept the physical form in its original state for centuries; and so often this means that the etheric body is held close to that physical form, and can remain there for centuries, so it is always beneficial for the physical form to be disintegrated. We find of course, that there are certain conditions in which the etheric body will be left with a life of its own, will be left and will indeed continue to operate, continue to operate in its own essence, as it were, because of the dynamic energy within it. We can find that the etheric body will often go on to operate, and that the etheric body can continue to exist for a considerable period after the entity has left it. And there are many such etheric bodies on the inner planes close to earth. Earthbound spirits, earthbound forms as you call them incorrectly, which hover around, and which continue to exist until such time as the etheric energy is dissipated, and the body can be drawn back once again into the universal source of earthly energy.

Process of Death

But to continue with the soul, the aspect of the soul which is withdrawing through this process of death. Having then eliminated the etheric body, the soul moves into the astral, or emotional body, a finer vehicle of a higher vibration, and there it exists upon the astral planes, as you call them. Illusory planes, of course, because they are not divinely created; they are a creation of man throughout the ages; planes of desire and emotion; and because the average soul upon earth has lived during its incarnation upon the planes of emotion and desire, it will inhabit for a considerable period of time after leaving the physical body, the astral planes, because this is its home and its focus, this is where its energy is concentrated, and it is a case of like to like.

So the average person will go to the astral planes after leaving the etheric body, and there it will continue to work out its desires, and it will continue to live quite happily amongst those astral emotions, which it has found so attractive while upon earth. The astral body has to be worn out by a process of attrition; it has to be eliminated, because now as we reach the astral planes, we are moving into the second heading that we put, in general, upon this process of dying.

Out of the process of restitution, it has made restitution to the Spirit of the Earth substance, into the elimination of the various inner forms, inner bodies, and so it has to eliminate the astral body, and this may take, in your time, in space and time, a longer or a shorter period, and the elimination, as we say, is a process of attrition, because it will wear out those desires gradually, and when they are all worn down, it will have dissipated all that feeds the astral body, and without desires there is no astral body, or even an astral world, because it is only composed of the desires of millions of years of incarnation of man upon earth. So we are seeing now this process of attrition going on, and we are seeing a gradual elimination of the astral form, and according to the level of development, the status upon the spiritual path of the soul, there will be at this point either a further progress into the mental vehicle, or if the mental vehicle is not very developed, or only very lightly developed, there will be a period of integration before the return to incarnation.

Mental Body

So we are looking at a situation in which the gradual elimination of the inner vehicles is taking place. The average soul, not having lived very much upon the mental plane during incarnation, has very little to work out in the dissipation of a mental body, because it has not truly developed a mental body. It has done very little thinking in the true meaning of the word, and we do not mean just following the mass thought like a flock of sheep, but true individual thinking for oneself; it has done very little individual using of ideas, or receiving of ideas of its own, or from its higher self; it has very little contact perhaps with the abstract mind and the worlds of the abstract mind, and very little contact with the world of soul.

And so to a person who has mostly lived on the astral/emotional level, that will almost be the completion of its sojourn on the inner places; but to the person who has lived in what we call the karma manasic level (the level that we have been speaking about, the astral level of existence, we tend to call a karma person, a person of karma), the person who is living between the emotional level and the mental level, is a karma manasic person, the emotional, mental level, and there are many upon your earth, who have progressed to this stage, therefore they have, after the etheric vehicle has been dissipated, two more vehicles to dissipate, to eliminate, and they will move up towards the mental levels, and there they will live in the world of ideas for a while, according to how much they have expressed ideas, and received ideas, and they will gradually have to eliminate, not only the remnants then of the astral body, any remnant that is left, but also begin to eliminate the substance of the mental body.

They will do this gradually, by utilising their mental will power; it is not exactly the same as a process of attrition because on the mental plane, the use of will, will be used eventually to make the final dissipation when the world of ideas has been lived in, and utilised, and is ready for discarding; of course a disciple, who should have been living, and probably has, more upon the mental levels, will have a longer period to spend upon the mental planes, and there will work with mental ideas, utilising them for the benefit of others, and will continue with life upon the inner planes exactly as he continued with it upon the earthly planes, and you will find that on each level, once the soul has settled in its temporary period of existence, either upon the astral levels or the mental levels, or the soul levels, that it will continue its life according to its own inclinations, its own characteristics, its own desires and ideas, and it will form its relationships, and it will move around and it will indeed be engrossed in that particular life, for the period which it spends there in between incarnations. There is little difference.


So we look then at the disciple, who has worked out so much upon the mental places, and at that point we find that each soul, no matter what level they have eliminated, or have gone through the process of elimination of various vehicles, comes to a point when they, for a short period of time, and we use this in order to speak to you in space and time, because remember that on all the levels of these inner planes, there is neither space nor time, and what the soul is experiencing upon any of these levels is the universal, ever present now. There is no sense of time, for past, the present and the future are all one, but to put it into your language, and to give you perhaps a pattern that you can hold for yourself, in your brain consciousness, and work upon in thought and ideas, we speak of time, and so we say that when the three vehicles have been eliminate, then there is a moment of contact with the soul upon its own plane, and it does, as it were, direct its attention momentarily towards that aspect of itself which has been in incarnation and which has withdrawn from incarnation at the command of the soul on its own plane, and has been slowly eliminating the vehicles of the personality.

We could say, correctly, that the soul on its own plane, in truth, with the average entity, only truly gives its direct attention at two points of evolution, and one is at the period which you call death, of extraction, because then when an incarnation has come to an end, the soul momentarily gives its attention to that particle of itself in incarnation and calls it back. The second time that it then gives its attention, is when the process of elimination has taken place, and that part of itself is ready for a temporary integration with the Whole, and then a return to reincarnation. So the soul on its own level is truly only interested in that part of itself which it sends forth to gain experience. Once, when it sends it forth into incarnation, and once when it draws it back again. In between, the soul and the personality, the fraction of the Soul, the Universal Soul, lives its own life and gains its own experience, and in the period of integration the Universal Soul absorbs from that particle of itself what it has experienced, and makes it part of its own Universal Wholeness.

Universal Soul

So we have at that point then, a period of integration, long or short once again in your terminology, but instantaneous of course in the world where time has no meaning, in which the part is united with the Whole; and at this point the incarnating soul is in a position, because it is once again united with the Universal Whole; the soul on its own plane, is in a position of experiencing what the Universal Soul experiences, and it sees for itself the whole pattern of its existence, past, present and future; and it sees it as one whole in the ever present now. And as it sees and experiences the past, the present and the future, including its past incarnations, it is able to grasp the whole purpose behind its many lives, behind its sojourn in incarnation, in form; its sojourn upon the inner planes, and its reason for once again incarnating. And it takes from this whole pattern of its past lives and its future lives, according to Divine Purpose, three seeds, as it were, and these three seeds are the essence of what it has experienced. And one seed will decree the nature of that which is going to be the physical environment, the physical form and the physical conditions of its next incarnation. And the next seed will be that which determines the nature of its etheric body, and the type of substance which will be drawn into it to create it; and the third seed will be that which will decree the nature of its astral vehicle; and with these three seeds it is then released after a period, as we say, in as much as periods exist, which they do not, from the grip of the Universal Soul, and once that is so, the soul directs its sight as it were, its energy, its focus, down to earth and that part of itself is once again impelled back into incarnation, having absorbed and consolidated what it gained in the last incarnation.

Now as this takes place, it begins to come down the planes, and taking with it those three seed thoughts, it begins to draw towards itself, this evolving entity, involving into substance, begins to draw towards itself through magnetic attraction, the substance which is going to be needed to build its etheric body. It is going to draw a particular kind of substance, according to the need of the seed thought, the essence, which as we say, has been determined by the experiences of the past, and therefore it will incarnate, having drawn around itself a certain type of etheric body, and it will be an etheric body of certain types of energy. And again it will then draw to itself an astral body, and again, this will be according to the seed of the past, and it will be from this astral energy that it will draw the substance for its astral body; and then as it begins to come down, living first in its astral body, and then in its etheric body, before it comes into physical incarnation, it will also, during this period when it was communing with the Universal Soul, have also decided on the pattern which it viewed of its whole life and of the three seeds contained within that life, as to what type of parents it will come down to; as to the karmic possibilities, the ties which can lead it into certain relationships with certain souls upon earth, and certain souls upon earth who will be able to give it the necessary kind of physical body which it needs, in order to gain the new experiences in the future life.

Evolving Soul

So in truth, you see, we have a situation in which the evolving soul truly gains nothing from its parents but a physical body, and eventually this will be realised on your earth, and the many emotional ties which so build up the glamour of the astral plane, and so block the evolving soul in so many ways, will gradually be dissipated, and man will come to realise that as a constantly reincarnating entity, his parents are but those who are also reincarnating, but who through karmic ties are in a position to give the necessary physical vehicles that will be most beneficial. The blood ties which are so prevalent upon your earth today will gradually fade away, and the demands, which upon the emotional level are so often made between parents and children and children and parents, will also take their rightful place, and each will view the other as soul brothers in incarnation, each giving to the other something which is universally beneficial.

