Expansion of Consciousness Discourse By Spirit Guide Rani Lash

Expansion of consciousness recognizes two aspects, which is one being the stream of Life, and the other being the stream of Consciousness.
Expansion of consciousness recognizes two aspects, which is one being the stream of Life, and the other being the stream of Consciousness.

Discourse by Rani Lash Keeper of the Gateway of Power

Peacock Spiritual Development Brotherhood

Expansion of consciousness: Greeting, beloved ones, greetings. Rani Lash, Keeper of the Gateway of Power, greets you this night, that we may, within this group; find for ourselves that which is the heart, the very kernel of our being. And that we may release those qualities that lie latent and dormant within us; and thereby expand our true selves. And bring ourselves to a point of understanding where we may indeed go forth with a wider awareness of life; its purpose, and our purpose on earth.

Knowing this, beloved ones, let us go forth, and let us open ourselves to that which flows in; and as the energy streams from the centre to the perimeter. As each one receives that which is his lawful dessert; then we will find that we are moving outwards, and we are, indeed, beginning to function as a group; we are becoming aware of a group unity. And we are now under the impact of the three Festivals, which most of you are aware of; the present one being the Wesak Festival, the Festival of the Buddha; in which this Circle is operating at this present time. And we have also the Festival of the Christ to follow at the next full moon.

New Age

So that we are working in a specific energy at this time of the year; and we are working in a way which permits of greater expansion, greater unity. And greater projection of energy in a universal work; which is the true purpose, of course, of any esoteric group. And in the projection of this energy we fulfil our part; and we serve as a group in the upliftment of humanity. And in the furtherance of the in-coming new age; as it is called – the Age of Aquarius, about which so much is said, and in many cases so little is understood.

Constellation of Aquarius

But, nevertheless, it is a fact that we are moving under this new influence; and that as the Zodiac turns upon its axis then we are being brought under the influence of the constellation of Aquarius; and all that that implies to those who have any inner awareness, or outer awareness, of esoteric astrology. So that we are beginning to function as souls, and we are beginning to function slowly as a group soul. And that is the whole purpose of the work that we do; and the reason why we contact you and work with you. In order to bring about this specific expansion and growth. So that we will have, indeed, a very useful instrument as a group; and useful instruments as individuals working together for the one purpose, and the attainment of one goal.

Tonight, we are going to bring to you a basic explanation of certain aspects of the teaching; and we are now moving into that particular level of teaching. Where we are able to give out to you something of a framework; that you will be able to build upon if you so wish. And you will be able to find for yourself where the strength of this framework lies; and if there are limitations and weaknesses in it, where they lie, also. Most of these, you will find, are within your own personality; and your own ability to either understand and interpret correctly, or to accept what is given to you. The basic framework is, as always, the teaching from the ancient wisdom; the one wisdom throughout the ages which has always been given to humanity, whatever the form may be.

Evolving Souls

However much the outer framework may have differed; and however much the terminology may have been altered to suit the evolving souls at any present period, or periods in the past. Nevertheless, it has always been the one truth that goes forth, and the one framework upon which wisdom and love is built. It has been, of course, throughout the ages, distorted by many, and it has been restored by many. And it has, once again, flowing outwards at this present time; made itself felt with a great impact on so many upon your earth today.

Realise Own Inner Nature

Because so many have reached the point where they are ready to receive; and where they are ready to acknowledge. And to begin to implement, within their own lives, that which they are beginning to realise. From their own inner nature, is a true aspect behind the whole process of being and living. And as we move into this realm; we move into a level where consciousness can be gradually expanded. With some more quickly than with others, because we are all at different stages of the road; brothers, and some, of course, having travelled more quickly. And put in more effort in past incarnations; have reached a point where today they are able to bring a greater understanding; a greater awakening to that which is given them.

