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Discover the Meaning of Life or Holy Grail

Discover the meaning of life or holy grail. Which you can find on Google. Christ said beware of false prophets, which means practice discrimination.
Discover the meaning of life or holy grail. Which you can find on Google. Christ said beware of false prophets, which means practice discrimination.

Anyone who seeks to find a holistic solution to their health problems. Will eventually discover the deeper aspects of life or holy grail. Accordingly this article presents a very simple and easy to understand message. For all who wish to escape any medical problem. How many of average humanity have the awareness. That every medical symptom is a sign post or message from life? In summary all the clinical symptoms of every degenerative disease; will reveal the underlying dysfunction. And point the way to discover the meaning of life at an Ashram.

What is the medical profession usual approach to these messages? Take these messages away or shoot the messenger of course! However, what do we see. With this approach you are not removing the underlying cause. Then the symptoms will always return. Or the problem will move onto a deeper level. That will lead to the expression of more serious symptoms.

Shooting the messenger not a solution

All humanity needs to learn that shooting the messenger changes nothing in real terms. There is only one solution and that is to remove the underlying cause. Which is to invoke energy and move from the contracted to the expanded state. Which leads to the discovery of the meaning of life or holy grail.

This is a process that begins with an understanding of self protective psychology. And here is a link to a Youtube video on self protective psychology.

These are only two health states of being. Which is either being in contraction or expansion. The contracted or low energy state is when the ego dominates. By comparison the expanded or high energy state; is when the soul dominates. Sure, an individual who has a strong focus on physical fitness. Can delay this process to some extent; by developing a body with a strong muscular system. However, as the individual slows down with the natural aging process. Then the net gravity effects of a strong pull downwards. Will always find expression in the end.

Search for holy grail is only one direction leading anywhere. Which is straight up timeless secret Path of increasing frequency or vibration consciousness Ashram.
Search for holy grail is only one direction leading anywhere. Which is straight up timeless secret Path of increasing frequency or vibration consciousness Ashram.

Poor Health associated poor Conformation

The overall pattern is the hunched shoulders of resentment. With a longitudinal sideways rotation of the spinal canal with a forward tilting pelvis. Due to a weakening or slowing of nerve function from compressed nerves from the spinal cord. The muscles of the abdomen will become weaker. This leads to enlargement of the abdomen as it slumps down. With the added secondary deposition of abdominal fat, which is an important precursor to the onset of diabetes.

As this overall structure leads to congestion of energy; in the lower chakras or energy centres of the body. Then so too you will see a natural tendency for sexual interest; as the sacral chakra becomes over stimulated. In summary this pattern is particularly easy to see; in the pear shaped woman or man for that matter.

Low Energy State

The direct symptoms of the contracted or low energy state are Migraine, Headache, Back Pain, Neck Pain, and Spinal Pain. It is the contraction downwards. Which leads to constrictions in the flow of the cerebral spinal fluid system, which cushions the brain and spinal cord. These constrictions can lead to a very significant pressure build up within the cranium on the brain. Which can be very painful within the confined space. This is an important underlying cause for many cases of headache or migraine.

The secondary effect is the tendency to over weight. With lower vitality due to the fundamental congestion; of energies along the spinal cord. The next or third consequence is the periodic expression of the healing crisis. Which in simple language means to get sick with cough, colds, flu, diarrhea, skin rashes etc.

Digestive inefficiency

The chronically thin person usually has a digestive inefficiency due to excessive impurities coating the lining of the digestive system. Which is often dietary related. Long term chronic stress inhibits the motility of the gastrointestinal system. Which will also lead to a significant reduction in the efficiency of the processes of normal digestion. Sadly the thin person will often display a more significant contraction of the spinal alignment downwards. Which is due to significantly weaker muscular support of the spinal vertebrae.

Definition of Insight Meditation Three stages meditation

However, we can say. That all forms of meditation in the diffuse category; constitute girly giggle meditation capability. Because all surface meditation capability in isolation. By definition is a layer of illusion. To pass through. In fact, even during stage one ability of a focused technique. Which for many meditators leads. To losing their self in the illusion. Consequently, when the meditating ability only remains on this level of capability.

Soul energy is cold while ego energy is hot

During the initial stage of meditating, when you first become aware of subtle or Auric energy. You will feel soul energy as a cool breeze. Which is flowing over the hot reactive rock of ego. At first you will experience it. As a sizzling sparkling physics reaction. Its outward appearance on a surface level will be heat generation.

Some meditators may become so hot. That they will actually perspire during this beginner stage of meditation. Therefore by definition soul energy is cold while ego energy is hot. An Analogy would be to say; that the soul pours cold water over the hot ego during meditation practice.

Complete process of extinguishing the hot reactive rock of ego takes many many years. In most cases it will take at least twenty to thirty years of continuous meditation. Before complete dissolution has occurred. Therefore serious meditation is not for the faint hearted. Young people who start meditating early will have a very significant advantage over older meditators. Which is in the context of achieving significant dissolving results.

