Necessity of Change Discourse By Spirit Guide Rani Lash

Necessity of Change

Necessity of change: Greetings, brothers, greetings. Rani Lash, Keeper of the Gateway of Power, once more draws close; that in the peace of understanding, the unity of, shall we say, both conflict and harmony. A strange contradiction is it not, an apparent contradiction; never-the-less we will say, in the peace of conflict and harmony may we unite. Each one tonight, drawn here to this particular group, is following a road, a specific road; and each one is following a path laid out for them by their higher self.

 Fear and Love discourse by Rani Lash.  Necessity of change: Spirit guides over see the spiritual evolution of humanity.
Fear and Love discourse by Rani Lash. Necessity of change: Spirit guides over see the spiritual evolution of humanity.

Necessity of change: And whether they have fully recognised it or not some have, some have not yet recognised it; never-the-less they are walking along a particular road which is going to lead them into expansions of consciousness. And that expansion of consciousness, of course, will be attained through their ability to; shall we say, work with one-pointed intention, concentration; and to go forward in a pattern of service and of utilisation of that which comes to them naturally.

Discourse By Rani Lash Keeper of the gateway of power

Peacock spiritual development brotherhood

In looking at the group tonight, we sense that there is, within each one; a desire to open themselves like a lotus; and to allow the energies to stream in which will bring about that much needed change. And when we say this, we open the Circle to that about which; we are going to speak tonight, which is change. And therefore, looking again at the reactions of each soul, through the movements, and the expansions, and the shading of the auras; we find that there is an acceptance, and we find that there is an ability to let go. And we find that in each one there is that, which gives to the whole project, a meaning.

If it were not that, on one level or another, each one were prepared for change. Then there would be little point, we say to you quite honestly, in any of you being here; because the spiritual path, whether recognised or not, is a movement. It is a movement through space and time, and it is a movement through eternity. And it is that which gives to each soul its lighted way, and along that lighted way; that way of integration leading to unity, that we are taking you step by step. And because of this you are finding that as you move along each section of the road; a new doorway, as it were, opens to you. There is always movement, and where there is no movement, of course, we have death, do we not? What is that which you call death, but which we do not? What is it but the cessation of movement?

Life Force

And so, if we have movement we have life, and where we have life; we have the dynamic force which propels one forward; the life force, the force of being. And as we take it, beloved brothers, that you are all alive; then we can say that you all have the possibilities to both travel and to change. Both words, of course, in esoteric parlance mean the same thing. As we say, movement is change, because if we move from one situation to another; we are not in the same situation, are we? We have changed. If we move upon your earth from one town to another, we are in a different environment; so therefore we have changed, and at every stage of the journey there is always this change.

So, we will speak tonight about this change, and we will endeavour to present it to you; as is our usual way, and we will present it in many forms. And then we will, as usual, leave it for you to ask any questions; which we will endeavour to answer to the best of our ability. And so, we see that in change there is movement. And we see that as we move forward, we are moving forward along a path which is composed of energy. And as we have said in the past, brothers; a human being in a totality, is an amalgam of energies – nothing more. They are this concentration of energies which are all moving in their own way; forming their own patterns, endeavouring to create their own environment. And each one of course, each energy, is the form, the body, of ensouling entities.

Spiritual Masters

And therefore, in all things there is life, and whether those ensouling entities are the small aspects of life; small as what you call the amoeba. Then we still have life, or whether they are the great ensouling entities of the Masters; the Spiritual Masters, we still have life. And therefore, we have, in both cases, that which is given out, and that which is received. And we have each pattern of life, each pattern of energy along its own road of evolution; endeavouring to express itself, endeavouring to move through that path of evolution and endeavouring to take the next step. And so, we take these energies, and as we move from energy to energy. As we begin to separate and to direct, and to dissect these energies of which we are composed; then automatically we are going to bring about change, are we not? And so we learn about energies.

Spiritual Path

On the spiritual path, in a school such as this, we learn about energies, because if we do not learn about energies, how are we to learn anything about ourselves at all, if all that we are is energy? If you think about that, perhaps it will give you food for thought and open many doors. If we are not going to deal with energies, what is the purpose of us studying anything? What is the purpose of us being together? And what is the purpose that brings us here to speak to you, and to help to point the way, and to show a little light perhaps, and at the same time, to open those centres gradually within you which will enable you to absorb more light, and more energy, and to move forward along your allotted path.

And so, most of you are interested in meditation of one kind or another. We wonder how many of you recognise what esoteric meditation, at least, is? And esoteric meditation, of course, is a means of invoking energy, and therefore we come back to the same pattern, do we not, we come back to this energy. And when we meditate, if we meditate in a system, or a pattern where we are concentrating upon a certain point, and where we are drawing down through the power of thought, from the higher self, from the various levels, different degrees of energy, different kinds of energy, then we are bringing about in this invocation and evocation of energy, changes within the pattern of ourselves. We cannot obviously add to what we are, new energies, without bringing about a change in the pattern.

Meditation invoke Energy

And we cannot do meditation (if we do it correctly) without invoking new energies. In fact why would we bother to meditate anyway if it were not for some purpose? And again we present to you a new subject for thought perhaps, as to how many of you who meditate have a purpose in that meditation? And if you have not a purpose in your meditation, we would ask you why not? And what you feel that you are going to gain from your meditation? Because in truth, everything which one does in life, everything which we do in our sojourn along the path of evolution, should have a purpose. And we should know quite well what that purpose is, because to make movements, to take action, to do anything without a purpose, is certainly purposeless, isn’t it? And if we have no purpose, then what are we doing except drifting aimlessly and moving round in circles; getting nowhere in fact.

And so at the basis of all life there is purpose. The very centre of creation is revolving round divine purpose, and it is not that the whole of creation is just a meaningless jumble, whatever many may feel or think in their ignorance. Because the purpose of life is the whole centre, the axis around which life flows and moves, and all the necessary creative changes take place. There is a purpose which is known to Divinity, and which gradually, step by step, is revealed to those who follow the path. And according to their degree of advancement, according to their degree of knowledge, according to their status and their initiations, their degree upon the spiritual path, so do they know a little more fully that which lies behind this purpose. Perhaps the Highest of the High know something about it, and average humanity, of course, knows absolutely nothing.

Necessity of change by Rani Lash Peacock spiritual development brotherhood
Necessity of change by Rani Lash Peacock spiritual development brotherhood

Divine Purpose

In fact we do not know a great deal ourselves because Divine Purpose is a mystery for the future. But little by little, there is that which is revealed, and the very Plan upon which creation is built is that which gives us the clues as it were, to what may lie behind this purpose. At least we recognise that there is a life point, and we recognise that there is certainly this Centre of Being from which all emanates, and from that point of contact life goes forth. And we are all part of that life, and we vary only, one from another, in the degree to which we recognise the purpose which lies behind that Centre of Being. So therefore, the difference in various entities upon earth, or between incarnation on any other levels, is solely one of degree, in knowledge and understanding; of awareness.

All are truly equal, and no one is greater than his brother, but perhaps some are more aware of where they stand, and of what they are, than others. But the potential is always there, and each one therefore can say that “I am potentially an aspect of divinity,” and from that starting point one goes forth. And if one is truly to make anything of the spiritual path and the training that such a group as this is in incarnation in order to bring, then one has to recognise that one has the potential. Without that potential, once again, we are without purpose, and we are meaningless, are we not? And therefore, if there are any amongst you who feel that they do not have the potential to attain to the spiritual heights, then we do not say that they should not be with us, but we point out to them that they are indeed flogging a dead horse, are they not? – to use a colloquialism of earth.

No need for negative insecurity

And therefore, we would say, that if you look carefully at yourself there is no need for negative insecurity, and there is no need for doubt, because your very presence in a group such as this has been ordained and brought about – little though you may realise it – and it has been brought about in order that you are able to imbibe for yourselves, perhaps, the more secure and positive vibrations of those who are with you, and who offer to you their own strength, and their own support, in order that you may pull yourself up a little out of the darkness – if that is where you find yourself at times – and in order that you may pull yourself up out of the doubts, and the negativity, and the insecurity, which perhaps haunts you at many periods of your existence.

