Who seeks to Escape Illusion Spiritual Energy Healing?

Escape illusion with insight meditation practice spiritual healing by inducing the energy flow from the oversoul. Which is the only legitimate form of escape. From the illusion of the material world; which is the pathway to enlightenment. Which is simple spiritual energy healing. A process of increasing energy while decreasing resistance; that will increase your aura or magnetic field. This is particularly so around the heart chakra, crown chakra and the palms of the hands. By comparison suicide is the illegitimate illusion of escape.

Spiritual Healing Evolution Path only way to Escape Illusion

Avoid Suicide

Firstly on the path of life; there is only one legitimate way to escape the material world. However initially we will consider the psychic pattern. Above all that leads many to consider the illusion of escape. Which is suicide. During the time a child is growing up with its parents it will learn lifestyle skills.

Consequently there are two distinct parenting styles. Hence this is either wild or disciplined with their natural consequences. In the wild example you cultivate the ego. And permitted to have free expression. Appropriately we can see this as the age of entitlement. In other words perhaps we may say. To become spoilt and selfish.

Escape illusion with simple spiritual energy healing. Psychic insights with insight meditation practice. Avoid path of suicide that delays spiritual evolution.
Escape illusion with simple spiritual energy healing. Psychic insights with insight meditation practice. Avoid path of suicide that delays spiritual evolution.

Suicide is an unwise life choice

Suicide is not only an illusion of escape. It will also delay your spiritual evolution. Message for all who choose to act only as individuals. Because they know everything. Perhaps in some cases there may be thoughts of suicide. However it is a natural consequence for the isolationist approach. Choosing this path is such a very unwise life choice. Furthermore the following presentation is a clear and complete explanation. For the only valid or wholesome way to escape illusion.

Psychic pattern

Therefore it naturally follows that selfish parents will parent selfish children. Assuredly this is a replicating pattern that is completely inevitable. For the typical spoiled child the psychic pattern will be; where the individual has a set of blinkers on. Accordingly this will prevent the seeing of the wider view. Because the focus is only on self-interest concerns. Naturally as the child grows up then greater conflict arises within the family.

Due to conflicting personalities competing for limited available family resources. Similarly in the world today just the same principle is happening, between different competing countries. With meditation practice spiritual healing the spinal alignment becomes progressively corrected. This is due to a balancing of the energy flow through the chakras or energy centers of the body. Overall net result is a stronger magnetic aura field around your body.

What is solution to escape illusion? Energy Oversoul

Importantly a caring considerate parent may ask a self focused child to please look at this or that. In addition the parent may explain ways to experience the wider view of life. In this way the child could come to see; for their self a wider context of life the easy way. However such an individual does not look learn or listen to anything. Because they know better, which means the hard way by default.

Continually keep going on their merry way accepting parental support; however doing nothing to create real spiritual development within themselves. Accordingly this is the result when the focus is on fun entertainment. It is a path of immaturity. As a result this is the pathway of the fool who naturally thinks that being ignorant. Of Dharma or life’s natural laws is being pretty darn smart.

Thereupon we can see only one solution for individuals who do not listen.  Consequently this is to allow them the raw consequences of their choices. An opportunity is to learn by direct experience. What they can not learn any other way. Assuredly the wisdom of direct experience anyone can gain through pain and suffering experience.

Independent People

Most of average humanity live their whole lifetime as self focused individuals. Who never learn to do anything much differently; no matter how much difficulty in life they experience. Appropriately this is the whole reason. Why most of average humanity needs to experience many lifetimes. Before the penny of real awareness may drop. Which is surrender or giving up.  Accordingly and consequently this allows the inflow of energy from the oversoul to illuminate the mind. Into becoming an enlightened mind. To gain psychic insights ability. To see what is really going on in a wider context.

Insight meditation self spiritual healing induces a stronger aura with more vibrant colors. Meditator shows seven chakra energy centers with yellow auric field.
Insight meditation self spiritual healing induces a stronger aura with more vibrant colors. Meditator shows seven chakra energy centers with yellow auric field.

