Ego Psychic Barriers Illusion Separation

Only the fool who functions from ego or personality will think; choosing to be ignorant of spiritual law is wise. Choice is atheist or initiate manifestation.
Only the fool who functions from ego or personality will think; choosing to be ignorant of spiritual law is wise. Choice is atheist or initiate manifestation.

Ego Personality Illusion or soul consciousness

Since the origins of time the eternal choice for everyone; who finds himself in incarnation. Is either to enjoy the illusion of what you see outside yourself; which is an ego or personality focus. Or face the truth within the self; which is a soul focus? It is all a question of which manifestation energy state that you wish to create. Perhaps we may consider the choice between the atheist or the initiate?

Therefore every relationship breakup presents a choice with an opportunity. Which is to either grab another partner without reflection; as quickly as possible to continue the illusion. Or perhaps to face the truth within the self. To see how you have created the former unbalanced relationship; from your point of view in the first place.

Illusion of atheist or truth of Initiate

It is completely irrelevant how many times that you experience relationship breakup. Same choice is always presented; which is to continue with the illusion or to face the truth. It is only by facing the truth within; that you will ever be set free from the wheel of rebirth. How many relationships during how many incarnations will you experience; before you give up and sit still to face the truth within yourself? So then how does the ego keep the entity so enthralled in illusion?

In other words it is to experience; the illusion of the atheist or the truth of the initiate. Ego creates psychic barriers of protection; which form a psychic bubble of imprisonment. So here is a timeless message for all those people; who think that simply by changing the faces that they look at changes anything at all?

Universal Relationship Commitment

Needs to be for every individual to practice continuous self observation; in order to facilitate the facing of the truth within oneself. Anything less will lead to relationship failure. As the limitations within the self not faced. Accordingly will be projected onto another by default. In particular anyone contemplating and committing to marriage; would be wise to incorporate this clause into their wedding vows. If they are very wise? Why choose to be an atheist when you can be an initiate instead.

Psychic barriers created by Ego or Personality Manifestation

Every man with an ego is in effect carrying a heavy cage around himself; the psychic barriers of protection. In effect a psychic bubble in which he is imprisoned. Meets a free or soul man; who is absent of any uncontrolled ego. He is free from any burden or distortion of perception. Free man will say to the ego man here is the key of release; that will set you free from your prison. To which the ego man will then say to the free man “do not tell me what to do”.

He then goes merrily on his way continuing to carry his burden; which is in effect a failure to connect in his consciousness as a unity. The duality of what he thinks he is doing with what he is actually doing. He is so in love with his own ego as it gives him a sense of purpose in life. Even though this path is also the one of pain and suffering experience. This of course is all total illusion. So what is the moral of this story? Every unconscious individual needs to first become aware that they are in fact living within a prison and then seek to find the key of release to escape. After this point is reached. Then the rest becomes easy.

Remove psychic barriers for wholesome relationship

Only the complete removal of all psychic-barriers; allows you to form a complete wholesome relationship within your own self. Accordingly then also with anyone else from your perspective. Obviously this does not necessarily mean that others will have a wholesome peaceful relationship with you!

While the person in question sees another person outside their own self as the problem. Rather than accepting responsibility in their own self in the first place. Well the problem will never ever be solved this way. It is only ever about you and never about anyone else. Which is very sad but true. This pattern is usually referred to; as the energy state of being emotionally immature. All because you blame others for how you feel; instead of accepting responsibility for your own emotions in the first place.

It is only the person who first puts up the psychic-barriers who can take them down again. Universally to everyone rather than specifically to any particular individual.  While an individual remains blocked in their soul all psychological barriers will remain in place. Only soul light provides the capability to illuminate the mind. Thereby facilitating psychic insights; which is absolutely essential in gaining the ability to live a conscious life.

