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Healing is a process of restoration of health; from an unbalanced, diseased or damaged organism. Above all in a spiritual context it means healing of your whole being; which by definition means energy healing. Ego energy contracts while soul energy expands. Therefore when the energy of the oversoul is invoked with meditation. This will create a healing influence by moving from the contracted to the expanded energy state.

With continued Insight meditation practice; we will eventually see the optimum correct spinal alignment. Which gives rise to the balanced functioning of the cerebrospinal system with the autonomic nervous system. The physical body is an out picturing or hologram of what is present on an inner level. Physical level disability reflects the inner level disharmony; which is “as above so below”.

Correct Spinal Alignment

A pure diet combined with a correctly aligned spinal cord means less impurities to process and eliminate. Greater energy is available for healing. Which is the basis for achieving holistic healing. The end result of all this is a longer healthier more youthful life; with clarity of mind of course. Everyone who practices Insight meditation correctly; knows this fact by their own direct personal experience!

Even in the early stages during meditation practice; you will feel the energy build up stretching and elongating your spine. Consequently only to contract down again after one hour meditation. Over time as you meditate more and more your soul energy flow rate; will become more permanently increased. Now you find that your spine remains in a more permanent correctly aligned state.

Only difference between a person in poor health and someone in good health? Is the level of awareness or consciousness. All forms of mood altering drugs both legal and illegal; are only aspects of chasing sensation or the glamour of illusion. This leads us to that age-old quote “A man lives in the protection of his own shadow and then complains; that the world is a dark place in which to live”.

Meditation Symptoms on the Pathway to Enlightenment

Meditator sitting in the lotus position revealing the seven main chakras in the body.

Every meditator will need to accept the pain and discomfort of any agravations or symptologies, which may occur while meditating to facilitate their own progress in maturity of meditation practice.
Every individual experiential process or symptomology pattern is different and unique, which is determined by the original resistance pattern. This is the whole reason why I say that serious meditation is not for the faint hearted; who will balk and shy away from continued practice due to these uncomfortable symptoms.

Meditation Spinal Alignment Aspect Self Energy Healing

Spiritual aspirant needs to study the spiritual laws; on the pathway to the spiritual wisdom.

Insight meditation practice will increase flow of energy from the oversoul; which will position spinal column progressively into its straightened correct alignment. Naturally this will improve health and function of your physical body. Three stages of meditation maturity surface, deep and escape will reflect the level of results that are achieved. One ten-day meditation course correctly practiced will enable you to make a significant improvement in your stage of progression or ability.