Evolution of Consciousness Discourse By Spirit Guide Lai Yung

Evolution of consciousness by Lai Yung: Any meditator may follow the same pathway to enlightenment; as the Buddha achieved.
Evolution of consciousness by Lai Yung: Any meditator may follow the same pathway to enlightenment; as the Buddha achieved.

Peacock Group Spiritual Development Brotherhood

Evolution of consciousness: Greetings, brothers, greetings. Lai Yung once more draws close, that in the peace of understanding we may unite. That we may find in this group tonight; and the synthesis with which it is surrounded; an augmentation of that inner light which will allow for expansion and will allow for growth. Tonight, indeed, we are working to a dual purpose and we are working with a combined effort.

For we are working, Lai Yung and Ra Iman Hoteph; in order to bring into this particular Circle tonight both the quality of love-wisdom and the quality of synthesis. And it was rather uncertain, certainly to our instrument, as to who would be taking this Circle tonight; he fully expected Ra Iman Hoteph. And as it has turned out we have decided that Lai Yung would be spokesman; and Ra Iman Hoteph would bring the energy of synthesis.

Because there is a special work to be done tonight as most of you; certainly our regular members, have probably gathered. Because of the influx of energy and because, of course, of the amount of people present. And in this particular rearrangement of patterns within the group; there will flow the different energies which it has, of course, been our work to direct. And the amalgamation of these energies will perform their own particular function tonight.

Magnetic Centre

Looking at the group tonight, we see that there is an accumulation of many who have been drawn; and who have been drawn in order to create a very powerful magnet as it were. A magnetic centre, the energy of which will continue to react long after many have passed. And this particular centre will continue to grow, and will continue to hold that specific energy. And it is for this reason that so many have been drawn to our gathering tonight.

We are endeavouring tonight to expand a particular subject amongst you; a subject which it is not easy to discourse upon. And yet we are endeavouring to bring that subject as much as possible to your awareness and to your consideration. And in order to do so we are relying on the fact. That we will not only be approaching you in words. But we will be sending forth the essence and the inner meaning of this subject through the intuition.

Two Energies of Synthesis and Love Wisdom

And therefore to attain the full, or even approaching the full, essence of the subject; it will be necessary for you all to open yourselves and to utilise not only your minds and your ears; but to utilise your feelings; your higher intuitive feelings. And it is for this reason, of course; that the two energies of synthesis and love wisdom have been brought together. We will, when this subject has been discussed a little; take you into a meditation which will, we hope. Enable you to widen your consciousness and to experience for yourselves; much that has been given to you.

And this will enhance what has been presented and it will enable you to draw into yourself; according to your capacity, the symbolism that will be, of course. Ensouled by its own particular energy, and that symbolism, if rightly approached will make itself known to you; and we hope, enhance the meaning of what has been said.

Subject of Evolution

The subject that we are bringing to your notice tonight is the subject of evolution; but it is evolution of course presented in a very different way than the usual acceptance of the subject. We are, in fact, speaking about the evolution of consciousness, and in so doing, as we say. We are venturing into ground which in some ways is well-nigh impossible to bring the meaning down into the vocabulary of your own language; and therefore much will have to be intuitive, but we will endeavour to do our best and we hope that you will do the same.

When we speak, of course, about evolution; the Children of Earth, because of their understanding of the subject and the levels upon which it has been presented; automatically look at it in its meaning as the evolution of form. And therefore they tend to look at the presentation that has been given to them by their own scientific discoverers. And by those who have pursued this subject in the past and have brought it to light; most of them, of course, knowingly or unknowingly, workers in the light. Who have attempted to give a new concept to life upon earth; and to the meaning of life upon earth and the purpose behind it.

Evolution of life within form

And they have presented for the utilisation and perusal, and contemplation of humanity; this subject by which life is presented as growth, as expansion through the evolution of form. The evolution of life within form throughout the long periods in which life has been manifesting upon earth. And through this evolution, the expansion of course of the form in its various ways. Commencing with the amoeba and gradually expanding through lifeforms within the various kingdoms, mineral and vegetable, animal and human. And for a considerable period of time now there has been the opportunity for humanity to absorb; as it were, these ideas, to think about them. And to balance them against the religious presentations; the mystical presentations that have been given in the past.

Two Presentations

Both of these presentations of course are in their own way correct; but incomplete, and we have noticed with interest how it has been seemingly the attitude of humanity; to make a conflict between the two presentations. To present them in the light that one accepts; as it were, the mystical religious presentation of creation. Or one accepts the evolutionary system by which creation is explained. And we have often wondered how long it will take the Children of Earth to recognise; that it is not necessary to present them as two opposing systems. And that when they are brought together it will be seen that there is a perfect unity; a perfect answer, and that one in every way compliments the other.

