Light on the Path Love Transcending Fear

Light on the path of love enables correct discrimination between emotional sentimentality and spiritual love. Enlightened meditation is a conscious process of increasing soul energy flow. Energy follows thought to achieve energy state of enlightenment or nirvana.

Light Path of Love

Search for meaning of life. You can only find it within the self light path love. Buddha taught many years ago middle way not too believing not too disbelieving.
Search for meaning of life. You can only find it within the self light path love. Buddha taught many years ago middle way not too believing not too disbelieving.

Correct discrimination between emotional sentimentality and love is essential for a successful life. Since the origins of time the wisdom of the ancients has always been: [As a man thinketh in his heart so is he]. Therefore you can see it right here. The intimate interconnected relationship between thinking and feeling. We have emotion in order to enrich our life and not to rule it. As we all know a life without love is a pointless existence.

However so many choose this path by putting up the psychic barriers. In the attempt to prevent pain and suffering experience. These barriers however do not protect you but only imprison as they indiscriminately keep out the love as well. This choice in life only happens as the natural consequence of living in fear. In addition people living in this way usually feel isolated and lonely. Becoming far more prone to the medical condition of depression.

It is correct. That no one is ever without love. All that you need to become conscious of the love. Which surrounds you all of the time is to let go of fear. This naturally leads us to the self-realization. It is only when the seeker of light. First achieves the state of living personal responsibility in practice. That you can discern the energy of love correctly.

Spiritual Aspirant Light Path of Love

One fine day we see a spiritual aspirant walking along the path of life. When he decided to walk upon the path of love. He is an aspirant. Because he looks a little deeper than average humanity. Always the astute observer seeking answers to the why’s of life. In order to start the process into greater understanding. Firstly you need to establish a framework. So here we start with the first truth of manifestation, which is that everything is energy. All phenomena or manifestation is the expression of energy in its various forms.

So now all you require. Is to study the energy laws or rules. To view the human condition while in incarnation in its simplest form we can see four main levels of energy. The first three levels of Physical, Emotional and Mental are the three vehicles of the personality. The fourth level is the soul.

It is our personality, which gives us the illusion of separation. Our soul is the divine spark of divinity within, which knows the totality of experience. To present an earth model we could say that the Ego is like a RAM drive in a computer. The hard drive is like the soul and the Internet is like the collective unconscious or the universal mind. Just as a computer stuck in RAM drive. Is of little use or value. This is also true for a person with an ego focus.

Light Path Love Source and solution is within

How do we solve our problems in life? Firstly by realizing that the source and the solution to every problem is within the self. Next we need to understand. That the basis of every problem. Is an ego focus. Which flows on with the effect of disconnection. From our soul as well as the universal mind. Ideally the personality needs to be an instrument of soul and not a power unto itself. When the Ego in our life is to strong, this will naturally lead to pain and suffering our greatest blessing.

Light path love is to give what the needs are. So when we love ourselves and others correctly. We will give the influence needed to move out of pain and suffering experience. In order to do this we need to give up the desires of the Ego. And respond to the highest aspect within. The soul giving the only holistic influence is the only way, which leads to inner peace, harmony and happiness.

Most of us have been parents or one day will become one. So what is the wisest approach in the situation. Where we see our child exhibiting antisocial or disrespectful behavior? An emotional release with outbursts of energy due to unfulfilled personality desire.

Emotional sentimentality

This particular child has grown up with an education with an Emotional Focus. Is this love? Unfortunately it is Emotional Sentimentality. Only way to discern or discriminate the difference between emotional sentimentality and love. Is by looking from the higher mental level.

The parent who lives in Emotional Sentimentality likes to live the “Rescue Pattern” in relation to their child. In this example you can see. When dad asks his three-year old daughter to close the car door after her. When the daughter sees mum and knowing her weakness. She cries out with distress to stimulate her rescue by mum from dad’s request.

Rescue Pattern

Because mum only wants to feel good, having little ability to understand what is really happening. She rushes in to save her poor defenseless child. How brave and virtuous the mother is to protect her daughter so. This is what mum likes to believe because she would prefer to experience the emotional glamour of being a hero. Rather than facing the real truth of her own lack of self-assurance or insecurity in the first place.