Spiritual love Soul Manifestation

Emotional sentimentality has its origins from the ego, which is to give loving emotions with a conditional aspect. When you do what I like then I will love you. However if you do not do what I like then unfortunately I will not love you anymore. Spiritual love has its origins from the soul. Which is to give loving emotions; that are totally unconditional in nature. You may do as you choose in free will and I will love you anyway. Its nature is totally and completely unconditional.

An important aspect of soul love; is giving the influence that is needed. Unfortunately it is not always what is wanted. To enable an evolution from ego or personality consciousness into soul consciousness; which is to become totally free. From the spiritual point of view it is not important; who you are in relationship with. Only that you face the truth about yourself with whomever you are with. In this way you will evolve spiritually under any conditions.

Source and solution is within the self

We all as individuals need to work it out for ourselves. No one can do it for us. Relationship trauma with emotional suffering is our greatest blessing; because this provides the crisis of opportunity. Which is a sudden influx of soul light a psychic insight; that enables the seeing of life in a wider context. When we all finally come to recognise. That the source and solution to every problem is within the self and will never ever be found outside yourself.

Perhaps we may all wonder what is the key of release? Insight meditation taken from its humble beginning with Anapana practice; taken to its final conclusion with enlightenment? Perhaps you may wish to enter an Ashram, monastery or meditation center; to learn about spiritual science and serious meditation? Perhaps we may all ponder the eternal choice between atheist and initiate?

Easy way or hard way by default

In life we all have the eternal choice to learn life’s lessons; the easy way or the hard way by default. Easy way is to study and apply the timeless ancient wisdom in the first place. Hard way is to ignore it; and then suffer the completely inevitable consequences of pain and suffering experience. This in turn will provide the crisis of opportunity a psychic insight; which in effect is a second opportunity to face what was previously overlooked.

In the event where you choose to ignore the crisis of opportunity psychic insight. Well well then for you this pattern will be repeated all over again. A pattern in fact that will be repeated for all eternity if necessary. Which is from one lifetime until the next endlessly. Perhaps we may all ask what will your ego or personality allow you to do?

Ego or personality resists removal psychic-barriers. Atheist separation awareness or divine guidance initiate manifestation complete wholesome relationship
Ego or personality resists removal psychic-barriers. Atheist separation awareness or divine guidance initiate manifestation complete wholesome relationship

Manifestation Ego or Soul

Energy follows thought is a very old esoteric expression. Which has well and truly stood the test of time clearly establishing its validity. Therefore it becomes crystal clear that manifestation happens; on the level determined by your focus of perception. Which in broad terms means that this will occur on either an outer or inner level; depending upon the focus of the reality that we wish to create.

Outer level reality covers all the phenomena of the material or physical plane of existence. Which in other words means an ego or personality material focus. By comparison inner reality is to focus upon our own unique particular psychological state. Which means our own psychic pattern as determined by the level of soul influence upon it. Interestingly this is often referred to as a spiritual focus. Perhaps it may be very wise to keep in mind! Importantly that it is only our inner level reality energy state. That can be taken with us at the end of an incarnation.

Atheist or Initiate Manifestation

An atheist is a person who shows a strong ego or personality focus. Which means that he only has the ability to see on an outer level. Which accordingly denies the inner level reality. In this way he is denying half of his own existence. Because this is the ignorant state. By comparison a person who has the ability to see on an inner level; is often referred to as an initiate. Simply because he has passed through various initiations; in order to reach the point where he has gained this ability. Therefore the atheist energy state is often referred to as rocks consciousness. While the initiate energy state is usually referred to as butterfly consciousness. Which reflects the relative comparison in vibration rates; between the two extreme states of being.

A conscious person is by definition an individual; who has awareness on both levels at the same time. Which is usually referred to as the dual life of the spiritual warrior. How is this inner level awareness created? Insight meditation is the conscious process of gaining fourth dimensional awareness; while still living within a physical body. Perhaps now we may all give a little more thought. Into contemplating which reality is the wisest manifestation to create?

Insight meditation speeds up spiritual evolution