Spiritual Aspirant Committed Spiritual Development

Advanced meditation secrets practice will prevent many health problems  & structural deformities in life. Due straighter spinal alignment spiritual development
Advanced meditation secrets practice will prevent many health problems & structural deformities in life. Due straighter spinal alignment spiritual development

Spiritual Aspirant definition

By definition a spiritual aspirant is anyone. Who has a committed attitude to serious spiritual development. Certainly this is when compared with average humanity. Importantly this person will also demonstrate; a real and deep caring. Consequently indicating that love; forms an important basis for their motivations. Advanced meditation secrets maturity in meditation practice; enables fast track spiritual development.

Limitations of Ego focused intelligence

Important message for any spiritual aspirant; on the limitations of ego focused intelligence. Everyone’s path in life is different; in the context of personality distractions. However everyone’s life is also the same; in the context of spiritual growth. Therefore a spiritual aspirant should not be overly distracted. By any personality differences between various members of humanity. Above all our focus needs; to be maintained on all those aspects. Which are the same for us all.

Conscious process of actively changing energy state. Or vibrational education is defined to be insight meditation. Which is consciously invoking; or bringing down of our own Over soul energy. Sadly there is absolutely no possibility; for anyone to comprehend correctly. What is being shared. Until first the choice is made to practice; more advanced deeper serious meditation. In conclusion this is in direct comparison. To the many other forms of surface meditation; that are available today.

Me thinks you are too clever

However while a spiritual aspirant; chooses to continue functioning on the mental level only. Being captivated with rational stories. Then unfortunately and sadly he will never ever get it. In addition this is exactly the same message. As the Buddha in compassion once gave to a querent. Who came to him seeking guidance many years ago; “me thinks you are too clever”. My message is probably a little bit more blunt. Save your energy and stop wasting your time.

Please feel free to continue on the path of enjoying. All manor of captivating rational stories; in whatever context for all eternity. While staying only on the level of entertainment activity. This aspect of spiritual entertainment education; needs to be taken in its widest context. Which is to include the reading of any book, listening to any guru or lifestyle coach. Certainly it even includes an enlightened being.

These activities are only important; in the context of gaining inspiration with an idea. That you are prepared to act upon! To prove my original statement. Which is that no one has ever or will ever; escape the wheel of rebirth this way.

Spiritual Aspirant needs Focus to achieve Spiritual development

Everyone determines their own reality. For instance that the reality of existence will always remain the same. However it is only our perception of it; that may change. Therefore it is our perception of reality; at any given point in time. That will determine our own particular personal reality. Determining factor for personal reality; is the level of perception. In conclusion we would say; that it is simply a question of applied focus!

Physics principal

When we touch a glass at room temperature glass. Which is say 25 degrees Celsius. Certainly we know this because it is an air conditioned room. That has been set at 25C. It can be observed the glass warms up. Appropriately this is because our body temperature is 37C. Accordingly by the chosen action of touching the glass; there is a heat transference.

Meditation is a demonstration of this very same physics principal. When we are meditating; our awareness is focused upon. Or touching the silver cord from the Over soul; into our brain consciousness on the earth plane. Therefore when we apply this focus with discipline. Soul energy flow will speed up. Consequently when we stop meditating soul energy flow slows down. In addition this is a demonstration that energy follows thought.

Maturity in meditation practice promotes Spiritual Development

As we gain maturity in meditation practice. Which means that the flow of energy; from the Over soul becomes progressively strengthened. Therefore naturally our perception over time; is from a viewpoint from a raised level of awareness. Accordingly our reality over time will change as well. In other words would be to say; that we become a conscious human being. Which is the whole point and purpose of meditation.

Therefore simply by choosing to meditate or not meditate. We are all determining the level of reality; that is most suitable or comfortable for our circumstances. Interestingly the question to meditate or not is an elementary demonstration. For the level of commitment with applied discipline practiced.

Spiritual aspirant today working disciple tomorrow

Therefore we should all keep in mind; that the spiritual aspirant of today. Is the working disciple of tomorrow. Above all hopefully your transition through the limitations. Of enjoying mental level only personality perception of phenomena will be swift. Avoiding illusion that can often be seen for many lifetimes. In other words personality focused intelligence; is not worth much.

In conclusion personality needs to become an instrument of soul. Fastest way to achieve complete success is with Vipassana meditation. Therefore we wish you well. On your journey of discovery into the fourth dimension. In other words commonly referred to; as being on the inner levels.

Spiritual Aspirant Meditation class

How to meditate advanced meditation secrets; can be studied in more detail on the Insight Meditation Summary page. In addition Meditation class is often the first step; taken at an Ashram, monastery or meditation center. Which most querents will take. When starting upon their meditation career. However while the focus of meditating ability; is only upon surface levels. Unfortunately then this will be a form of meditation illusion. However as one step follows another brothers. Perhaps we may rejoice. Deeper commitment will result in serious spiritual development.

Insight meditation speeds up spiritual evolution