And if they are able, you find yourself able, to open a little more fully; and to understand a little more fully than your brethren, you can say, perhaps. That this is because you have been in incarnation longer. And you can also say to yourself, if you are wise, that because of this; you are in a position not to preen your feathers and become proud of your progress, but rather, to say. If I have a little more, let me share it with my brothers who are as yet still striving to grasp that rung of the ladder; which I, in my long sojourn through incarnations, have grasped a little more fully perhaps, in the past. Thereby we pass down what we receive, and those who are ahead of us pass down to us; and the whole chain reaction goes forward; the whole purpose of a group.

Work for good of Group is a true Group

A group that works for the good for the group, is a true group; and until this has been attained, of course; while one is selfishly taking. As one does in the earlier stages, solely for ones self; then the group soul is not at that point developing. But first of all, the progress, the creative expansion; one automatically follows the expansion of oneself before one reaches a point where one studies the expansion of the whole; and this is correct. It is a roadway with certain stepping stones; and all who walk along it, must, at one time or another; put their feet upon those same stones. It is not a case of if, brothers, it is just a case of when.

And therefore, each one can say, Well, if I walked that way in the past; I am stabilised in the present, but if I am not walking that way in the present, then I will walk it in the future. And so, there is a place for everyone, and they are all moving forward. Expansion of consciousness, yes, brothers, how often that word is used, and yet how many understand the meaning of consciousness?

Stream of Life

Perhaps, tonight, we will speak to you a little about consciousness as our first step in the training. We can say, to begin with, that an entity functions through two energies: one being the Stream of Life; and the other being the Stream of Consciousness. And in those simple words, we present you with the essence of a human being. The stream of life, which is received through the head, the head centres; and is transmitted and utilised through the etheric body. Which receives all energies – and is then passed through the central nervous system of the physical body; and so performs its function upon physical substance.

Stream of Consciousness

And we have the stream of consciousness, which again, passes in through the head centre; and works its way down through those particular centres. Which spread this consciousness again through the various aspects of the etheric and physical body; and bring it out, once again, as an awareness. So, we have life streaming in, and this is the very life force that gives us that awareness; which gives us that, shall we say, energy of being, which gives us the ability to exist.

And we have that which keeps us in operation, and which keeps the three vehicles of the personality; the physical, the emotional and the mental, in operation at all times. We have through this life force, the ability to exist, because it flows through the blood; and it flows through the heart centre, and therefore, it gives life; and even upon your earth, is it not said medically, that the blood is the life? Of course, because if the blood ceases to flow, there is no life, is there? And therefore, the blood is the conveyor of the life; and the blood is that which circulates through every atom. Through every molecule of the body, and therefore it provides life to every aspect. As it gives life, it supports, gives nourishment, and it brings health and it brings the ability to function.

Consciousness is Awareness of where Life is Functioning

The consciousness, of course, is that which makes us aware of where the life is functioning. And therefore, we find that with this consciousness, we are aware of that which is taking place; and as with most average humans upon earth today. They are conscious of the earth and the environment around them, and that is the extent of their consciousness. So, that is where they live, and that is what they see as their life and their place of being. And yet, of course, within, there is a consciousness which is far beyond this.

Latent State

And that consciousness, on so many levels – or shall we say; the instruments through which that consciousness has to operate, are in most cases closed down; in a latent state, in a sleep state. Either have not yet come into activity, or have been brought into activity, misused; and therefore have been damaged and have been closed down again.

So that we have this statement of consciousness. How does consciousness operate, brothers? Well, we can say that it operates through the five senses, does it not? Upon earth, at least. And therefore, one is conscious of this particular world in which you inhabit because of the five senses; you can see, you can hear, you can smell, and taste, and touch, and if it were not for that. You would have no consciousness of your environment at all, would you? It would be there, just the same, would it not? But you yourself would have no consciousness of it – no awareness. You would live in a dark, silent, meaningless void; and yet the whole of your environment; the whole of life upon earth would go on, would it not? And you would not be aware of it.

Active Expression

So you see, that which is, and that which is an active expression; does not depend on the consciousness of any individual, in order to exist. And as we say, were your senses completely negated upon earth; that life upon earth would still go on, and would still exist. And this is a fact which it is well worth remembering, brothers; because on the inner planes, the same life just goes on in the same way, and it has its own activity. And because the average human is not aware of it, does not mean that it does not exist.