A true group is a brotherhood, and a true group is a brotherhood which does not commence merely in this incarnation. Because the true members of any group who are a brotherhood have been a brotherhood for many, many lives in the past, and therefore, a true brotherhood is that which is solidified, cemented, united upon the inner levels. One can draw a group together upon the outer levels, and one can perhaps, especially in the present period upon your earth, do this quite easily because many are feeling the influence of the new rays that are coming in, and many are endeavouring to respond to those rays without much understanding, or much thought, or much knowledge, but yet they are seeking to unite, and this is good.

Evolution of consciousness by Lai Yung: Any meditator may follow the same pathway to enlightenment; as the Buddha achieved.
Evolution of consciousness by Lai Yung: Any meditator may follow the same pathway to enlightenment; as the Buddha achieved.

One pointed attainment

They are seeking to contact each other, and they are beginning to think a little more about others rather than being purely self-centred and concerned only about themselves. But this does not necessarily form a brotherhood, because drawing people together, and the many physical forms into one particular position, into one particular environment, merely makes a physical contact. But if the inner natures of that group are not united; if their attitudes, their motives, their goal, and their feelings and their desires, are not aimed at a one-pointed attainment, then they are not truly what we call a brotherhood. And a brotherhood is cemented together over many lifetimes, as we have said, and it draws people into this communion, it is a communion of souls, and it creates a group soul.

And it creates that which once formed can never be separated, and once it is formed, it is carried on from incarnation to incarnation. And eventually, no matter what portion of your earth a soul may incarnate, or how long the period in earth years in between these incarnations, you will find that a brotherhood is always drawn together again, and they always recognise each other, and realise that they have come home to where they belong, and that they are once again in their own brotherhood.

Strength of a true Brotherhood is so great

And those who form the heart, the nucleus, the centre of any group, are those who have been drawn to it, once again, because they are old members who have been cemented together in the past, and they merely pick up where they left off in a previous lifetime, and they carry on with the work which they have always been doing in conjunction with their brothers, and in conjunction with us. Because groups upon earth who are working with us, and in cooperation with us are part of our own group, and we ourselves are part of greater groups still, and so the whole chain reaction goes on. It is wheels within wheels, and that is why the energy and the strength of a true brotherhood is so great, and why the work that is accomplished by a brotherhood is so great, because it is augmented one to the other.

And the separation which takes place in average human living, the continual conflict of energies, one striving to dominate and over-rule another, and one striving perhaps to withdraw from the influence of another, is not there, because there is not the personality aim, there is not the desire to go one’s own way to the detriment of one’s brothers, but there is rather a focusing of energy in a true group, whereby they can all work to one point, and therefore no energy is wasted. And the Law of Economy is fulfilled. And in this way a group learns to work together, on the inner levels and on the outer levels. And therefore, in their strength they grow.

Harmony towards their allotted goal

It is, of course, to the benefit of all, especially in this present age, and this present period, to be working in a group as group brothers, because they have the opportunity both to give, and to receive. And they have the opportunity to go forward with augmented strength, because they are not relying solely upon their own energy, but they have at all times the energy of the group to draw upon, to sustain them, to uplift them, to take them forward upon that journey whereby they can move in harmony towards their allotted goal, and they can accomplish their allotted work span for this lifetime.

When one meditates, as we say, especially in a group, one draws energy, and one draws that energy into oneself. One draws down soul energy, one draws down the energy of spirit; the energy of the Monad, and so on as one moves into ever higher realms, one is invoking and drawing down various energies; the energy of the spiritual will, and therefore one is, through that spiritual will, able to carry out what one begins to be aware of, of divine purpose.

Divine Purpose

Divine purpose is carried out through spiritual will, and the more a disciple is in tune with spiritual will the more he works towards divine purpose, and the more his life becomes in tune with it, and the less he works towards his own personality desires. So the conflicts in life, caused by the personality battle, begin to dwindle, begin to die out, and we begin to gain that strength whereby we have a purpose which is unshakeable, because we are truly becoming in tune with divine purpose.

Most of the conflict in life is caused through the personality, as you are all aware, and it is the demands of the personality which blow us hither and thither like feathers in the breeze, is it not? And it is because of this that we fail to have that one-pointed aim which carries us on regardless, and regardless of the personality demands, we are able to stand in a secure centre. To draw in the new energy, as we have said, is going to bring about new conditions, and the energy of the soul is very powerful, and as most of you aim, in one way or another, whatever name you use, to reach for the energy of the soul, your higher self, the light; remember that the words light and energy are interchangeable, they are both the same thing.

Invoke Light is to Invoke Energy

When you invoke light, you invoke energy, according to the degree of light, so you invoke that particular energy; that quality of energy. And when you invoke energy you will find that you have to allow that energy to flow through you, because the only way that one can receive energy is to let it flow through one. There is no receiving energy from outside, there is no having energy over there as it were, and an entity being within, here. Energy cannot be drawn into a circle around us, energy when it is drawn into us, if it is to be of any use, of any benefit, is drawn right through the vehicles of the personality; right through the physical, the etheric, the astral and the mental bodies.

And it is drawn through those bodies, and therefore it permeates them, and as we utilise those three bodies, they indeed form the personality as it is called, then we are invoking these energies into us, and only in that way do they become useful, do they become part of us. And if soul energy is to do its work, then it has to become part of us, we cannot keep it at a distance. And many who meditate, again, say they want the light, they say they want soul energy, and yet as soon as soul energy starts to come in they build a barrier, and they hold it at arms length. And therefore, soul energy is not able to perform its work.

Pressure builds on the Personality

And not only that, very often it creates even greater conflict because it is held at a distance, because once invoked it will continue to follow its path, it will endeavour to come where it rightly belongs, and that is within the personality, in order that it may do its work with the personality. And so one builds up pressure, and one builds up pressure, which, if the personality is holding it back, can be very unpleasant, and can be very detrimental if continued in for too long.

So, we present new aspects of meditation for your perusal, that you may think about them, because many go into meditation without any idea of what they are doing, and they feel that it is some kind of a beautiful fantasy world which they can get lost in, and that if they get lost in it, they can escape the rigours of the earth and the daily living, and the problems of daily living; the responsibilities, and perhaps they can float about as it were on a cushion of air, on cloud nine as you say, and they can escape many things.

Well, of course, if this is what you wish, you can certainly find that level, there are many levels of the astral where you can do just this, and what will you attain there? Exactly nothing. You will be that floating bubble, without accomplishment, without progress, without any purpose in your existence, and you will pass your incarnation, and for all the good it will have done you, you may as well never have come into incarnation. It is escapism.


Many choose this escapism, but it is not the meditation we are speaking about. We are speaking about that which creates change. And we are speaking about invoking energies which are going to bring change. And if the need for change, the necessity for change, is recognised by the aspirant, then they will automatically accept the energy which comes to them, and they will take that soul energy and let it perform its work. And they will give thanks for every change which takes place within them because they will know that change is progress. And they will know that as they change, they become more soul, and less personality. And therefore they become a higher being, and therefore they are imbibing the qualities of the soul nature, and they are imbibing that which sends them forth to be true servers to their brethren and to the world.

Remember that the soul serves, the soul is united; in the world of souls all souls are one. So therefore, on that level, as the soul qualities come in, you begin to recognise your brothers as one, as part of yourself, as separatism vanishes. And therefore, what would be the point in trying to harm or reject parts of yourself. It is only the ignorant who live in separation who do this, because once you recognise that your brothers are yourself, then it is only commonsense, is it not, to accept part of yourself and aid it as much as possible, because as a whole you are going to grow, and as your brother grows, so do you grow; it is part of yourself. As you grow so does your brother grow. And in unity one learns to live.

Everything is changing

When we speak about this movement, this change, we are speaking about a vast cosmic force, because the whole of the cosmos is in a process of change; it is not just yourselves, it is a universal law, everything is changing. And therefore, as the higher aspects of creation change, so do you who are part of it change with it, so does the planet change, and as you change with the planet, so do you grow. You find that there are many aspects of life which you are presented with now which you consider problems, and we would say to you, to look at these aspects of your life, and ask yourself why they are problems?

