Personality Emotional Focus Creates Separation Consciousness

Unfortunately an personality emotional focus creates conflict. This is the natural consequence of an ego or personality creating separation consciousnees or duality. Which is to view energy, in terms of how it impacts emotionally in particular. Commonly called emotional sentimentality. Which means that the ego or personality; has an attached emotional level focus. That will distort perception. Above all it is only the detached mental level focus. That will provide holistic solutions with serious spiritual development.

The natural result of the personality emotional focus approach; is to chase after what you like and find appealing. While conversely what you dislike or find unappealing; you will then attack or run away from. By direct comparison the focus of the soul; is to love unconditionally. With the drawing together; of all the various elements in a unified way. In other words the soul is totally inclusive in its approach.

By asking the simple question; what is in it for me? Reveals whether your intention is personality or soul. Therefore if there is nothing in it for you on any level. Then significantly you may feel rest assured; that it is a soul quality or aspect.

Humility is pathway of becoming completely free of psychic barriers. Which is completely opposite to the ghosting approach an apsect of duality consciousness.
Humility is pathway of becoming completely free of psychic barriers. Which is completely opposite to the ghosting approach an apsect of duality consciousness.

Nature of energy Determined Receiver

We may express our self in the following way. Someone may give you a bucket of manure. The personality approach would be to say, I don’t like this. So I will tip it over the sender with interest. By comparison the soul approach would be to accept this gift. Thereby placing the manure around the fruit trees; in order to return a bucket of fruit.

In this way one can see that the given energy is abstract. Which only becomes an insult or a fertilizer. Determined by the emotional attachment or detachment; of the receiver to that energy. Any unused energy that has no useful purpose. You will simply return to the sender.

Soul Detached Mental Level Focus

First impact of soul is the higher mental level. Which means that achieving a soul detached mental level focus of perception; is only possible with soul illumination. Your perception of seeing an energy as either being an insult or fertilizer. Reflects the emotional attachment of the receiver; to the particular energy in question? Hence the reaction or response is a natural consequence, for the level of perception and focus of the receiver.

In this way we can see that an emotional level focus; leads to emotional reactions or tantrums. By comparison the detached mental level focus; leads to more correct emotionally detached responses. It is our focus of perception that we choose to use. That will create our reality. Everyone creates his or her own reality. Therefore which reality would you prefer to have reactive or responsive?

Advanced meditation Secrets

Continuous Meditation Nirvana Spiritual Wisdom Energy State

After you reach a critical point in your meditation ability. Then you will find that your meditation; has become a continuous 24 hour automatic process. Consequently the stronger the soul energy flow. Then the easier it is to maintain continuous meditation awareness. Your spine will move into straighter alignment. Above all resulting in more efficient function, of all the organ systems in the body.

Personality emotional focus creates conflict. Only detached mental level focus provides holistic solutions. Advanced meditation secrets
Personality emotional focus creates conflict. Only detached mental level focus provides holistic solutions. Advanced meditation secrets

Which will then lead to visible improvements, in clear mental processes with psychic insights. Which is in addition to healthy skin and hair. Also there is a visible softening of your body features. Which becomes more pronounced and significant as you become older. Because you are delaying your aging process. Above all it is certainly quite possible; to appear quiet young into advanced old age. Significantly this is a secondary consequence of nirvanic peace!

Pain and Suffering Personality Emotional Focus

Spiritual growth

There does not need to be pain and suffering in spiritual growth. When we walk the pathway to the spiritual wisdom energy state. However you will usually experience pain and suffering with discomfort. As the personality resists the changes. Pain and suffering is your greatest blessing. Because it allows you the opportunity. To let go of those aspects. Where it would be wiser for you to let go.

Eventually you learn to move beyond pain; which becomes one of the most liberating experiences anyone can endure. So now we may speak about psychic barriers. These barriers do no protect but imprison. The personality focus leads to separating experiences; as the entity pursues an agenda of self-interest. The world reflects back to you the same energy; you are giving off in the very first place. This is mirroring.

Psychic barriers Prevent Spiritual Wisdom

Denial of personal responsibility is an inherent aspect; in the psychic barrier creation pattern. This is because the limitations not faced within. We will then project onto another. The innocent party you are attacking for limitations. Which have nothing to do with that particular person. It is the person who feels the emotion. Who is then the responsible person for doing something about it. Therefore blaming another for how you feel; is a complete denial of personal responsibility in action.

Additionally it is a completely pointless exercise because the only thing that happens. Therefore is that you will maintain your limitations; endlessly from lifetime to lifetime.

Psychic Barriers an aspect of Personality Emotional focus

An entity believes that psychic barriers. Which are an aspect of a personality emotional perspective. Are for the protection of self. We may ask to protect from what? In this way we can see clearly. That the only thing you are protecting are the limitations within. However the cold hard truth is that these psychic barriers. Only keep out your own soul light. From illuminating the lower aspects of your own personality in the first place.