Gradually, as awareness expands, then one becomes more conscious of that which is taking place on other levels; and one is aware of that which lies behind the earthly plane. And one is aware of that which is both the cause and the meaning of what takes place upon the earthly plane.

Consciousness expands with the inner planes of existence

And so we have a linking up, as our consciousness expands with the inner planes of existence, and this; of course, can be taken in two ways. For the searcher after psychic phenomena – which so many are passing through that experience at present; and all at one time or another have passed through it, or will pass through it. There is but an urge for curiosity and for awareness of something that is new, for something; which is, perhaps, a little exciting, a little startling, or maybe a little frightening. But at that particular stage, it leaves an impact of knowledge; it leaves an awareness that certain states of existence, within and behind this earthly one, exist; and as far as the spiritual progress of a person is concerned, means little.

One can, having experienced this, which is a necessary experience; go on and one can continue to become addicted. As it were, one can become addicted to any experience, can one not? And one can become addicted to all kinds of things – one can become addicted to ones own personality. And it is this addiction, of course; which is afflicting so many of the souls upon earth at this present time. Because they are so addicted to their personalities that they are in continual trouble and have difficulties. And the more, of course, they free themselves from this addiction – it is the same as any other addiction. It is like a drug addiction, an alcohol addiction, an addiction to nicotine or tobacco, or any other form of addiction; either we break from it, or we become its slaves.

Addiction need to break free from it

There is no middle path. And therefore, we all make up our own minds; and however long it takes us, if we have an addiction we gradually have to break free from it. If not, we remain a slave. And we are, in truth, though few recognise it – except those who are beginning to tread the spiritual path; slaves to our own personality. Slaves of the planet; prisoners of the planet, if you wish – a good esoteric term – Prisoners of the Planet. Because we are indeed, prisoners of the materialism of the planet; and of the emanations and energies of the planet itself. And that is where we are held, and that, for perhaps many lifetimes; is where we stay – and we are perhaps satisfied with that, gaining our experience.

So, we go on learning, and eventually the time comes, of course; when we are not satisfied, and when it begins to pall. And we begin to feel that there should be something more. Because all addictions eventually burn themselves out, and it is only a matter of time. But that time, certainly by your method of reckoning, can be considerable. We speak of lifetimes, and to us they are as a flash within eternity.

Everything is relative

You speak of a few years, and to you it feels to be eternity. It is only a matter of where one is stationed when one looks at a thing, is it not? Everything is relative. And therefore, when one is moving along the path of eternity, a few lifetimes are of very little duration. But, nevertheless, when one begins to reach for that freedom. One has reached a point where one recognises there is something from which we wish to be free; and one has recognised, to a certain extent, what that something is.

Prisoners of the planet

And we realise, it is that we are prisoners of the planet. And therefore, we are prisoners of the planet because we are prisoners of our own personality. And as our own personality is created of the substance which is within the planet, then we are linked; through this very substance, with the environment that we are within. And so, we are finding that we are linked to many worlds; and although we may not be conscious of those worlds. Nevertheless we are linked with their energy, and we are influenced by their energy; and our whole life, of course, is brought either into harmony or chaos because of these energies. And the way they are handled and the way they are directed.

So, we have a consciousness; and if we are not conscious of what is termed the astral world; nevertheless we are conscious, and very much so; of the energy which flows from it, because the astral worlds are the worlds of emotion. And there, of course, mind is held in abeyance. Physical substance, of course, is held in abeyance, because it does not exist there. And we are in a world of emotions – a world of feelings; whether they be higher feelings or whether they be lower feelings. And therefore, we find that we are experiencing those feelings, those emotions. And which of us can say that they are completely free of those astral emotions? We do not see, looking at your auras; that there are any here tonight who can say this with honesty, because all are affected.

