Spiritual Wisdom Achieved with Energy Follows Thought

Energy Follows Thought

Spiritual wisdom energy state is a demonstration that energy follows thought. Which is an energy state that reveals a high level of consciousness or frequency. Created with insight meditation practice. Consequently this leads to the ability to receive psychic insights.

Spiritually Conscious energy state Psychic Insights

Light is the Great Revealer

Explains the choice between living in the illumination of soul light. Which is in the center or living in the shadows on the outer edges. Symbolically speaking a spiritual aspirant must begin the spiritual journey. Of moving into deeper awareness, by first stepping upon the wheel.

At first he is an unbalanced human being on the outer edges of the wheel; where it is slower moving. Over time he needs to move closer to the center of the wheel. Where the movement is faster and the required balance is greater. The final result is spiritual wisdom; which is an enlightened energy state.

Are you strong enough to stay upon the wheel to its final conclusion? One firm foundation step after another. And you will always have the required balance; to take the next step closer to the center of the wheel. Once you find yourself standing in the center of the wheel. The pattern of your life becomes effortless as your movement is now straight up.

Why Invokes light which enables receiving of psychic insights

Everyone has the choice to walk in the light or the shadows. WHY is the question, which invokes the light? People ask for light and then reject what the light reveals. Because they find it to painful to face the lower aspects of their own self. However keep in mind that you also see the higher aspects within as well. Therefore light is a force. Which pushes back the darkness; revealing what has been living within the shadows.

Age old quote: Manifestion of Energy Follows Thought

Significantly this leads us to that age-old quote [A man lives in the protection of his own shadow and then complains that the world is a dark place in which to live]. The personality or ego living as a power unto itself; likes to live within the shadows. Because the light of soul transforms the power of the personality. From a power unto itself into an instrument of soul. Instead of pursuing personality desire with resultant pain and suffering experience. The entity will pursue a path of greatest service to others. In conclusion this soul directive simply means; to move from a selfish to a selfless focus.

All manifestation is energy. It naturally follows that everything in existence; is then subject to Natural or energy laws. Everything is physics in the end! An old esoteric law is that Energy Follows Thought. An entity neither strong enough nor willing to face what the light reveals; will choose to live within the shadows. Limitations commonly called blind spots. Will sabotage your life. By these behavioral patterns outside conscious awareness or control. Aspects of lower personality when not faced within. You will project onto another. Only to attack your brother over limitations; which have nothing to do with your brother?

Homeopathic Principal of Like cures Like

In the example of choosing to reject a particular lower personality energy; but finding you are unable to do so. While becoming irritated in the process is a signpost. This reveals that the same energy; is within you and you need to accept responsibility for it. The inability to remain detached from a particular energy; which is also present within. Is equally true for all energy; whether it be higher or lower. Only a person who has dissolved all personality resistance; with Insight Meditation practice to achieve enlightenment. Has the ability to remain detached in all conditions!

Importantly the spiritual purpose of relationship is to transform. Your own lower personality nature into a more universal way of being. Which we can see demonstrates the homeopathic principle of like curses like. The wisest approach is to allow this natural process; to work for you without resisting in any way. However pain and suffering is your greatest blessing; because when embraced allows you to open up and grow spiritually.

White Palace insight meditation is a process that leads to balancing of chakras with a stronger aura. Clear mental process psychic insights of soul infused mind
White Palace insight meditation is a process that leads to balancing of chakras with a stronger aura. Clear mental process psychic insights of soul infused mind

After we have successfully identified the undesirable energy within. We can look for the suitable energy to replace it. By using the behavioral barometer we can find a suitable energy to replace it. Love is letting go of fear. Acceptance is letting go of antagonism. Willing is letting go of anger. Genuine interest is letting go of resentment. Enthusiasm is letting go of hostility. Self-assurance is letting go of fear of loss. Equality is letting go of grief and guilt.

Accept Responsibility for how you feel to gain Psychic Insights

Therefore by adopting the soul inspired unifying emotion. In place of the personality focused separating emotion you are able to transform yourself. Create greater peace. By the conscious movement from the reactive to the responsive pattern. The acceptance of responsibility for how you feel is an important essential element. Which enables you to practice this path of detached observation of the self. More simply we could say to view. From the detached mental level without emotional distortion of perception. Which is a demonstration of psychic insights.