Spiritual evolution in most cases is a gradually unfolding process. The intensity of light gradually increases leading to psychic insights. As the entity becomes stronger and stronger, to face what the light reveals. However the model needs setting up and utilized by anyone; choosing to grow spiritually. This is because when experiencing the pitfalls of life. There is the opportunity to view the soul inspired intuitive flashes. Which come down during times of severe emotional impact.

Ego prefers to hate rather than face the truth about itself

Aspect of Personality Emotional Focus

Psychic barriers consequence of a personality emotional focus do not protect but imprison. Unhappy soul trapped within a psychic bubble feeling disconnected.
Psychic barriers consequence of a personality emotional focus do not protect but imprison. Unhappy soul trapped within a psychic bubble feeling disconnected.

Why does the ego prefer to hate another; rather than face the truth about itself in the first place? Well this just reveals the extent to which. The ego will go, to maintain the illusion of separation. This simple observation forms the whole basis for the psychological insight or reality. That the source and solution to every problem is within the self. Which by definition means that the solution to all of life’s problems is far deeper than the ego.

It is very important to realize that our only opportunity to become conscious human beings. Is to take heed of the inevitable pain and suffering experience. Which is our greatest blessing when viewed correctly. That is only a creation of the ego. Which means to have an emotional focus in function with thoughts words and actions.

Significantly the only way to see the real solutions is to embrace the deeper aspect of soul light. Which is to illuminate and reveal everything that is going on. In the event that there is a continued failure to learn from pain and suffering experience. That is due to a doggedly determined ego attitude, to pursue along the circle path. Well then the end point is simply insanity.

Path of Ego is Insanity while Soul is Sanity

In simple words the path of the emotionally focused ego leads to insanity. While the path of the soul is towards sanity. Love of self in a spiritual sense is the universal panacea healing solution, for all of humanity. By comparison self love in an ego sense is not desirable at all.

When you love your brother you are loving another aspect of your own self. Do not be overly concerned by any personality conflicts to distract you from clear seeing the deeper realities. Always look under the code of surface phenomena. The discipline of serious meditation practice will enable anyone to bring this theory into living reality.

Insight Meditation Spiritual Wisdom Energy State

Psychic Insights reveal beyond Personality emotional focus

Insight Meditation practice will speed up the process; of movement into greater awareness with spiritual wisdom. This is a direct result of facilitating the increased flow of energy. From our over soul into our brain consciousness on the earth plane of existence. Therefore quite literally we become our over soul on earth! A process that first begins with psychic insights. Importantly an Ashram is the defined location; to learn all about insight meditation and spiritual science.

Ego or personality instrument of soul

We are all aspiring to have the personality as an instrument of soul and not as a power unto itself. Hence the battle of the spiritual warrior is within. In the origins of time soul comes down into materiality. Adding as part of the process the mental, emotional and physical bodies. These three vehicles of the personality give us the illusion of separation. During this process of becoming inter-meshed with materiality. The personality or ego is progressively becoming stronger. To become a power unto itself. By definition the personality or ego is a part or self-interest focus. With the soul being a whole or selfless focus.

So then how do we solve personality problems? There is only one way and that is by going to the higher perspective or authority. A person bumbles along in life attracting various problems in a one form or another. One day he may stop and scratch his head and ask himself the question “why”? This question invokes the light for to understand a problem correctly you need to first see the whole pattern. In conclusion the personality does not like the question why. Because it knows intuitively. There is a reduction in ego power with its use.

Psychic barriers imprison aura resistance; slows down energy distorts perception. Detached mental level focus remove psyche barriers to enable psychic insights.
Psychic barriers imprison aura resistance; slows down energy distorts perception. Detached mental level focus remove psyche barriers to enable psychic insights.

Spiritual Wisdom Energy State

Psychic Insights become White magician

Therefore in this way we have a framework or model to view energy. Accordingly we also learn to balance energy on the path of spiritual wisdom. By making the choice to work with whatever without personality resistance. Enables us to become creative manipulators or white magicians in life. Rather than reactive unconscious victims or black magicians. Above all an excellent discourse on the subject. Man is creator and destroyer is available on the Peacock website.

What would you rather be? Your life is your choice. Spiritual wisdom is an energy state; which leads to clairvoyant sight or psychic insights capability. Above all it can be significantly sped up with insight meditation practice!

Attached Emotional or Detached Mental

In conclusion our choice in life is to either function with a personality emotional focus. Which is attachment to emotional sentimentality. Creating separation consciousness with conflict. Or choose the detached higher mental level focus. Consequently this is the path of spiritual love with its resulting unifying harmony consequences.

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After reading and studying this post. You can now regard yourself to be a serious esoteric student. Importantly the next step is to practice serious insight meditation! Which is in order to achieve a lighter vibration of being. That will completely transform the pattern of your life!

Insight Meditation is a dissolving process; which promotes or invokes the increased flow of energy from the Oversoul. It is an awareness focused to a point meditation technique. Which is the only way; to bring the full power of the Oversoul. Into your brain consciousness or being on the earth plane; in order to fully dissolve the resistance of ego. Learning the meditation technique is simple and easy. However the discipline of practice requires a little more effort.