Astral Levels

And therefore, we can say that we are very conscious and very aware of the astral levels, because every time we utilise that emotional energy, we are drawing it from these very levels; the only place where emotional energy exists. And so, we are continually going in, and out, from those astral levels: every time we are sad, every time we are happy, every time we are angry, or envious, or jealous, or resentful, or expressing any other emotion then we are drawing on that energy. And so, you see, all the time we are utilising the energy of the inner planes, even if we do not feel that we are conscious of those planes, we are conscious of their energies, and that is certainly a step towards being conscious of those planes.

They are indeed – certainly the astral plane is – classed esoterically as, as big a plane of illusion, of course, as this planet earth is the plane of illusion, because neither of them are truly reality, esoterically speaking. And as we look at them, and consider them reality, we are living within our own thought-forms; and As a man thinketh, in his heart, we believe your sacred Scripture say, so is he. And that is an interesting statement for you to meditate and think about, As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. And by his heart is meant, not his physical heart, but the heart of his being, his essence, his attitudes, his feelings, his inner awareness – what he truly is. As we think, so are we.

Millennium with an expansion of consciousness Rani Lash keeper of the gateway of power. Spirit guides spiritual law? "without vision, man perisheth".
Millennium with an expansion of consciousness Rani Lash keeper of the gateway of power. Spirit guides spiritual law? “without vision, man perisheth”.

Cosmic reality of universal oneness

And therefore, if we think that this world is reality, then for us it is reality, and must remain reality until such time as we begin to expand and we begin to become aware of inner layers; one world behind the other, each one lighter and more subtle than the rest. And then we begin to reach upwards until we begin to get a little nearer to reality; true reality – the cosmic reality of universal oneness. And then we begin to recognise the unity of life, the synthesis of life, and we begin to recognise that what we have thought of as reality, of course, is but the experience of a dream.

And we may as well be sitting in one of your cinemas and watching a film go by, because in truth, the living entity within the form, is doing just this. It is watching life upon earth – its own life and everyone elses, and its experiences, and in truth, it is watching as if it was watching a cinema, and it is watching a film being processed and spreading before its eyes, and that is your life.

Open Mind is an Open Road

We know that at present this will be meaningless to you, but we lay it down as the seeds and the foundation for those who are ready to feel intuitively, a little deeper, the truth behind what we say. And in beginning to use these aspects of life, these new attitudes, these new concepts, as a working hypothesis for the future, they indeed build for themselves a platform from which they can begin to move on the inward journey. An open mind is an open road, and as we are travelling a spiritual road, step by step, then that road leads to an open mind. A closed mind is a blocked road, and those who have a closed mind will remain blocked, of course, which is their choice, until such time in the future, whenever that may be, this lifetime or some other, their mind begins to open.

Understanding Greater Awareness

But with understanding and a little greater awareness, then the whole begins to make itself, shall we say, visible. It begins to reveal itself a step at a time. And the wise person standing within, in abstraction, detachment, watches, and thinks, and learns, not leaping onto anything that is said merely because it is said by us, or by anyone else, but taking it into the silence of their own heart, thinking about it in the depth of their intuitive mind, and coming to their own conclusions, of what their own soul tells them, is the truth and is the falsehood.

This way the open mind becomes the open road, and on the open road that soul begins to walk freely, the hindrances are not so great, the limitations and obstructions are not there, because the open mind is clear and it leads one steadily forward to the goal. The closed mind is full of obstructions and hindrances, and at all times the soul is brought to a halt and has to surmount those hindrances – or dissipate them, which is a more correct way of saying it.

Consciousness become aware of what lies behind life

So, we move into this consciousness, and gradually we become aware of what lies behind our life. We become aware that there is more to it than just the outer living, more to it than just the outer appearance. Because in recognising, as we said to you before, that a human being is an amalgam of energies, then we realise that those energies, coming from different sources, coming from different worlds and flowing through us, are the influences which make us what we are. And our ability to understand, and control, and direct these energies are what make of us either a slave or a master.