Having done this, the evolving soul, now focused in its etheric body, draws close to the chosen parents, and at the time of conception, it is then in a position to begin, through the magnetic attraction of the etheric body, to draw physical substance towards itself; and it draws the physical substance down, to be built up within the womb of the parent, the mother, and then when the time is right it can be absorbed in its etheric body; the entire body can be absorbed into the foetus and it can be born once again into the world of men.

We have followed a process by which we have taken you roughly, not in any intimate detail, from our point of view, but perhaps in a little more detail that most of you were aware of, of the process of vacating one physical body, and coming back into another. And looking at it in this way, we see then that we have a soul which is going to come into incarnation through certain parents, within a certain nation, within a certain sex, female or male, and is going to gain through that particular environment, the situations and experiences which it is going to need. If there is understanding between the child and the parents, if they are both highly evolved, then there will be a recognition of the needs of both, and they will work together, and the progress of the evolving souls will be more rapid and more mutually beneficial. If the evolving entities are primitive, are not highly evolved in incarnation, it will be more an instinctive process, and many lifetimes will be passed in which neither children nor parents will have any understanding of their purpose in life, and as you so often hear upon your earth, many will go through life complaining bitterly about being there at all, and about all the conditions that are happening to them, and asking why does this happen to me? And what have I done to deserve all this? And so forth.

Buidling Three Vehicles of Personality

So one finds that many, many lifetimes are passed in these stages of ignorance, in which the whole process of incarnation is mainly an instinctive one, and which is mainly for the purpose of gaining experience; of building the three vehicles of the personality for later use, and of attaining a point where the three vehicles can be integrated. So having spent many, many lifetimes in this process, which for the evolving soul is quite correct, there will be little to be gained apart from experience. The soul on its own level, has very little contact with the personality in these early stages of incarnation, and it is usually left to go its own way. It is mainly activated through the life force, the stream of life energy which keeps the substance alive through the heart, and it completes its incarnation until such time as it is extracted, and the only time the soul gives it any attention is truly when it calls it back into the Whole and prepares it for a new incarnation. You have all passed through these periods in the past.

Most of you now have gone a little further, and you are beginning to look upon your lives with a greater understanding, a greater application of consciousness, because the second stream of energy is beginning to work more completely; you are not now kept alive only by the life stream, but your form is impregnated through your head centre by the consciousness stream, and you are conscious of many things. And as you become conscious on the different levels, then you become conscious on the astral planes, of what is occurring there, and the many emotions that flow there. You become conscious on the mental planes of the ideas which are manifesting there, and those of you who are learning to work in the light, are receiving those ideas intuitively and are bringing them down, or attempting to bring them down, into manifestation upon earth, in your various projects, in your group work.

Balanced Rhythm

So you see, consciousness is that which lifts a human entity above the purely animal, because the animal works through instinct and has not gained any consciousness, and that instinct works mainly through the physical and the etheric with the animal world, and with a small amount on the lower level of astral emotional energy being utilised at times; mostly the instinctive energy of fear and reproduction and things like that. So we see how life has evolved; we see how the continual process takes place, and you who are listening to us tonight will have the capacity to understand what we are saying, will have the capacity, we feel, certainly some of you, to be able to utilise in your higher consciousness the whole process as it takes place; not only taking it in as theory, but recognising in the energies that are flowing through yourself, that this process is in constant manifestation, in constant rhythm, and that there is always a process of life and death as you call it; of living and dying, or to be more correct, of inertia, activity and rhythm as the qualities of motion are called, taking place within your life.

We can say that, with the substance of the physical, for instance, when it is in the universal melting pot as it were, then it is in a condition of inertia. When it is drawn towards an evolving soul and is utilised in form, it is brought into activity, and when that form has reached the apex of balance and purpose in a particular life, then that substance has been raised to the state of balanced rhythm. Once again at that point, the substance is, shall we say, restored; it goes through a process of restitution and it is once again restored to that state of inertia.

Process of the Cycles

That is the process of the cycles that take place. We can say that even in your sleeping and waking state, there is a sleeping state in which the physical goes through its inertia, and the astral begins to awaken, for you live upon the inner planes when you are physically asleep. And then the activity recommences in the physical once you awaken in the morning. Always there is this flow, night and day, sleeping and waking, growth and, shall we say, latent inertia. In the seeds in the plants, always there is a period of sleeping, inertia, and a period of waking, even up to the highest Logos; even to the planet, to the stars, to the universal systems of the cosmic creation, there is always a period of waking and sleeping. There is always a positive and a negative. There is always a sleep of Bramah as it has been named, and there is always the awakening of Brahma. In other words perhaps, in your own terminology, God sleeps and God wakens, and when God sleeps, then the whole of His creation sleeps, and is drawn into that latent state that has been called Pralaya; and when God again awakens, there is that state of activity in which creation comes to life and activity, which has been called Manvantara. So we have, on all levels, this going in, this going out, and once again this is symbolically presented through the breath, through the breathing. One breathes in, one breathes out. And it has been said also in much of the Eastern terminology, God breathes in and God breathes out. When God breathes in, then all is taken into the sleep stage, creation is withdrawn. When God breathes out, then all is brought into activity.

If you think of these cycles, and begin the attempt to utilise and perhaps to correspond the lesser cycles within your own existence with the universal cycles of life; with the earth, with the rhythm of growth, with the rising and falling of the sun, with night and day, and with the movement of the planets, then you will begin to realise that there is movement, which is a law that dictates the activity or the inertia, or the rhythm of all motion, of all quality, the quality within motion. It also is the law which regulates the whole of life in all its manifestations, and it is this law which lies behind your cycle of life and death upon earth, for all must move in and out, all must move from inertia to activity, all must move out of life into death, and according to where the focus is at the present moment, you upon earth will say that you are moving out of life into death when you leave the physical body. We of course, looking down, will say when we reincarnate, that we are moving out of life into death. It is all a matter of where you are focussed.

Bringing down new Laws

So looking at it in this way, there is no specific function like we can give to death. We cannot say that it is any specific process, because in truth it depends on where ones consciousness is focussed, and how much one is aware of the whole, and the inner process, or how much one is limited purely to the physical. And if one is limited to the physical, then one sees life upon earth as the only life. One sees, in fact, oneself as the physical vehicle, and when one departs from it, or a relative departs from it, then one sees only that that relative is gone and the life is gone. A very erroneous conception, of course, but until man widens his concepts, he will continue to hold on to it.

But we are bringing down new ideas. We are bringing down new Laws, and we are bringing them at first to such as you, because as working disciples, it will be your work to bring down to those who are ready, these new concepts, and gradually spread that which will eliminate the fear of death. And this is one of the greatest services that can be done to mankind, because at this specific moment, with the scientific progress that is being made upon your earth, with the discovery of so much in the ways of energy and light, which are of course synonymous, and with the utilisation of sound and light and colour in healing; and in the working within this energy to such an extent, as your scientists have already discovered the etheric worlds – whether they use this terminology or not – for they are already using etheric energy when they activate their atomic power, they are at the point where the barriers between your world and the inner worlds are now so fine that they will very soon be disintegrated altogether. And so, working hand in hand, as it were with this new scientific discovery, with these breakthroughs which are taking place so rapidly which will bring the worlds together, it is necessary that knowledge as to the existence and relationship of life between the physical and the inner worlds should be spread amongst the people of earth and should be utilised, as it will be, along with the scientific knowledge.

Scientific Knowledge and Esoteric Knowledge Become One

Thus the knowledge will be rounded out, and understanding on all levels will be brought to humanity, because scientific knowledge and esoteric knowledge will become one. One without the other cannot be complete, because in truth they are both the same, and it is just that it has taken time. Scientific knowledge, which started out to discover the constituents within the material substance, had to come round to recognise the constituents within the etheric and more subtle substances, which the psychics and esotericists throughout the ages have always known, but the gap between the understanding of the material scientist and the esotericist had to be bridged, and it is at this point in your evolution that it is being bridged very rapidly. The esotericist of the future, as we have said, will truly be your scientist, because once their discoveries have led them into the etheric worlds, then they will automatically, whatever they choose to call themselves, be working on an esoteric level, and any further discoveries, any further progress that they make in the utilisation of energies, will be in the utilisation of energies from the inner levels, because physical energies have already run their course, and they have already been utilised to the full, and discovered to the full. So there is only one way to go; either they stand still, or they go into the next world, if they wish to find their energy, and as they will certainly continue to search for more energies, they will automatically take this step.

And so you will come into your true position. You will be in great demand. It is such as you who will go forth, and you will be able to give with clarity, that which you have come to understand for yourself, because if you are able to utilise what we have given to you tonight to the full, if you are able to then go forth in your esoteric training and through your recognition of the energies which are passing through you, which is rapidly taking place in many of you, and, through the expansion of your consciousness, enter into the worlds where these energies are working and have their source, then you will be in a position not only to give out the theory of what we have said, but to speak with authority, because you yourself will travel between the worlds. You yourself will recognise that death is the process that we have roughly outlined to you, and you yourself will be able to give confidence to those that are passing through, because in your ever changing levels of consciousness, you will, while still in the physical body, be following that process which most lesser evolved souls only follow at the time of departure, which you call death.

