Meaning of Words by Spirit Guide Master Lai Yung

Evolution of consciousness by Lai Yung: Any meditator may follow the same pathway to enlightenment; as the Buddha achieved.
Evolution of consciousness by Lai Yung: Any meditator may follow the same pathway to enlightenment; as the Buddha achieved.

Word of Meaning Discourse by Lai Yung “Master of Happiness”

Spirit Guide Peacock Spiritual Development Brotherhood

Greetings beloved ones, Greetings. Lai Yung, Master of Happiness, once more draws close; that in the peace of understanding we may unite once again. It is indeed a little while since we contacted each other; for most of the work has been done by our brother Rani Lash. And in so doing, the power and the drive of the group has been augmented to a considerable degree. Each of you has found yourself going ahead, going ahead along your own allotted path; and working in that indefinable way that each one of you chooses to adopt. Meaning of words.

Each one weaving his own net, each one weaving his own web; and like the spider, working within that web of light. It has been said that the true disciple is indeed a spider; because he weaves and what he weaves are gossamer threads of light. And from that light he weaves his own spiritual path upon which he must walk.

Path you weave for yourself

There is no path other than the path which you weave for yourselves. You create your own light, you create your own pattern; you create the stepping stones for your feet. And you create the mudholes in which you so often flounder. Thereby you find that your special path is an individual path; which you have created for yourselves. And therefore, if it is rather stony, turn only to yourselves and ask yourselves “Why?”

When one begins to create with purpose. Then one sends forth streams of energy and one creates various forms; various thoughtforms which are drawn together and each thought form is that which lies at the back of our progress. Directing, augmenting or retarding, according to its qualities and according to the energies we have utilised, creating it.

As we utilise we bring about certain conditions and we find that we have brought from the matrix as it were; from the endless source of energies of which we are composed and with which we are surrounded. Those various substances which we bring together; and link together in order to make for ourselves both the present and the future. A future which depends upon that which we are creating today. And therefore in our creation; it behooves us to be aware of our present pattern rather than be concerned with the past or with the future.

What we create today will be our future Meaning of words

What we create today will be our future and it will indeed lay a carpet before us on which we can walk; or it will, in similar fashion; lay before us a pathway of thorns and boulders upon which we must also walk. In this, we find that there is little that we can take from outside ourselves; in order to lay blame or criticism for that which is happening to us. Because in recognising our own intrinsic worth, in recognising our own intrinsic qualities. We take to ourselves the responsibility for what we are; and where we are going and how we utilise what we have.

We have said to you in the past, that there is a meaning to words. In fact it was discussed at the last meeting by our brother, and we suggested to you various words. We suggested to you the symbolism and the meaning that lies behind various names and letters, and we also pointed out to you that there are many discrepancies within the language, and that the distortions which the personality has brought about to the meaning of words has become universal and is now accepted as being a normal method of approach; a normal method of utilising any particular language.

Letters and numbers and words are form

Tonight we felt that we would perhaps discuss one or two words, and maybe in the future discuss other words, in order to perhaps bring to your awareness and your clarity of vision and understanding, the original meanings that lie behind many words within your language which have become distorted and which today upon earth carry an entirely different meaning, usually a very negative one. And yet so much that lies behind the meanings of letters and words and numbers is the very essence of those spiritual entities which ensoul all forms. Remember that even letters and numbers and words are form; created, energies created into certain forms.

All form is ensouled

And as all form is ensouled by some particular life, however small, however infinitesimal, then we have, lying behind all words, the meaning of the essence which is within them: a spiritual entity endeavouring to express itself through the garb, through the outer covering of a symbolic form. We were thinking tonight about the word “gratitude” and how man puts his own meaning on the word “gratitude” because gratitude is taken to mean that one is grateful, which is true. And yet how much does one realise to what, to whom, in what direction one should direct one’s gratitude.

So often the word gratitude is taken to mean that one should be grateful to some outer source or energy, that one should be grateful to another human being for something; that one should be grateful to some form of deity perhaps; that one should be grateful to many aspects and conditions of existence and living which are outside ourselves.

