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Potala monastery in Lhasa Tibet, which is the former home of the Dalai lama who is the symbolic head of the Buddhist faith.
Potala monastery in Lhasa Tibet. Dalai lama is symbolic head of Buddhist faith.

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Wheel of rebirth

Wheel of rebirth or reincarnation explains how consciousness is a continuing experience; through various physical bodies or incarnations on the earth plane. Unfortunately it is our ego functioning independently of soul that keeps us in the wheel of rebirth. If we seek to escape illusion? Appropriately then the choice needs to be made. Enable our ego to become an instrument of soul.

Spinal alignment corrected

Therefore this creates movement in our body from an old psychic rigid spring-loaded unbalanced pattern. Similarly it is the building of a newer better straighter more flexible spinal alignment pattern. Above all every serious meditator with maturity of practice. In conclusion will find the same result, which is an improved body conformation. Due to increased soul energy flow that arises with Insight meditation practice.


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