Meditation Enlightened Conscious Energy Breathing

Enlightened meditation is a conscious process of increasing soul energy flow. Energy follows thought to achieve energy state of enlightenment or nirvana.
Photo which is showing seven main energy centres or chakras in the body.

Enlightened meditation is a conscious process of increasing soul energy flow. Energy follows thought to achieve energy state of enlightenment or nirvana.

Meditation Enlightened is soul energy dissolving resistance

Learn about Meditation which is conscious energy breathing at an Ashram. Energy of the over soul is cold, soft, relentless, stretching, resilient and flexible. By comparison the resistance of ego is hot, hard, brittle and inflexible. During the meditation the increased flow of energy will cause an expansion phase; which the crystallization of ego resists. When a person meditates soul energy is impacting upon and dissolving resistance, which leads to an expansion in awareness or consciousness.

Resting meditation

During the rest periods with sleep or resting meditation time; the body will heal and purify itself of all the sediments, toxins and poisons stirred up with the meditation practice. Hence this process is defined as the contraction phase. As the crystallization or sediment of ego is very brittle it can not with stand the cold expansion of soul energy on its surface. Therefore as a natural consequence it will fray, crack, crumble and break away. In this way we see a demonstration of physics principles. With meditation practice there is the inducing or increasing of energy to cause the breathing of expansion.

Push outward and the pull inward in particular is totally and completely efficient; in breaking down and removing the rigidity of sedimentation or crystallization. Relentless alternating forces will always win against an immovable object; by continually wearing it down to eventually disappear. Meditation is a dissolving process. Here we may discuss the concept of power and resting meditation.

Power meditation

Power meditation is where you devote 100 percent of your awareness to the meditation exercise; which is essential in gaining a solid start; when beginning serious meditation in the early stages. Certainly this is an important reason; why a ten-day course at a meditation center is the easiest way to start serious meditation.

Resting meditation is where you devote a part of the awareness to meditation; while most of your awareness is focused on the concerns in your every day life. This is living an inner life and outer life both at the same time.

Enlightened Deep Meditation Nirvana

Deep meditation stage of ability is characterized; by the piercing penetrating and dissolving action of energy. Quite naturally this dissolving awareness will progressively move down. To dissolve out all the sediments within your entire spinal column.

“As above so below” is a timeless quote. Which reveals that whatever energy state is present on an inner level; will also be revealed on an outer level. This truth can be discovered by anyone. With disciplined insight meditation practice; taken to its final conclusion. Which demonstrates a complete transformation from the contracted, crippled, reactive and maladjusted state. Into one that is fully expanded, non reactive with a well balanced psychological pattern. In addition to a correctly aligned cerebra-spinal system with a square psychical body.

In other words a person; who can successfully balance the first three rays. Which are the first ray of will and power, second ray of love wisdom and the third ray of active intelligence.

Emotional glamour

What is the real purpose of meditation as a choice option for the individual? It all depends on who you choose to make the master in your life? If you are so in love with your own ego and the emotional glamour of the hot wild ride; with its associated reactive patterns that it provides and you do not wish to part with these experiences. Then accordingly and appropriately serious meditation has no role to play in your life.

In fact any one with this basic attitude; will find it impossible to meditate correctly in the early stages. Naturally this is because the person in question; will quite simply be so hyper active; he will be unable to even sit still! Unfortunately this will remain true of course; until this elementary attitude is changed in the first place. Which is to adopt the attitude of quieting the mind to become more calm. Insight meditation is a selection against your own ego to strengthen the power of the soul in your life.

Enlightened meditation or Nirvana

Firstly our basic attitude needs to change from one of enjoying the illusion to seeing reality. Face the truth of your own unique energy state. After which it becomes strongly possible that meditation will work for you.

So if you seek to move beyond the glamour or illusion with nirvana; that only soul influence can provide. Then serious meditation is your only choice option. Anyone prepared correctly. Will be able to meditate successfully and eventually become an enlightened person.


Perhaps you may be motivated to wet your toes. As a querent in meditation by joining a one hour weekly girly giggle meditation group. Meditation entertainment groups are so widely available in our society at the present time?

Always remember that one step follows another so from a humble beginning; a very solid and mighty tree may grow in consciousness. Consequently it is interesting to know. After the successful completion of the complete dissolving process; awareness may leave the physical body, with conscious astral travel.

Spiritual Aspirant aspirations for Energy State Nirvana

Spiritual aspirant is the next step after querent. A person who actively seeks out spiritual knowledge. Next step in this evolution is to become a disciple. Which is achieved by joining a spiritual brotherhood. After an apprenticeship; there is a transition to become a working disciple. Defined to be a person; who actively disseminates spiritual knowledge.

Insight meditation speeds up spiritual evolution