And yet in truth, we see the true purpose of gratitude as gratitude to one’s true self; and gratitude to the substance of which one’s vehicles of the personality are created. Therefore we see the true meaning of gratitude as an understanding; of what we truly are, of an understanding of the substance of which we are composed, and the energies which flow through us, which are the essence of our being. And when we look at it in this way, we see that gratitude is not an outgoing energy as is so often conceived. It is an energy which is turned inwards towards oneself, as a constructive creative matter of building.

Inwards Gratitude is a Creative Force

And gratitude when it is applied in this way, the energy of gratitude; becomes a creative force and is part of the process of weaving our own particular path. And creating upon earth that collection of conditions which, put together, make for us our environment. In doing this we have to understand exactly what it is we are being grateful for. If we do not understand about the conditions of our life; and the energies which form ourselves and our vehicles of manifestation.

Then we are in no position to be truly grateful for anything; because we are more likely to be grateful for that which comes to us from the world of illusion. And which is of little true value (as so often happens upon your earth) and to be very critical and ungrateful for the true spiritual qualities; which manifest within our lives and around us.


When we look at the energy of which we are composed, we find that we are an amalgam of many, many energies, which; when it is directed by mental direction, becomes force. As we look at ourselves, we are able to see if our vision is clear (and we are all able to see to a certain degree) where our possibilities lie; where our higher qualities lie; where our strength lies and where our weakness and infirmity lie. And when we look then we are able to see that there are possibilities within all the substance of which we are created; and within those possibilities lies the whole key to our success or our failure if we want to use that word. Although we do not usually like to speak of failures, believing there is no failure but the failure to try.

The spiritual aspirant meaning is anyone who has a strong commitment to spiritual development. This means metaphysical study with serious meditation practice.
The spiritual aspirant meaning is anyone who has a strong commitment to spiritual development. This means metaphysical study with serious meditation practice.

Looking at our limitations Meaning of words

Grateful for the Possibilities

In doing this, we see that what we are truly grateful to, are the possibilities, the possibilities of being what we are, and where we are. Looking at it in this way we each realise that we have within ourselves all that is necessary to complete the pattern of our life upon earth in this particular incarnation. Therefore no one is lacking, no one is without that which they need. It is mainly a case of recognising what we have and utilising it to the full. What we feel we are lacking so often is only a matter of recognition. The recognition of what we are, the ability to look into ourselves with understanding, so often enables us to realise that much potential is left unused.

And that potential which is our birthright; is given to us for this certain purpose. And with its aid we are able to complete that purpose within this particular incarnation. Therefore we can be grateful for what we are; and we can be grateful for the substance and the potential energy within that substance of which we are composed.

No atom of being without purpose

When we look at it in this way, we begin to recognise; that there is no atom of our being which is without purpose, which is without use. We begin to realise that we are not just a confused collection of meaningless energies; but that we are a very coordinated pattern of energy; that we are energy in its finest form. And also we are energy in its coarsest form; that we have vibrations which are harmonious with the whole; and that we have vibrations which are inharmonious with the whole.

We also recognise that we have the capacity within us, as Sons of Divinity; to direct and control the energy from our highest point of consciousness and awareness. And in so recognising, we come to a point; where we begin to be more grateful to the conditions in which we find ourselves.

Lotus Eating

It is of little importance to ourselves, our true selves, (the Soul shall we say) to find ourselves living within worldly comforts; within the surroundings of luxury, within all that materialism has to offer. If at the end of an incarnation we move out little wiser; little stronger, little more expanded, radiating no more light; than when we came into incarnation.

We can say perhaps, that we have been lotus-eating, we have dreamt away a period which for us was a whole incarnation within a drugged state of inaccessibility; and we have indeed buried our talents. We have not taken our talents and put them into active use. We have not spent them. We have not bought what was needed. We have not taken our coins and made them grow. We have not drawn interest from them and we have not indeed utilised them to the best of our ability to purchase what was necessary speaking symbolically of course. He who buries his talents may return with the same talents with which he started the journey; but he will certainly never have increased either their quantity or their quality.

