Pathway to Nirvanic Peace

Nirvanic peace energy state of Buddha; sitting in Asian meditation position revealing strong aura nimbus around head. Nirvana
Nirvanic peace energy state of Buddha; sitting in Asian meditation position revealing strong aura nimbus around head. Nirvana

Walking the pathway to nirvanic peace or nirvana is one of learning and implementing the steps of purification. This will lead to the natural law physics energy state of enlightenment.

Holistic Healing Pathway to Nirvanic Peace

This article describes the necessary steps; to achieve holistic healing with nirvanic peace or nirvana. The secret to a successful life is contained within the application of three simple steps; which is firstly study to gain knowledge. Secondly is to practice Insight meditation to invoke energy. Thirdly is to practice self-observation in the market place of everyday life.

With self-observation you make a self-assessment; as to how much reactive or responsive behavior is demonstrated. Reactive behavior is ego focused while responsive behavior is soul focused. You monitor your own progress over time. Obviously continuous improvement is the driver; to continue your progression to the ego-less state or nirvana. Any person can do it who has sufficient motivation; to learn and apply the natural or physics energy laws.


  Ego energy is hard, brittle, hot and reactive. When the ego dominates this will lead to the crystallization of an individual’s being. The creation of a resistance point or Sankhara is the point of maximum contraction. This is the natural consequence of an unbalanced psychic mental and emotional pattern. These ego resistance points stored in the body are hot and painful.   Resistance points can be so numerous and widely distributed; they will distort the alignment of your spine and cripple your body.

Pathway Nirvanic Peace

Ego crystallization is poorly penetrated by over soul energy; which knows everything on all levels about your being. The discipline of insight meditation allows you to gradually dissolve the hard brittle nature of ego, which interferes with function in the three vehicles mental, emotional, and physical of personality. Our physical body is like a resistance meter pointing the way.

Early in the practice of insight meditation a person gains the ability to see the psychic insights or revealed blind spots. These are the unbalanced psychic patterns; which are normally beyond the level of conscious awareness. Quite literally with insight meditation we bring down to our brain conscious awareness our own over soul awareness, which is ever-present.

Detached mental level observation Nirvanic Peace

  With detached pure awareness observation the secret of life these unbalanced psychic patterns are dissolved in our being. When the purification process is complete; then we have achieved the state of enlightenment with Nirvana. However our chosen path in life is irrelevant in the context of spiritual growth.

Only the component of higher mental level in our chosen path is truly important as a primary focus. This is what enables us to see and face the whole truth about our self; which forms the basis of spiritual movement forward. Especially noteworthy the first contact of soul is the higher mental level; a process that eventually leads to an enlightened mind.

Nirvana Light Physics

Insight meditation is an experiential process which every individual needs to practice; to discover the wisdom arising from their own direct personal experience. When we make the choice to sit in silence and stillness then the ego will become quieter. As a natural consequence this enables our over-soul to communicate with us more effectively and efficiently. Which is nirvana light physics.

The overall aim of this form of meditation is to facilitate increased soul energy flow; which leads to energy state of nirvanic peace or the energy state of nirvana. Most importantly this process will allow you “to see as it is and not as you wish it to be”; which is exactly what the Buddha once said many years ago.

Increased energy flow clears out sediment pathway to nirvanic peace

  A river at its source is narrow and fast flowing with little sedimentation. By comparison a river at its mouth is wide and slow flowing with large deposits of sedimentation. Therefore the same principle applies; when we view energy flow within our being. In this way it can be seen; that sedimentation, crystallization or mineralization will all cause resistance.

Which accordingly will lead to reduced energy flow with reduced function. The more resistance in our being the slower or lower will be our vibration, which naturally leads to reduced ability to see absolute truth.   By comparison less resistance results in higher or stronger vibration; which enables truth to be seen more easily and clearly.

Physics principal of hot and cold to break rocks

  In the beginning our body feels crystalline; which is broken down by stretch and fracture. With the increased flow of cold resilient flexible soul energy. Importantly Hannibal utilized this very same physics principle when breaking apart the large rocks; which were blocking the high mountain pass. This was done by first applying heat with a wooden fire; then cold with cool wine to fracture the large rocks into smaller sizes.

Which could then be easily removed to unblock the pass. With your awareness you conduct a body scan of your whole body from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. What begins as a few sparks becomes a flood of energy pouring down. Especially relevant is the more meditation; that you do then the greater is the soul energy flow with its cooling force; which will then dissolve more strongly the hard reactive brittle nature of ego.
Above all as a result of meditation. This will lead you to completely transform yourself; from heavy into light density. In conclusion over time you will feel yourself dissolving away.

Insight meditation speeds up spiritual evolution