And so, to you who are with us tonight, we are presenting this duality as it were; and endeavouring through synthesis to draw it together a little more and to widen the aspects of evolution. That perhaps as it is presented to groups such as this, to the advanced thinkers; to those who are more open intuitively to the inner light and the inner knowledge. You will be able to take it forth into the world and you will be able to present it as your life pattern unfolds, to those who will come your way and to those who will of course be searching for a little more understanding.

And we can say that if you, who have perhaps taken a little step ahead of average humanity in your thinking. And your openness are not able to grasp what we give you tonight; then we will have to accept the fact that there is, as yet; not much possibility that average humanity will be ready to accept or to understand.

Seeds to germinate

So you see in a way you are the light bearers. You are the ones who are being involved in an experiment; an experiment of course that will be watched with interest by many, and according to your reaction to it. Will be continued and expanded, or will be allowed perhaps to fall into abeyance for the time being, and will be considered that perhaps the seeds which have been sown are not yet ready for germination, or the soil, to be more accurate, we should say, into which they have been placed is not yet fertile enough for the seeds to germinate.

For the seeds indeed contain the initial life. But growth depends on the ground in which particular seeds are sown; the degree of light, the degree of sunlight which is impinging upon them. And the degree of water with which those seeds are allowed to create their own environment of fertility. And of course, as you are the grounds in which we are sowing seeds, then the amount of sunlight. The amount of light – so light, understanding, and awareness, illumination which you have within you. Which you are receiving – and the amount of moisture, which means your contact with the astral planes; whose symbology of course is water, the emotional worlds, according to these two aspects. These qualities, will be the degree to which the seeds, of course, can find a fertile resting place.

Scientific Mr Darwin,

And looking at the subject of evolution, we perhaps will begin by extending it beyond the form; because the situation about form has been fully explained scientifically to you since the times, of course. In which the forerunner of this particular idea, your scientific Mr Darwin; brought down to earth what he had intuitively sensed and picked up as an idea from the inner planes. And since then you have had the opportunity to think about the evolution of form. And, of course, to most of humanity today, or at least to the majority of humanity; we can say perhaps that it is, to some degree or other, an accepted science and an accepted idea.

But we are looking at it now and we are leading you out to show that; or to suggest to you in our approach, that evolution means growth and expansion. It means something evolving, something expanding, and beyond the form of course; the term evolution covers the fact that consciousness has to expand, has to evolve. That feeling has to expand, has to evolve, that the mind has to expand and evolve; and that the soul itself has to expand and evolve.

Evolving human being

So we are looking at the whole human being on all levels, and we are leading towards the understanding. We hope, of the expansion of consciousness, the evolution of the various aspects of the evolving human being. When we approach it in this fashion we are beginning with wholeness, we are taking into account; for the benefit perhaps of those who are with us tonight for the first time. That we are dealing with the evolving soul in incarnation and we are dealing with an entity thus that is in incarnation within the three vehicles of the personality.

Qualities of three vehicles

And that that evolving entity is working through the limitations and the qualities of those three vehicles; which are of course the physical vehicle, the emotional vehicle or the astral vehicle. Which ever way you like to put it, and the mental vehicle. So we are working through the physical body, we are working through emotions and we are working through mind. And of course the energy behind the physical body, which we class as one, is the etheric body; the etheric energy which vitalises and gives life to the physical body.

And looking at it in this way, we are looking at the three vehicles through which consciousness manifests. And consciousness is indeed part of that stream of life; which is entering into those three vehicles and is gradually growing, and expanding; and making one aware, aware of everything; aware of existence on earth. We are dealing with the dual streams of energy; one which enters via the heart and which brings life. Which brings movement and activity to the personality vehicles; and we are dealing with the stream of consciousness which enters through the head. And in saying that, we roughly cover, for the benefit of those perhaps; who have not been with us and listened to our words before; perhaps to give them an idea of that which we speak.

Incarnating entity

And when we look at it in this way we see that this incarnating entity has to incarnate; through the evolution of the whole personality, which brings about the possibility of its own evolution. And in this way we speak of the evolution of the soul in incarnation; because the soul in incarnation evolves according to the growth of its personality vehicles. Which it has to use in order to be in incarnation and to experience. And so evolution has to take place on all levels; otherwise the soul in incarnation is working through very limited vehicles. It is working through limited vehicles in any case; but without the process of evolution they would be even more limited; there would be no growth.