Maybe when we give you an opportunity to put your questions, you may present some of these aspects of life, and perhaps talking about them, and talking them through with your brethren and with us, you may find answers which you had not dreamed of before, and you may find enlightenment about some of your problems, which you are able to throw light upon them, and therefore see them from a different angle, and therefore solve them.

Hold on to what is beneficial

Many problems are held on to which do not need to be held on to; much that is held on to is usually detrimental. If humanity had the ability and the will to hold on to that which was beneficial, as grimly and determinedly as it holds on to that which is detrimental, they would certainly have progressed much further and much more quickly, and the words that we say tonight would not be necessary because you would have found your own answers. Humanity loves to hold on to things, and usually holds on to its own prison, and if it holds on to a prison, then it has to stay within that prison, does it not?

To recognise a prison of course is half the battle, because most of you hold on to a prison, and do not even know it is a prison. You hold on to that which keeps you bound, chained, constricted, and you pay a great price for it, and you feel that you have a jewel of great price. And yet you are holding on usually to a prison which stops you expanding, it does not matter what level that prison is on; on the mental level it is a prison of attitudes, concepts, it is the prison of narrow, rigid thinking which one is unwilling to change, it is a prison of scepticism, it is a prison of preconceived ideas which one is afraid to change in case the light which is brought in disturbs the status quo and moves what one has got, into something which is not so firm, or feels to be not so firm, which is more fluidic in fact.

Limited Personality way

And yet, we can rest if we wish, in that which we consider to be firm in a limited personality way, and if that is what we want, we can always purchase a lead coffin, can we not – what could be firmer – and we can lie in that, and it will not move, and it will be solid, and we can feel very secure, but if one wants to lie in a lead coffin, so be it, but if one wishes to float in a river, and therefore allow the current to carry one along to new adventures, to new environments, to new systems, to new brethren, then one does not go into that which is rigid like a lead coffin, but one moves along a flow of water. And therefore, the same applies to our ideas and attitudes, does it not? If we want to move, then we let our attitudes become fluidic too, and we begin to let in a little change.

If we wish to stay rigid, we can build on the levels of mind, our own lead coffin, as many do, and we can stay there. And we can hold on to that, and screw the lid down tight, and refuse to acknowledge anything except what we see within the confines of that dark coffin. And how many upon your earth do that? And each one can ask yourself, if in some instances, you do not do it yourselves? In your beliefs, your prejudice, your preconceived ideas, what are they? They are all, of course, the lead coffin, are they not? If they are not relinquished at the right time, and if they are held on to for too long. There is always new expansion, there is always change. And one step forward does not bring one’s journey to an end. One step forward merely means that we have relaxed a little, we have let in a new energy, and we have changed.

Lead Coffin

But if we waste time saying, “Now I have changed I can sit back for the rest of my life, I have done my work,” then we have merely changed one lead coffin to another, maybe a little more roomy but still a lead coffin. If, of course, we wish to keep going, then we see change as merely a stepping stone; we see it as a stepping stone to something wider, something greater, and even when we take a tremendous step forward in the light, we still see, as we get into the light, that there is something else; always another mountain top ahead. As we climb one mountain, we go a little higher, our vision is a little wider, because from the elevated position that we attain on that mountain peak we can see a little further than those in the valley. And what do we see? More mountains, even higher, and so we keep climbing, and there is always a higher peak, so there is always movement, and movement has to be change.

So, the journey goes on beloved ones, the journey goes on. And to those who truly wish to step upon the spiritual path, and make the most of it, and utilise what they have been given, every word, every hint, every possibility that is revealed to them by their higher self (or by any agent that happens to reveal it, or open up the door to their higher self) is that, which leads to those higher peaks. And there is always something to be learned. There is always something that the open mind can learn. And what is learnt will usually take one forward into a new environment, and a wider aspect of living. So in this change, we go forward. And if there is no change, as we say, we will soon cease to move, and when we cease to move we will be in death, and when we are in death I suppose we need a lead coffin.

Limitations of the Personality

So, each one makes their choice. Each one goes ahead and the road lies before them. One can only place before the travelling pilgrim the sign posts and the light which illumines the way. And as you yourselves become lights which are able to support and shine for others, then this is what you will do. No one can tread the path for another. Remember that beloved ones. And do not expect it, because you will be disappointed. Each one treads the path for himself, and each one goes forward, and it is by their own efforts that they attain. One can become lost on many aspects of the path, but that is our own doing. What one truly becomes lost in are the limitations of the personality.

One can become lost in the windmills of the mind, if one so wishes, and become so enamoured of intellectualism that one forgets where the intellectual concepts and the words are leading, what ensouls those words, and what qualities they contain, and what their purpose is, and what changes they can bring about if rightfully utilised. One can become lost in the levels of the emotions, and one can be filled with the glamour of emotionalism; one can become lost in the glamour of the astral worlds, and one can become lost in pride, in self pity, in self glorification, self righteousness; in any of those wonderful feelings and emotions which can overwhelm a person along the path.

Astral Levels

And so, if we wish, we can stay on the astral levels, and we can get lost in the colours, and the patterns; and yet what have we got once again? Floating on cloud nine. One can become lost, of course, in the physical and the material, as you all know. And one can become lost in the energy patterns of the etheric body, which is the closest body to the physical; it is the energy body that gives you life, that keeps it alive, keeps the physical body alive. And one can be lost in the sheer energy of physical work, and materialism, of attaining physical things; obtaining profit, and money, and material power: gaining beautiful objects around oneself, beautiful houses, many things; vehicles, furniture, luxuries that you call them upon earth, your televisions, and your radios, and all the various contraptions that you have upon earth in this scientific period. And so one can become lost there.

And so on every level one can become lost. So, one needs a clear outlook does one not? And it is that clear outlook that we endeavour to bring to you that you may find for yourself where you truly stand. What your limitations are? What it is that is blocking you? Why you do not go any faster? Why you have stayed in one place for so long? What it is that you are searching for? And above all, your motivation. Because if you do not know your motivation then you are on dangerous ground, because whatever you search for, whatever you attempt to do for yourself or for your brethren, can very easily be ruled by the glamour of wrong motivation.

Understand your Motivation

And if you do not understand your motivation, which means you have to understand yourself on that level, then you do not know anything. And you can go a long way feeling that your motivation is high and enlightened, and that what you are doing is very much for your own benefit, or the benefit of others, while in truth if one looked deeply enough, one can find that one’s motivation is very selfish, very self-centred, and very detrimental, maybe to oneself and to others.

So, absolute honesty is one of the requirements for those who wish to follow along the spiritual path, and make use of it, and grow and expand. And if one wants to go forward in the light, and one wants to invoke the light, and the energy, – which one should – rightly done, one has to recognise the basic laws of what energy is, and what light is. And when it comes do not be surprised if it is not what you expected, but at the same time learn to accept the light, and learn to see and to recognise, through your understanding, the work that it is doing. And your knowledge will help you to do this. Recognise that the light of the soul has a quality, has many qualities, but one of its qualities, the first one that will come to you, will be the quality of purification. And therefore it will be the quality of fire.

First impact of Soul is to Purify the Personality

And the first impact of the soul will always be to purify the personality. So, when you meditate on the light, and you say that you want light, understand what it is you are drawing to yourself. You are drawing to yourself a purifying fire, and that fire is going to work through your personality, and if you are a true disciple, and your motivation is correct, you will recognise only too fully that this is what you need. And you will allow the light to do its work, and you will allow that light to increase, you will open yourself to it, and you will bear the fire as it burns its way through your personality. And you will stop resisting, and as you stop resisting of course, the soul will do its work, and there will be less conflict, and therefore less constriction and less pain. It is only resistance that creates suffering.

Remember this, where there is pain, there is resistance. And where there is no resistance energy can flow freely. And so, when you find that the soul is beginning to make itself felt, that purification is taking place, then you will find that the personality desires are weakening, and the qualities of the soul, and the purpose behind the soul, and the spiritual will to carry out that purpose, are coming in, and you will change your pattern of living, and you will become a beacon of light and you will go forth to be of some use in the world, rather than sitting motivated perhaps by your own desires, and satisfied to be in that round of self-centredness in which you can get lost perhaps on your own colourful astral existence and be of little use to yourself or anyone else.