Escape Illusion Road map of life

Invoke Energy of Oversoul to Avoid Suicide

Fortunately the road map of life is widely available today for anyone who seeks to find it. Certainly by visiting your nearest Ashram, Monastery or Meditation Center. You may find out how life works more quickly and easily. When compared with our recent past human history. Which is the dark ages.

However spoiled children with their big ego’s will not even pick it up. Let alone read and study it to understand the patterns of life. Greater knowledge always enables better and wiser utilization of life experiences. By comparison the disciplined parental style is one of containing or restricting the ego by enforcing boundaries.

Correct parental style sets children up to become enlightened as adults

Parental style is a very significant factor in determining the strength of character of the child. When they leave home as an adult. As a consequence personality or Ego nurtured individuals will create painful experiences; to which they will put up psychic barriers. Furthermore this path naturally leads to deeper and deeper feelings of isolation.

As a natural consequence of cutting themselves off from the world. In contrast disciplinarian parents are compassionate parents. Definitely they understand correctly that children. Who grow up within a stronger disciplinary framework will gain stronger character development.

Strong independent character with Energy Oversoul

Naturally any individual with a stronger more independent character; will create a better more successful independent life. For this purpose we need a generation of independent people. Definition for an independent person is one whose source of sustaining energy comes from within or the Oversoul.

It does not come from outside as in emotional sentimentality from others. A similar concept is the lifestyle choice; to use unlimited renewable energy rather than fossil fuel based energy. To burn fossil fuel and then gone. Without any lasting value. To take from the earth’s limited available resources.

Spiritual wisdom is an energy state that any meditator can achieve. Who follows same pathway to Nirvanic peace. As the Buddha revealed energy follows thought.
Spiritual wisdom is an energy state that any meditator can achieve. Who follows same pathway to Nirvanic peace. As the Buddha revealed energy follows thought.

An explanation of why counseling services alone will never produce long-term sustainable improvements in human behavior. Insight meditation spiritual healing is the only way to access the deeper levels of the mind. In a completely conscious way which will lead to holistic energy healing.

Indigo Children Spiritual Energy Healing

Indeed lighter vibration people or Indigo children. Are coming into the earth plane in far greater numbers at the present time. Which is completely appropriate. Because Indigo is a significant color. Contained within the electromagnetic field or aura for this group of people. They are born to serve humanity.

Psychic barriers prevent escape illusion

Thus Psychic barriers do not protect by only imprison! In this way you are throwing out love with everything else. As a natural consequence this will lead to the energy state of depression. A breeding ground for considering illegitimate forms of escape through suicide. To destroy a physical body does not change in any way your spiritual healing or education needs. Many who terminate their own life. Will return to another incarnation within ten years. Into circumstances that are often far worse than the ones; that they were seeking to escape in the first place.

Suicide will not lead to Escape from the Psychic Prison

When an individual chooses to create a psychic barrier to protect his ego. It is like he is living within a prison that will distort perception. Most of all it certainly interferes with the flow of energy. From the oversoul to illuminate the mind with its spiritual energy healing properties. In the case where a free or soul man comes along. And says to the ego imprisoned man; “here is the key to set you free”. What will the ego man say? Do not tell me what to do of course. Also various additional comments like “I can do it myself alone” are a total give anyway.

Completely revealed this individual is not yet ready to open up to receive life transforming energy. Accordingly in this way you can see. That ego man will continue on the path of illusion. Creating endless cycles of painful and unpleasant experiences.

Meditation summary defines the essential points. Consequently this meditation process leads to the balancing of the chakras with a stronger aura.
Meditation summary defines the essential points. Consequently this meditation process leads to the balancing of the chakras with a stronger aura.

Escape Illusion Pain and Suffering Experience

He will live his life believing that he is protecting himself from outside threats. Rather than facing the truth of what his own soul light would reveal in the first place. This naturally leads to a greater expression of soul qualities. Demonstrating behaviors which are selfless rather than selfish in nature. Only when he has had enough and given up trying to fix the broken pattern himself. From the viewpoint of will and power, emotional or mental levels that everything becomes possible.

Mind only becomes a useful instrument. When illuminated by the soul. This is. “The laser mind of the soul infused mind”. Rani Lash once told me this so I know it is correct. Everyone needs to eventually come to understand that ego directed intelligence is not worth much. Only with spiritual healing moving into a stronger energy field will rpovide long term sustainable results.

