Successful Insight Meditation begins with Healthy Nutrition

Quality nutrition is important for successful insight meditation practice. It is important to maintain posture during the early stages of meditation practice. Many people who meditate for long hours for the first time will experience pain in their body. Certainly as you gain in maturity of meditation practice. Then your posture will improve as you become progressively straightened out quite literally.

Successful Meditation Practice

Quality nutrition important physical health and success insight meditation

Buddha sitting under the Bodhi tree where he achieved enlightenment. Focus of responsibility needs to be within the self. Successful insight meditation practice
Buddha sitting under the Bodhi tree where he achieved enlightenment. Focus of responsibility needs to be within the self. Successful insight meditation practice

Successful insight meditation practice is based on the firm foundation of quality nutrition. Therefore the first step on the pathway to strong Insight Meditation practice is good quality nutrition. Which needs to taken to its widest context. Naturally this means abstaining from all forms of drugs both legal and illegal including intoxicants. Which means particularly smoking and alcohol. When the choice is made. To move from a heavy predominately meat and processed food diet; to a lighter more vegetarian raw whole food diet. Then our physical bodies will respond appropriately!

The vibration of our physical body will become lighter leading us to become more sensitive. Which is the driver for successful meditation practice. If the physical body has too low a vibration. Because it is heavy and dense; then correctly applied productive meditation practice is indeed very difficult to achieve. Good nutrition will help create good quality health, which is essential to maintaining good body posture. Good posture is an essential requirement for successful insight meditation practice.

In the Grass Roots magazine in Australia number 186 April/May 2008 I published. An article titled “Nutrition for Dogs and Cats”. The principles of nutrition for dogs and cats are exactly the same as for humans. Only humans obviously require far less animal origin products in their diet. The following is a copy for your convenience.

Nutrition for Dogs and Cats

The guiding principle in selecting suitable foods for cats and dogs is to choose fresh, raw whole foods. In the correct acid/alkaline balance to emulate the natural diet of the animal. Fresh or raw foods contain the highest levels of enzymes and vitamins. Which means that they take less energy to digest. In general they are called living foods.

All processed foods, including tinned and dried foods. Have been subjected. To high cooking temperatures, in order to create a longer shelf life for the product. It is the high temperature that destroys the bacteria and fungi. As well as the enzymes and vitamins necessary for pre-digestion and efficient metabolism in the body.

Processed Carbohydrates Glycemic

In addition various grains are used as fillers. To add bulk to the mainly meat-based food formulations. These processed carbohydrates are highly glycemic. Which means that they stimulate an insulin response, which leads to weight gain for the animal. These foods are also very acidic and hard to digest.

Dry foods in particular make the animal more prone to constipation or delayed elimination. Which is a significant underlying cause of eczema. Due to the absorption of high levels of bowel toxins, which find their way to the skin. The itchy dog syndrome is the single most common ill-health problem affecting dogs in Western society. This problem also exists for dogs in any society where the dogs are fed mainly a diet of meat products. I recommend that you avoid all processed wheat products such as bread. pasta and wheat noodles.


The general recommendation for dog nutrition is the following in the out-lined proportions. One-third raw or lightly cooked meat-based foods, one-third rice, one-third mixed raw or lightly cooked vegetables.

Additions To Basic Diet

Fruits can be included.

Leafy green vegetables and sprouted seeds and grains are particularly beneficial to the animal’s health. Provided presented in a palatable form. The animal will eat them regularly without any resistance.

Various herbs in small quantities are beneficial.

A bone to chew on once or twice per week is a good idea for teeth hygiene. Regular cartilage obtained from bones will provide good calcium supplementation.

A raw egg can be mixed. With the food two or three times per week to act as a natural vitamin and mineral supplement.

Fish or fish oil products once or twice per week; mixed with the meal are also beneficial.

A good breakfast is rolled oats. Mixed with raw milk. If available as an alternative to dry biscuits ad-lib.


What I recommend for cat nutrition is largely the same. As for dogs, but keep in mind that cats rarely eat fruit. As cats are more carnivorous than dogs. They can be fed a more acidic diet consisting of 70 percent meat products and 30 percent vegetable products. Regular fresh fish is beneficial for cats. Any cat with existing kidney problems requires a low-protein diet, which means less meat and more Vegetables.