Foundation stones behind Pattern of Life

Yes, beloved ones, change is the most important thing. And having given you a brief run down of the foundation stones which lie behind the pattern of life, and how change effects that pattern of life on all levels, and how change is essential if one wants to progress, then we will give you an opportunity to present problems of your own that you feel are blocking you upon the way, or any other questions that you wish to ask. And perhaps your problems presented to the group – remember that a true group are brothers, in this group to aid each other and to be aided themselves, and that brethren do not isolate themselves from the needs of their brethren but give forth what they have in order to aid those who are with them, thus do they form a true group and grow.

Necessity of change

Meaning of words by Lai Yung Peacock group spiritual brotherhood. Understand spiritual science terminology correctly to expand awareness or consciousness.
Meaning of words by Lai Yung Peacock group spiritual brotherhood. Understand spiritual science terminology correctly to expand awareness or consciousness.

So, we’ll give you this opportunity. Does anyone wish to say anything to us, ask any questions or present any problems? Or have you freed yourself of your problems?

Member: The words “soul mates and twin flames” have been bandied around by a lot of people who are trying to digest it at the moment, can you throw some clarification on that?

Soul mates

Guide: Well, it is really what we have been speaking about. Because every member of a true brotherhood is a soul mate; and that is a true group. They are few and far between upon earth today. And we do not truly feel there are any true groups on that level. But the brotherhood which is truly upon the inner planes, which is founded upon the inner planes, is the soul mate. Yes, they are part of the one soul, which is what it means. As we said, the soul is universal, all souls are united, are all part of the one oversoul. And therefore, this word that you say, which is used so much and understood so little, means that you have two compliant souls, two balancing souls, two uniting souls. You have two qualities, two or more, it does not have to be two; if it is a group it is many.

But you have these qualities, these entities, expressing similar qualities, working one pointedly to a motive which is understood on an inner, higher level, and where there is a recognition of the workings of soul; where there is a recognition of the oneness of life, and where there is a recognition of the manifestation of a divine Plan, put forward through a spiritual will, and where they are uniting with all these aspects of energy, then you have what you call the twin souls. But we put it on a wider level and would call it group soul.

And that is all it means. It is, of course, a great glamour, so many, and in fact nearly everyone upon earth who talks about twin souls, is merely wallowing in astral glamour, they are merely wallowing in a romantic idea, a fantasy, that they are going to meet some wonderful person, usually of the opposite sex, with whom they are going to live and have no problems, and live upon cloud nine, as we say, it usually means they are both going to go into a fantasy world and get nowhere. Does that answer your question brother?

Member: Yes, totally, thank you.

White brotherhood

Member: The White Brotherhood. Could you tell me about that please?

Guide: The White Brotherhood. You are speaking to members of the White Brotherhood now. Both with us and with some of this group. That brings it home to you a little closer? It is that unification. Once again a glamorous name put out and distorted by many, to mean something rather superior and special. But it truly means those workers in the light, it means those who work in a particular ashram. It has been called the Hierarchy of Souls. It is once again those who work on the inner levels, having transcended to different degrees the personality, and whose soul purpose and energy is united and motivated in one direction, to the service of others. And all down the scale, according to their status, members of the White Brotherhood are working.

And as you yourself come into service within a group then you will be on the periphery of the White Brotherhood yourself; you will be on the outer fringe of the one Ashram, the Ashram from which that energy of a particular Brotherhood is emanating. And it merely means that one is dealing with a group larger than those that you find upon your earth, but yet affiliated with them.

And it means that all groups, true groups, are affiliated. And therefore, you have in the White Brotherhood, a larger and more powerful manifestation of group life, usually with an advanced initiate or spiritual Master at the centre, and working out from that, initiates of various degrees, right down to those upon the different levels who are in incarnation, and the many who are not in incarnation, all working within that particular Brotherhood, because it is a united dynamic factor, and working round a point of energy, evoking and invoking energy, and giving it out to the world as a healing force, and as a support, and as a means of enlightenment and growth.

That in simple language is your White Brotherhood. Nothing special, nothing supernatural, nothing which is enhanced with glamour, which it is often given, but just a group of souls working together on all levels, of which you yourself are part. Anything else you wish to ask?

Member: I’d like to ask about an illness that is effecting a rapidly growing number of people called schizophrenia. I’d like to know if it is a physical illness of perhaps the brain, or is it maybe an invasion of the aura, or something similar?

Guide: It is an illness, of course, caused by a damaged chakra, a damaged centre. And the centres of course, we are speaking about, are in the etheric and astral body. These are energy centres; seven major centres, as maybe you are aware. And these centres which radiate out to many minor centres, of course, are the seven major centres and they are: in the head, in the throat, between the eyes, the heart centre, the solar plexus, the sacral centre, and the basic centre at the basis of the spine. And therefore, through these seven centres, energy radiates, and as we have said, a human being is an amalgam of energy, and the energy enters at these points. Those are the centres where the energy enters and is concentrated, and from there it goes throughout the whole of the system, and gives life, and functioning, and brings into automatic activity the various aspects of the personality: mind, feeling, and physical activity.

And when you think about that you will see that if there is a damage to any of these centres, where the energy enters, then there is going to be an imbalance, is there not? Do you follow that? And if there is an imbalance in the energies there is going to be conflict, there is going to be a lack of integration, there is going to be that which creates disharmony, there is going to be uneven activity; more activity on one level than on another, and there is going to be, through this inflow of energy, an inability to restore the natural balance, which when things are healthily in order, when the ring-pass-not is unbroken, and all forms remember, all entities in form, have a ring-pass-not of energy which guards and protects them, and encloses their energies, as it were, in a capsule, so that it is not invaded by outer energies, and they live within their own particular sphere of existence through their life upon earth.

And if this is damaged or broken, then one is going to have invasion, one is going to have an open doorway which should not be open, and all kind of influences can come in at that doorway. And there you have what you call upon your earth at present the illness of schizophrenia. It produces truly an inroad to the astral planes which is what is happening, which has not been recognised as yet by your medical science, because once again, as we say, many of them live in their lead coffin, and their ideas are fixed and cannot expand enough to recognise that there is life beyond the physical.

And that is truly what happens, there is an awareness of the inner planes, the astral planes, not always the highest level, sometimes the lowest levels, which is uncontrollable. And therefore, one has allowed energies in, which cannot be handled, and therefore one gets into a state where one is truly living in the experiences of the lower astral levels, and where lower conflicting energies are impinging with great force, and to a degree which is not intended, and they are overloading a particular centre, and they are causing imbalance, and they are causing strange influences, and they are causing a feeling of expansion, they are causing a feeling of being out of control, out of one’s capsule as it were.

If one remembers that on the inner planes life is different, experience is different, and energies are different. On the physical plane there is integration, naturally brought about and achieved in a healthy person, because all is held under control and within this capsule we call the ring-pass-not; a capsule of energy. And to the normal average person, life upon earth is focused where it can be handled; it is focused upon the material level. To a certain degree the emotions are brought into activity, and so is the mind, but the whole is balanced enough so that usually the average person can handle life upon earth; mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Now if we are to go out to the astral levels, which remember are the planes of emotional energy, and there we are going to be drawn into a vortex of emotional energy where the mind is very little operative, if operative at all, where the physical is no longer recognised, it has been let go of, and where one is just in a sea of emotional energy, and we have a centre open where that energy just sucks us out, as it were – or flows in, which ever way you like to put it, it is the same thing – then we are drawn out of our protective capsule, we are drawn out of our balanced integration between physical, emotion, and mind, and we are left at the mercy of pure emotions, which if it has been done through a damaged centre, cannot be handled.

There you have your problem, your sickness, your illness, and through that damaged centre all those emotional energies can flow, and the energy of many, many entities can also flow in, because one becomes part, one becomes fluidic, one becomes part of the astral level, and therefore one has to attain a certain strength of balance before it is wise to go out on to the astral plane. And that is why the haphazard opening of doors, and the ignorant meditation, and exercises, psychic exercises, which are indulged in upon your earth today in order to open these doors, in order to contact entities, quite unknown, without knowledge, or without understanding upon the inner levels, so often leads to problems.