Outer garment of some form of life

So looking at the situation in this way; we find that we can be grateful to the substance; which is the outer form of our being which we indeed have earned and which we have drawn towards us. When we recognise that all substance is the outer garment of some form of life; however infinitesimal, then we can be grateful to the lesser lives of which our substance is composed. Knowing that without the co-ordination and co-operation of these lives; we would not be able to attain any of those stages of advancement which we are striving for.

And in so doing, recognising that in our striving and our progress; we are indeed uplifting those lesser lives; which are the very essence of our substance. And so co-operation at all points is taking place; and we are moving rapidly from one expansion to another, drawing as we do so, all life with us.


“If be raised unto the Father” as one said in your scriptures; “I will take all men with me.” It is a true statement. As you are raised, so do you take others with you. So do you take the very life within your own substance, the lesser lives. So do you take the mental energy. So do you take the emotional energy and its inner life, and so do you take the physical energy. And so to be grateful, we have to learn what it is we have to be grateful about, and to what we have to be grateful. If we do not understand the composition of our own Being, if we do not understand our self as the inner,
directing, spiritual energy within an outer form, then how can we be grateful in a true fashion to that which is enabling us to progress?

Barrier Blindness and Darkness

He who condemns the lesser life condemns himself. He who condemns the physical, the emotional, or the mental, only condemns his own vehicles of expression, and without them limits his true Being from gaining the experience which it has come to gain. He who believes that spirituality only lies within the heavens and not within the earth; has indeed built a barrier around himself which creates blindness and darkness.

And within that darkness, no matter how long that person searches for spirituality, he will find only darkness, because the very limitation of his own narrow concepts creates that darkness. For spirit is universal and all Life is universal, and as spirit and light are synonymous, then we are dealing with the universal at all times. The whole separatism is but illusion, is but glamour; and he who dwells within separatism dwells always in darkness, frustration and disappointment.

As we begin to expand into the whole, as we begin to recognise universal love rather than self-centred love, then we move into those worlds of expansion where all is Light. The very energies of the environment, the very energies of the planet and the energies of the various spiritual planes become ours to utilise as they flow through us. So we move out of a small dark section of life, into Light.

Own Spiritual Essence

Looking at it in this way, we see that it is necessary to be grateful to all that we have, to all that we are, and not to be grateful necessarily to outer forces, to outer beings or to outer deities. What we attain we are attaining because we are our own deity; we are our own spiritual essence manifesting through form. And as we call upon that spiritual essence we draw into our self the very qualities of life which are our own true nature. Recognising this, we take to ourselves the responsibility of being Gods in the making. We take to ourselves the responsibilities that go with being a king within our own kingdom and being responsible for the lives of so many lesser entities of so many lessor lifeforms which are within our own substance.

Upon your earth of course you have recognised scientifically that there is life in all substance. You have your own terminology for it. You call, perhaps, the very life in substance, germs, microbes, what you will. This is your terminology; once again it is unimportant. But it recognises life, and life in substance is the very essence of its being and its ability to function.

The deeper recognition which you are learning is that all is part of the one life, and that you are responsible for all lesser lives within your being and that above you there is always a level of Being that is responsible for you are at present moment. And that is the very apex of yourself, your higher consciousness, the Universal, which creates and expands the whole, and of which you, in essence, are but a fragment in incarnation.

Recognising qualities within ourselves

In recognising these qualities, one learns to be grateful for so many things that are within ourselves, and we begin to look at what we have rather than bemoaning our fate, and complaining about what we feel we are not. We begin to recognise that if we feel lacking in some way, it is only because we have not looked into that Pandora’s box as it were, which is our true self, and examined exactly what collection of tools we have been given on our entrance into incarnation in order to take us through a particular life.

How many really examine the toolbox that they have been given? The toolbox which they as master carpenters, will utilise to do that particular work on earth which they have come to complete. How many truly look at what they have?

Utilise every aspect of one’s being

How many pick only one tool or two tools out of the box and ignore the others; either not seeing them, or not recognising the purpose for which they are created. And yet complaining bitterly very often, because of that which is not going the way they feel it should go within their lives; when perhaps what is needed is to take out a particular tool and loosen perhaps a particular nut or bolt within oneself and to allow the energy to flow through; to allow Divine purpose to be fulfilled to utlise every aspect of one’s Being, and in doing this thereby to work at full capacity.

