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Simple spiritual understanding comes to all who gain maturity with insight meditation practice on the pathway to the non reactive surrender state of nirvana.
When commencing meditation joining a group is easiest way to start.

Simple spiritual understanding spiritual growth comes to all; who gain maturity with insight meditation practice; on the pathway to the non reactive surrender state of nirvana.

When walking along a path, it is wise to have some idea of where we are headed and why? Importantly in life we only have two directions to choose from; which is either a circle or straight up. In other words would be to say enjoy the illusion or escape it. Serious meditation is the straight up path; which is what I call the one and only escape hatch. Visit an Ashram to learn insight meditation to discover nirvana.

Simple spiritual understanding spiritual growth easy nirvana

First of all when beginning simple spiritual understanding we may contemplate the following question. What is the difference between a knucklehead and a bright spark or adept? Perhaps we may say the difference between rocks lower consciousness; and butterfly finer higher consciousness. Here we will help you out with the simple one word answer of frequency; which is the rate of vibration. In summary it is determined by the energy resistance balance.

Clearly the only difference between a low energy high resistance person; and high energy low resistance individual is energy. It is only soul energy that has the ability to dissolve personality or ego resistance. Meditation maturity facilitates a strong energy flow from the over soul, which is just like a river in full flood sweeping away all resistance in its path. Any individual with the discipline to practice serious meditation; may experience personal transformation.

Unconscious Incarnation

During an unconscious incarnation the pull of the ego; will contract and distort the alignment of the spine; leading to many points of congestion of energy. At every point of congestion, energy flow will slow down so consequently you will find deposits of sediment at these locations. Naturally these accumulations of sediment will become solidified and crystallized. This process happens on all three levels of the personality; which are the mental, emotional and the physical. Accordingly the final conclusion results are the fixed patterns; of rigid thinking, emotional reactions and a crooked distorted physical body.

Accordingly this explains why people who do not make any effort to balance their personalities early in life; will experience greater imbalances later in life. Only alternative is for meditation develops mindfulness; eventually leading to enlightenment with nirvana.

Spiritual growth understanding Reactive behavior

Sadly this often leads to the necessity for psychiatric medication or socially acceptable legal or illegal stupefying drugs. Which is to dampen down and suppress; the excessive symptoms of unbalanced mental and emotional activity. Commonly called reactive behavior. In simple language we would say to dope down dulling the mind to lower or restrict the expression of the nutter behaviors or loony activity.

In passing we will mention that it is the crystallization of sediment or resistance; which creates painful conditions with in the physical body. Accordingly this physics pattern forms the whole basis for reactive behavior. However the only long-term permanently sustainable solution for decreasing reactive behavior; is dissolving resistance with insight meditation practice.

It is a sad fact that there is no long-term benefit in taking either legal or illegal drugs; to suppress the symptoms of contraction by the ego. Therefore unfortunately in most cases with people; who pursue this pathway of escapism in its many forms. They will have their spiritual evolution delayed. Only those individuals who pull out of this path early; so to speak realizing that there is no future in it. Will potentially move more strongly onto the only path that leads anywhere. Which is?

Simple Spiritual Understanding Serious meditation

Now we come to meditation which is the conscious process of increasing the rate of flow of soul energy to dissolve personality resistance. Serious meditation is not for the faint hearted. Consequently this explains why there are so many girly giggle spiritual entertainment groups around at the present time. Certainly the earlier you start with serious meditation in life then the easier it is to achieve the big results.

Consequently this is because in children the flow of soul energy is naturally stronger; as they have just recently returned to the material world from the fourth dimension. Simply put you may prevent the contraction of your physical body with its many unpleasant side effects; which is part of the aging process before it actually happens.

Insight meditation window to fourth dimension

Serious meditation begins with starter meditation or Anapana practice, which I call the window to the fourth dimension. With disciplined regular practice this will lead to the gaining of meditation maturity; which enables fourth dimensional awareness while still living within the confines of a physical body.

Unfortunately many people who do practice meditation; become lost on the surface levels failing to achieve the big transformation results with nirvana. During meditation an awareness of energy flowing over the surface of the body; needs to become an awareness of energy flowing through the body, which enables the dissolving of resistance from the inside out. Compared with surface meditation, which only enables the dissolving of resistance on surface levels. In most cases it takes very many years of continuous meditation practice; to achieve significant improvement in meditation maturity.

Best age to start meditation 8 year old

Best or ideal age to start insight meditation is 8-year-old. Unfortunately the later you start then the harder your meditation experiential process will be. Make no mistake I do not discourage anyone. From starting meditation at any age on pathway to spiritual understanding.

We all need to accept our age of becoming aware; that practicing meditation is a wise activity. However even with successful meditation practice for the first time as an elderly individual. We may still expect to receive the psychic insights; which forms the whole basis for the name insight meditation. However we may realistically expect to set ourselves up for a better incarnation in our next lifetime.

Simple Spiritual Understanding Atheist is ignorant state

An atheist by definition only has the ability to see on the material plane or the three dimensional level of existence; which is commonly referred to as experiencing an unconscious life. Therefore unfortunately while trapped within the physical; he is unable to have perception on the fourth dimensional plane. Which means that he is very unlikely; to experience nirvana in that particular lifetime. What does this all mean; when passing beyond the veil of illusion at the end of an incarnation with death?

While in the fourth dimension it is so easy for all to see; that the wisest choice when living on the material plane is to focus on vibrational education. Perhaps in the next incarnation he will discover how to achieve fourth dimensional awareness; while still living within a physical body?

Spiritual growth Conscious life Nirvana

By comparison a conscious life is expressed in what way? If you have been paying close attention you really should already know! Yes that’s right in a seriously disciplined way practice insight meditation. Spiritual growth does not need to difficult. However in many cases it is not easy because the ego resists.

Hopefully in this article simple spiritual understanding you may gain the idea; that the only solution available is to walk the path of healing by studying spiritual science, anthroposophy or metaphysics. Which naturally is in addition to implementing the steps of purification.

Monastery: Spiritual path early in life. Will discover serious meditation is easier with far better results. Serious meditation if started early enough; will prevent many health problems. Before they would normally occur later in life.
Monastery meditation is easier with better results and prevent health problems.

In the peace of understanding may we all dwell.

Insight meditation speeds up spiritual evolution