What do we see when we view this particular situation from the mental level without personality emotion distorting perception? Firstly when a parent rushes in to protect a child’s limitation. This is a natural reaction. Because the parent does not wish to face the very same limitation in their own self. Secondly the motivation behind dad’s request was love because by example the child was to learn independence.

Emotional manipulation is an aspect of Emotional Sentimentality

In this particular case the father could not establish the spiritual framework in mum’s presence. This child has now learned the art of emotional manipulation, which is another aspect of Emotional Sentimentality. Dependency is the pathway of fear and only leads to inner insecurity and unhappiness.

Wise parents who can see clearly from the mental level understand completely the first rule of parenting. Which is to always support the other parent. This prevents the child being able to divide the two parents and then accordingly doing what it likes. This lack of direction will reinforce the selfish behavior pattern. Rather than the socially responsible pattern as determined and in-forced by the spiritual framework.

So now we can see that emotional sentimentality is only the pandering to the dictates. Of how you feel about yourself in isolation from the mental level. This is the selfish approach. Which is to feed nurture and inflate the importance of the Ego. Love on the other hand is the selfless approach. In giving what the needs are. As directed by the mental level; to move into more responsible patterns of being or behavior. The net result is greater inner peace.

Spiritual love comes directly from soul, which reduces the power of the Ego because it comes from a universal source. Love in action is bringing down from the universal to the particular. The most appropriate action in every different situation we encounter in life.

Higher mental level function: Light Path of Love

The first impact of soul is on the higher mental level. The laser mind of the soul infused mind. Only by firstly viewing the whole pattern. Can you discern the correct response. No one can give to another, what you do not have yourself. Which also means no one can discipline another until first you live self-discipline.

Therefore quiet naturally another aspect of love in action becomes enforcing boundaries. Anti-social behaviors result in restriction while socially responsible behaviors result in freedom. The motivation behind implementing the spiritual disciplinary framework is love. When your comprehension has reached the point. Where you can see that both love and discipline are the same energy or aspect. Then your understanding has now reached the level beyond Emotional Sentimentality.

Self Confidence is spiritual love

In the example where a parent lacks self-confidence or self-esteem. Then this usually leads to a failure to enforce boundaries correctly. The child is being disrespectful. Because this is reinforcing the deep-seated inner insecurity that the parent has within their own self. As a consequence of this parenting style the child will grow up with the same insecurity as well. Repeating the cycle of Emotional Sentimentality. Into the next generation. Of course any parent at any time can choose to let go of their fear. Replacing with love instead. To correct the pattern.

Light Path of Love Disciplinary framework

When a child grows up within a disciplinary framework then that child feels secure within that love. Eventually this child becomes an adult who has learnt to respond rather than react to the world. A very important milestone in personal development is to take full responsibility for how you feel. In fact everyone without exception is 100% totally responsible for the whole pattern of their life.

Your frequency or vibration determines your pattern of experience. Therefore it follows if you wish to change the pattern of your life. All you need to do is to change your frequency. This process begins by first changing your attitudes. And then choosing responsibility. Are you then able to create the pattern with resultant emotions of your choice. Your focus of perception determines your reality. In fact you have now learned true responsibility in practice.

Law of Force or Spiritual Law enabling spiritual love

These principles as explained in the parent child relationship. We can be see in any relationship. Another way to view the same thing would be to say. The choice between operating within law of force or spiritual law.

Under the guidelines of law of force it is the strongest biggest Ego who wins and everyone else looses. By comparison under spiritual law, which is the path way of equality and non-domination ruled by love everyone wins. As you know it is only possible to live spiritual law in practice. When first you have transcended your own Ego. In this way you can see life as a soul.

Whole pattern

Only when viewing life as a soul can you see the whole pattern. Which means you are then able to see the mid-point, which is fair and equal. While the Ego is distorting your perception. Then you will always attempt to bully or dominate another. Whether you are aware or not because the mid-point you see will always be more for yourself.

Man lives in the protection of his own shadow. And then complains that the world is a dark place in which to live. Perhaps we may just as easily say that everyone digs their own hole. In which they choose to exist out of fear. By trying to hide from the truth or what the light reveals. We all eventually come to learn that our only protection in life is discrimination!