And it is these problems which give to esotericism the unnecessary, and unwarranted negative name that it has been given so often by those who do not understand upon your earth, and all is classed as unwelcome and unwholesome, but it is purely the negative, it is purely the ignorance which causes this because all souls, as they expand and advance, and do so under law, will open up their consciousness to the higher levels; but only when they are ready, and strong enough, and balanced enough, to deal with these levels. And that is what all this training is about, that is what all this purification, as we say, is about, and why the first impact of invoked soul energy, through this meditation and through service, is going to purify, it is going to build the three vehicles of the personality into a condition where they can then open up their centres, and they can then be conscious of the inner worlds without damage or harm.

Because in that balanced state one can stand firm within the inner worlds, and one can close down the gateway when one has travelled through, and one can come back at will, and close the gateway behind oneself. Your schizophrenic has forced a doorway open, because it is damaged, and therefore it cannot be closed; and that is the difference. It is like unlocking a door with a key, or putting a charge of dynamite behind it and blowing it open. Once you have blown it open you cannot close it again, but if you unlock it with a key, then you can close it and re-lock it, can you not? And that’s what applies to your centres. So think about that beloved one. Perhaps we have given you something to think about. Do you wish to ask anything else or are you satisfied?

Member: I’ll think about that for now, thank you.

Member: I would like to ask about colour therapy in the use of balancing the chakras?

Guide: These outer aspects which are put forward, in so many courses, today, of healing, and as you say, of balancing the centres, are useful to a certain degree, but they are useful in as much as they lead one to recognise the underlying motives, and the underlying energies, which one, as we have said, is invoking. In themselves their use and their effectiveness is limited, but as a means to recognising the energies that lie behind, and as a means to invoking those energies in order to change and reharmonise one’s life, and one’s life pattern, then they are beneficial. It depends what one is searching for, there is no easy way, as we have said, upon the spiritual path to bring about certain results, there are no short cuts, and many search for short cuts, of course, and usually find that the short cut, in the end, becomes the longest way.

There are three basic rules, as we have said many times, lying behind the esoteric path and the esoteric training: and one is Meditation which invokes energies which then begin to perform their function, the other is Study in order to gain knowledge and understanding of the spiritual laws and of the working of those energies when one has invoked them. And the third of course, is the practical manifestation of what one has received in meditation, and what one understands through ones study and learning, in practical Service. Now those three aspects together give balanced integration, and they are a way of gaining integration, which are absolutely certain, and which carry no dangers if carried out correctly.

But to try to take short-cuts and feel that one can use certain means of directing untold energies towards a certain aspect of ones being, towards a certain centre, can often be detrimental. It depends how much one understands, again, because always, as we say, one works with knowledge; if one has no true knowledge then one is always working on dangerous ground. If we are going to use colour therapy, we are going to direct certain colours, are we not, at certain centres? Is this what you are talking about?

Member: Correct.

Guide: And if we direct certain colours, remember that those colours are but the reflection of energies, they are once again the direction of energies, because we are merely seeing the manifestation, the outer form, in a colour, of an energy. And that energy also, is ensouled by a life. So, we are once again coming back to the same thing, as we say; all progress is through the invocation of energy, directed rightfully. Now if we have gone far enough to thoroughly understand the constitution of man: the position of the centres, the chakras, whatever you like to call them, and we understand how each chakra is operating; its condition, its healthiness, or unhealthiness, where it needs to be balanced, and strengthened, where it needs to have energy withdrawn, because it is too fully permeated with energy, then well and good, we can then direct the colour, or the energy, where it is needed.

But one must ask oneself, have we got this knowledge? And if we have not, then we can very well create a situation which is worse than the one that we are trying to get out of, and we can pour colour, or energy, into a particular centre, and in our ignorance we do not understand fully the condition of that centre, then we can overload a centre with more energy, which is already suffering from an overdose of energy anyway; and therefore we merely worsen the situation.

So, we point out various aspects of this colour therapy. It is like so many new ideas that are being picked up, it is right in itself, and it is good if it is understood and it is utilised according to law by those who understand. But in so many cases these new ideas are used in ignorance by people who do not understand what they are doing, and as all these things are energy, then we can bring about situations which are the very opposite of that which we are trying to bring about.

So, it just depends how much one understands, how much insight one has; true insight into the condition of a person or of ourselves, and if we understand, and are able to see quite clearly, and recognise a condition of chakras and centres, and see where energy is needed in the etheric body, and where it is not needed, then we can go ahead with these things, yes. But without that knowledge, it is better not to push too hard along any particular line where energy is invoked and directed, otherwise we may find we are directing it to the wrong place. Does that give you an answer?

Member: Very close, yes. Where do we find that line?

Guide: Which line?

Member: The line of invoking light, colour, therapy, the mind, to say we have the knowledge, or don’t have the knowledge.

Guide: Well, that is something which comes automatically. And that is what we are saying, like any profession we start at the beginning, and we work on ourselves, and as we grow, and as we expand, then automatically, these qualities, these abilities, grow with us, and we find that we are able to know these things, to do these things. It is like saying, how does a famous brain surgeon become a brain surgeon? He doesn’t become a brain surgeon just by reading books, he goes to a medical school, does he not? And he begins at the beginning, and he learns every nerve, and every bone, every blood vessel, every muscle, every organ in the body, and that’s where he starts.

Member: You’re dealing with something we can’t see, perhaps. Its not a physical thing, a total spiritual thing.

Guide: It’s not necessarily a spiritual thing, in the way that you’re using that term. It is an organ on a different level, on a higher vibration, upon a level which at the moment most people cannot see, but it is still an organ, and it is still there for those who have eyes to see, and have the touch, to touch. And the etheric body is just as real, and can be sensed, and felt, and seen, and heard, and smelled, and everything, with all the senses by those who are able to do it. So, you have answered your own question. If one cannot see these inner bodies, then why does one want to start working with energies and colours, on something which one cannot even see and does not know where to direct these colours?

As we have said, the process of integration is best started at the beginning, and there are no short cuts, there are no easy ways. We start at the beginning, and we learn all the basic rules about ourself, and then we put those rules into practice. Therefore, there can be no mistakes. And as we grow and expand in this way, so does the integration take place, and at the right time, so do those organs within ourself, which are able to see, and sense, and touch, these inner bodies, also grow. And then we find we can see them, they are no longer out of our vision, no longer out of our touch. And then we know exactly what we, and others, are like on the inner levels. Then we can start our colour therapies; our directing of energies, because we are then able to see where the problem is, and we know where we are directing them. But it is still a case of develop oneself, first. It is the old esoteric maxim, is it not?

Do not try to be a master of others, until one is a master of oneself. And if this were followed there would be few mistakes made in the world. But so many people pick up a glimmering of knowledge, and suddenly want to dash forward and become a guru to everyone, when they have not even learned to balance their own lives. And therefore, you see, this is the difficulty today. And as you understand yourself, we do not have to point it out to you, you are surrounded by these type of people, are you not? They are everywhere you look today. People who are influenced by the new rays, who are picking up a little bit of knowledge, and then thinking they know everything, and dashing out to deal with everyone else, and change everyone else, and professing to have the ability to do all this.

When if it truly came down to it, and one asked them even the ABC of esotericism, even the ABC of the human constitution, how many of them could even tell you? How many of them even know that there is an etheric body, an astral body, and a mental body, and a soul force lying behind it all? How many of them know what holds these bodies together? How many of them know how to deal with the energy in these bodies? But yet they are dashing around, and they are saying, “We have the answers, come to us and I we will do this to you, and that to you. We will throw wide this door, we’ll open this chakra for you.” And so often what do they leave behind? The schizophrenic wreck, to come back to your earlier question.

Member: In other words, you’re talking about a person who can distort energy, instead of working on themselves, and become a pure energy within themselves first, before working on others.