Conscious Death

So you see you will be in a position to speak with authority, because you will die constantly, as it were. You will pass in and out into your various bodies in full consciousness. This is the eventual role of the esotericist, and it is for this continuity of consciousness that you are all working. So perhaps we have laid before you a pattern which you will be able to follow, and we hope that you have been able to understand us in spite of the limitations of our instrument, which we have endeavoured to keep under control, and we hope that you will be able to gain much as you meditate upon what we have said. The very fact that so many have visited us tonight, shows that many are ready for this information, and the fact that you have recorded so much of what has been said, will give you the opportunity to listen to it and absorb that which has not penetrated so fully tonight. You will link the whole process, and as you link it up, you will find that you are also linking up your own consciousness, and that you will begin to experience the process in full consciousness that we have given to you.

And perhaps at this point now, feeling that undoubtedly some of you will wish to question further, we will open the Circle that you may ask your questions. Or you may introduce a new subject if you wish, so we will say to you ‘Who will ask us the first question?’

Question: ‘Firstly, in the stages of elimination, when one goes through the astral and mental processes, is that a process of elimination, or purification of karma created during physical incarnation?’

Answer: Well it is indeed rather difficult to differentiate between the two, because remember that we are speaking of conditions where there is no physical body; and there is no brain, no physical brain; so what is being lived is being lived through direct perception. It is mainly within the physical body that karma is worked out, but in its widest sense, we could say that karma is also being worked out – yes, upon the astral planes in the work of attrition. It is not karma as you understand it. It is a wearing out of desires. It is not so much a balancing, as a wearing out of desires. In its widest sense, we could say that it is, yes, a process linked to karma, it is part of karma; but in its more specific sense, it is a process of elimination and of course it is also a process of purification, because as the various lower forces are eliminated from the various bodies, then we are naturally bringing about a state of purification. We are working out a section of desires, but remember that we are only working out a section of desires on the inner planes between incarnations.

We are working out those desires which we have brought back with us into incarnation and which were not controlled and eliminated during the earthly life. Remember also that to the advanced soul and the disciple who has knowledge, much of that incarnation would have been spent in consciously eliminating these emotional desires, and therefore when the life after abstraction from the physical body was lived on the astral plane, there would be much less of the emotional desires to be eliminated on those levels. This is how he who is working consciously and with knowledge, and the advanced levels of evolution, works through each incarnation, utilising it to the full, in order to clear his astral vehicle and in order to bring his mental vehicle under control. The more that is done while in physical incarnation, the less there is to be done once one moves out of the physical body, and therefore that soul would more rapidly go straight up to the higher mental levels, or integrate with the soul on its own level; and to he who has purified all that has to be purified of those lower vehicles, then it would not be necessary to spend much time upon the astral or the lower mental planes. So the answer perhaps to your question is that, yes it is purification, it is elimination, and in its wider sense it is also helping to work out certain other aspects of karma through attrition.

Question: ‘If one is motivated towards returning to help humanity, at what point does one start to practice or think about the transference of consciousness, and is that possible?’

Answer: Are you speaking about the entity when it is out of incarnation and coming back, or when it is still in incarnation?

Question: ‘Well, what I was reading about took place at the point of death, and that is what I was wondering about.’

Answer: One has to remember, as we said, that once the consciousness has been removed from the physical, then space and time cease to exist; and of course you are asking for a specific point in space and time, for something that is going to take place outside space and time. So how can we give you that answer? It will take place, but it is impossible to say at what point, or at what time the soul of course will begin to function as a server. Is this what you wish to know?

Question: ‘Yes. I was wondering if there is something that one can do to work towards this point, where it can be used, and you can return to help humanity instead of just going on into this other state?’

Answer: Well, this will take place automatically. This depends on the point of evolution, and you are working all the time, all of you, towards this point. There is nothing that can be done other than what you are doing. Your whole life is directed towards this, and remember that a soul will return to a point that it left behind in the last incarnation, just as the life of a soul upon the inner planes will be similar to the life of the soul in incarnation, with the same thoughts, the same desires, and the same activities, so will the soul be exactly what it is. You are what you are, and nothing can alter that except yourself, and your growth through evolution, and what you are, will be the deciding factor as to what you do and where you go, and how you behave, and if in this life you are focused in service to others, then when you are ready to reincarnate, you will automatically come back focused in service to others, because you will pick up where you left off. There is no break in it.

We are what we are and nothing can alter that, remember that. We go with our limitations and our qualities, and they are exactly the same no matter what level of consciousness we are on, no matter how many vehicles we are inhabiting at the time; and when we come back, just as we draw the substance of our three vehicles once again towards us and it will be the same substance that we used before; not in actual fact, but it will be substance impregnated with the same qualities that we used in the past, from which we build our astral, our mental and our etheric bodies. So do we come down, and in those same bodies with the same qualities, in that substance formed of those same qualities, we take up our work. If we are selfish and self-centred when we leave one incarnation, then we are going to come back selfish and self-centred in another, until we work it out.

Therefore it is so important that what we gain between birth upon earth, and leaving the physical body, is constructive, because it is in that period upon earth that we make our growth, our main growth. We can come into incarnation; we can spend a hundred years in incarnation, and we can leave it very little wiser or more spiritually progressed than when we came into it, if we so wish; or we can come into it a very unevolved soul, and through the efforts that we have made, we can leave it a very evolved soul. It is always in our own hands, and at a certain point, when the part of the soul in incarnation is so operative, so powerful, becoming so much in control that is links up with the Soul on its own plane, the Universal Soul, then at that point we have two dominant forces working. We have the Soul on its own plane, and we have that particle of the soul in incarnation; and that is the point where we begin to progress very rapidly, because not only is the personality battling to rise, as it does for so many incarnations, it has the contact of its higher self, which then pulls from above, so that one is striving, as it were, to climb up a ladder and the other is leaning down to give it a hand and pull it up. And it goes up there much more rapidly, and at that point, the spiritual aspirant begins to make true progress, and the further they go, and the more effort they put into it, the further does the soul, symbolically speaking, reach down to pull them up, and so the progress becomes even more rapid.

If you think of it in this way, you will see how the process takes place from both ends. Energies moving from two directions, eventually linking and completing the process.

Question: ‘Could you talk a little more about the entrance of different bodies into the foetus in the womb, and is it true that the soul is present from the moment of conception?’

Answer: Well, we feel perhaps that we have already gone over that. We have said that the different energies, the different substances of which the three bodies will be formed, are drawn down through magnetic attraction. Yes, and then they are integrated. The soul is in contact with those bodies, with the developing foetus from the moment of conception, but has not fully inhabited it, shall we put it that way? In the early process it overshadows. When it is in contact, it overshadows from without, as it were, but the contact is there from the moment of conception. Yes, it has to be. But it hovers above, and it hovers above until almost at the point of birth, gradually drawing closer; and at the point of birth it enters in. But even then, it does not fully enter in, because the whole is a process, a gradual process, and the Children of Earth always want everything so cut and dried; but it is not that way.

Life moves slowly, and perhaps an understanding of this law would help you all so much with your efforts at group work, group development. There is no cut and dried movement, no moving from one day to another into a new world. Everything moves slowly, gradually, and the life force itself moves gradually, and the birth of a child is gradual, and the entrance of the soul into that physical form is gradual. So that we have a gradual descending of the soul, taking control of those various vehicles. In the early stages, even after birth, we could say that the soul is only beginning to take possession of the physical vehicle; and then as the child begins to mature, the soul takes possession of the astral vehicle, and later on again takes possession of the mental vehicle, and therefore we have a slow process. When a child is born it is not fully occupied by the soul, as so many feel. It is a gradual process, because the vehicle which the entity has descended into is the physical vehicle, but on the astral levels that entity is still astrally focused, and this is why you have young children living in the astral world for more than they do in the physical.

This is why they tell you their stories of their astral friends, their fairy friends, the people they see and play with which adult humans usually say is nonsense, and try to stamp upon their fantasies, but they are still living on those planes, and there they do have their companions and their relationships. And so gradually, as the soul comes down into incarnation, it takes over one body at a time, one vehicle at a time, and at the age of about seven, they usually lose these fantasies, because the soul comes down off the astral plane and brings the astral body and connects it with the physical body. And then of course from the age of fourteen, the age is rapidly lowering for all these processes in the present age, as vibrations speed up, but from the age of fourteen to twenty-one, the soul then begins to take over its mental body, and before this, a child is not truly thinking, is not truly focused in the mind; cannot truly think for itself. There are many advanced souls coming down today who are thinking at a much earlier age than they did in the past.

There are many who have truly taken possession of their mental body even at the age of thirteen or fourteen, but this is not universal. It is advanced souls who are coming down to perform a specific work upon your earth in the New Age. And so gradually it is taken over, and then contact with the soul is only made later on again, and in a very advanced soul, this will take place in the early twenties. Maybe even slightly younger that this, but normally takes place around about the early thirties; which is why that period about thirty-two or thirty-three is the important crisis period in most of humanity, because this is when the soul is truly taking over, and the personality experience in the three bodies has been, to a great extent, completed and now the soul begins to hold the three bodies, that integrated personality, and to function through them as a whole. Having overshadowed them and then descended into them one at a time, it then begins to utilise them as a whole; if it is an advanced soul of course. To a primitive personality, the point will be in the distant future when the soul will take any control at all.