Perhaps it is wise to always keep in mind. That the soul light reveals both the higher and the lower aspects within. Even though the lower is painful to face for the first time. It is more than worth it by seeing the higher aspects of love and compassion as well. Which is where our focus needs to be.

Light Path Love in action

When you feel properly the love flowing within you own being. Then quiet naturally it follows that you will nurture yourself in every way possible. In practice this means implementing the various disciplines in life, which is love in action. The three main disciplines are the physical or nutritional, emotional and the mental. The example of an angry outburst of energy or tantrum. Is only a symptom of congested energy. Releasing suddenly due to the underlying cause. Of withholding love in the first place.

Psychic barriers go hand in hand with congestion of energy. Only the person who has created a barrier can take it down. Which explains why no one can walk the path of another. Every pain and suffering experience is an opportunity. To build more barriers or to take some of your existing barriers down. Choice determines. Whether you express the low energy choice of fear or the high energy choice of love.

After taking your psychic barriers down. You will find yourself opening up to the love within your own heart. It all depends on how much strength and courage you really have. Your life is your choice.

Ego Never Satisfied

The Ego is a difficult master to serve. Never satisfied. Always chasing personality desire of what it likes and avoiding what it doesn’t like. Searching for greater and greater sensational delights. In this quest for sensation. You will loose truth. As the emotional glamour; becomes too strong distorting perception to the point; where you live in complete illusion.

Your whole life becomes a pattern like a squirrel in cage. Round and round chasing your tail achieving absolutely nothing. Except wearing yourself out until eventually you create a beautiful Depression for yourself. Of course the medical profession will have lots of lovely pills for you to chew on. However may we ask for what purpose? Always remember that it is only the removal of underlying causes. Which brings about permanent improvements with the resultant loss of unpleasant symptoms.

When a person lives under stressful conditions. The personality emotions take on an automatic life of their own fueled by the thought forms. The mind becomes inoperative being unable to create present time solutions. The very first step is to take a time out. To allow the emotions to quiet down thereby permitting the mind to function clearly once again.

Path of Love Create positive thought forms

In this quiet time you can examine the quality of your thought forms. The secret is to create positive thought forms to replace the negative ones. By focusing on the positive the negative dies through lack of attention. Always be completely grateful.

Soul only interested in giving service to others in need. This is giving the truth of what the light reveals in a loving and compassionate way. We need to always remember; that knowledge only has power when applied. In very much the same way. Only love expression has any value. Spiritual maturity is being able to see all of someone’s faults and then choosing to love them anyway.

Are you one of those people who always know better but your problems remain the same? When we fail to learn the easy way then there is always the hard way. Everyone who reads an article such as this one. And then with discipline applies the knowledge contained within will experience the easy approach to life.

Jokhang Temple in Tibet. There are many monasteries in Tibet. Some of them practice very disciplined and advanced meditation. Transcend emotional sentimentality
Jokhang Temple in Tibet. There are many monasteries in Tibet. Some of them practice very disciplined and advanced meditation. Transcend emotional sentimentality

Timeless knowledge enables spiritual love

However anyone who does not listen to the timeless knowledge will experience the hard way by default. By the law of magnetic attraction like attracts like. Then the homeopathic principle; of like cures like to work restoring greater balance and harmony through becoming more spiritually educated.

In this approach you attract a partner with a similar frequency to your own. With whom you can exchange the kicks and knocks of bullying energy creating lots of pain and suffering experience. Should you be a very slow learner. Then all that happens is the creation; of greater and greater intensity pain and suffering experience. If you fail to learn at all then your pattern of experience in life will not change. Energy is abstract and completely bound and determined by the energy laws.

Creative Manipulators path of love

Light on the path of love leads us to become creative manipulators of energy. This enables us to move away from the roller coaster ride of reactive aggressive energy patterns. While living within the illusion of emotional glamour. To a life based on truth leading to peace, tranquility and inner security.

The real power in life is in the gentleness and kindness with the soft tonal qualities; of the throat chakra. The brow chakra of intuition. Eye expression of soft deep pools revealing an ocean of wisdom. Lastly but not the least is the open heart chakra an expression of spiritual love. Which is a burning fire giving warmth, comfort and support to everyone on their spiritual journey with pure love.

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