Guide: Exactly. Work on oneself, before one begins to work on others. And if one wishes to heal; we do not say, do not open yourself to send forth the love and the light. But as we have always stated when healing is done in this group, one visualises a person in the light, and that is all. One does not attempt to change, or alter, this part or that part, or to put an end to any particular illness, to create this situation or that situation, for the simple reason that there is so much ignorance, one does not recognise what is needed. But to place a person in the light; nothing more, and to invoke that their own soul does the healing. And then leave it to that person’s soul to do the healing; not trying to drive one’s own will, one’s own idea of what should take place.

Not saying “I am determined to make this person well, I am determined to banish this illness.” When it could be the very worse thing, and the patient themselves does not wish that illness to be banished. It is what they have come into incarnation to experience; it is most necessary to them. And there someone comes barging in, in ignorance, and using their own will says, “I am gong to destroy all this.” It can be utterly destructive. Healing used in the wrong way, with ignorance and self will, can be utterly destructive. But if one places people in the light, and sees the light of the soul permeating them, that soul, that person’s own soul, knowing exactly what is needed, will do the work. Leave it at that. Then you will benefit many. But if one drives, and feels that one knows all the answers, when one does not, then one is working in ignorance and one is incurring more karma.

Because all the damage that we do remember, has to be balanced; and ignorance is no excuse upon the spiritual path – ever. We cannot say, “Oh, I did not know, I did not intend that.” Karmic law does not take that into account. What we do has to be balanced; and ignorance is no excuse. So let us make sure that we know what we are doing before we attempt to do it. And that is what our teaching is all about; that is what a group such as this is all about. It is to bring knowledge and understanding. It is to direct one to an understanding of the cosmic laws that hold the universe in position, and the laws which influence all life; the laws which take you all forward, which take your planet forward, which influence night and day, the law which holds the constellations in the heavens.

And therefore as part of the universal life, it is this law which recognises and utilises everything, all energies of which you are part.

Understand the law and you will live according to law; there will be no problems. Work, in ignorance, at the demands of the desire personality and you will conflict with the law and you will always have problems. You will always have mental, emotional, and physical problems; and is the world not full of them today because there is no recognition of the law. And there are many false gurus who proclaim that they know the law, and so often in their ignorance merely make conditions worse, because they do not. So learn, beloved ones, if you wish to truly progress, and if you wish to truly serve, learn what you are doing. And learn what service is, because few people even know that. So think about it, beloved ones, think about it. Are there any more questions? You are very interesting tonight, and your minds are ranging far.

Member: So then, I need to go within myself, and invoke the light, the Christ consciousness within myself, to work from inner to outer, to get the knowledge, the understanding, to be able to heal myself before I can assist anyone else? Would that be correct?

Guide: Well, if you have that, you will certainly be in a position to help others, yes. But there are also other ways of gaining knowledge you know, there is much knowledge being given upon the earth today. And there are many schools of knowledge, which once you find them, and are satisfied in yourself that they are true exponents of knowledge, then you can learn from them also. You do not have to limit any particular source of knowledge; knowledge can be attained in many ways, and it can be attained even from a baby, even from an animal. We are continually learning, if we are open to learn, for life is giving us the knowledge that we need, at all times. We gain knowledge from the behaviour of a flower, or a plant, we get knowledge from looking at the sky, and the clouds, and the conditions of the weather.

Always there is knowledge to be gained. And if what we truly want is knowledge, then we can say to you, that knowledge will always be given, knowledge is never refused to the true seeker, but so many do not want knowledge, because knowledge is light, and light penetrates the darkness, and knowledge, of course, means change, and it brings us back to the subject of our discourse. If we are against change, we will not get knowledge, we cannot, because knowledge will always bring change. True knowledge is a soul quality, remember this. And in invoking that soul energy, first it purifies, then it brings its second quality which is knowledge; the soul gives knowledge, yes. And when it has given the knowledge, of course, it is all light; purification is light, knowledge is light, the light of understanding, as it is called.

Then we begin to understand; and then we see that we cannot go on as we are because we have to change. Then we begin to recognise the various laws, and we see we have to put our life into harmony with them. And so it means change; change – but that is how we progress. So yes, learn all you can. Learn the constitution of man, if you wish to be a healer, because the more you know about the constitution of man, the more you will recognise the problems. So, wherever you get the opportunity to learn about the constitution of man, then learn, because you cannot know too much. You will learn about yourself, if you know your constitution, and you will learn about others. You will know the difference between health and sickness, and why – because it all lies in the constitution.

And even man, as we say, is merely an amalgam of energies. What can sickness or health be, but an integration and harmony of energies, or a disintegration and disharmony of energies. You see, logic, apply logic brother. Apply the mind that God gave you and think about these things. What we say, if you think about them, can lead to other expansions of understanding. A human being is but energy, so what else can there be but energy to deal with. Where does your sickness or your health lie? It lies in energy. And then we say, why does it lie in energy? How?

Member: The misuse of energy.

Guide: Yes, the misuse, or the distortion; or the misdirection of energy, either in this lifetime or in the past, remember, because the effects of past lives do not finish until that condition has been worked out. And so much sickness that you find in this lifetime, is the result of the misuse of energy in the past lifetime. So it is a vast subject. You see the deeper one goes into it, the more one learns that it is not something to be trifled with, and that knowledge is necessary, and it is very complex, and that by diving in, on the surface, one can often do more harm than good. So, let the people be in the light; visualise the light and the love flowing towards them. You can do no harm with that. But do not try to twist and turn them, unless you truly understand their condition and what they really need.

And if you understand this, as time goes on, then by all means, if you wish to utilise what you have, but remember, at all times, whatever you do karmically, has to be balanced. And if a mistake is made, well, it has to be born, and it has to be balanced. We all make mistakes at times, and we have to put up with the results. That does not mean one has not got to try anything; if we never try anything, we never get anywhere, do we? So we will make our mistakes sometimes. But we do not have to make unnecessary mistakes. We will experiment at times, yes, but we will not dash out in ignorance and self will, and say, “I know it all, I do not want to learn, I can do it now.” That is where we make the biggest mistake.

So, think about these things beloved ones. All are running in the right direction, energies are flowing smoothly, energy is being absorbed, knowledge is being absorbed, and you are all showing great light. You are moving, you have not been with us very long, in this particular Circle, but you are all moving rapidly. Your motivation is correct, most of you, and you are moving in the right direction. Rome was not built in a day, remember, brothers, so do not expect miracles. And there will always be stumbling blocks, but you will pick yourself up and carry on in the light of your new knowledge. Yes, any more questions before we depart?

Member: Yes, I would like to ask, are you familiar with the form of healing known as Reiki?

Guide: Yes, we have heard of the type of healing that you call Reiki healing.

Member: I understand that the energy that goes into healing the patient, or the person, goes through where it’s needed. It really has nothing to do with the person who is giving the healing; that person is being used as an instrument for the healing energy. Now is this so? As far as I’m concerned I feel that I can trust this energy, I feel drawn towards this form of healing. Can you just tell me, when you said earlier on, a knowledge of the person’s constitution should be known before; does trust play some part in this?

Guide: Well, this depends entirely on how one is working, how the healer is working. Now most healers are working as a channel. And all the healing that is done here, through our instruments, is done because they are, and accept the fact, only channels, and therefore we, on the other side, bring most of the healing energy. And this fits in with what you say, yes, and in such a case then, it is directed, because we direct it where it is necessary, because we have that ability – and you accept this or not, it is up to you – to see the inner conditions of all of you, and this is what we go on mostly, we do not see your physical bodies sitting here, we see your inner condition, we see your lights and your aura, and this tells us what we wish to know about you.

We do not know what your faces look like, and we do not wish to know, and we merely see you as you are. And this is how we speak to you and how we direct the energies. And all the time we are speaking to you remember, we are directing energies. It is not what we say, although what we say has import, and it is useful if you can understand it and use it, it is a directive. But what we are doing, is putting the energies which bring about the change, so that as you sit in this group you are automatically receiving healing, and you are automatically receiving what you need. And so yes, your guides, or whoever it may be working through you, providing you are aware who is working through you, and you have trust, will help you with the healing, and they will direct to parts of the patient what is necessary, when you, yourself, may not be able to understand or to know.