Question: ‘When the physical body is said to be in a coma; it can be for a few weeks, a few months, sometimes a few years. Eventually the soul departs and occasionally the coma will be ended and life will be restored to the body. What actually does take place in this period?’

Answer: Well, there are different stages. All comas are not the same; it depends again upon the evolution of the soul of the entity. In some cases of coma, and this has occurred within our own group, the soul has evacuated, to all purpose, the physical and etheric vehicles. It has truly gone and is continuing most of its life upon the inner planes, and so often the physical/etheric vehicles are still held together by the etheric energy, or by the life stream of energy which is still operating, but the soul is truly functioning outside of those vehicles. It is, in a way, the reverse of what we have just said about the overshadowing soul of the unborn child. It is a reversal, it is a withdrawal, so that it is not fully occupying those bodies any more, but is still overshadowing them to a certain extent. It is still moving out, and it is still overshadowing them, but its life truly is upon the inner planes, and it is gradually withdrawing.

This is the process in one form of coma; or course there are other forms of coma, especially where, upon your earth today, these complicated life support systems have been invented which hold a body in animation, shall we say, which is all that is happening, although as yet science has not realised this is all that is happening, and feels that it is holding a human entity alive. And what happens then is that the form is being kept alive, mainly from etheric energy, which is not dissipated, which is still giving life to the physical form, and while that powerful etheric body is still giving out its dynamic energy, along with the life systems which are in a way transferring it artificially to the physical body, then the physical body is able to function; but that is all that is happening. It is plasma functioning; plasma that is being kept alive because etheric energy is being supplied to it. There is no consciousness. There is truly no soul, and it is one of these empty shells so often that are moving about on your earth today, and remember that even without a coma, there are far more empty shells moving about your earth today than is realised. Physical/etheric bodies moving, activating, appearing to the outward senses to be human beings, and yet so often the soul is gone. The soul has abandoned them. They are no longer human beings, but they will continue till such time as etheric and physical bodies have disintegrated.

Remember that in many, there comes a point when the divergence between the purpose of the personality and the purpose of the soul becomes so great that the strength of will, and many times even the integration of the personality, becomes so strong, but yet there is no linkage, no fusion of soul and personality, that the energy that has been attained is used primarily for the personality, and the personality goes its own way with its dynamic force, and utilises what it has, so much and for so many lifetimes, purely for the purpose of the personality, that the soul, looking down upon that particular vehicle, that particular personality, decides that it is impossible to operate, and therefore that particular personality is of no further use to it, and it withdraws, leaving that personality to live out its own dynamic life as long as the etheric energy continues to operate.

Eventually, like a battery, that etheric energy will run down, because there is no inner life motivating it, but it has within itself, like a battery that has been charged, a life span, and even without being recharged, the battery will run for a certain period of time upon your earth, and will give you electric current until such time as it dissipates its energy. And the etheric body can be looked on as a storage battery, and when it has been well charged, it will hold that energy for a considerable period of time, especially with those who have a very strong, dynamic etheric body, and so it will keep alive the physical body for a considerable period of time. But this is no true indication that there is a soul inhabiting that vehicle, because once the personality has broken its contact with the soul, through a refusal to cooperate, through a continual living on a personality level, and a refusal at the right time to link once again with its higher self, the higher self, not being terribly interested in the life of the personality except as a means of expression, will desert that personality, and leave it to run down of its own accord.

There are many upon your earth like this, whom you think of as human souls, and those who, in extreme cases (some of your psychopathic entities upon earth) behave and have very little moral sense and very little true soul function, are those empty shells which are working without any entity inhabiting them, and must work out their own destiny until they run down.

Question: ‘But the silver cord is not broken until disintegration takes place?’

Answer: The silver cord is not broken between the etheric and physical body, no, but the silver cord is broken between the astral and the etheric and physical. They are released. The soul has gone. It has moved out, and it has left those vehicles to disintegrate.

Question: ‘Isnt it so, that I have a friend who committed suicide, and I feel that we, from where we are, can send love and light to help them along their way?’

Answer: Yes, if you wish. Remember there are many on the inner planes also helping them. They are not alone. There are those whose specific work it is. They have undertaken on the inner planes to help those who pass over in such stages, such conditions; just as they help those that pass over in violent death in war or accident; but nevertheless, light is always welcome and love is always universally applied, is always beneficial, so if you wish to add your quota to the universal bank, by all means do. It is always helpful. Be careful of course when you do this, that you do not hold the soul back, otherwise they will be tied to you, and perhaps they will be unable to free themselves. Remember that love too can hold a soul, as well as hate; and very often there are those upon earth who misguidedly, hold on to those who have passed over, because of their emotional ties, and what they call love; and as they spend so much time weeping over the graves, and feeling that they must hang on to the memory of those who have passed over, they do but create a thought form, which makes it difficult for the one who has gone, and who is desiring to eliminate those bodies, to set themselves free. Very often they perform a disservice under the guise of love, and therefore it is always wise to remember that once a soul has passed over, rejoice, rejoice for its liberation. It is you who are in prison, not the one who is gone. Save your tears for yourself.

Question: ‘Is it possible, when one goes to sleep each night, to concentrate on the process that is occurring, in order that one will develop an understanding or consciousness, or awareness, of the process that does occur at the point of death?’

Answer: Yes, it is quite possible. By all means, if you wish to try it, continue. It is a good exercise and eventually you will, if rightly handled, will be able to go out consciously when you go to sleep. Rather than having the chasm of where you lose consciousness, you will be able to bridge that gap. Certainly it is a good exercise for all of you if you wish to endeavour to hold your consciousness as you fall asleep, to see and experience where you are going. You see, there is a natural barrier in the average person, a natural ring-pass-not which is protective, and this is kept in place for average humanity in order to separate the astral planes and the physical plane. If not, an entry into the astral planes can be rather traumatic, and the power there can be rather overwhelming, as perhaps the brother that we have just spoken to is well aware. We speak to our brother Ida, not our brother Dorothy, and of course if one breaks through this barrier by force too early, then one remains unprotected, and one will consciously go onto the astral plane, yes, but is not always in a position either to handle the powerful energies that one finds there, or to return very easily to the physical plane, which means that one will become trapped, and that one would have negated the whole purpose of an incarnation. One would have lost contact with ones physical vehicle, and one would in truth have left them as the wandering entity we were talking about, even if unintentionally. So you see there are dangers, always dangers. Everything at the right time; but for you, we would say yes, make the attempt. We do not feel that you will break through too easily or get lost, because you are at the point where you can begin to slowly break down the barriers. You will not find it too easy, so we do not feel that you will shoot out too rapidly, but at times you have truly to learn to go out consciously. When you are asleep you will be in no danger. Yes, go ahead.

Question: ‘Can I ask some more questions about the unborn child? If you terminate a pregnancy, what happens to the soul then?’

Answer: If a pregnancy is terminated – perhaps you can think that one out for yourself. The soul has gone to all that work to come back into incarnation; to choose its parents; to draw down the energy; the substance impregnated with energies, which are going to be suitable for it to create three vehicles in which to incarnate. It has begun to build those vehicles into a foetus in the womb of some mother, and it is waiting, overshadowing that mother in order to get its experience in that particular life. All that work. All that work directed by the Oversoul. All that work, and then some probably very selfish human mother decides to terminate it, all because she does not want the trouble of letting that incarnation take place. Think it out for yourself. The results for the mother, the results for the child. The soul must go back, must wait another opportunity, must once again go through that whole process, and when that process once again is available, that soul may find that it has missed that specific opportunity that is needed with those parents and has to come into a world which has moved on much further, and in which the environment and the opportunities are not as beneficial, do not present the opportunities that would have been available to that soul had it incarnated when it had planned. So the whole process is interrupted, and it is part of the karma of the one who interrupts it, and will have to be worked out.

Question: ‘If it is a miscarriage, or a stillbirth, or the death of the foetus after birth, then this would not carry a karmic obligation?’

Answer: Not if this is a natural process, because this would be part of the laws of nature, and as most of you as yet cannot control the laws of nature, then you would not incur any karmic liability. No.

Question: ‘There would still be the lack of opportunity – as you said – but there wouldnt be the obligation on the parent?’

Answer: No. This would be part, one might say, of the national or world karma, which one would work out, and would have to be borne both by the incarnating soul and by the would-be parents.

Question: ‘Could you give us an idea of what the karmic lesson would be for that – the consequences?’

Answer: Well, specifically, there would not be incurred any karmic consequences, except that which was experienced at the moment. There would not be incurred any future karmic consequences. It could be, of course, if one looks back into the past at the reasons as to why there was a natural abortion, and this of course could be the karmic result of what had taken place in the past, because either that soul which wished to evolve and reincarnate, or the parents who were preparing the vehicle for it, could indeed in the past have incurred that natural abortion, perhaps by refusing to accept souls when they had healthy bodies and the opportunity; and by bringing about deliberate abortions upon themselves. If you look at it in this way, then it is the working out of a past karma; it is not necessarily the incurring of a future karma. Do you understand what we mean?