If we are only working with a fraction of our potential, then we are perhaps like the machines upon your earth, your automobiles, working with only three cylinders firing when there should be four, or working with four cylinders when there should be six; and as you know, you do not get a smooth running engine.

So why then should you expect to work your own system, your own Vehicles of expression; with half the cylinders perhaps not functioning, or only functioning with perhaps fifty percent accuracy and power? Looking at it in this way it becomes incumbent upon all disciples to utilise what they have; and in order to do this, first to look most carefully at what they have. Because if they do not know what they have, how can they utilise it? So to look at oneself and to analyse oneself, and to recognise one’s motivation; is one of the biggest tests that a spiritual aspirant can take.

Self Esteem

And putting oneself as it were, under the microscope, one begins to see what one truly has; and one sees that one has far more than one has recognised in the past. It is as if we put that under a physical microscope which was too small to be seen by the physical eye; and we thought there was nothing there. But once we get it under the physical microscope, we see there is a whole host of Life.

It is like a spot of blood perhaps, in which we see nothing but a red viscous fluid; but when it is examined, it becomes filled with life of many kinds; filled with all kinds of lesser lives. If you look at yourselves in this way, you begin to realise that there is far more to you than you had thought; and so the self-esteem is raised. And you recognise that you are not as worthless as you may have been thinking.


And you recognise that you can be grateful because there is so much quality within you; that once it is put to use you truly begin to act; think and work as the latent deities that you truly are, rather than limited human personality. You then learn that you can be grateful for the ability to look at yourselves; and so from quality to quality you begin to be grateful, always turning that gratitude within. You can say to yourselves “Well, if I have not got the ability to analyse and look within myself; then I would be far worse off, so I can be grateful for that ability.

If I had not got the ability to discriminate; even if I looked I would not be able to separate the dross from the pure gold; so I can be grateful for the ability to discriminate.” And you can say to yourselves “If I am able to look at my brother and see within him; because of this inner discrimination, a need which I can help to fulfil in service to him. Then I am helping not only myself, but my brother, along the spiritual path; and I can be grateful that I have the capacity to do this.”

Gratitude should be turned within

And so as we look, we learn that gratitude should always be turned within. To think that our gratitude should go to others gives us a feeling of inferiority. When we do indeed give gratitude to others for services rendered. It is far better to recognise even in that gratitude; that because we are united on an inner level. The one who has given us service has really no need of our gratitude; because his service indeed is his own reward and has taken him forward. And what we have accepted has also enabled him to go forward.

It comes back to the ability both to give and receive, and so many of you are able to give; but have not learned to receive. It is easy to give on all levels, easier than you think, and so often we give out much; a great deal that would be better not given.

We give out harsh words, we give out criticism, we give out injury and harmfulness, we give out bitter thoughts, we give out resentment. But how many of us who do this are able to absorb and to receive the same bitter thoughts, the same resentment, the same criticism from Others? And therefore we see once again, if we look with discriminating eyes, having put ourselves under the microscope are we more capable of giving than receiving? Do we indeed close up when someone sends bitter thoughts towards us, someone sends hurtful energies towards us; or do we absorb it and
give back love? We feel that with all of you, you are far more capable of giving than receiving.

Receive on all levels

And therefore if one cannot fully receive on all levels, even ‘when it is a hurtful energy, how can one receive on a higher level? In order to receive, we have to keep an open door. We are the mills of the Gods, as it were, and within ourselves we utilise all energy, taking it in, dissecting it, and with our discrimination, transforming it and lifting it up to utilise it on a higher level. Therefore we are utilising ourselves in a way which not only gives us spiritual progress, but brings spiritual progress to others, because we are absorbing their resentment, their negativity, and we are returning positive
energy in its place. We do not allow the negativity to stay within us, but as we say, we transmute it, transform it, and send it forth to the world as Light.

Esoteric meaning of Sacrifice is Transmutation

This is receptivity, and again we can be thankful for that which we are receiving, and that which we are able to accomplish within that factory which is the three vehicles of the personality. In so doing, we begin to recognise ever more fully what we truly are – the factory in which all is sorted, in which all is created, employed and utilised, and brought forth in a new and shining form.