Yes, this is good, you can be an open channel. In this case you are doing nothing. But one again has to be sure that one is an open channel. Many claim to be an open channel, and honestly believe they are an open channel, whereas underneath their own ideas, and their own self will is pushing all kind of things in the way. And they are saying to themselves, “Oh let this patient be healed, let this condition go.” And they are really, if not putting it into words are just hoping that certain things will happen, which is what they want to happen. So, just being an open channel is not as simple as one may think. In fact it is very difficult.

And if one has gained the ability to get oneself right out of the way and truly be an open channel, yes, then one is used and there are those who will work with you. As we say, groups are on all levels, and your group brethren are on inner levels, out of incarnation as much as those in incarnation. You will work together.

So yes, that is good. But you have to ask yourself, are you truly being open and are you getting yourself out of the way? Have you no wishes or desires as to what should happen? And can you truly remain abstract and detached and let it flow? And if so, yes, by all means.

Member: Not my will, but Thy Will.

Guide: Exactly, exactly, yes. But how many people use that phrase and then push as hard as they can to get their own will to work? You see, so many people are so hypocritical, and they are so lacking in understanding, and they do not analyse themselves, they do not truly look at their motives. We have heard people so often make that statement, and some people repeat it every day as a mantram, and yet they spend their life pushing as hard as they can with their personality will, to get what they want. You see it is not being used in any practical way, it is not being applied. It is not what we say, in any case, it is how we apply it; and the words are merely a symbol, which if not made applicable in daily life, will produce nothing. Mantrams are meaningless unless they are lived. Words of power are meaningless unless they are also lived. And knowledge is meaningless unless it is lived.

And that is where we say, the three basics are: to invoke energy, to gain knowledge through study, and then to utilise it in service. There you have the perfect balance. And that will bring a more speedy progress and integration on all levels, it will bring the opening of true spiritual doors more quickly, and the gaining of strength and light more quickly than anything. It is the slower harder way, it avoids the short-cuts but it is secure and certain. And it is the old tried way which has gone on for thousands and thousands of years, and has always been used; it is called the Ancient Wisdom, and in every Mystery School throughout the ages, every true Mystery School, it has been taught, never varying, always the same. It is the hard, true and tried road, which all disciples and all initiates have followed, which we have followed when we have been upon earth, and we still follow.

And those who have followed it know its value, and therefore they offer it to those who come behind, because they can say, “We have tried it and it works, if you wish to try it, it will work for you.” And so in this way the rules are offered. But you please yourself whether you follow the rules, they are merely a tried, a true and tried way of progressing and bringing about the necessary changes. That is rules. And remember that rules and laws are different. Rules are a true and tried way, which over vast periods of time, have been tried by spiritual aspirants and proved to lead to the goal. But laws are different, laws are immutable, they are spiritual laws that rule the cosmos.

And they, of course, have to be followed. We cannot choose whether we follow laws or not, we either go with them and we are in harmony, or we go against them and we are constantly in trouble. There is no choice. But rules, we please ourself. We offer you the rules that we have tried and used, you please yourself whether you use them or not. But the spiritual laws which we give you, cannot be, with impunity, defied.

So think about that beloved ones. One more question then before we withdraw, or are you all satisfied?

Member: I have got a question. I have trouble with doubt. I’ve used your teaching, and I have worked with them, and have gained benefit. But then I have doubt that this is real, that this is right, that you’re who you say you are, and not John’s subconsciousness, or – just plain doubt.

Guides: Well, it is not unnatural. We do not know any aspirant who has travelled the path without passing through the doubts. We look upon your earth and we remember there was a book was there not, written quite a long time ago, and it was called, we feel, The Pilgrim’s Progress, was it not? Have any of you read that book? And it was a symbolic representation of the path of a soul through life. And there were various things were there not, giants castles, and all kinds of obstructions, and was there not one that was called the Slough of Despair, the quicksand of despair into which he was always stumbling? And as he sank into it, he was overwhelmed with despair. So you see always it has been recognised that this is part of the path.

So think of it, that it is a quicksand, and when you stumble into it think, “Well I’m not going to be sucked down into this quicksand, I’m going to go past it, because it is merely something across the path which I can get through, or round, and if I know it is there I can avoid it.” Do not be too concerned about it and lift your consciousness. Think of it in this way, it is not truly important, at the moment, for you, or for any of you, whether you feel that we are speaking to you, or that our instrument’s subconscious, or whatever it may be, is speaking to you.

We would say to you, if you are in a state of doubt, merely take what is said to you, and then evaluate it according to your own intuitive understanding, and your own awareness, and ask yourself, is the material that you have, that you are given, is it, if you use it, beneficial to you? Does it help you? Does it take you forward, or do you consider that it is not beneficial to you, that it is detrimental? And if you ask yourself this, then you will make the decision, and the doubts will go. And if you decide that what you are being given by us, or wherever you feel it may be coming from, then we would say to you, then you should not be here, and it is better for you to withdraw, if you truly feel that what is given to you is detrimental, until such time as you feel differently.

And therefore, you make the decision, no doubts; you do not have to either believe or doubt us. You make the decision as to what we are giving you, what you feel – if you feel the benefits, the upliftment, if you feel that what we say is right, then by all means utilise it. And it is your decision, so what have you to worry about? And if you feel it is not right for you, then as we say, let go of it, and follow a path which you feel is right for you. What more can we say? That will eliminate your doubts completely.

Member: I don’t feel that it is detrimental to me at all. In fact I’m gaining a lot from it, and I’m becoming very aware of what you are saying about the energies, but I was curious about what Lai Yung said, in one meditation, where he suggested that we travel to see the Great Bear, which is in the northern hemisphere. I was curious as to why he didn’t give us a constellation that was in our southern hemisphere which we could relate to. I thought that was a bit odd.

Guide: Well, there is always a meaning behind what is said, and the meaning is a little beyond what is usually understood. You see, you are taking it in your own limited concepts, as to why that particular constellation was chosen, but again, if you had more esoteric knowledge, you would recognise exactly why that constellation was chosen; because there is a link, because it is the source of the influence, it is the directive point of so many influences, of the ray influences that are coming into the earth at the New Age. And these rays come down to certain constellations, because this is the pattern, this is the cosmic law, all is arranged according to law. And remember that the earth is linked up to certain constellations, esoterically, always has been. And the energies that supply it are linked up to certain constellations, and certain planets.

And therefore, this is how it works, this is how the pattern is drawn; other constellations will influence other planets, other worlds, other solar systems. But as it is drawn up, then there is a link of energy flowing between various conditions in the cosmos, between various planets, constellations, solar systems; it is all linked, it is all one. And these are the higher aspects of esoteric knowledge, which as you yourself learn more, you will understand, and then you will see there is a reason why certain constellations are chosen, and it is nothing to do with your particular position upon earth, and a constellation that you may be able to see. And therefore we are dealing esoterically, and this attunement, with certain planets and constellations, which we sometimes give in meditation, is purely that you may be in attunement with the energies of those particular constellations, because they are supplying energy to earth.

So, you see, as you begin to realise that there are different meanings behind our actions and our words, you will find that there is not much point in trying to assess, from your limited knowledge, what they are. You can either accept them, and that we see things a little wider, and we are directing you correctly, or you can gain the knowledge for yourself. It is not impossible today, in fact it is quite easy, much has been written about these things, and there are many books which will give you all this knowledge if you wish to study them. So, either way you can sort it our for yourself.

You can gain the knowledge which will give you understanding of what we say, and you will think and act upon the level we are acting, you will see it the way we see it, or you can bring it down to your own limited ideas of what you think we mean, and what you think our motives are, and therefore you will be confused, or you can accept in faith what we say – you have three choices – and say, “Well I do not know, and I do not wish specifically to learn, but I accept that what is given is correct.” So, you can choose for yourself can you not?

Member: Yes, thank you.

Guide: There is always another reason. One thing that is necessary, in esoteric training and growth, is do not jump to conclusions about what is said, because, learn to look more widely, do not jump to the first interpretation that springs to your mind in anything that is said, because if you do, so often you will feel it is incorrect. But as you look more deeply, as you learn to look behind what is said, and the symbology of what is said, and you see the inner world of meaning, and the world of causes, which bring all things manifest upon earth, then you will see that things are quite different in the inner worlds. And then you will understand more fully why things happen, and not what average humanity thinks is the reason why things happen.