Emotional Growth

So we are looking first of all at an emotional growth, and we are looking into the emotions; and we are looking at how emotions expand. And emotions of course expand by being transmuted. They do not expand by being given more energy, because there is certainly; in the human race today. A considerable amount of energy within the astral body, within the emotions; and humanity is only too strongly focused within the emotional worlds; operating in most cases, primarily from that emotional level. And therefore it is not a lack of energy within the emotional body; which is the cause of humanity’s problems, it is the quality of that energy.

And as the energy which is usually contacted upon the astral planes is the energy of the lower emotions; then today we have amongst the Children of Earth. A manifestation and expression of those energies which are flowing through; because those energies have found their way through the astral body for so long. That they are now very well established, and until quite recently the controlling powers of the mind had not been developed sufficiently in order to deal with them, to direct and to control them.

Coming age Aquarian Age

We are today of course, with the entrance shall we say of the new age; the coming age, the Aquarian Age as it has been called. Entering into a period when the new energies are focused more upon the mental levels and are stimulating the mind; are stimulating thought, and as they stimulate thought of course. Are providing the means with which to balance and control those emotional energies which have ruled in the past; and still to a great extent rule the earth today.

Development of the mind

So therefore we have, to a greater extent than has happened until now; a development of the mind and of the thinking of humanity, and as most of you are aware this is making itself felt. And is very obvious upon earth today because this thinking is bringing about changing attitudes, and it is bringing about a balancing of the energies; it is bringing about situations in which man is no longer driven forward. Impelled by desire alone, and by the forces of his own desire nature; but is impelled forward because of the thought processes that are taking place within him.

He is more capable today of assessing the situations upon earth; of looking at earth and his own position within humanity as it more truly is. Because the illumination of the mind, the light of the mind in the thinking process; is able to look at different aspects of life rather than flowing along a purely emotional channel. Which saw only either the glory and the glamour, or saw only the forces which impelled the inner desires; and those desires had to be satisfied at all cost, without thought, so often.


But looking at the world in which man finds himself today; he sees a very different situation and he sees that there is much that is unbalanced. And he sees there is much which is not according to higher law. And the higher aspects of his own nature are beginning to make themselves felt in such a way; that there is for him no holding back from that which is revealed through his mental activities. The illumined mind is beginning to show many aspects of life upon earth as it truly is; and the trappings which have been placed there, the outer covering. The gliss of glistening tinsel, of glamour which has been built throughout the centuries around life upon earth.

False Sense of security

And which has gone under many names of course, many names, high sounding; so often lulling humanity into a false sense of security; leading them ever more deeply into those roadways which lead into emotionalism and glamour. And yet until those high sounding titles and names are put under the scrutiny of the light of the rational mind; they continue to produce their glamour and they are not truly seen for what they are. It is of course good, and was indeed necessary in the past, to use such words as national pride; to use such words as the honour and the glory of any particular nation. And under those particular titles to give oneself the licence to perform practically any act; no matter how irrational, or emotional, how cruel, how unbalanced, in the name of these particular glamorous titles.

Glamorous titles

It was good in the past, for humanity needed such support, remember they had not got the benefit of an analytical thinking mind, to build religion upon such glamorous titles and to spread the mystical vision, often under these same glamorous titles, each in their own way making their impact upon the emotions; and to an unthinking world creating a pattern of existence which was comforting, which helped to direct the emotions, very often to higher levels rather than the lowest levels to which they tended to drift, and at the same time gave a certain amount of inspiration to the mystical nature of man.

But as we enter into this new age, this Aquarian age, this new period of energies which are impinging upon the earth today, then we are entering into a wholly new domain, and we are finding that; that which satisfied in the past is no longer satisfactory today. We are finding that the very energies of mind which have been indeed illumined and which have been set into very violent activity by the incoming rays; are performing their own function, are bringing about situations in which man is impelled, almost enforced, to think for himself.

No longer sit back

He can no longer sit back and look at situations, because the very activity of these mental energies within, this mental light, is driving forward the activity of the mind, is clearing; because of this activity, the glamours of the astral plane, is moving aside those veils of emotionalism which have both protected and yet blinded man for so long. And in doing so has forced him to look with open eyes in this new clear light at the situation in which he stands. To look at the world as it truly is and to look at himself as he truly is; and to see for himself exactly how he is utilising the energies within him, how he is coordinating that which has been given to him, and how much he is leaving in abeyance many qualities which he could well be using.