Should you decide to improve the quality of your pet’s nutrition by the diet I have recommended. Be aware that if you change the diet too quickly there is a possibility of aggravation or worsening of symptoms. Due to stimulating the release of too many toxins too suddenly. The general recommendation is to change your pet’s diet over a 10 to 14 day period.

For the older patient with a low life force, the general recommendation is to take 4 to 6 weeks. As you change the animal’s diet you should continually monitor the bowel motion each day. Provided the bowel motion does not become too watery or runny, you can continue to change the diet. If the bowel motion becomes too loose. It means that you will need to slow down in changing the diet.

Gompa Monastery spiritual path early will make meditation easier. Prevent many health problems before they occur. How to meditate anapana meditation technique.
Gompa Monastery spiritual path early will make meditation easier. Prevent many health problems before they occur. How to meditate anapana meditation technique.


Processed foods have lower enzyme levels so they take more energy to digest. Which means the pancreatic gland in particular. Is placed under strain. The lower levels of the digestive enzymes lipase and protease result in incompletely digested food elements. Absorbed in a more crude form into the bloodstream. In fact, one of the diagnostic clinical features of pancreatitis. Is pale, foul-smelling faeces caused by incompletely digested fats.

In the case of pasteurized dairy products and tinned preparations in particular; the incompletely digested fats. Are absorbed. Into the body in a form; with a larger molecule size. These cooked fats are not metabolized well. And stored in various places in the body. Which includes the linings of blood Vessels. Leading to hardening of the arteries a condition called arteriosclerosis. This is an important underlying cause of dementia or poor memory in the older patient in particular. Pancreatic insufficiency results eventually in lowered liver function, which also contributes to toxemia.

This build-up of toxicity in the bloodstream then overloads the kidneys. Which results in excess toxins eliminated through the skin. Often referred to as the third kidney. This is the underlying cause of eczema or itchy dog syndrome. Animals with pancreatic insufficiency normally benefit from pancreatic enzyme supplementation with food; available from your local veterinarian. Because processed foods take too much energy to digest. Consequently then not enough energy is left over. To properly remove or eliminate the toxins from the body.


The build-up of toxins in the bloodstream leads to toxemia or toxic bloodstream. The underlying cause of all the degenerative diseases of the body.

Common problem in dogs is chronic recurring anal gland infection. Also linked to the degree of toxicity of the bloodstream. Therefore, this gland’s secretion becomes progressively thickened from clear yellow, which is healthy and normal. To out right thick pus, which is unhealthy, abnormal and leads eventually to impaction of the gland.

Arthritis, kidney and bladder disease, even the premature loss of hearing and eyesight, are all forms of crystallization. Linked to the deposits of waste materials found in the body. Due to a low immune system and poor health status.

Good Health with successful insight meditation practice

Good health requires more than good quality food and water, it also requires living free from stress. The various stress factors of inadequate rest or sleep, feeling isolated or lonely, grief and fear. All cause acid reactions in the body and contribute to toxemia. Another very important effect of toxic blood is to lower the oxygen carrying capacity of the bloodstream. A very important underlying cause of cancer.

Uncontrolled growth of cells is Cancer. Which is stimulated by low oxygen concentration. Which then leads to a fermentation process. Rather than the more usual oxygenation process of removing toxins from the body.

Various vitamin, mineral and fish oil supplements are available. From some clinics to assist you in the restoration of your pet’s health.

Many people who meditate for long hours for the first time will experience pain in their body. Certainly as you gain your posture will improve.
Many people who meditate for long hours for the first time will experience pain in their body. Certainly as you gain your posture will improve.

Conclusion Successful Insight Meditation

All healing is purification. Therefore, the net health result that you achieve in relation to your pet. Is the natural consequence or all your choices. By implementing the guidelines as outlined in this article you will achieve the best results. Which you will see for yourself. Your pet will have a better temperament, greater vitality and a darker, more shiny hair coat. You will also see a sparkle in the eyes, which you had not seen previously.

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After reading and studying this post. You can now regard yourself to be a serious esoteric student. Importantly the next step is to practice serious insight meditation! Which is in order to achieve a lighter vibration of being. That will completely transform the pattern of your life!

Insight Meditation is a dissolving process; which promotes or invokes the increased flow of energy from the Oversoul. It is an awareness focused to a point meditation technique. Which is the only way; to bring the full power of the Oversoul. Into your brain consciousness or being on the earth plane; in order to fully dissolve the resistance of ego. Learning the meditation technique is simple and easy. However the discipline of practice requires a little more effort.