Grief opens Crown Chakra

Grief is the one emotion in particular. That will open you to the greater reality by opening up the crown chakra. Hereby presenting an opportunity to escape the illusion. Escape becomes very easy indeed after the natural consequences of time. Leads an individual to seek the key of release. Even after making the choice to open up to receive energy. It is unwise to ever let go of your discerning discrimination. There is a need. To correctly process and access information. Before you try validation of the presented information.

Escape Illusion Conclusion Energy Oversoul to Avoid Suicide

After the results are in. You can make your own informed value assessments; as to the usefulness of certain courses of action. Our focus of perception may remain on the surface levels; with discussion only perpetuating endless cycles of contraction consequences. Hence the passion elimination symptoms with their associated reactive patterns with aggressive behaviors. Or perhaps we may choose to move a little deeper by stopping the discussion. Commencing action with implementation on an energy level with serious meditation practice.

By invoking increased energy through our being. Meditators will move on an inner level into expansion with its natural consequences. One very significant consequence is the dissipation or taking down of the psychic barriers. Naturally this will lead to the practice of all the compassion qualities. With their associated responsive non aggressive behaviors.


As a natural consequence discussion is only useful in the aspect of providing an idea. That you need to act upon. Who will take their first steps of moving out of illusion or the dream into reality? What you require is the strength and the motivation. To face the truth of what is within without fear or distortion by emotion. Now here we come to it where the ego likes to keep the entity entrapped in illusion. Due to maintaining its position of power rather than to see the truth of the divine spark of divinity within.

Psychic barriers are a creation of the ego. In response to perceived threats or mirages. These barriers will dissipate with love rather than fear. Clearly this explains the real reason for the ego to create these psychic barriers. Which is to prevent the entity from seeing what soul light would reveal, which is the ego pattern.

Suicide will not enable Escape from the Big illusion

Hence this is the meaning of the big illusion. Which is to protect from an illusionary threat to maintain the ego’s position of power over the soul. Playing hooky from school is never a long-term solution. Naturally this brings us to the only legitimate pathway to escape the illusion, which is the ENLIGHTENMENT energy state. It takes disciplined hard work to achieve. On this path an individual seeks to allow. Greater and greater inflows of spiritual healing energy from the oversoul to dissolve and weaken the power of ego.


Continuously practiced Insight Meditation is the fastest way to invoke, increase or build energy. At issue is not to believe or disbelieve. But rather to come to the same level to see for yourself. Spiritual science or metaphysics as in all physics is 100% repeatable. Furthermore to validate the presented timeless knowledge; there is only one course open. Which is to practice meditation and see for yourself! When beginning serious meditation for the first time.

Easiest way to start is to join a meditation group. In particular this will mean participating in a long duration intensive meditation course. In addition it is usually live in at an Ashram, monastery or meditation centre for ten days. No one can give to another what you do not have yourself.

Path away from Suicide is to become Open and Vulnerable

Why does anyone ever consider the illusion of escape with suicide? Simply because it is the ultimate end of the road point for a self protective psychology pattern. That creates feelings of isolation with a complete lack of love. With the net result of a lack in real intimacy in life. In other words to feel that no one cares about you. However this is only the reflection of the particular individual’s psyche in question. Everything you need is within you. Share it with who ever is in front of you. In this way there will ever ever be any feelings nor attraction for suicide. Here is a link to a video on self protective psychology. Here is another link to a Youtube video on common meditation.

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After reading and studying this post. You can now regard yourself to be a serious esoteric student. Importantly the next step is to practice serious insight meditation! Which is in order to achieve a lighter vibration of being. That will completely transform the pattern of your life!

Insight Meditation is a dissolving process; which promotes or invokes the increased flow of energy from the Oversoul. It is an awareness focused to a point meditation technique. Which is the only way; to bring the full power of the Oversoul. Into your brain consciousness or being on the earth plane; in order to fully dissolve the resistance of ego. Learning the meditation technique is simple and easy. However the discipline of practice requires a little more effort.