Self Protective Psychology

Self protective psychology pattern creates loss of awareness lower personality limitations with illusion & loss of intimacy. Only solution is open & vulnerable.
Self protective psychology pattern creates loss of awareness lower personality limitations with illusion & loss of intimacy. Only solution is open & vulnerable.

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Emotional Basis for Self Protective Psychology is Fear

There are two choices in our fundamental attitude or approach to life. Which is to be open and vulnerable or closed and protected. When choosing the self protected approach. This will mean to live a self protective psychology pattern. Sadly most of average humanity choose to live this way. So, our first question is why? After some thought we can see. That the only aspect seeking protection is the ego with its personality limitations. Consequently, it then becomes clear. That the emotional underlying basis for self protective psychology is fear. Which is naturally a fear of the ego losing its control over the entity.

Self Protective Psychology Loss of Intimacy

However, the downside in implementing the need for self protection is a loss of intimacy. Which means a lack of feeling being close, emotionally and spiritually connected and supported with others. Open and vulnerable or self protective psychology is the one choice which is before us all.

However the soul needs no protection because it is infinite. Which leads us to the timeless wisdom. That “a soul can exist without an ego but an ego can not exist without a soul”. Right here is the basis for the entity entrapment in illusion. Because the individual concerned thinks that the potential threat can only come from outside the self. However the real threat is only ever within the self. Associated with the self protective psychology pattern are psychic barriers. Which do not protect but imprison within a psychic bubble. These barriers are indiscriminate and keep out what you would like. Which is love in particular. As well as the perceived unwanted energies. To quote the guides would be to say “to throw out the baby with the dish water”.

Projection of your Limitations

In particular these barriers will interfere with soul light illuminating your own lower personality. So when a person feels irritation from a perceived threat. Then there will be the usual reaction to the unwanted energy. Instead of accepting full responsibility for your emotions or feelings in the first place. And then formulating the correct response. There will be the usual projection of your limitations onto another. Like a squirrel in a cage. Hence the source and solution to every problem is only ever within the self.

So we see an individual putting out into the universe a dysfunctional ego driven frequency. That will return. Via the people in that person’s circle of concern. Which the individual does not accept responsibility for. Resulting in attacking or running away from the people who are delivering a personal message. All irritations are sign posts to where there is a need to recreate yourself. The choice to ghost another is the ultimate in denial of personal responsibility.

The most important step in anyone’s life is to open yourself to receive. Because until you do this. It will be business as usual with all the natural consequences of living in this pattern. What is essentially a separation consciousness. So when we choose to love our brother. Then we are just loving another aspect of ourselves. This does not mean that we need to like everyone. But it does mean to respond to needs. Which is love in action.

Soul Light Influence

Always keeping in mind that everything you give out to others. Always comes through your being in the first place. If there is a rejection of any particular energy that we have given out. Then we need to be happy to receive it back again. In passing we can acknowledge. That not everyone likes what they need. Therefore anyone who is under the influence of intense soul light. Will either change in their consciousness or run away. Definitely it is just to uncomfortable to remain in this situation otherwise.

When an individual chooses to walk the path of gaining greater consciousness. Then the first step is to accept 100% responsibility for how you feel. Regardless of what anyone outside your self is doing or not doing. In this way you can work out your own limitations. Insight meditation ability is the conscious process of increasing soul light energy into your life. In this way you become consciously aware of your own lower personality limitations. Which you keep in check by the power of your soul. Maturity in meditation practice removes psychic barriers. In this way you to see your own personality limitations clearly. And consequently easily remove them from your being with clarity of awareness.

Self Protective Psychology to Remain Entrapped in the Wheel of Rebirth

We can state categorically. That anyone who chooses to stay within a self protective psychological pattern. Will remain within the wheel of rebirth. Which is sad but true. Open and vulnerable is to be open as the sky. Which is a pathway of walking into increasing levels of consciousness. Or closed and protected to remain in the pattern of illusion. This essential choice defines everyone’s future.

In other words this is to be a private person individual who is living within serious limitation. Or to be an open and vulnerable individual who is expressing higher consciousness. Who is fully aware of the interconnection nature of the universe. Perhaps we should keep in mind. It is only by choosing to be open. That we may cultivate the prospect of achieving real intimacy with others. As there is an unrestricted free exchange of energy.