And as he looks from the inner level of the soul in incarnation through his rapidly enlightened mind, he is finding that it is very difficult to accept that which he sees, and there is much conflict taking place in humanity today as you are well aware. The whole of humanity are in violent conflict. Conflict which in truth is a conflict between the higher and the lower self; brought about by the energies which are impinging upon earth and which are bringing enlightenment and gradual revelations. But they are manifesting in a reflection, as always; of the law, “As above, so below,” and they are therefore bringing about much conflict upon all levels.

Fully Enlightened

And therefore we have indeed a situation in which the emotions are in great conflict, the mind also is in great conflict because it is not yet fully enlightened and stabilised, and the physical body, reflecting as it always does the impact of astral and mental energies, is indeed in even greater conflict. So we have much sickness manifesting upon your earth today, we have much that is being brought out, which in spite of all the scientific remedies, is at the moment proving unresponsive, and we are witnessing humanity passing through a period when they have to experience these situations as the inner conflicts are worked out.

As the inner conflicts are gradually resolved, so will the outer conflict be calmed, and balance will be restored, and life upon earth will be much more stable once again. It will be lived within the light rather than in the conflicting energies of astral energy. So we have indeed to look at the situation as we approach this expansion of consciousness, this evolution of consciousness; seeing that the evolving astral body is beginning to respond to the light of the mental body, and in doing so of course, its energies are being transmuted, and the response is gradually becoming less one of the lower astral forces, and more one of the higher astral forces or energies, and therefore man’s feelings are being uplifted to a higher level.

Level of selfish desire

The impact of emotions are not so much on the pure level of selfish desire, selfish satisfaction, as they were in the past, but are gradually becoming more universal, more inclusive rather than exclusive, and man’s feelings are beginning to recognise that there is more to life than just the expression of selfish personality satisfaction. That life is indeed a manifestation of one whole, and that individuals are all a part of that whole. And therefore, looking at the problems of one’s brethren, humanity, human beings shall we say; are beginning to recognise that if the brother stumbles, so do they stumble, and that there can be no true progress without the progress of the whole.

Insect Kingdoms

It is interesting of course on a lesser turn of the spiral how many of the insect kingdoms recognise instinctively this law and have worked with it. Such as the ants and the termites, and have, of course created for themselves a far more harmonious pattern of life and living than has the evolving human being up to date. But of course this is on a lower turn of the spiral, and what the insect kingdom has created, has been created, not through the evolutionary experience, from the light of any human mind. But because the group mind of the deva kingdom, still controlling the insect kingdom, the animal kingdoms and the vegetable kingdoms – is enlightened.

And it is the devas of course, in the higher aspects, who are still bringing about this cohesion and this obedience to the inflow of higher energies; and therefore the pattern of the higher levels is expressed in these kingdoms in unity and cooperation and service to the good of the whole, but not as individuals with understanding. But humanity of course having passed through many levels, and having attained the position of evolving humanity; of individuals learning gradually to become groups and to unite, for them it is different, because they have now the opportunity to regain once again that communal living in which service to the whole can be expressed in organised effort as it is in some of the lower kingdoms.

But with a free will and with an understanding which makes it a soul inspired process, rather than an instinctive and unrecognised process. And so we have the opportunity once again, coming to evolving humanity; to lift that cycle of organised living onto a higher level of expression and manifestation.

Higher Qualities

And in evolving these feelings so that we begin to express through our feelings higher qualities rather than lower qualities. We are brought into situations whereby we have to recognise that this upliftment is taking place through that instrument, that vehicle of expression, the mind, and upon the mental levels of expression. And it is being inspired from even higher levels of the incarnating entity, the soul if you wish. And so the evolution of mind has also to take place; and has to take place along with the evolution of form and the evolution of feeling.

And because mind is evolving, and there is no doubt about that. And you have the proof of it in the greater use of mind today than has been possible with the evolving human race until now, because of this; one has the possibility of utilising a new vehicle of expression in a much wider and more expansive way. But the problem, of course, in this evolution as with all levels of evolution is that when something grows; when something evolves and gains more strength and power, then the energy of a higher level once again. The next step upwards, has to be invoked in order to keep it under control.

Lemurian times

The whole story of evolution, going back through the periods from early Lemurian times, as they have been called, through Atlantean times, and into the present Aryan age as it is called, have been along these lines, and the evolving physical form had to be given life and feeling of a kind, by coming under the influence and control of emotional qualities, which again in their turn have to be brought under control by being given the energy of the developing mind, which once again in its turn has to be kept under control by being enlightened by the light of the evolving soul.