Love is Giving to Fulfil needs and Not Wants

Spiritual Wisdom Energy State

One day a miracle may happen and she then chooses to accept responsibility for her bitterness. Because after all she is the only one creating it. She will now see her husband with real genuine interest for the first time in her life. And seek to give him what he really needs. She will move from selfish to selfless behavior. And the magnitude of her love. Which she now expresses. Will astound the entire world; and not the least her own husband. Above all this does not mean; that she spoils him but gives him what he truly needs.

Children will exploit parental weakness for self gain

Spiritual aspirant needs to gain some timeless knowledge on the path to spiritual wisdom energy state. Develop psychic insights with advanced meditating ability
Spiritual aspirant needs to gain some timeless knowledge on the path to spiritual wisdom energy state. Develop psychic insights with advanced meditating ability

All little children are excellent psychologists who can recognize weakness in their parents. As children lack maturity their focus naturally and usually tends towards self-interest. They work out very early that when you divide mum and dad. You can achieve what you want for yourself more easily. Here is another story because I like you enjoy a good story.

Now there once was a child of three-year-old; who emotionally manipulated her mother to attack dad. This was possible because the child recognized the mental level weakness with the associated emotional focus of the mother. She was so successful in exploiting mum’s self-interest only focus; with her natural tendency to jealousy. That the father left home because he was unable to bring in the spiritual disciplinary framework. Now the child is a young woman of 18 years of age. Leaving her mother’s home to pursue an independent life. The emotional manipulator pattern of the grandmother, mother and the daughter. This pattern is passing on for three generations. That we can see.

Spiritual Wisdom Energy State Conservation Rule

However will the daughter now an adult pass on once again the family conditioned defect? What did my father say so many years ago? When children leave home as adults. The luxury of blaming mum and dad is over. We are all our choices? The stage of spiritual evolution for an entity can be clearly and easily seen. The degree in which the nine chakra’s or energy centres of the body are open. And functioning in a balanced way reveals the spiritual status of that individual. In summary purification demonstrates the energy conservation rule.

Insight meditation summary is a complete record pathway to become a spiritual master. When meditating for first time it is easier to participate within a group.
Insight meditation summary is a complete record pathway to become a spiritual master. When meditating for first time it is easier to participate within a group.

This is also necessary for the thoughts and feelings, which we choose to express through our mental and emotional bodies. Less impurities to process and eliminate. Means you can retain greater energy for healing and repair. The end result of all this is a longer healthier more youthful life. This leads us back to our original choice in life once again. Which is to walk in the light or the shadows. Where do you choose to walk? Do you know?

Everyone who practices Insight meditation correctly knows by their own direct personal experience! Even in the early stages during meditation practice. You will feel the energy build up stretching and elongating your spine. Only to contact down again. After the hour long meditation is over. Consequently over time as you meditate more and more your soul energy flow rate; will become more permanently improved. Appropriately you then find that your spine remains in a more permanently alignment state. Which we can see in combination with far better health and clarity of mind of course! Here is a link to a Youtube video on common meditation.

Personality Resistance to Soul Light

Spiritual Wisdom Energy State

Importantly the source and the solution to every problem is within the self. Which we can see with psychic insights. Therefore when you see a problem correctly you also see the solution clearly. Required now. Is the self-discipline to apply it. As energy follows thought. It is the creation. Of positive thought forms replacing negative ones. Which die through lack of attention; which is the pathway to personal freedom and transformation. In summary this article explains the steps.The spiritual aspirant needs to take. To achieve mastery over his own ego or personality.

The age-old adage of [seek and you shall find] is just as true today as it was in the origins of the past. People ask for light and then reject what the light reveals because it hurts the eyes. We invoke energy and then resist the impact of that energy to move and sweep clean the uncleared personality. Not only is this unwise but it is also very uncomfortable; as this results in pain and suffering experience. Choice determines fate.

Personality resistance is simply resistance to soul light. Therefore we should always keep in mind. That we can see both the higher and the lower aspects of personality with soul light. Psychic insights are easy to see. When you cultivate stronger flows of energy from the over soul. Wisely we see everything; but our focus is on the higher aspects. Therefore this approach allows you the strength and the tenacity; to move forward into greater freedom. Above all soul light weakens the power of the personality; which is the whole reason why the personality resists.

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