Question: I think you might have misunderstood the question. Its my mistake, but I meant, for someone to have an abortion. What would be the karma for that?

Answer: For someone to deliberately have an abortion; you moved on to the previous question. We were discussing natural abortion. Well once again it varies. It is impossible to say specifically. There are many possibilities because karma is worked out through a wide range of possibilities, and it depends on so much. It is so involved. It depends on the nature of the person, it depends on the three vehicles of the personality, it depends on what a person is endeavouring to learn through that experience, and it depends on how much that person is willing to learn. For some, the very fact of losing a child in the same incarnation could be punishment – if we want to use that term – which we do not like, or could be, shall we say, penalty, which is a better word. Penalty enough, and the sadness perhaps which would overtake someone who thought on a mental level about what they had done, and grieved on an emotional level for what they had done, especially when they gained knowledge. Perhaps an abortion could be performed in a period of ignorance, but then that soul growing, even in that same incarnation, then gaining knowledge and becoming a spiritual aspirant, realises what it has done. There can be a terrific impact, a terrific feeling of

‘Goodness, what have I done? Now I realise the enormity of my act.’ And this alone could be a sufficient karma. On the other hand, there may be in the future, periods that that soul incarnates in a barren body yet with an intense desire to have a family.

Question: ‘Im just finding in myself how much of my life is run by a fear of survival. It is almost like a fear, and I find it sets up an anxiety in all of my activities and surroundings. A fear of getting enough physical nourishment and things like that. Im just wondering if you could give us a perspective on that. How I could possibly clear through that?’

Answer: Well, that is an astral fear, at the moment irrational, is it not? Therefore it is a fear of the past. Lift it to the mental plane, and which we presume you have done, which means you are going to look at it logically and rationally, and you will say to yourself ‘Well, it is impossible in this incarnation for me to starve to death, because the very environment I live in is not one in which people starve. There is always sufficient money for food.’ At the same time, you can then invoke the energy of your higher self, and on that level you will find that this inflow of spiritual energy will give you a focus. It will give you a feeling of continual life, give you a feeling of continuity of life; and as you begin to recognise more fully the subject that we have been talking about tonight, that in any case you are not the physical body, so is it so important if the physical body starves anyway? As it really comes home to you, as you invoke your own soul powers, that you are an indestructible entity. Think about this. Then how can you be destroyed by anything? And as you are not the overcoat that you wear, as you are not the vehicles of the personality, then you are indestructible.

The fear comes because you are identifying yourself with the personality. The minute you cease to do this, or do it less fully and begin to identify yourself with the soul which is indestructible, then you will lose that fear. It is a fear which commenced in the past; it is a fear which you gained, and it has happened to many, when you were a member of a nation in conditions which are taking place upon your earth today, for example, Ethiopia, where you died in starvation and much of your nation died in starvation, and it leaves an imprint upon the astral body. It leaves a deep imprint, and when you draw back the substance in which to create your astral body in a new incarnation, this fear is impregnated into that substance. It should have been dissipated when the substance was returned to the matrix, but when a substance is deeply embedded into the emotional substance, into the astral substance, it often takes a considerable period of time before it is absorbed by the Spirit of the Earth into the matrix, and if the soul incarnates comparatively rapidly after those incarnations, and draws that substance back again, it will draw it back before the fears or whatever emotional reaction has been impregnated into it, have been dissipated fully, and so once again it is part of your astral body.

But the way to approach it is to recognise that this is but an experience of the past and should have been left behind in a past incarnation; that terrible fear of hunger from which you died, or your physical body died; and as you begin to associate ourself with the eternal soul, to see yourself as an eternal, indestructible entity in incarnation in a physical body, then you will break down this fear. Cease to identify gradually; make it a daily lesson to cease to identify with the physical, and to identify with the soul. If you only give five minutes a day to doing this, you will find that the inflow of soul energy which you will thus invoke will completely dissipate the substance of the astral body, and the fear that is with it. We hope that will help you.

Perhaps at this point, as our instrument has taken a lot of strain tonight, and we have managed to hold him together with considerable success, we will withdraw, and we will allow you to think about what has gone forth. We will at our next meeting, if you wish to bring up the subject still, answer any questions which remain unanswered, and you can speak to us once again about various aspects of death at question time. So at the moment we will leave you. We feel that, having run out your earthly machines, we have spoken to you for a considerable time, and if you listen once again to what we have said, you will have much to think about.

So beloved ones, go in peace. Lai Yung, Master of Happiness, blesses you this night and withdraws, and leaves you with his love, that you may indeed absorb the wisdom which has been given to you and utilise it to your eternal benefit. Go in peace.


Greetings, brothers, greetings. Rani Lash once more draws close, that in understanding and unity we may contrive, perhaps, to expand our awareness and knowing this, that we may utilise once again the energies which are available on this last of the spiritual festivals, and that we may draw down into synthesis that which has been given us at the last Circle.

It has been with interest that we have watched the progress of the group, and it has been with considerable interest that we have watched the results of the mantram that was given to you. We have certainly attained the six which was the minimum given to you and we feel perhaps we could multiply that by three.

We have certainly directed towards you the energies which you yourselves have invoked, and having invoked them, we are already preparing to close our ears a little to the cries that will rise. There has already been quite a few complaints, but still mumblings and mutterings and we have endeavoured not to hear them too well, because there is certainly nothing that we can do about it. As we said to you, you have recognised your own strength, and you have taken your own step. God be with you and peace be with you, for you will need both, and as you go forward, may that which you have invoked, perform its work.

Brothethood on Earth

Having said that, beloved ones. We leave you to draw into yourselves whatever is coming towards you, and to utilise it to the full. Whether it be pleasant or unpleasant, it will be yours and nothing will come towards you which is not yours by your own right. All that takes place within you will be that which you have earned, and have a right to receive, remember this, and once you have taken the step that you have taken, then the results as we also warned you, are irreversible, for you are all now travelling forward, and we are pleased because it means that we can continue with the Brotherhood on earth and we can continue with the work. Not that we really doubted that this would be so, because we were well aware that there would be at least six certainties within the group, and we were well aware that with this we could still proceed. Nevertheless, a united and whole group is always better than a disintegrated one, and those who have decided to move together as a group, and those who have decided to pull together as a group, will certainly perform much interesting work in the future.

There will be a steady going forward, and there will be a movement into the Light; and therefore, there will be that which is the rightful privilege of a group who has attained the spiritual status of yourselves, and after many incarnations have come to a point where many attempts in the past, as we have pointed out before, which failed, are rapidly reaching the point of completion. There has been no failure, if such a term can be used, because it truth there is no failure except the failure to try, but there has been in this particular group in this incarnation no failure even from your point of view because there has been a steady going forward, and as we pointed out at our last meeting, there has been such an openness, such a unity and such a lack of prejudice that all have been welcomed, all have been able to absorb that which they had the right to absorb, and those indeed who were not willing or karmically able to absorb any more, automatically withdrew. So we were left with a very firm nucleus, which has rapidly enlarged, and which certainly covers now, every aspect of the zodiac in one way or another, either esoterically or exoterically. So we are looking at those who move in harmony and we are looking at those who, each in their own way, have a purpose to fulfil, and have a work to complete.

Ancient Wisdom

Many of you have already recognised your work, and are going steadily ahead with it. Some of you are being trained along specific lines; some will, to a great extent, although perhaps not exactly, carry on in later life with the work which our instrument is doing now, others will be led into realms of healing, and there will be those who will be giving out the Ancient Wisdom, as they understand it, as the mouthpiece of the Hierarchy, and there will be those who will go on to be world-servers, and eventually, if not in this life-time, to become world-saviours.

So, there is much which has been laid before you, paths which are interwoven, paths which are supportive, and paths that are moving from left to right between the two great Lines of Force, and are endeavouring to stabilise upon the inner levels, the noble middle path as it has been called; and along this middle path, there is not one of you who is not endeavouring to keep the balance. The two great Lines of Force, the material and the spiritual, are polar opposites, and they work in a way which gives a magnetic field of force, a force field, in which one can work successfully. They are the balancing forces, they utilise the energies of the various rays, and they also stabilise the path of the disciple, that he may walk both within the spiritual energy and within the material energy, recognising each one as necessary to the other. Without one, there would be a lack of balance, and we have always stressed the need for balance. There is enough imbalance in your world today, without our disciples becoming imbalanced also, and therefore it is incumbent upon all of you that you bear in mind at all times, the importance of balance.

