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How to meditate for advanced meditation ability easiest start

Video insight meditation explains in detail the focussed to a point meditating technique. Which is often commenced at a meditation centre, ashram or monastery.
Video insight meditation explains in detail the focussed to a point meditating technique. Which is often commenced at a meditation centre, ashram or monastery.

When we first begin to think about meditating. Then thoughts arise of needing to go to an Ashram or monastery for instruction. How to meditate easiest way to start; is by attending a ten day course. Fortunately these days courses are far more widely available. So there is no need to trek. All the way to the Himalayas to start your meditating career. How to meditate Anapana insight meditation is the beginner stage; which is the first step to increase soul energy flow.

Average humanity is trapped. Within a bottle which is the bubble of illusion. To meditate seriously is a process of consciously activating Over soul energy. Which is the only source of power available; to facilitate a permanent change in energy state.

Brother Bert Video Presentation on Beginner Meditation or Anapana

Dialogue of Anapana Video

Greetings meditation students. This is Brother Bert, and I would like to explain in detail how to do Anapana meditation. Because Annapana is probably the most important step in your meditation career. Because it is the first step. This area here is what I call the window to the fourth dimension. Because it is through this window. That your awareness can move on to the inner levels.

Now the three important steps to begin are to sit straight any comfortable sitting position is okay. On the edge of a chair it’s important that your back is straight. It is important that your back is unsupported. And it is important that you keep your eyes closed. And it is important that you remain still. While you’re in this position you focus your awareness on the triangle of your nose with the upper lip. And you maintain your awareness here.


While you’re focused in this area. You are aware of other sounds. You’re aware of other sensations on other parts of your body. You’re aware of everything. But the focus of your attention is this area. That is important. It’s a discipline and it is in this area. Where you maintain your attention. Energy follows thought so when you focus here energy comes here. Increases the blood supply, increases the electrical activity, increases the auric field. Increases the subtle sensation that’s available to be felt here. And then with the effort to connect your awareness with the increasing sensations.

When you bring the two together then you become aware of subtle sensation. And that is the beginning of a very long process. And that is the most important step in your meditation career. Because when you can feel that subtle sensation you’re away. And it’s just a matter of the discipline of maintaining your meditation disciplines. That will get stronger every day, stronger every day. You will begin a process of dissolving yourself out.

Subtle sensation is becoming aware of Auric field

Now the Hallmark for being ready for Insight Meditation properly. Is to be able to feel subtle sensation over the whole of the area. Which means the auric field here. And you can maintain your concentration for two minutes without a distracting thought. If you can do those two things. Then you’re ready to practice insight meditation properly. It is a discipline.

Certainly the mind in the beginning in particular will tend to work. And you’re aware of the thoughts. You allow them to come in. You allow them to go away. You’re aware of the emotions are rising. You will allow it to rise and pass away. But it’s the same principle you allow these things to flow through. When you have to become the detached observer. But the focus of your discipline. Is on the exercise. It’s in the implementation of the discipline that you will achieve the big results.

No Drugs or alcohol No Bad habits

Now certainly to be well prepared beforehand is an important consideration. So that means no drugs or alcohol. Whatever no bad habits. Live a moral life. S your conscience is clear. So that you can focus exclusively on the exercise. Okay that’s all there is to it. It’s a simple technique. Anybody can do it. The only thing is the discipline to do it to the level. That you require to get the big results. That’s where the weakness is for most of average Humanity. Okay I wish you well bye bye for now thank you brother Bert Bye Bye

Learn how to meditate continuously to fast track your journey to achieve meditation maturity.

How to do Anapana Meditation Technique

By following the enlightenment meditation free guide and insight meditation summary you will gain a firm foundation. In understanding the overall process of serious meditation; which is mindfulness training. This will make your practice far easier. As well as enable you to remain disciplined and tenacious in your application. When you can see the purpose clearly; then the practice requires far less effort. Insight meditation is a dissolving process. Which demonstrates that energy follows thought.

Firstly we will begin with an explanation of Anapana meditation technique. Early stages require maintaining a strict protocol. In order to achieve the best results. How to meditate process begins with Anapana meditation or beginner meditation. Which is to sit still, with spine erect and unsupported with eyes closed. Focus of your awareness is on your breathing. In the area of the triangle of your nose with the upper lip. In summary this practice will sharpen, discipline and increase the sensitivity of the mind. While natural breathing become the detached observer or silent witness of all the sensations that arise in the triangle area.

Standard meditating period one hour

Standard meditating period has a one hour duration. Make no mistake soul energy flow is increasing with this exercise. The Anapana meditation technique is like the glow plug of a diesel engine. Which will warm up the engine to where it will fire and insight meditation technique will work for you! After achieving maturity with Anapana. You will be ready to practice Insight meditation. Which is a scan of the whole body with your awareness.

Requirement for readiness to commence insight meditation is to be able to hold your concentration. For at least two minutes without any distracting thoughts. Combined with being able to feel the subtle or auric sensations over the triangle area. Meditation is a disciplined focus of thought. To enable the increased flow of energy; from the Oversoul to dissolve the resistance of ego. How to do Anapana meditation technique is simple; but the usual weakness is a lack of discipline. With the intensive practice that is required. To achieve the big results of personal transformation.