You will see why people live, why they are born, why they die – as you call it – why they come back into incarnation, what they are learning, what life on earth is really all about, why one comes into it, why people are sick, or well, why there are wars, or are not wars. You will see the reason behind all kind of things which at present you see only the outer surface; as all average humanity does. And therefore, you can feel that much that is said is not correct, but that only means that you do not understand the level from which it is being spoken, and that if you could see the whole thing, then you would understand. It is like seeing two or three pieces of a jigsaw puzzle upon your earth, and thinking, ‘This does not make sense, there is no picture here, I’m not going to bother with this.’

But when you have put the whole jigsaw together you see there is a very recognisable picture – but only when you are looking at the whole thing. We look at the whole thing, you see parts of it, and we endeavour to teach you the whole, that gradually you too may come to recognise. So think about these things beloved ones, it is all part of the reason why we are here, and why a group like this exists.

Member: One small thing that you said, when you hear – when a voice says something to you – you hear someone say something, and you make the decision – that is that – and you say, don’t take that, but reason with it. It’s the same as,

He who hesitates is lost.

Guide: Well, exactly. But then all words and sayings can be twisted one way or another, can they not? And it all depends how we wish to use them. One can take words and one can use them to prove anything; and many of the narrow religions upon your earth today, certainly do this, when they take your sacred scriptures, do they not, and they each one twist them differently to prove what they want to prove. And they take the truths and they twist them to prove what they want to prove. So it is true to say that there is always the contradiction, there is always the opposite, because you live in the world of opposites, do you not? You live in a world of duality. You can say there are two sayings, “Look before you leap,” and then you can say that there is another saying, “He who hesitates is lost.” So what are you going to make of it?

You see, you have the world of duality, and this is why the true disciple learns to walk the noble middle path. And is this not what Buddha, when he was upon earth, called it -The Noble Middle Path? For those of you who have any knowledge of the Buddhic Religion; always spoke about the noble middle path and tried to teach it in those periods to humanity. And to those who still follow the path of the Buddha, of course, they endeavour to follow the noble middle path, which means you walk always down the middle; you neither jump one side nor the other. And so, between those two sayings, “Look before you leap,” and “He who hesitates is lost,” you have to find the noble middle path and walk it. That is what discipleship is always about; right down the middle, between negative and positive, between the opposing forces.

Opposing forces

And always man, in fact all life, until it reaches a certain level, is caught between the opposing forces. On earth you call it good and evil; every religion teaches the opposing forces, but they are two sides of the same coin, they are negative energy and positive energy, two energies pulling in different directions in order that one may learn the balance and walk the middle path. If you think of it in this way you will find always one has to discriminate, and no spiritual aspirant will get far without the ability to discriminate. And they learn discrimination, by being pulled first to one side, and then the other. They go to one side, and they follow every false guru that comes along, do they not? And then they are sorry, and they learn, or they do not learn, or they jump out, and follow another false guru, who probably takes all their money, and leaves them stranded.

And then they will find somebody else, and do the same thing again, until eventually they learn. Or they may suddenly say, “Well I’ll jump the other way, and I’ll become a sceptic, and I won’t follow any guru.” So they stand still. You see, there is always the two sides to it. And what one learns eventually, through all these experiences, through many lives, is that one learns to recognise the truth, and one learns to recognise the true guru, and then one follows the noble middle path which every true guru will always present. And that is one of the keys that you have if you are trying to recognise a guru; if they follow the noble middle path, and if they themselves follow the path that they are teaching – always remember this. The guru who says “Do as I say, but not as I do,” is no guru at all.

True Guru

And the sooner you turn round and put as much distance between them and yourself, the better. So, that is another way of recognising your true guru. He will practice what he preaches in every walk of life, and he himself will follow the noble middle path without having any undue prejudice one way or the other. So, think about these things. They will help you, and you will need all these things as you go along – in the future if not now.

Well, beloved ones, shall we say that our Circle shall come to an end now? You still have to do the healing, and perhaps some of you have far to travel. So, if you are satisfied, we will withdraw.

Member: I’m a stranger here; are you a Master Guide, or of the higher priorities, please?

Guide: Would it be of any great value to you, what we said? How much more of a spiritual person would you be by knowing that? Once again, discrimination. If you do not know, if you cannot follow to that point where we are, and see for yourself what we are, then what is it going to gain for you for us to tell you? Once again, we may be telling you lies, might we not? And you would be no better off.

Member: You’ve said there are so many different levels.

Guide: Yes.

Member: I’m interested in the different levels.

Different levels

Guide: Well, therefore, we would suggest, that you undertake studies where you can learn about them. There are so many books that will give you these things. It is a vast subject, we cannot give it to you in five minutes, or five hours, or five days, because cosmology, esotericism, whatever you like to call it, is such a vast subject, it encompasses the whole of life, and the whole of creation, and there is no putting it into a small amount of words. It is something that is learned, and lived, and we learn a little, then we live and practice that little, and because we live and practice it, then we learn a little more.

Because each step opens the door, and when we learn a little more, we practice that, and that opens another door; and this is the way that progress is made. As we live what we are given to understand, and what we intuitively understand, then we learn more, because it shines light; light produces light. There is an old esoteric saying, In the light we shall see light. And that may seem a contradiction, or may seem strange, but it is true, because light is not even, and light is not of the same quality, light grows stronger, and into higher qualities. And the light that we see today, will be the darkness of the future, because we will have stepped into even greater light.

Apparent contradiction

So, in one way all is an apparent contradiction, and yet in another way all is truth, because it is only an apparent contradiction, because it is looked at from the limitations of the finite mind, which cannot understand beyond a certain point. We say that we are your brothers who have gone a little ahead of you, and we offer what we have gained in our own experience, both on earth and where we are now, and we offer this that you may, if you wish, utilise what we have learnt, and you may apply it in your own lives, and that is all we have ever said.

When one starts using glamorous terms, which is all it is, in order to say that a certain Guide is on this level or that level, then we are once again lost in the glamour of the astral planes; it has no meaning, it has no use, it does not help in anyway at all, because one has no way of proving what is said, and there are only too many upon your earth today who will tell you their high status, and you can either accept that or take it with a grain of salt, because usually you will find out for yourself exactly what the status is. And this is the best yardstick. Not what is said, but what is brought, and given, and what you receive from it, is always the best yardstick. If it aids you, if it helps you, and if it leads you into greater service, and if those who are saying these things to you are also giving greater service, and living what they say, what they preach, then you have your best means of assessment.


There are many upon your earth today, many channels, and many so called guides, professing to be this, professing to be that, great spiritual beings, you will find many channels who will tell you that their guide is Jesus Christ, is the Buddha, John the Baptist, Mary Magdalene, whatever you wish, some great being, Napoleon, you will find them everywhere. How do you know what they are? You have no way of knowing; are you any wiser? And the very fact that they come with these boastful words and titles, should be, to the enlightened person, enough to show that you are dealing with a very low entity; misguided, mislead, and deeply involved in the personality and their own ego.

And if you think along these lines, you will not be blinded by these glamorous names, and you will not even wish to be told them. But you will judge by what you receive. By the quality of what you receive, shall yea know where it comes from. By that and nothing else. So go in peace beloved one, go in peace.

Rani Lash

Well, Rani Lash, indeed speaks to you tonight. And has been pleased to come with you and once again make himself known. And you have felt a little of that push, a little of that first ray power that brings to augment the second ray of Love-Wisdom that his brother Lai Yung brings. And so little by little, we work it in, so that you may have the love-wisdom and come slowly along on that line, and now and again will come to give you that little heave forward.

And you can either go forward on that wave, or you can escape it, and jump off, it is up to you. Spirit guides pushes in the right direction, and leaves you to utilise the energy as you wish; to take from it what you wish. So, go in peace beloved ones, go in peace, Rani Lash, Keeper of the Gateway of Power, blesses you this night, and in the peace of understanding may you dwell for all eternity. Go in peace.

Necessity of change

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