Path of Discipline is only Pathway to Freedom

Escape the wheel of rebirth with meditation higher consciousness. Ashram insight meditation secrets higher consciousness is an applied discipline. A clarity of perception with tenacity of effort. Therefore everyone on the planet. Who fails to practice insight meditation, taken to its final conclusion in this lifetime. It will be waiting for you in your next incarnation. However for all those people who never ever practice insight meditation. Then consequently and very sadly for you; the wheel of rebirth is your lot for all eternity.

Unless of course your oversoul looses all hope for you to find your way home. In which case the oversoul will withdraw the soul aspect of you. To allow the personality elements to dissipate back to where they came. As in the concept of ashes to ashes and dust to dust. Probably it is best to keep in mind. That discipline and love are two sides or aspects of the same coin. Which you should not separate. But viewed as one energy.

Meaning of Life Psychic Insight Meditation Secrets

Especially relevant when practicing insight meditation correctly; you will receive psychic insights. In that you will see your own mental and emotional pattern, in a wider context. When compared with what was previously possible. Therefore, this is the whole basis, for the name of insight meditation. This reveals that the energy flow from the over soul is increasing; and that you are definitely meditating correctly.

These psychic insights can typically occur in the early stages of meditation enlightened practice. Most importantly they can occur even at the Anapana or beginner stage of meditation. In the peace of stillness we may all become aware of the divine spark of divinity. That is within us all.

Meaning of Life is the Secret of Life

The secret of life is to be unconditional. Which requires the implementation of correct assertive behaviour. Which avoids the doormat pattern. Love is giving freely and openly. When sharing your own inner being with others. Which is a natural consequence of choosing to adopt a fully conscious life. As soon as we become conditional then this will lead to a distortion of perceptions. With the closing off of the heart chakra. When we loose heart connections. The natural consequence will be to project your own limitations onto another. Which has nothing to do with others. As it is only ever about you!

Our journey in consciousness only begins. When we first accept 100% responsibility for our emotions. So many of average humanity; would prefer to hate another. Rather than face the truth about their own self in the first place. So in this way discover the meaning of life.

Meditation Enlightened to remove Blind Spots

All it takes is one false assumption or miss conception to become completely lost. Which is the way of the ego to keep itself in power over the life patten of the entity. By denying even the validity over some presented evidence, theory or concept. Its natural consequence is to not even looking at it. Rather than examine all the evidence in an ambivalent way without any expectations of outcomes. Which would then enable the ability to see all of what is there. And then hopefully in this way learn the life lessons from this pattern of experience.

In failure you have the seeds for success. The ego thinks it is so smart; demonstrating ego directed intelligence, which is not worth very much. As most people will eventually come to work out for themselves.

Pain and Suffering Experience find Life Meaning by default

But what is the natural conclusion for this approach? Which is pain and suffering experience of course. Because you cannot see the potholes in the road beforehand. And the fool ego falls right into them every time. A perpetually recurring pattern until the pain and suffering becomes so great. That you create a beautiful grief experience for yourself. Bringing with it the surrender state. A giving up with the opening up of the crown chakra. Allowing greater soul light intensity from the oversoul into the brain consciousness of the individual. How many lifetimes to practice the discipline of meditation. To escape the illusion?

Why do Problems Remain the Same?

Our problems in life remain the same; no matter where we go nor with whom we are in relationship. Because we take ourselves with us. Which is sad but true. Therefore it is clear; that the battle of the spiritual warrior is within. Perhaps we should all keep in mind that nothing comes out of a person; that is not already there. Which means visiting an Ashram, Monastery or Meditation centre to find out how to become meditation enlightened!

Meditating monk is pointing in only direction leading anywhere which is straight up a timeless secret. Path of increasing frequency or vibration consciousness
Meditating monk is pointing in only direction leading anywhere which is straight up a timeless secret. Path of increasing frequency or vibration consciousness

Discover the Meaning of Life or Holy Grail Within Self

While your search for the Holy Grail is outside of yourself. You will never ever find it. The simple reason is because the over soul or Holy Grail is within. Which has never been any different since the origins of time. So now we come to the only way to heal your whole being. Which is to free yourself from all the unpleasant medical symptoms of degenerative disease. Insight Meditation practice taken to its final conclusion. Is the panacea solution that will even remove your need to reincarnate. Which reveals. Discover the meaning of life or holy grail.

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After reading and studying this post. You can now regard yourself to be a serious esoteric student. Importantly the next step is to practice serious insight meditation! Which is in order to achieve a lighter vibration of being. That will completely transform the pattern of your life!

Insight Meditation is a dissolving process; which promotes or invokes the increased flow of energy from the Oversoul. It is an awareness focused to a point meditation technique. Which is the only way; to bring the full power of the Oversoul. Into your brain consciousness or being on the earth plane; in order to fully dissolve the resistance of ego. Learning the meditation technique is simple and easy. However the discipline of practice requires a little more effort.