Choice Determines Fate on the Path of Spiritual Evolution

Choice determines fate spiritual path visit Ashram to learn Insight Meditation. Leads to energy state of complete transformation with escape from reincarnation.
Choice determines fate spiritual path visit Ashram to learn Insight Meditation. Leads to energy state of complete transformation with escape from reincarnation.

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Choice to meditate or not will most certainly determine your fate on spiritual path. Perhaps we may choose to go to a Buddhist Monastery or an Ashram in the Himalayas? Fortunately today meditation centres are far more widely available. On our journey of discovery; for serious spiritual maturity. In other words would be to say seeking enlightenment. Perhaps in this way; we may confirm that choice determines fate on the spiritual path. A demonstration that energy follows thought.

Choice determines Fate Spiritual Path: React Ego or Respond Soul

React as ego or respond as soul is our eternal choice in life. If you seek to live a life; with a more calm at peace pattern. Then there is only one solution for you. Which is meditation. Because this process brings in soul influence; with all its qualities of calm responding. Whereas remaining with reaction of the ego; results in more of the same; which is conflict and disharmony. It really is a very simple choice; with natural 100 percent totally repeatable consequences.

Accepting total responsibility

When any person first steps upon the spiritual path they need to completely accept. That everything begins with accepting 100% responsibility for the whole pattern of your life. In practice this will mean being responsible for all your emotions or how you feel. From this aspect on wards all the possibilities in life will arise.

At first it is not possible to live this principal in practice. Because the ego is too strong and will not allow it. So in the beginning we need to accept it as a theory. That will eventually evolve into a living reality; when the soul influence is far stronger. Here then is our first choice; that will determine our fate. Which is to be or not to be responsible for how we feel.

Study spiritual science

Lots of good quality information; on esoteric subjects such as spiritual science, anthroposophy and metaphysics. Which is all around us these days. When permitted to do so it will; enlighten and enrich people’s lives with spiritual knowledge. So here is our second choice; which is to take notice or remain unconsciously asleep.

Which in effect is to be a drone. Who does do not wish or want to upset the apple cart or status quo. This is the pattern; an ego likes. Because it is able to maintain its position of power; over the life program of the entity. Consequently and quite naturally this will mean; a continuation of playing the hot reactive ego power struggle game.

Choice determines fate is another demonstration that energy follows thought. In exactly the same way as meditation does.
Choice determines fate is another demonstration that energy follows thought. In exactly the same way as meditation does.

Spiritual Path Choice Determines Fate

All spiritual steps based upon self observation

So when you meet a working disciple one day. Who provides you with good quality information; to illuminate the pattern of your life! What will your response be? You can make the accusation; that the disciple has too big an ego. Therefore he is not worth listening to; with any serious consideration. Alternatively perhaps your response may be yes; I will face what the light reveals in myself. All significant spiritual steps forward; are based upon detached self observation.

In real terms this will mean facing your own lower personality nature. Which by definition will weaken its power over your life. This is because you are aware of it now. Whereas before you were totally unconscious of its existence. So here is another choice; which is to be a hot reactive ego or a cool responsive soul. Only a querent who is strong and motivated enough to face all that the light reveals. Will come to see both the lower and higher aspects within.

When walking upon spiritual path

Do not project your limitations onto others

Until an individual accepts total responsibility for choice determines fate spiritual path with the resulting pattern of his life. He will always project his limitations onto others. Rather than face them in his self in the first place. This is the illusion of the ego; cultivating and creating the fantasy of its own importance.

Only the truth will ever set anyone free. We all need to face it. Insight meditation is the conscious process. Of increasing energy from our own Oversoul; which will illuminate the mind. When you practice continuously disciplined insight meditation. It is completely inevitable. That you will come to see phenomena clearly; as a soul rather than as an ego.

Gone will be the days when you project your limitations onto others. Which will have absolutely nothing to do with other people at all. Original sin is separation with its natural consequence; the sin of false witness. Perhaps you may have the motivation to pursue insight meditation practice. To confirm for yourself a very old esoteric truth; that energy follows thought. Which results in choice determines fate?

Choice directs focus of attention to achieve spiritual initiation

Essentially the choices that you make will direct the focus of your attention. Towards either energy building or energy lowering creation patterns. Accordingly as your frequency improves with vibrational education in taking the steps of purification. Your probability life pattern opportunities or fate will also change. In direct proportion to the steps of evolution; that you have successfully taken.

Probably the single most important choice that anyone will ever make. Who you will choose as your work and playmate collaborator? Your life is your choice. Whether conscious or not, everyone will reap the full consequences of their choices. Which is exactly what Christ said so many years ago; “as you sow so shall you reap”.

Energy follows thought demonstrates

Spiritual Path choice determines fate

Choice determines fate spiritual path is a direct demonstration that energy follows thought. In conclusion it is a physics determining expression.

As Lai Yung would say “in the peace of understanding may we all dwell”.

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After reading and studying this post. You can now regard yourself to be a serious esoteric student. Importantly the next step is to practice serious insight meditation! Which is in order to achieve a lighter vibration of being. That will completely transform the pattern of your life!

Insight Meditation is a dissolving process; which promotes or invokes the increased flow of energy from the Oversoul. It is an awareness focused to a point meditation technique. Which is the only way; to bring the full power of the Oversoul. Into your brain consciousness or being on the earth plane; in order to fully dissolve the resistance of ego. Learning the meditation technique is simple and easy. However the discipline of practice requires a little more effort.