Once again we feel upon your earth the word ”Sacrifice” has come to mean a very painful process; a very unwilling process perhaps, of letting go, of giving up something which we would prefer to be holding onto; or in other ways, perhaps, giving up something which is not important to us in such a way that we even wish to hang onto it. And therefore We are not truly sacrificing, But we would say that the esoteric meaning of Sacrifice, is once again transmutation.

True sacrifice is no sacrifice because it is a letting go.

It is a letting go only of that which has become useless; that which has become unnecessary. It is a letting go of that which has become a hindrance, and once again in our understanding of ourselves we see that which has become a hindrance, and we see that which it is necessary to utilise in our present activities for our future progress. To let go of that which holds us back, which holds us enthralled, enchanted, as it were imprisoned within glamour and illusion, is the true sacrifice.

And as we look with clear seeing eyes, we begin to realise that in comparison to the earthly meaning of sacrifice, true sacrifice is no sacrifice at all, because it is a letting go. It is a letting go in order to attain the greater; a letting go of the lesser in order to attain the higher. It is a moving forward and it is at the same time an upliftment, as we say, of the lesser lives of which we are composed.

Sacrifice new level of meaning

Looking at it in this way, we bring the word “Sacrifice” into a new level of meaning, a new understanding. We can say that sacrifice will no longer affect us with despair; with a feeling of misery, with a feeling perhaps of being: tormented, of having something taken from us reluctantly, but rather will be recognised as a freedom; a means of releasing that which is no longer of any useful purpose and which indeed is forming a cage around us: prison bars!

Therefore we will begin to see sacrifice as being a very desirable thing, and once it has been looked at in its true state, a very necessary and helpful state of Being. And we will indeed reach out in an effort to utilise that true sacrifice, because we recognise that only in the sacrifice of the old, do we leave space for the new to manifest; just as upon your earth, you cannot build a new building until you have demolished the old.

Sacrifice Old Buidling

The old building has to be sacrificed does it not? And you do not weep many tears when the old building is sacrificed, because you recognise that you are going to build a new edifice and that you are going to build something which will be more useful, perhaps more beautiful, and will take you forward as a tool, an instrument, into your present way of existence, and accomplish much for you which it would not be possible for the old building to accomplish. In that way, sacrifice has taken its rightful place.

So looking at these things, we see that every word begins to have a new meaning. We see that we speak of one thing when we are speaking esoterically, recognising its inner meaning. When we are speaking from the personality, there will be a different meaning going on to the word and this is so often what causes confusion upon your earth, because people put different meanings on the same words.

Telepathic communication

And therefore when they are speaking they do not understand each other, because one is sending forth a word with a certain meaning and the other is receiving a different meaning. So communications become difficult, and you find that in giving out, it is always necessary to endeavour to understand the meaning of what one is giving and to understand the meaning of what one is receiving. The more one is able to open oneself in a telepathic communication as it were; in an inner feeling, an intuitive feeling towards one’s brethen, the more one is able to understand that meaning that lies behind so many words. We ourselves are indeed very limited when we come to you, because we have to utilise the limitations of your own language.

Were it possible for you to receive directly from our minds, your progress would be much quicker, and you would have greater understanding. There would be no misunderstandings and indeed we could all work more harmoniously together. But having to face the limitations which lie within you, you have to face them within yourselves and we have to face them within you as we have to face our own limitations.

Brain Consciousness

And in so doing, we find that we have to work in the very best way we can around these subjects, and we have to endeavour to explain not only what it is we are trying to say, but to explain the meaning which we put behind certain phrases and certain words, in order that they may be more understandable to you, and in order that perhaps you grasp a little more fully, the meaning that lies behind what we say.

Much will obviously be distorted, much will be brought down into brain consciousness, and you will put your own interpretation on it. Only time will show you whether you were right or wrong, for the interpretation that you put upon it will, as you are beginning to realise, be coloured by your own personalities.


And very often if you are deeply affected by glamour, you will colour what we say completely by your own personality, seeing in it that which you wish to see, and hearing in it that which you wish to hear. But within that inner world of meaning to which you are all reaching, and to which you are all now intuitively beginning to at least have a foothold, there is a universal language There is a universal language of understanding which flows, and which flows intuitively from soul to soul, giving that inner grasp of what is meant.