Unbalanced Person

The unbalanced person will inevitable reach a point, a crossroad, where choice has to be made. In fact we can say that both the balanced and the unbalanced will reach this crossroad. The balanced will be in a secure position to make their choice, taking into account all the energies with which they are now familiar, all the knowledge which they have attained, and all the spiritual force which they are capable of invoking and utilising in different ways. The imbalanced soul, once they reach the crossroad, are in a much more precarious position, because they too have to make a choice, and without that particular balance, whichever line of force happens to be pulling more strongly at that particular time, will influence their balance, and often not in a way which their soul wishes them to take. So therefore the imbalanced person is always, as it were, walking along a tight rope, and the cross-roads, when once reached, become, as it were, the cyclone, because they have been likened to a cyclonic period in which the whole whirlwind of cosmic energies descends upon one, and at that particular period, one has to be able either to spin with the cyclone, or else one will be sucked upwards or downwards, in one direction or another, and the balance will be lost.

It is impossible to escape that crossroads because it is one of the Crosses. It is indeed a transference onto the Fixed Cross of the cosmos which some of you will understand. It is a transference from the Mutable Cross, and we are speaking now in terms of esoteric astrology, and in the Mutable Cross, personality life is lived. It is adaptation, movement, change, and when the personality life has reached a certain point, and experience is coming to an end, or is becoming more balanced, then the soul energy, which is in-flowing, will take charge, and the disciple or aspirant will move gradually onto the Cross, the Fixed Cross of the cosmos, in which the energies which surround them, will hold them one-pointed to a goal. In that way only it is fixed, that they become fixed in their goal, and they move forward, straight forward to that goal, the goal which is to be certainly approached, if not attained; approached under Sagittarius, the Archer who fires the arrow, and they will follow that arrow to the goal, eventually to reach that goal in Capricorn, the mountain top of initiation. So in those few words we give you a general outline of a very complex subject which any of you can study if you are so minded, in the books written on esoteric astrology, or by speaking amongst yourselves to those who are more aware of the subject. Again, the third Cross which lies ahead for all of you is the Cross of Initiation, and it is the Cardinal Cross, to which after you have attained your goal upon the Fixed Cross, you will then all find your way, moving as Initiates into that higher cosmic consciousness which will be your right, for then you will become in your own way, each one a Master of a different degree. And in those few words, beloved brothers, we have also covered a considerable period of time; many, many incarnations, so do not go away feeling that you are already on the verge of becoming spiritual Masters.

Three Crosses

Having said this, we will continue now, and we will speak a little on Man, the Creator and the Destroyer; because in order to attain those three Crosses, in order to attain this stabilised position in the centre of those Crosses, where the horizontal energy of the personality is balanced with the vertical energy of the soul, man must stand in the centre, and must take his position and do his work between spirit and matter. And so in the symbology of the Cross, we are dealing with two energies which cross, and which indeed form their apex, their central point, their revolving axis of the centre. Therefore balance once again as we have said, comes into the picture, the vertical life and the horizontal life. The spiritual energy, the spiritual inspiration and attainment, and the application of that spiritual energy in the bodies of the law of earthly living; practical manifestation of that which is received. And that means that whatever is received and you are all receiving much, must eventually be put to use. There is no surer way of closing the door and building yourself a barrier across your path of spiritual progress than to invoke energy with no intention of putting it into use, otherwise you will merely explode yourself. You will merely gain so much energy and the tension will be so great that you will explode in one direction or another, and when this happens, if the energy is not utilised along constructive channels, there is always a great possibility that it will be utilised in a destructive way.

So now let us continue to speak, brothers, about Man, the Creator and the Destroyer. Man, indeed is the creator, and he is also the destroyer, both of which opposite polarities are necessary. Before there can be creation, there has to be destruction, whether on a personal level, a group level, a family level, a national level; and we feel upon your earth today that you are well aware of this process taking place around you. You have only to look at your earthly situation; you have only to look at what is happening on a national scale and on a world scale. You have only to look at the New Age beginning to flow in with its energies overshadowing and influencing the energies of the old age, which are withdrawing, and you see the process of destruction going on. You see it coming out in many ways; you see an ordered destruction of that which is old, outworn, which no longer has any use, and you see also an unorganised destruction taking place in the wars, the outbreaks, the violence, the vandalism that is taking place upon your earth today. All this indeed is the result of First Ray energy, the energy of Will, Power and Synthesis in its three aspects.


The energy which will synthesise, but which will first destroy, because it will destroy the old. You see the destruction going on within your religions, within your churches, within your politics, within your educational institutions which you do not put to use. Always remember this, and certainly if any of you are in doubt as to whether you wish to use what you receive, then it would be far better that you withdrew from that energy at this moment rather than continue to invoke energy for which you had no systems. You see the narrowness breaking up, you see mans attitudes changing. You see a width of thinking which is much wider than it has been in the past. You see old shibboleths vanishing, you see new age thought coming in to replace it. You see, as we have said, the new approach to life and you see mans rebellion against the old order of authority, invested in one particular person or one particular body; and you see that being replaced by humanity learning to take responsibility for themselves. A thing which they have not done until now, and which, on the whole, many are still reluctant to do. But yet the very force of the rays which are impinging upon your earth today will eventually drive humanity in this direction.

Today we are seeing, first of all the destruction aspect of the ray and we are seeing the rebellion. We are seeing the rebellion against orthodox order and authority. That will come first, but that, of course, will then have to be replaced by a new order and a new authority, and that will be the individual and the group authority, because once again, if the process was unbalanced, if there was a breaking down of the old order of authority and responsibility in its past form, and it was not picked up and taken over by individual man, then indeed we would have chaos, and the whole force of the first ray would not have produced progress, but would have produced a retrograde action and would have led humanity back into even more darkness. But because the direction of these rays has always been well organised by those who work beyond and above the energy and life pattern of the human race and the planet, there has been, as it were, a calculated risk which has been taken, and we have pointed this out to you before. And in that calculated risk, there has been weighed the possibilities of the reactions of the impact of new rays.

Personality Reactions

We have been well aware of the dangers, which were involved. We have been well aware that the personality of humanity being where it is, and as yet very imperfect, that there would be personality reactions under the stimulus of this great power, and because of that stimulus, both soul and personality would be brought to life with ever greater force; the dynamic energy would perform its work irrespective, without discrimination, because energy is abstract as we have so often pointed out. It is neither negative nor positive, it is neither good nor evil as you would term it – we do not. It is doing its work, and when you see destruction and vandalism, and violence, then it is for you with your knowledge, your growing knowledge, to accept the fact that the personality of man is responding to the new energies, and is responding from a personality level; his own little self-will, his own desires, his own arrogance being stimulated, the violence within his own personality coming to the surface. It is better to come out. It has to be cleared, for this is the period of purification, very rapid purification, and it is a period in which humanity will have to bear the brunt of what is happening. You, as disciples, will be bearing more, because that is your work and your responsibility, and the very fact that you have taken a step forward through your mantram, will bring to you greater light, greater understanding, greater power and greater responsibility.

The world is in dire need of the trained disciples today, for they alone are the foundation point upon which humanity can stand and upon which they can learn. The soul of man, as a whole, is crying out for knowledge, for understanding, and in the transitional period from the old age to the new, with all the old formulas, with all the old forms, the old authoritarian fictions being broken up, there are many upon your earth today, who are wandering, as it were, in a limbo, who are looking around for new directive, who do not understand what is happening. And if they are not given something to hold onto, they will indeed fall into negativity and therefore become the prey of the material forces once again, in an ever greater way, and to a greater depth than they have in the past. There is little point in breaking up materialism unless something is brought into the world to replace it. If one breaks up the old, if one takes away, as it were, the crutches on which an imperfect or weak person has leaned on and used for support in order to transport themselves, without replacing them with something which also gives a greater support, then one is merely causing that person to stumble and to fall, because whereas they may have been able to make a certain amount of progress upon their crutches, they will not be able to make any progress at all without them, unless they are being given something which will strengthen their natural legs.

Forward in Service

So, if you look at it like this, you will see that what is necessary today in the world, is the impact of those who have within themselves demonstrated the light, the understanding, the love and the willingness of go forward in service and to give what they have received to their brethren. It is they who will be the ones on whom humanity will turn, and to whom they will turn and on whom they will lean in the future, because those who have a true light to offer, those who have even a little of the inner wisdom, the love wisdom, which is attained when one has gone forward oneself, when one has moved through ones own self-discipline and purification, and when one has begun to manifest in life that what one has received, then that particular section of the path which one is demonstrating becomes a path upon which others can walk, because it is an illumined path and it is a path which others can see, and it is a path which they see not in words and theory, but on which they see the disciples walking for themselves; on which they see the disciples standing four-square, on which they see the disciples facing life with their heads held high and with the knowledge and the energies which they have, holding them through all the difficulties of life, and enabling them to demonstrate how they utilise their own inner strength and their own inner awareness, and are unafraid to go forward in their own particular road.

When this is seen, there is not theory but there is a demonstration of power in action. And this is what humanity today is looking for. The days when the mystical approach of the past was what was needed, was provided by organised religion. And the emotional approach which humanity needed was fulfilled by the churches, who gave that devotional upliftment, who gave that pointer into the future and into the heights, who lifted man out of his darkness along his mystical road, and gave him, through the devotional approach, through the mystical approach through music, through hymns, through songs, through ritual, through chanting, that which he needed in order to make his life colourful, and to bring a stability and a strength to a dark and very dismal materialistic period of life upon earth. The Kali Yuga, as it has been called; the Iron Age. And so at that particular period humanity was given what they needed, as they are in every period. And they relied upon their churches, their religions, and in their devotional approach they were able to sustain themselves.