And if we are a master, then we begin to take life into our own hands, and we begin to live it as a master, and we begin to utilise our position as soul entities, and we begin to use the personality as it was meant to be used. If we decide that we are still slaves, slaves to the planet, slaves to the personality, then we are not, as yet, able to use those energies. But we can still become aware of their presence, and eventually we can develop that inspiration, that spiritual will, which makes us ask for the ability, and makes us stretch, and reach, and work for the ability to utilise those energies within ourselves and to harmonise them.

Cease to be happy as Slaves Wish to be Master

As we have said, there comes a time when we cease to be happy as slaves and we wish to be the master, and at that point we revolve, we turn, as it were, upon the pedestal of light, and we look the other way, and then we face towards reality rather than facing towards illusion. And when we do this, of course, our vision is beginning to see the reality. Slowly, little by little, the doors open and our consciousness begins to expand, and then our inner, coinciding, sensitive perceptions begins to develop.

So, remember, that every earthly sense we spoke about – your five earthly senses – and every sense, has its correspondence on the inner levels, and each sense, of course, is used, as it grows on the many levels. The earthly eyes, the earthly ears, the earthly taste, and touch are of little use upon the inner planes, but their counterparts are absolutely essential, because in the inner worlds, we still have to look, to hear, to feel, to smell and to taste. And so we utilise the inner perceptions, the subtle aspects of those earthly sentiments, those earthly sentient feelings shall we say, and we utilise that which is available, in order that on those levels, we may have the instruments that we need.

Inner Worlds

As we climb higher, once again, we are still working with the five senses but on an even finer level, and we are working with those correspondences on an even higher level. And gradually their function becomes more accurate, more refined, and when we sense and reach out for something, it becomes more instantaneous, and our recognition of those inner worlds, of course, is on a far different level than the apparent slowness of our recognition of things upon earth. It can take us a long time, working through the limitations of the lower conscious mind, to work out a problem upon earth, can it not?

And often we wrestle with it, and we toss it around in the windmills of our mind for considerable periods of time, trying to come up with an answer. And very often, of course, if it is a problem of earth, we solve it and we go ahead. If we are building our house, if we are mending our mechanical contrivances, then we work out what is the matter, and why, and we get to work upon it.

Understand Principle behind the system

And because we understand the system which lies behind; we understand the principle behind the building, or behind the engine, whatever it is, then we usually are able to find an answer, and we usually can find a solution. But when we are working, of course, on the inner planes, when we are working with spiritual concepts, it is very different, because there is no answer forthcoming from those particular instruments – the lower mind. And the more we juggle around with those spiritual ideas, the spiritual concepts, the more confused we become, and very often we finish up doubting and sceptical, and feeling that there is no answer at all – which through those particular instruments, is true.

But as we develop those inner aspects of the outer earthly perceptions, then, we, of course, are receiving in a very different way. And in that method, through that way, we can certainly begin to understand and to receive our answers, just as we would upon earth. So, we begin to put things together with an intuitive knowledge and straight awareness, which is being brought to us on a much different level, and which by-passes the lower mind completely, but yet brings its own truth, brings its own answer, and brings its own solution.

Dawn: Can we change the tape please?

How easily Consciousness changes

Guide: So, brothers, consciousness – at the moment we feel that you have all suddenly become conscious of earth again, have you not? So, we must draw you up, yes, how easily consciousness changes, does it not? And a very good experience, a very good method of putting into practice, and showing you for yourselves, that about which we have been speaking; how easily the consciousness switches back to earth, does it not? At a word, and it can switch just as easily to a higher consciousness, and with some of you, of course, it does.

And as you learn to move your consciousness, then you can become aware of that which is happening behind life. And at every aspect of life, at every problem, both of your own, and of the group, and of the world at large – humanity at large – you begin to see that there is an underlying cause. You will begin to see that there is a meaning, and in the world of meanings, of course, you see why the conflict, or the mal-alignment of certain energies brings about certain results upon earth. If you have upheavals upon earth, you are witnessing the upheaval of energies in conflict.