And so today humanity finds itself at that period where, having developed the outer form, and having developed the astral body, it is of course in the process of developing very rapidly the mental capacities; and therefore is at a point where it is necessary to invoke once again a higher energy and to bring the spiritual qualities of the higher planes to bear upon the mind. Otherwise the mind will merely react in its own way; will merely give knowledge, and knowledge of course is being absorbed at a tremendous rate by the Children of Earth today. But knowledge without wisdom is a dangerous weapon. And when the knowledge that is being gathered so rapidly upon earth today is utilised without wisdom; then the danger point is reached when there can be a misuse of energy.

Misuse of energy

And if that passes a certain permitted point then there can be an explosion, a destruction through the misuse of energy which in its expression can truly be catastrophic. So we are seeing that each level of evolution has to take place in accordance with the evolution of both a lower and a higher level. And thus we are bringing to your attention how evolution covers a much wider spectrum than the immediate evolution of form. As we progress in our exploration of this subject of evolution, we are led to a recognition that what is truly evolving of course through these expanding vehicles, is consciousness, and these vehicles are merely the vehicles through which consciousness expresses itself.


And so consciousness begins to evolve also. And it evolves because the vehicles through which it has to express itself are now capable of giving greater expression; greater experience, and are much more capable of being used by higher levels of energy. And of revealing to that inner entity exactly what those outer experiences are. And so with the expansion of consciousness one begins to evolve, not only upon earth, but upon the inner planes. And as one begins to evolve upon the inner planes, then the consciousness begins to evolve also. Because it becomes aware of those inner planes. And as it becomes aware of those inner planes, it learns to live on those inner planes; and it learns to live in the astral worlds. And it learns to live consciously in the mental worlds, and eventually in the world of soul.

And this is the true meaning of the expansion, and evolution of consciousness; and without this expansion of consciousness there would be no true growth and the whole purpose of life upon earth would be without any goal, without any meaning. In fact there would, correctly speaking, be no purpose; because the true purpose of life upon earth is the evolution of the various aspects of the evolving soul, of spirit and matter.

And in this expansion there comes to light an awareness of how each level of evolution is interwoven with the other levels of evolution. And how the whole story of evolution becomes one of a vast network of energies interwoven, intertwining; each one supporting and balancing the other, each one stabilising the other, and each one giving to that evolving soul the means to stand firm on its journey through consciousness.

Planes of Consciousness

And so, as we look at this process, this journey through the planes of consciousness. And through the planes of energy, which is another way of saying the same thing; because all life, as we have said so often, is merely an amalgamation of energies. We find that we are beginning at this present period upon earth to have an awakening of those inner aspects of soul consciousness which are making us very aware of various degrees of life, and the meaning and the purpose behind life. And as the consciousness continues to evolve; as we continue to expand within those realms of consciousness, we become ever more aware.

And if only, without the recognition on a conscious mental level, of what is happening, nevertheless the majority of people are beginning to respond, each in their own way, and according to the centres which are open within them, either upon the emotional level, the mental level, or the higher intuitive level. And they are beginning to respond to that purpose, and they are beginning to recognise that the whole purpose of life is the utilisation of one whole in its various aspects, and that energy of course, in its individual form, is merely the atoms within the atomic structure of the whole. And so if we look at it in this way we are seeing a pattern in which all is growing and in which all is working to a purpose.

Growth of Consciousness

So evolution has been expanded, and the inner meaning of evolution and this growth of consciousness, in order to be understood to any degree, has to be entered into. And as it is entered into then awareness begins to make itself felt and one realises that consciousness on each level can only expand as far as the limitations of a particular vehicle can take it. Which is saying that in, or on, the physical level, or in the physical form, consciousness of course is limited and it can only work according to the laws which operate upon that physical level. And it is at this level that the aspirations of man, in spite of his mental development, are coming to a halt today in his discoveries, or his efforts to discover more about the purpose of life.

Scientific process and Scientific projection

And you are finding upon earth today that scientific process and scientific projection is indeed coming to a halt at this particular level of the physical. Because, beyond the physical, one is stepping into new realms and one is stepping into new energies and new laws. Gradually of course, scientific achievement is moving into the etheric worlds, and the inner energy behind form is beginning to be recognised and investigated, and so a step has been taken forward. But beyond that of course, the worlds of the astral levels, the emotional worlds. Are as yet unrecognised except for the impact of emotional energy which is expressed upon earth today, usually in its lowest form, but as we say, gradually moving up into higher qualities.