True Esotericist

But now, as humanity moves upon a mental level, the mystical approach, the approach of the emotions, is not as satisfying. Man is in a position where he desires to know, because the mind is becoming evermore operative, and it is through the mind that the spiritual energy has to work. The mysticism of the past is never lost, because the mystic with his devotionalism and what he has attained within his own soul level, will utilise that energy and will gradually bring it to merge with the energy of clear-thinking, rational mind, and when the two are merged he is well on the way to becoming a true esotericist, who in fact is a practical mystic.

So we have man creating, we have man destroying. We have humanity as a whole, creating and destroying, and we have that destruction going on as the old is broken up. Now humanity moving into the mind, is looking for answers, answers which orthodox religion has never given because it is a mystical religion and a mystical approach does not believe in rationalising and utilising the mental. The mystical religion gave, as we have said, the emotional warmth, mystical upliftment; it was satisfying, it was necessary. Today where is humanity going to turn? The priests and leaders of orthodox religion, in most cases, are not able to give the answers, except on their own mystical level, the level of feelings. They are not able because they themselves are mystics, and they themselves have not the knowledge which the people are searching for today. So where do they turn?

They turn, beloved brothers, to such as you, and it is for this reason that we have spent so much time with you, that for so many years you have been meeting with us, you have been supplied with energy, you have been given knowledge. And finally your training, which you had to apply each in your own individual life, has brought you to a point where you have been given a mantram; a very powerful mantram, which indeed is going to catapult you forward into true discipleship. That, at least, is for those who have said it, which is the majority of you as we see by the flashes in your aura. And having taken that step, then it will be for you to face the responsibility, as it were, of not being merely average; citizens of good mind, of good intentions, of decent living, but beginning evermore to see yourselves as the future priesthood. And this is something which all of you have to contemplate and think about as your lives progress, because you have entered, whether you know it or not, upon this road, and you indeed will be looked on as the priesthood of the future The world will turn to such as you, and remember there are groups such as you being trained over the whole of your planet, so you are not alone.

Linked Esotericially

And those groups are linked esoterically and each one draws on the power of the other, because you work as a united world group, and you work with us who indeed are the Powers that help you forward. So as a whole group, we go forward, and each one of you, a priest in the making, has to think very seriously about your new position, because gradually you are going to find that circumstances plus your own soul nature, your own higher self, are going to lead you into situations where, whether you like it or not, those who sense your Light are going to look on you as priests, and they are going to demand from you what orthodox priests have not been able to give them. They are going to demand from you, enlightenment. They are going to ask questions, and when you begin to answer those questions, you are going to open a floodgate. And then you are going to have to ask yourselves, ‘What are you going to do with that floodgate?’ What indeed are you going to do? How are you going to deal with it? How much have you got to offer, and how much are you willing to offer? How much are you going to let flow through you? How much are you going to step beyond your own personal life and give to others? Because as time goes on, the work upon yourselves will not cease. That must always go on. But you will find that it will not be permitted to take up your full time.

You will deal with your own problems, and you will deal with your own spiritual progress, your purification, the dealing with your own limitations, the balancing of your physical nature, your emotional nature, and your mental nature. You will deal with all this in the allotted time, and it will leave you much time to deal with others. Because you will find you can compress time. You will find that time changes, and if you speak to both our instruments, you will find indeed that they have already experienced this, and remarked very often how time has changed for them, because time is indeed relative, and even your scientists are in a theoretical way aware of this. Time is unreal; it belongs to the world of illusion, remember. It does not belong to reality, and therefore there is no fixed time. Time can be stretched or contracted, and you will find indeed that for you, it will be stretched, because you will accomplish three times as much in any period of time, as any average person will, and you will not realise how it has happened, because you will not feel to be working at any greater pace, but you will just accomplish it, because time will literally have expanded for you.

Level of Consciousness

You will in fact, in a technical sense – what will have happened – you will be working beyond time. You will be stepping out, changing gear, as it were, to another level of consciousness; some of you are already doing it. And in that other level of consciousness, you will literally have stepped outside time. You will be in another dimension, you will be working within another plane of consciousness, and you will do it so automatically that you will hardly realise what has happened, except that you have accomplished much as it were upon another level, and then you will have stepped back into time and find that all that you have accomplished could not possibly have happened within the earthly time that has passed. So you will find that you are accomplishing much, and then you will begin to realise, and you awaken to the fact that you are working outside time. It will be very interesting, and very constructive. It will be something for you to look forward to, and to recognise, because it will happen. You do not have to do anything about it. It will happen. All you have to do is recognise it, when it does happen. For some, as we say, it is already happening.

And so we have man creating, man destroying. The destruction is well on the way, and how does it take place? It takes place through the application of Light. Because light is indeed interchangeable with energy, and everything which is accomplished is an accomplishment of energy, refocussing, redirecting of energy, and when we look back to the basic law that all life is energy, all form is energy, in fact there is nothing which is not energy, then we are dealing with an energy problem, and it is energy in its many, many forms and many, many constructions, and it is energy which flows in many vibrations, and the directing power behind energy is always the mind and the will, and in that we once again have the whole basis of esoteric working. Your lives are energy, and your problems are energy, whether they be personal problems or whether they be world problems. Your wars are energy, your political situations are energy in movement. Energy in opposition, different polarities of energy. Energy in conflict, energy endeavouring to move forward. It is an old question, is it not? What happens when an irresistible force meets and immovable mass? And so often you will find in the world of energy this is happening, and in the world of energy, there is a solution. In the world of man there is not. Very often energy, which is an irresistible force, meets an immovable mass, and what happens is that one type of energy is moved to another dimension. Therefore it can pass. This is happening all the time upon your earth. Energy tends to flow along one direction, and man has not learned to utilise the power of his mind and his consciousness to deflect it. Therefore to the scientist it seems to be an insoluble problem, irresistible forces and immovable masses.

Fourth Dimension

But you are beginning to break the barrier. The laser beam is a weak reflection along this line, and scientists are beginning to discover what can be done with energy. It is on the verge of discovering the fourth dimension. It is on the verge of moving into the etheric world, which is the fourth dimension, and discovering the aura of man and the energies which lie in the etheric body, and which give life to all which is in physical form.

So, creation, yes, it is light, it is energy. And all of you are utilising light, all of you are expressing light. It is your own light, the light that you have developed, which will be your means of destruction and creation, and as disciples you will use it; consciously and unconsciously. Because consciously it will be used because you will be radiating it all the time. What is within you must shine forth. One cannot carry a lamp without the light radiating out. And you are lights, you are lamps, and so you are radiating. Yes, we look at your work in the light, and we see that the light has to fulfil many tasks. The light has to be utilised on a physical level, and this means that the physical has to be looked after, has to be balanced, has to be kept healthy. This, we feel, is not your main problem; most of you are able to do this. It is really a problem of the past, and it will be strange if those who have attained the level of understanding and spiritual progress, which you have, do not do this automatically. Most of you do. Again the light has to be shed upon the emotions, and here, it is not so automatic and most of you are working with an emotional focus, because the whole of humanity is moving out of an emotional focus, which has reigned for the past two thousand years. The whole of the past age. Most of you are moving into a mental focus, and the whole of the training that you are receiving and the energies that you are receiving, is indeed directed towards this particular work of moving you on to a mental focus. But you are still very much influenced by the emotions, and the solar plexus is still very operative, the doorway into the astral world.

Astral world

So you look at the astral world, the world of the emotions. And what does one see? One sees part of mans creation. How many of you realise that the astral worlds are not a creation of God, they are a creation of man? They are created by the whole human race. Over eons of time. Every feeling, every desire, every emotion that has gone forth from humanity, from the beginning of time, has been registered upon the akashic substance, the spiritual ether, the astral plane, whatever you wish to call it. And there it has created its own world, and this world is naturally a world of ideas and emotions. And it is in this particular world, that one enters in consciousness whenever one becomes emotionally animated. All emotional feelings are drawing energy from this particular astral world. It is mans creation, and part of the destructive work that man is in process of doing, is to destroy the astral world gradually, slowly. It would take a considerable period of time, but as man progresses spiritually, these worlds, these worlds of illusion and glamour which are not real, but mans creation, will be unnecessary and he himself, with his own light will dispel the illusions. And when he ceases to supply it with new material, new desires, new emotions, new feelings, then it will gradually die for lack of energy, and it will come to an end, and man will transfer, as a whole, onto the mental planes.

And then this energy on the mental planes will have to be used once again. Used to dissipate the lower mind, and to illumine the higher and in this application of light, this is what is taking place with all of you. The higher mind is becoming illumined with the light of the soul. We are always dealing with light, mark you, and as we draw the light towards us, we are working as disciples. We are dissipating the darkness, we are dissipating the illusion, and therefore we are freeing not only ourselves but our brothers and the whole of humanity. As we dispel the darkness, we once again open the door to new vistas, we see more clearly, for light reveals. And what does it reveal? It reveals that which we are not always very willing to see. Because in the first case, it reveals what lies within, and therefore man sees both his higher self and his lower self. And as he sees his lower self, which he must indeed face, then he comes back to the responsibility of having to deal with it. Revelation. He has destroyed, he has brought the light, he has revealed, and therefore he has to re-create. It is useless to see, if one is not prepared to face up to what one sees.