Upheaval upon Inner Planes

And if you have upheaval upon the inner planes which are causing that conflict, then at a higher level still, you can reach to the World of Meaning, the World of Significance, and you can begin to discover for yourself, the significance of why these energies are being brought into this stage where they create conflict. So, that which is at first seen upon your earth as negative, with the wider understanding and a greater knowledge, is seen as something progressive, something positive.

Average Humanity like a Gramophone Record

And therefore, one begins to leave the thought-track, as it were, of humanity – of average humanity – because average humanity are on a thought-track which has become like a gramophone record, shall we say – an old type of record, in which the needle goes round, and the needle has become stuck in one of the grooves and keeps playing the same section of the tune over and over again. And therefore, the thinking attitude of humanity, for a long period, has been stuck in one groove, as it were, and those who are not utilising, or not able to utilise their own creative mental powers, their own ability to think for themselves, are drawn into this groove, and the mass thinking of humanity goes round and round in the same old thought pattern.

Today this pattern is being broken up very rapidly, because this is a period of thinking and a period of mental focus, and the mind aspect of humanity is developing very rapidly, and so we are getting a greater pattern of individual thinking, true thinking for oneself, than has been seen upon earth before. And this is because the growth of evolution, the growth of humanity, is leading human beings through into different streams of energy, and is moving their consciousness into different levels of understanding.

Advanced sections of humanity think for them selves

Today, people do not accept as readily, that which is said by the masses, just because it is said by the masses, or that which is said by the few, just because they happen to hold a position of authority. But humanity today is learning – certainly the more advanced sections of humanity – to think about what is said, and to think about the attitudes that are prevalent, and if those attitudes do not fit in with their own feelings of right and wrong, then they now tend to reject those attitudes and to get them changed. And this is progressive, this is good.

This is the meaning of a change of consciousness, this is the expansion of consciousness into something beyond the automatic acceptance of a machine, of a robot, a computer, because a human being is not, when all is said and done, a computer. Although there are many upon your earth today who are quite content to act as computers, and feel that if they fill their minds full of stereotyped information, then they can press the right button, at the right time, and bring out that information, perhaps in an effort to blind with science, their brethren, who are less equipped. But yet at the same time, having little real understanding themselves of the information which has been fed into them, and which they are, once again, feeding out.

Look deeply behind what is said.

So, remember, that mere knowledge is not of any great value to the recipient unless there is also a degree of understanding of that knowledge. And to repeat knowledge for the sake of repeating it, to learn it verbatim and to repeat it like you would repeat your multiplication tables, is merely working as an empty recording machine, and is merely repeating what any present day machine could do, and it does not need a human intelligence, or a human soul to do it. So, do not be mislead by your own high sounding words, or high sounding words of others, but learn to look deeply behind what is said.


And if you are not sure, and someone is setting themselves up to be your teacher, or endeavouring to influence you to their way of thinking, then it is quite lawful for you to query that person, and to find out for yourself, through sensible questioning, whether they truly do understand what they are talking about. Because a few well placed questions, in the right place, and at the right time, will certainly bring to the surface just how much your informant really knows. There are many upon your earth today who are endeavouring to, shall we say, build their own ego, by blinding others with science. And there are many naive, and unthinking people, who accept this without question, and therefore, they provide a very fertile ground for such people to grow and to expand.

And although they serve a purpose, yes, because they teach us the folly of listening indiscriminately to one who is not themselves, very wise. At the same time, they also bring about much chaotic disruption, and their own progress is halted by their very methods of pandering so much to the personality, and they are certainly slaves of their own personality, as much as anyone.


So, when you think about this, perhaps you know people in your life similar to those we are speaking about, and you will approach them with a new approach, and a little more wisdom. And you will begin to think for yourself, and you will begin to learn the art of leading people, through your questions, to explaining exactly what they are saying, and proving, in one way or another, whether they understand what they are saying, or whether they are just empty recording machines who have stored a lot of information, but have little understanding of what it means. Think about that, it will help you much upon your spiritual road.