Open and Vulnerable to Achieve Real Intimacy

Anyone who chooses to live in private individual consciousness knows nothing about intimacy. Which will lead to the usual feelings of isolation and insecurity. In its most severe form there will be suicidal tendencies. As the person in question feels that no one cares. Which is in itself only a reflection of that particular person’s attitude to the world!!!!!! Our life experience is only ever a mirror of our own unique energy pattern in the first place.

When living the self protective psychological pattern. The only person who is being the fool is the particular person. Who has chosen to live this way. Because you can never hide anything of value. From those who have the eyes to see. So what is the solution to solve this problem of entrapment in illusion. With its consequence of remaining in the wheel of rebirth. That you create with this particular attitude pattern in life? Firstly you need to recognize it. For what it is. And then to see that fear is only a mirage that you need to walk through. Lastly have the courage to be truly and completely vulnerable. And then to accept all the consequences that will arise. Consequently you will use every experience as an avenue for spiritual expansion.

Accept Hurt Feelings to Transcend Personality Limitations

Having hurt feelings at times is the sacrifice. That we all need to make to cultivate real intimacy with family members, friends, acquaintances. And even with people who we meet for the first time or strangers. In any case what does it matter what other say about us. It is only the relationship that we have with ourselves that has any lasting importance. The alternative with a self protection attitude is to feel weak and insecure with every little presented critical comment. Which means that we all need to accept the possibility of hurt feelings in order to transcend our personality limitations. This sacrifice is more than worth it. By being able to create quality intimacy within ourselves and with others. Correct application of discipline to over come personality limitations is the only pathway to freedom.

Brother Bert Dialog Video on Self Protective Psychology

Today I would like to talk about self protective psychology. There are two choices in life. Which is to be open and vulnerable or closed and protected. When choosing the protected approach this will mean living within a self-protective psychology pattern. Self protection creates psychic barriers leads to us to living within a psychic bubble. Which is indiscriminate. You keep out the love as well as the unwanted energies. This psychic barrier bubble of resistance also keeps out communication from your own Oversoul. Into your brain Consciousness illuminating your own lower personality. So you remain unaware of it. Which creates sabotage situations or self-sabotage in your life.

Separation consciousness which leads to conflict. Because you’re unconscious of how your lower personality nature is sabotaging. The dynamics of your relationship with other people. The alternative is a unity consciousness. Where you’re creating Harmony and intimacy. But to get into that situation you need to be completely open and vulnerable. When need to be prepared to see everything that’s available. And that is there. Certainly when you are open you can experience painful conditions. And we need to accept this, and we need to accept responsibility for any pain that we feel. And see it as a learning experience. Where we can learn about ourselves and recreate ourselves. And in fact become a stronger person. Self protection is the pathway of limitation. And remaining within the wheel of rebirth. Open and vulnerable is the pathway of expansion and release from the wheel of rebirth.

Common Meditation

Serious meditation is the fast track to spiritual expansion. It does not matter which meditation technique you practice. Eventually you will need to arrive at the point where you are able to do common meditation. Common meditation is described in another video. Which I would certainly suggest to anyone. Who’s seriously interested would look at that. This is just a quick and basic precis of the consequences of being open and vulnerable. And the consequences of a self-protective psychology. Basically, self-protective psychology is a dead end path and it’ll keep you stuck in your spiritual evolution. And like a squirrel in the cage around and around you won’t go anywhere.

You need to look at the underlying basis for doing that which is fear. And we need to see that fear is just a mirage. And we just need to have the courage to go through that fear. Try and you will see. Okay thank you bye bye for now. Brother Bert wishes you all the best bye bye for now.

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In the peace of understanding may we all dwell.

Brother Bert

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After reading and studying this post. You can now regard yourself to be a serious esoteric student. Importantly the next step is to practice serious insight meditation! Which is in order to achieve a lighter vibration of being. That will completely transform the pattern of your life!

Insight Meditation is a dissolving process; which promotes or invokes the increased flow of energy from the Oversoul. It is an awareness focused to a point meditation technique. Which is the only way; to bring the full power of the Oversoul. Into your brain consciousness or being on the earth plane; in order to fully dissolve the resistance of ego. Learning the meditation technique is simple and easy. However the discipline of practice requires a little more effort.