Therefore light has to come to man very slowly, very gradually. It is only useful to supply light to the degree to which the one who is receiving the light, can bear it, can stand it, can see and open the eyes within its illumination. And this is something which all disciples have to bear in mind as they go forth on their future task of enlightening the world, of supporting the world. Many neophytes, aspirants, inspired by their new energy, by their enthusiasm, so often tend to rush forth, so often tend to give out indiscriminately, what they feel they have received. They go forth and they wish to shout from the housetops everything that they have. They wish to stop everyone that they meet and tell them what they have found. And you see this so often within the fanatical religions of your earth, where they even come, we are told, and knock upon your doors to give you their views as to how you should live and as what you should do with your life. So you do not remain in complete darkness of this fact, because you are already aware of it, and we are also aware that most of you do not react very enthusiastically to those who approach you in this way. And therefore it is for you an indication, and perhaps a warning, that when you go forth in your new found enthusiasm, to spread your light of the ancient wisdom, that you do not behave in the same way. Discrimination at all times.

Look carefully at those who come to you. By their demands you will know them. By their queries and their imploring will you recognise them. For they who are searching will leave you in no doubt as to their need, and they who are off-hand in their approach, who merely approach with curiosity, should not be in any way neglected; no-one is ever rejected; but the illumination which is shed should be in accordance with their demand. If they are merely curious, then shed a few seeds; which they can indeed allow to grow or not, as they wish. Let those seeds remain upon the soil, for the one who approaches will soon prove whether their soil is fertile or whether it is barren. It is the old proverb of the sower once again, from your sacred Scriptures. Some will fall upon stony ground, the birds of the air will devour it. So scatter your seed carefully, and wait and see what kind of ground you have scattered it upon. If it is fertile ground, you will not only have to sow the seed, but you will have to show the receiver how to grow the seed, how to nourish it, and nurture it, and how to harvest it when it is mature. You will have to show them how to consume what they have grown and harvested, and how they will have to share it with others. So when it falls upon fertile ground, you will have ample opportunity to practise your work.

Inner Meaning

You will be, as we have said, the Creator and the Destroyer. What you have destroyed will clear the way, and where you destroy, you will create. Without one, there will be no point in the other. Otherwise all your seeds would fall upon barren ground, and if there is no destruction first, if the ground is not cleaned and purified, and ploughed, then it will not be ready to receive the seed. Look at your earth today, beloved ones. Look at it, and look at what is taking place, because your life and the life of your planet are rapidly becoming one. The same energy that flows through you, that you receive at our group meetings, and the energy which is flowing through the whole of humanity and the planet are similar. That which is happening to you, is happening in lesser degrees to the whole of humanity, and it is incumbent upon you and will be very helpful to you, if you utilise those energies which you receive, and balance them with the energies which are striking your planet today. You will gain greater understanding of the happenings upon your planet. You will not look at them with such negativity. You will not be drawn into the negativity of the ignorant, who are incapable of recognising the inner meaning, and the inner significance of the happenings upon your earth. You will realise where violence is breaking forth, where war is taking place, that there is a congestion of energy. A tremendous dynamic centre, where energy is being applied to your earth, and where it is being utilised in order to bring about certain changes.

Certain portions of your earth have always been magnetic centres, that is why so many Masters manifest within them. And one of the magnetic centres is that part of your earth which you term the Middle East, and the near east, and in that particular portion of your earth, there has always been a strong influence of spiritual energies, and those who operate and manipulate them. There have been those who direct those energies for the spiritual benefit of earth. There has also been the opposite. Those who work with materialism, and endeavour to hold those energies within their own control and to utilise them for the manifestation of materialism and material ends. And so within the Middle East one has both the spiritual growth, the spiritual centres of manifestation of Initiates and Masters from the past and the present. And also we have the centres where the mineral deposits of your earth have centred, and where that which is drawn up from the earth, the basic materialistic forms and essences, are also given to man to utilise, according to his own vision, and according to his own inclinations.

World Karma

There is much which is of benefit even on a material level if correctly used. There is much within the minerals of the earth, which can be utilised to create greater violence. But within this particular setting, the two will be balanced, and those who are working today within these centres of power, are those who have been drawn there, because of a karmic destiny. They are those who are working out destruction, because they themselves have participated in destruction for a considerable period of time, for many, many incarnations, many periods in the past. And therefore they have to work with the destruction they have created. There are also those who are working in those particular areas, who have taken upon themselves a sacrificial work. A work which will redeem and purify much of humanity, because this sacrificial work is undertaken. Many are suffering and dying in these particular areas, because their whole race, and in this we pinpoint the Jewish race, because they have undertaken to a great extent, as a race, and unconsciously as an individual in most cases, to work out much of the world karma.

They have taken upon themselves the problems of the world, and they have drawn it towards themselves. Yes, they have drawn it towards themselves perhaps by their own negativity, and because of this they have created for themselves a karma of negativity and woe, but that karma does not have to be worked out in a negative way. And the nation as a whole is utilising that particular karma to absorb much of the sufferings of earth. Thereby bringing positivity into their past negative experience and expression, and at the same time creating upon earth a vortex, as it were, into which so much of the dross of humanity can be drawn and can be flung around by the centrifugal force, and finally can be thrown out. So you see there are different aspects of meaning and significance behind the happenings upon your earth today, and when you, as disciples, begin to look at these happenings in their application as sources of energy, rather than undesirable and stupid conflicts between personalities, then you will see that there is a much greater power working behind the scenes, and you will see that there is, in all this destruction, a future; that there is a brightness, that there is a preparation. That it is organised destruction for the purpose of bringing about future creation. And that because there is destruction, then creation can take place.


It is light impinging with all its revelation. It is light which is showing up the darkness. It is light, which most of you are beginning to be aware of, which is showing the corruption all over your earth today. For corruption is indeed being revealed. Each one of you is finding within your own nation, that corruption is being revealed, and the darkness, the shades that have been grown as it were – the cataracts, as they are called upon your earth – over the eyes of humanity, are being removed. Because in the revelation of corruption, the average human being is beginning to see, and to recognise, that sources of power, which he accepted, and which he did not investigate too closely, and to which he was apathetic, are beginning to show how power has corrupted those who wielded it. And therefore this is also a destructive element, which is taking place. Because there is being a destruction which is bringing out corruption, is being a destruction of corruption, and therefore underneath all the organised bodies of your earth, there is coming to light that which has to be cleared. And this is so that there can be created a new light force and within these many organised bodies, your political bodies, your educational bodies, your scientific bodies, and your religious bodies and many others, there will be the creation of a new era.

There will be the creation of a new platform, a new form, and much of this is already coming out in your political status, and also in your religious denominations. Look at it all, beloved ones, look at it as true disciples, because it will be part of your work, and in understanding the whole, in moving outside of yourselves, you will not only enlighten yourselves, but you will have greater understanding to be able to aid others, and you will certainly take the focus off your own personal problems, which will then become lighter, for when you cease to concentrate upon them you will not be feeding them energy, and they therefore will begin to diminish and dissipate. In understanding the responsibility of your future work, there is nothing but positivity. There is help to yourself, there is help to your brethren, and there is help to the world. You will move away from that which you consider to be so heavy upon your shoulders at the present moment. You will move into the Light, and you will respond to the cries of those who have not been so fortunate as you have, in receiving what you have received during the past decade, and for some almost during the past two decades. So that looking at your life as it is today, you can begin to realise what group brotherhood and group consciousness really means, and with the new energies that you are invoking, with the new light which will flow into you, you can expect only revelation. You can expect only expansion. You can expect only the growing pains that go with expansion, and you can expect only the responsibility which each one of you will find in your new found status.

We feel, beloved brothers, that we will leave it at this point, because we are sure that we have given you enough to think about, and enough pointers, and enough to meditate upon if you so wish. Whether you wish or not, your work will open up for you, and the more you are prepared for it in knowledge and wisdom, the more capable you will be, and the more efficient in carrying out your duty as disciples. So think about it, beloved ones, and go forward in peace and in light. Go in peace, beloved ones. Rani Lash, Keeper of the Gateway of Power, blesses you this night. Go in peace.

Man creator and destroyer

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After reading and studying this post. You can now regard yourself to be a serious esoteric student. Importantly the next step is to practice serious insight meditation! Which is in order to achieve a lighter vibration of being. That will completely transform the pattern of your life!

Insight Meditation is a dissolving process; which promotes or invokes the increased flow of energy from the Oversoul. It is an awareness focused to a point meditation technique. Which is the only way; to bring the full power of the Oversoul. Into your brain consciousness or being on the earth plane; in order to fully dissolve the resistance of ego. Learning the meditation technique is simple and easy. However the discipline of practice requires a little more effort.