Soul Pride Needs to be understood by Spiritual Aspirant

Every esoteric student needs to understand Pride spirituality

Understand soul pride spirituality as a valid psychological state for pride energy use; by anyone who has achieved significant control over their own lower personality. For the spiritual aspirant or esoteric student; the energy of pride needs to be correctly understood and applied in order to create a life. Which will lead to inner peace.

Failure to make the conscious choice; to become the white magician or creative manipulator in life. Results in the default state, which is the black magician. By studying this energy correctly; we may all easily discover soul pride spirituality. This aspect can be learned about at an Ashram.


In order to navigate with pride energy correctly we firstly need to discuss boundaries. Which will provide a framework or basis from where we may discriminate our choices. This journey to understand pride energy first started; when a son asked his father about this subject. In every case where a person asks a question; he then needs to be strong enough to face the answer. In order to answer any question correctly; begins with the question “Why”, which invokes the light the great revealer.

A child is born and cared for by its parents; until it is old enough to make an independent living for itself. During the child’s development period his parents have responsibility for him. Naturally this will mean that they also have control of him. This is because where the responsibility is there also is the control.

Meditator sitting in the lotus position is showing auric emanations from the seven main energy centres or chakras in the body
Meditator sitting in the lotus position is showing auric emanations from the seven main energy centres or chakras in the body

True responsibility recognizes soul pride spirituality

How can anyone be responsible for something; over which he has no control? When a child takes control over the pattern of his life he also assumes responsibility for his life as well aware or not. True responsibility means living independently in your energy and is not the false state of living on welfare from any source.

In the case with wise parents then boundaries will be set and enforced; which will lead to the child developing within a spiritual framework. To have a boundary; which is not enforced is worse than no boundary at all. Essentially this is a process of restricting the expression of egotistical characteristics with the cultivation of soul qualities.

Legitimate use of pride energy Understand Soul Pride Spirituality

This process leads to the child developing the legitimate use of pride energy within by learning to control their own lower personality nature and thereby expressing more of their soul qualities instead. This is the legitimate use of pride energy because it is selfless in nature.

In the case of unwise parents; boundaries are either not set. Or perhaps set but then not enforced. Which leads to the cultivation of a child; with egotistical behaviors with less expression of soul qualities. This child learns to cultivate pride energy in its own ego; through successfully breaking and manipulating boundaries or laws to suit its own purpose. Which is the path of the criminal. This person is basically selfish and self absorbed. Ego pride is an example for the illegitimate use of pride energy; because it is selfish in nature.

Love and peace

Now we have a situation where the former child; now an adult with well developed ego pride asks his father for love and peace. His father says no I will only give to you love and light. If you wish peace then your only possibility; is to create this within yourself. While you live your life in a way, which cultivates your ego pride then you will never know real peace. By studying and applying spiritual science principles, cultivate soul pride.

Insight meditation is called Vipassana or Buddhist meditation practice in Asia. It is the technique, which the Buddha taught many years ago.

Perhaps you may discover the path to enlightenment?