How to Meditate Anapana Insight Meditation: Meditation trick

In the beginning stages of practice. You will become aware that it takes approximately 45 minutes of meditating. To arrive at the same point in your meditating progression. When compared with what was achieved. During your previous one hour session. However a meditation trick is to artificially straighten the spine; by rotating the pelvis backwards. This is in addition to pulling your jaw line inwards; to straighten the alignment of neck, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae. This is a switch on. That will enable you to start effective meditating instantly.

Straight spinal alignment

Gompa Monastery spiritual path will make meditation easier. Strong soul energy flow prevents many health problems. How to meditate anapana meditation technique.
Gompa Monastery spiritual path will make meditation easier. Strong soul energy flow prevents many health problems. How to meditate anapana meditation technique.

In this way you are consciously artificially straightening and elongating; the alignment of the spinal column. Therefore when you get it right; you will gain the ability to switch on soul energy instantly. It feels like being hit by a brick. As the sudden influx of increased energy hits the top of your skull. In this way you will achieve the ability to start your meditation. From where you left off last time in under two minutes. Rather than the more usual up to 45 minutes duration. This will save you a lot of time and speed up; your progression towards continuous meditation ability.

Meditation trick application inability

However unfortunately for some people new to the meditating discipline. They will discover that it is just not possible; to consciously pull the spine into a straightened position. As the spine will be so frozen into a contracted state. That it will not significantly move any more. This problem may occur in the sacrum spine articulation region. And in the neck/thoracic region of the spine as well.

Older people meditating for the first time are far more likely to experience this limitation. Therefore this is a very important reason. Why meditating from an early age is a very wise choice. Whatever you find is your particular situation. Then most importantly it will need to be accepted.

Mature Meditation correct alignment of spine

In some cases chiropractic adjustment or alternative therapies; designed to correct spinal alignment will be beneficial. In any case meditation softens the body so eventually the spine will move more freely. If you find this situation. Then just accept that improved meditating ability; will take a little longer in your case. Everyone with mature or advanced meditation ability. Will find that their spinal alignment will be naturally correct; without any special effort to straighten it.

How to Meditate Continuously

Every time you meditate soul energy flow speeds up. While every time you stop meditating then progress is in regression. As the soul energy flow slows down. Appropriately this explains why meditation practice needs to be very intensive in the beginning. So as to get the soul energy flow up to speed.

Where it will be above the threshold level and you can do it all the time. It is only when you gain the ability to meditate continuously. That your progress in personal transformation really takes off. Continuous meditation ability is a direct demonstration. That focused meditation leads everywhere. While diffuse meditation leads nowhere.

Awareness within soul energy flow

From how to do Anapana meditation technique in the beginning to gaining a stronger awareness of energy. This will evelove into gaing continuous meditation ability. As you just hold your awareness continuously. Within the soul energy flow, at the level of the brow chakra or third eye location. Flow is stronger every day. While resistance is being progressively dissolved every day. Even with continuous meditating ability. You will still be affected by life issues. In direct inverse proportion with how much resistance you have successfully dissolved.

Greater resistance you dissolve. Then the lessor will be your demonstration of lower personality reactive behavior. Lower personality is defined. As an ego functioning without soul control or influence. You will only be completely free of life issue emotional impact. After you have achieved enlightenment. Enlightened is defined. As physics energy state of maximum current flow without resistance.

How to Meditate Anapana Insight Meditation: Mindfulness

Mindfulness is awareness that arises. When we non judgmentally focus your attention in the present moment, with mental level emotional detachment. We become the silent witness. All serious meditation practitioners will develop mindfulness ability. As a meditation exercise is in present time. It is detached. Self observation of your own unique energy state.

As you gain maturity in how to meditate Anapana ability. You will observe an increased strengthening of the soul energy flow. This experiential process with its associated progression of symptoms and sensations; will reflect a direct raising of awareness or consciousness. Particularly so when you receive the psychic insights from the Over soul. Psychic insights is to see your own psychological pattern in a wider context; compared with what was previously the case.

Secrets of Meditation: Mindfulness Secret

How to do Anapana insight meditation technique is simple. It is only discipline required for intensive practice. That is often a challenge for many meditators.
HHow to do Anapana insight meditation technique is simple. It is only discipline required for intensive practice. That is often a challenge for many meditators.

It is usual that meditation develops mindfulness. As a natural secondary consequence of insight meditation practice. Therefore it does not require any special effort. In addition to the meditating exercise to achieve it. However it does not work the other way round in the aspect; that meditation ability does not directly follow mindfulness.

In other words there will always be a very significant limitation. Therefore on the degree of success for mindfulness ability in isolation from meditation. Naturally this is the case. Because you are only dealing with the surface levels of the mind. It is very sad but true. Therefore that there is no alternative; other than the discipline of serious meditation practice to achieve significant mindfulness ability. In conclusion hopefully how to meditate beginning with Anapana Insight meditation. Will assist your progress into the world of significant mindfulness ability.

Humble beginning is the Anapana meditation. From one small seed a mighty tree may grow.

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After reading and studying this post. You can now regard yourself to be a serious esoteric student. Importantly the next step is to practice serious insight meditation! Which is in order to achieve a lighter vibration of being. That will completely transform the pattern of your life!

Insight Meditation is a dissolving process; which promotes or invokes the increased flow of energy from the Oversoul. It is an awareness focused to a point meditation technique. Which is the only way; to bring the full power of the Oversoul. Into your brain consciousness or being on the earth plane; in order to fully dissolve the resistance of ego. Learning the meditation technique is simple and easy. However the discipline of practice requires a little more effort.