And the energy of mind and of thinking is once again, to a great extent, especially in the expanding scientific circles of earth, limited to brain consciousness. And therefore, in being limited to brain consciousness; it has been brought down to the physical. And therefore it can only be expressed in as much as the physical brain, which is a physical organ of course, can express it.

Buddhic Plane

When one begins to recognise that the world of emotions reach right up to the Buddhic plane, and express the highest emotions, the qualities of love and compassion, in a way which is as yet little understood or expressed upon earth today. And that the world of mind reaches upwards far beyond the physical brain, and the conscious thinking, into those abstract realms which are in truth one point of the triangle of soul energy, then one is beginning to be dimly aware that each world is linked, and is joined so, so deeply to other worlds that it is impossible to separate them.

And that every attempt to separate these aspects of existence merely lead to a barrier, merely lead to the creation of a blockage in which the searching evolving soul of course finds itself up against this particular blockage, and can travel no further until that particular blockage has been dissipated by bringing in the energy from the higher levels.

So, we can say at this point that progress depends on inter-relationship. And it is this factor that we are endeavouring to bring home to you, not on an outer level, because that is only a reflection of what takes place within you, but within the levels of consciousness. And we are endeavouring to bring home to you, that which we hope will permeate a little, if you are intuitionally open, that energies which are intermingling continue to function and to expand only in as much as they have contact with that which is below and that which is above. And therefore in order to progress on any level, one inevitably has to come to a point where one has to expand into the next level, whatever that level may be.

Rigid and non elastic

And if one remains rigid on any level and non-elastic, then one cannot move beyond that point until one has become a little more adaptable. And therefore, the laws of evolution control expansion in their own way, and they control it by permitting progress to be made only in those cases where recognition of higher levels have become available to the evolving soul. And therefore the more adaptable, the more expansive, the more receptive any of the three vehicles of the personality are becoming, then the more it is possible for them to be the registers of those energies which lie both below and above.

Spiritual aspirant

And the more adaptable the mind and the mental attitudes of the aspirant, the spiritual aspirant, has become, then the more possible it is that that particular aspirant can go forward opening doors with considerable rapidity, as they move from one level of conscious understanding to another. So the greatest blockage today, to the Children of Earth, because they are developing the mind so rapidly, because they are working on mental levels, is the attitudes which are deeply entrenched within their thinking. And these attitudes are what hold them in prison so often for considerable periods of time, behind barriers which are self created.

It is these attitudes which are being impregnated with the light of the higher self, the soul, the one level above the thinking mind, the higher mind; and certainly, as we have said in truth, another aspect of the triangle of energies which form the soul; the higher mind being the lowest point of that triangle of energies. And so the higher points of that triangle, the love and the wisdom, the rational knowledge, which together form what has been termed the soul, bring about the opportunity for the soul energies to work through this particular triangle of energies and to express its wholeness through those three points: love, rational thinking and the qualities of the higher illumined mind.

Lower mind gradually lifted up

And therefore as these energies express themselves, the lower mind is gradually lifted up and illumined, and the which have been entrenched in darkness for so long are revealed, and man has the opportunity of releasing that which has held him in prison. And having held him in prison for so long he can now have the key to unlock the prison door.

*With the ability to change one’s attitudes, which comes about, as we have said, through the inflow of spiritual light into the thinking, then one opens the door to change in one’s feelings, and one opens the door to change in one’s physical condition. And therefore the attitudes which one holds are truly the very essence of what one is, and pinpoint the focus of ones consciousness. It has been said, and is esoterically true that “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” We believe this is from your own Scriptures and it is pinpointing the fact that, this statement, having been made approximately two thousand years ago, is today still little understood and it is not being implemented to the degree that it is possible to implement it.

Scientific approach,

And yet the understanding is beginning to realise, is beginning to recognise, from various ways; through the scientific approach, the medical approach and through the religious approach of course of the past. And also through the individual thinking mind and the group mind; that it is man’s attitudes which control his whole focus of being, which bring about his pattern of existence, which bring about the difficulties of his life and which either free him from those difficulties and bring about balance, or entrench him even more deeply into more difficulties.

As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he

And so this old Scriptural saying that “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he;” is at last being expressed scientifically upon your earth today and to the satisfaction of many thinking members of humanity. And these members are growing of course at all times, and are expanding. And will in time become the majority and then their influence will utilise the minority thinking; and they will expand it into their own wider thinking and understanding.

To say that “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he,” brings us to that focus of the heart, and it is not speaking about the purely physical heart. It is thinking about that centre which is the very heart of a man’s being, the very essence of his being, because, speaking esoterically, when one says the heart, one is speaking about the very centre from which all emanates. We can say the heart of a flower, we can say the heart of a jewel, we can say the heart of a volcano and we can use that word to mean the very core, the very essence of any form which is ensouled by life.