And this is always available to you if you take the opportunity to tune in, and if you utilise what you receive, looking with discrimination at your own motivations and the glamour of your own personality which will endeavour to colour your thoughts and your receiving.


In this way, we look at Gratitude and we look at Sacrifice and we see them very differently, because we recognise that in both of them we are not sacrificing others, we are only sacrificing our own self. We recognise that we are not being grateful to others, we are only being grateful to our own self. And in doing this we begin to realise that as we turn our attention to our own inner being; rather than continually turning it outwards in negative criticism of others. Then we begin to see exactly what it is that is working within ourselves. We begin to recognise the motivation that lies behind so many of our thoughts and actions.

Penetrating vision inwardly

We serve outwardly, but we look with penetrating vision inwardly. And here we bring to light an apparent contradiction upon the spiritual path! But only apparent contradictions in the understanding of the personality; because to look within to recognise our own limitations; or to look without in order to serve others; is in truth two sides of the same coin.

When we look within and see our own limitations; we are enabled to look without with a much clearer vision. We are enabled to give greater service, because in recognising our own limitations; we are able to clear those limitations from our own vision. We are able to look with clarity at our brethren, and we are able therefore to see the true needs of our brethren and therefore to serve more fully and more efficiently.

Contaminated Aura

If we are continually looking through our own contaminated aura, then what we see in others will inevitably be coloured by our own aura, because when we look outwards our aura radiates from us. As we look through it we find that aura is full of thoughtforms, our own creations; full of our feelings, both negative and positive, and full of the vibration of our physical energy. And therefore as we look out through that aura radiating from our three bodies: physical/etheric, astral and mental (reckoning etheric and physical as one) then we indeed are looking first at what is within ourselves.

Therefore so often when we feel quite honestly that we see or feel something in another person, we are seeing but the reflection of our own aura. It is wise therefore to turn the vision within, and say, before we condemn or criticise another: “Am I truly seeing this in this other person, or is it within my own aura? Is this a limitation of my own? Is it I who give forth this particular vibration? Is it I who give forth that which I am condemning another brother or having done, or said, or thought; and is it myself who reacts constantly in this particular way that I do not like? And therefore, having built thoughtforms into my own aura I see them all around me, and feel they are coming towards me from my brother.”

Spiritual Aspirant

This is a very important lesson for a spiritual aspirant to learn, and it springs from understanding. It springs from understanding of one’s Being and the substance within one’s Being. It springs from an understanding of the three vehicles in which we, the Soul, operate. And as we utilise the energy of these three vehicles, then indeed we create our own environment. As we look within ourselves, within our own aura, and as we recognise our own limitations, we are in a position then to say, “Perhaps I am too hasty. Perhaps what I see is not truly coming from my brother. It is coming from myself, and it behoves me to clear away the debris within my own aura before I can truly see what is emanating from my brother.”


In this way we are indeed looking both within and without, and once we have recognised the possibility that so many limitations can be our own and not an emanation from others, then we are beginning to see clearly what our brother really is. We are beginning to put ourselves in a position where we can serve our brother. If you think of this, beloved ones, if you begin to cultivate the habit that when you tend to judge, assess, criticise (however you may put it, whatever level you are working on) your brother, first of all make sure that your own aura is clear. Make sure that what you see does not come from yourself.

If you have developed the ability to be honest with yourselves (as few indeed have, to be truly honest) then you will perhaps stop at that point and ‘you will not need to look further; because the thing which is troubling you is ‘so often found within your own aura and there you can begin to deal with it. The quickest way to remove it is to remove it from yourself. Because if indeed it is in your own aura, it is no good castigating your brother because it is not coming from your brother. No matter how you castigate your brother, or if he does not fully understand and accepts your condemnation, no matter how hard he tries to rid himself of that particular limitation it will be futile because it will not be within him.