So, having given you this basic groundwork of consciousness; consciousness which is the very method of understanding, the very method of awareness which gives us the existence on any level, we will perhaps, lead you through that consciousness a little, because we will now give you a meditation. And we will take you through that guided meditation, that you may find for yourself a little of what consciousness means. And when it is over, perhaps, we will ask you what you experienced and what you felt about those experiences.

Expansion of Consciousness Guided meditation

So, if you will all relax, and close your eyes. Are you all ready? Then we ask you to become aware. We ask you to become aware of your physical body – concentrate on it. What it is doing? What feelings you are experiencing through it? The energy which is within it. Is it tired? Is it active? Is it energetic? Is it tranquil? Concentrate on your physical body. And as you concentrate upon it, think to yourself, This is my physical body. Note what we say, not this is me, not I am the physical body, this is my physical body. This places yourself as a separate entity, quite outside your physical body, but you are thinking about it, you are concentrating on it, you are seeing what its doing.

Now move out. Your consciousness is going to expand, and you are going to go onto the astral levels, and there you are going to say, What do I feel about that physical body? You forget the physical and you concentrate on your feelings. What are you feeling about it? Just feel – do not think, just feel, note the feelings that are flowing through you, whatever they may be. You are still outside, you are noting your feelings as you noted your physical body. You are the observer, now observe with detachment, do not get involved with the feelings, observe them, they are flowing, they are the astral worlds, they are a stream of energy.

Feel Energies flowing through you

Now, as you feel those energies flowing through you, those various feelings, move into the mind. And then start to question yourself; still letting the feelings flow through, still aware of the physical body. And now say, What were those feelings? Where did they come from? Think deeply. Are they yourself or are they merely passing through you? You are aware of them, so how can they be yourself? You are thinking about them. You have now expanded into the higher mind, you are pure thought; you are neither the physical body, nor the emotional body, and yet you are thinking about both of them.

So, at that point, you begin to visualise. You visualise a brilliant light – a white light – it is in the form of a six pointed star. Visualise it. Forget your physical, the emotions, and your thoughts about them and visualise only the six pointed star. A star of brilliant light, and look right into the centre of it. Now, without thought or feeling, go into the centre of it. Upwards, upwards – go into it, into the star, letting your consciousness flow. Flow, releasing all that you were conscious of, and you the entity go forth.

Six Pointed star

Now you are leaving the physical, the emotional and the mental behind and you are going deep into the brilliant light of that six pointed star. Do not see anything else, hold it and go into it. You are being absorbed by it, you are becoming part of it. Now you are formless, you are the light, and that light is permeating every atom of your being. Within that light you stand supreme; within that light you are complete; within that light you have all that you need.

Your light is real, all that you passed through to reach the light, was illusion. Stay in the light, do not come down yet, brothers, hold it. Hold it because you augment each other, you have each others strength, you can accomplish in this group what you will not accomplish as yet on your own, because the strength of the group is focused on one thing. Therefore, you are working as one, you have the benefit of the group energy, you have the benefit of our energy lifting you. So, utilise to the full this opportunity; stay in the centre of the star.

Feel the Joy of Purity

It is so brilliant that sight vanishes, you are blinded by it, but you do not need sight, because you are experiencing, you are beyond the senses, you are part of, you are being, it is the whole, and you are part of the whole. Feel the light consuming, feel the darkness vanishing; the darkness within you. Feel the joy pouring through you, the joy of unity, the joy of working with others where all is one; where you are not having to rely on your own limitations, but have the full use of your whole being. Let all fear go.

So, brothers, the light is now withdrawing, and you are gently coming back, because you cannot; as yet, stay up there without our help. You are gently coming back, steadily, steadily, to your earthly duties. Back through the thinking mind, through the emotions, into the physical and back to your earthly consciousness. But you bring with you something which was higher than anything you have experienced before. Some went higher than others but all travelled a considerable way, and that will permeate your life from now on. And with practice, step by step; you will go more easily into your star, and it will become part of your whole life; your true self.

Expansion of consciousness

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