Form ensouled by life

And as man indeed, of course, is a form ensouled by life, then we are speaking about the heart of that form, we are speaking about that energy, that spiritual energy which is the very essence of that evolving form on all levels. And so when we say that “As a man thinketh in his heart”; we are really indicating that the attitude of a man within, his deepest attitudes, are the conditioning focal points which regulate his life and bring about the invocation of various energies whether those energies be low or high. And having invoked those energies through his attitudes he then has to live with them and he has to balance them. And so we have this bringing about of an expansion of consciousness; and we have the evolution of consciousness through the three vehicles of the personality.

Theory of Evolution

And this of course leads one, we hope, a little more into an understanding of how one does truly evolve and what evolution truly means and it enables one, if one so wishes, to lift it off the purely physical level of form and to see this theory of evolution, this process of evolution as a far more expansive way of evolving life growing, and truly bringing about the fulfilment of its original inner purpose.

We see then that we have touched gently upon the essential qualities which are taking place with evolution and we see that they all hinge around the evolution, the growth and expansion, of attitudes. And therefore we give you that focal point, as something to think about if you so wish, to concentrate upon and to expand in your own way. Attitudes. We leave you with the focal point of attitudes and we leave you to look at attitudes in your own existence and to link up how your own personal attitudes are creating the pattern of your life. And therefore to ask yourself; are you satisfied and content with the pattern of your life?

And if you are, then for you your present attitude is right. With evolution those attitudes will automatically grow and expand and change. If you are not satisfied with the pattern of your own life then we would say; look at your attitudes and see where your life pattern is following the attitudes that you hold. And how perhaps your life pattern could change if you wished, with the change of attitude. And in doing this, much will be revealed to you.

Expansion of consciousness recognizes two aspects, which is one being the stream of Life, and the other being the stream of Consciousness.
Expansion of consciousness recognizes two aspects, which is one being the stream of Life, and the other being the stream of Consciousness.

Guided Meditation

And now, at this point, we are going to take you into a meditation, because having stimulated your mind, and having stimulated your thinking, and having opened your intuitive faculties a little, we are going to take you into a meditation which we feel, for many of you, and we hope for all of you, will reveal through your intuition, in different ways, through what you experience, a deeper essential meaning of evolution, and how consciousness is the essence, the heart that is evolving, and how it is your consciousness, in its growth, which creates for you a focal point of your being.

So relax at this moment and endeavour to unleash your consciousness from its limitations. Endeavour to allow your consciousness to roam free. During this period of meditation we ask you to let go of all preconceived ideas; of all attitudes which you have held whether they are beneficial or not. Let go of them all for the moment, you can pick them up again at the end of the meditation if you still want them. And to allow your consciousness to roam free. To see it as a wide expansion of formless being. To see it as inclusive, inclusive of your whole existence.

To see that your existence in consciousness is limitless, that it goes out of it, withdraws within, according to spiritual will of which you are a part, and that it can travel into other realms of existence; that it literally is not limited to any level of existence as it is when it is held within the physical body. And that it is not limited by the narrow concepts and attitudes of the mind, or by the narrow desires of those lower forces of the astral planes.

Atomic structure of the physical body

But that expanding within the very atomic structure of the physical body; so that the physical body is no longer limited but is expansive. Remembering that it is only a collection of atoms, always in movement, unfixed, expanding from that point of those moving atoms, out into the realms of feeling, through the astral worlds, into the golden light of the higher astral worlds, and in that light moving into the wider expansive wholeness of consciousness upon the Buddhic or Christ level, in which expansive brilliant light of purity, and healing, and the freedom from all limitations. You can feel it, and it can know itself to be one with all creation.

Hold that particular level of consciousness for a while as you proceed through that journey. The unrestricted moving atoms of the physical, let go of it, move, let go, move out, let go. Move, they are not solid, they will not restrict you unless your attitude believes they will. Move out of form, move into peace. Feel, feel what this group feels. Let go of your own personality, and merging with the group, the group soul; feel what this group is feeling, for what they feel is part of the whole, and you are part of the whole. Therefor it is yours. It lifts you up out of the limitations of your own person, because you share the group whole Your feelings are light; your feelings are golden, and you share that inner awareness of the cosmic whole. Expand, let go, become one.