He may know this very well; but yet your constant reiteration and your constant assertion that it is within him; will make him feel that it is, perhaps. And he will endeavour to get rid of something which is ‘not there; thereby utilising energy in a very negative and unnecessary way. While the limitation of course, being within yourself, will remain. You may have drawn a veil across an unpleasantness that you do not wish to face. You may have intended, and maybe even succeeded temporarily in passing your own limitation onto your brother; but you have done nothing to relieve yourself of it. And indeed it will remain in your own aura; and when your brother is gone from your environment you will still have to deal with it.

Love and Kindness

So remember that it will help you considerably if you; before you begin to blame others for certain limitations or indiscretions. Look carefully to see that its not within your own aura. And only when you are certain; with an honest appraisal of yourself. That you yourself do not behave in this way, can you then look at your brother. Even then we say to you “Look with love and kindness and not with criticism”; because if you do, your brother will have a greater opportunity for overcoming those limitations. And because you recognise that your own aura is pure; you will not be affected by any limitations which are sent towards you.

In this way true service becomes a fact, a soul-inspired quality and does not become merely a personality-directed desire. Service once again remember is little understood. It is looked upon as that which is directed by the personality. And because it is directed by the personality in most case; is usually aimed at satisfying one’s own desire, rather than bringing to one’s brethren that which is truly needed. It often inflates one’s ego to feel that one is serving another, and if it is only done on a personality level.

It is usually done in a way which is not always beneficial to one’s brethren; is not always appreciated, and often builds up resentment. So look carefully even at your service; because when it is a soul-inspired quality it will be carried out in love; and it will be carried out regardless of what happens to yourself.

What is in it for me

As we have said to you before ” Ask yourself if you are in doubt, “What is in it for me?” And if you find there is nothing in it for you on a personality level; then you can be reasonably sure that it is a soul quality which is inspiring you. You can go ahead to give what the soul is offering to your brother in service; knowing that perhaps all that you will receive is resentment and abuse. But yet accepting that sacrifice in its true meaning, in order to serve your brother. If what you give is given in order to gain popularity for your personality; you can be sure that there is little help in it for your brother; but merely a gain to yourself and a boost to your own ego.

In this way, you will also discover much about yourself; and you will discover that words have very different meanings on an esoteric level; than those that are given to them on an outer level. Looking at it in this way; perhaps we can utilise words little by little and we can grow to understand them more widely; grow to understand the inner meaning behind them, and to apply that inner meaning within our daily living; within our daily speech; rather than unthinkingly utilising words as they are spoken upon earth.

And accepting only the very limited and often distorted meaning which has been put upon them through the ages, and which now has become accepted by a thoughtless humanity. Words are potent power. Always remember this. Words are power and their power is tremendous. So therefore be careful that you utilise the right word; understand the right meaning and direct its power in the right way, beneficial and never unkind or harmful.


At this point beloved ones; we feel that there will be questions and so we will open this circle so that you may; if you wish, put your questions forward. And we will as usual, endeavour to answer them to the best of our ability. We have indeed many with us tonight who are with us for the first time; and to whom all this perhaps on an outer level is new. And yet we do not really feel, looking around at your lights; that there is anyone here to whom it is completely strange. Because there is within most of you an intuitive understanding. Because of various paths which you have followed in the past; and because of searching which has gone on within you; and which have led you to this particular point at this particular moment.

Perhaps your doubts, your lack of understanding; that which has been confusing you; can indeed be brought out tonight. And we hope that any who feel we can be of help to them will not hesitate to put forward their questions. We are always ready to accept that which is said whether it be levelled at us in love; with a desire to learn, or even in criticism. Our shoulders are broad, and our auras, we feel, are pure enough to take it. So let it flow and we will endeavour to help you in any way that we can. Who would ask the first question?

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After reading and studying this post. You can now regard yourself to be a serious esoteric student. Importantly the next step is to practice serious insight meditation! Which is in order to achieve a lighter vibration of being. That will completely transform the pattern of your life!

Insight Meditation is a dissolving process; which promotes or invokes the increased flow of energy from the Oversoul. It is an awareness focused to a point meditation technique. Which is the only way; to bring the full power of the Oversoul. Into your brain consciousness or being on the earth plane; in order to fully dissolve the resistance of ego. Learning the meditation technique is simple and easy. However the discipline of practice requires a little more effort.