Journey of consciousness: Evolution of Consciousness

Each will have his own experience, it will be different than his brother; but to each it will be meaningful as he proceeds on his journey of consciousness. It will explain to him, because he will experience much of that which we have endeavoured to put into him. So move up and out, from the world of golden feeling into the world of prismatic thinking. And in the world of prismatic thinking, let go of those constricting attitudes. You are now in the world of universal mind, and you are approaching it through group mind. And as you move out of the single colour, of single concepts, and the narrow attitudes; you move into a prism of light, you move into a scintillating rainbow.

Prismatic radiation

Knowledge and ideas. For you are moving out of narrow concepts into the group mind; what the group knows, you know. Merge into it. Atoms in the one body. What the group knows, you know. The prismatic radiation of those colours engulfs you, wipes out all narrow thought; stills the brain for the time being, and you live just in a world of ideas, in-pouring without effort, without thought; ideas, ideas of what should be, of what is, and of what can be.

Therefore you are becoming the knower, in the true sense. You are sharing divine ideas; you are merging into divine mind, the meaning of life, the purpose of life; as known at all times and understood by divinity. And you are merging; you are merging because you are atoms in the body of divinity. Particles in the One Whole, drops in the One Ocean, engulfed in those prismatic colours. Each colour bringing its own quality and its own ideas; each colour representing something, because it is ensouled by an entity. And each colour, each symbol, brings its own message, reveals its own identity, and its own purpose. What you see, whatever it is, what you experience; what you feel, enter into it and request that it reveal its purpose.

Oneness of all life

And thus you begin to share in the meaning and the oneness of all life. And every atom, every form, from the amoeba to the gigantic, will reveal itself and its purpose, as you merge with it; as you merge. This is knowledge, this is being, this is understanding. And through it all those prismatic colours of the mind, that golden light, the overwhelming, all encompassing light. Blue-white brilliance of the Circle surrounds, permeates, unites and synthesises. Yet never obliterating those prismatic colours, never obliterating the golden light, but enhancing it, in that mysterious way, so that the higher feelings and the golden light, the prismatic colours of the higher mind, the ideas, are enhanced by the brilliant light of soul quality, but never annihilated.

Now we are taking you into the worlds where rational thinking, logical thinking has no meaning, its been destroyed. How can one light obliterate another yet it still be in existence? How do three lights exist at the same times? Do not attempt to think, just experience, for if you think you will obliterate the whole. The limitations of mind, the destroyer of the real. You are in the realms above all this, therefore be absorbed, for you are experiencing the evolution of consciousness.

Hold it by letting go

Hold it, hold it by being, not by force, you cannot hold it by force; thought will destroy it, but by letting go and becoming part of it, you are it, you are love, you are knowledge, you are consciousness, you are life itself. This night you have an opportunity which will not occur again for a considerable period of time; so utilise it to the full, let no fear stand in the way, for there is nothing to fear, only wholeness, only light.

Now gradually begin your descent, begin your descent as a whole; for you began your ascent as separate entities, but you will return as a whole. Never again will you be quite as separate as you were when you began; for each has become part of the other, each has absorbed a little more of the whole. And you will return slowly, return down to your level of consciousness; continue to leave the light through the prismatic colours. Bringing with you the ideas that you gained there, in the golden light, the higher astral, bringing with you the love. Which will colour those ideas and bringing them back through the roving atoms; which you can now slowly draw together and stabilise into form, that you may work within that form.

Ra Iman Hoteph

So for tonight, beloved ones, Lai Yung and Ra Iman Hoteph have completed the work for which they came. And leave you now to utilise what you have received from the experience. We will open the Circle, and when you are ready. We will, as usual, endeavour to answer your queries if you have any; and if you have not we will withdraw, leave you with our blessings. Does anyone wish to ask us anything? We are patient, take your time, for we know you have been high. Collect yourself again within the physical body.

Evolution of consciousness

A spiritual initiate during meditation revealing a balanced flow of energy; that occurs with advanced meditation practice. Indicating a changed consciousness.
A spiritual initiate during meditation revealing a balanced flow of energy; that occurs with advanced meditation practice. Indicating a changed consciousness.
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After reading and studying this post. You can now regard yourself to be a serious esoteric student. Importantly the next step is to practice serious insight meditation! Which is in order to achieve a lighter vibration of being. That will completely transform the pattern of your life!

Insight Meditation is a dissolving process; which promotes or invokes the increased flow of energy from the Oversoul. It is an awareness focused to a point meditation technique. Which is the only way; to bring the full power of the Oversoul. Into your brain consciousness or being on the earth plane; in order to fully dissolve the resistance of ego. Learning the meditation technique is simple and easy. However the discipline of practice requires a little more effort.