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Buddhist meditation is called; Vipassana in Asian countries. However in western countries; it is usually referred to as insight meditation. Which means clear seeing. It is called insight because of the psychic insights; that you will gain with its practice. For instance this particular meditation; was taught by the Buddha. Therefore it is a technique; that when practiced correctly. Will lead you to gain the ability; for clear seeing of phenomena.

In other words it will raise your conscious awareness. Therefore you will move from unconscious to the conscious state of being. An Ashram is the usual location; to learn about meditation and spiritual science. In this way you may learn about; the three stages of self observation ability. This is in addition; to the three stages of meditation maturity.

Perhaps we may all contemplate; why the master and slave relationship. Is the pathway of the unconscious. Who would you rather be?

Soul Pride Spiritual Aspirant

Insight meditation secrets is a consciousness path to achieve enlightenment; which is determined by your focus. Which needs to be 100% straight up.

For the esoteric student the energy of pride needs to be correctly understood and applied in order to create a life, which will lead to inner peace.
Every path in life whether it is chosen consciously or unconsciously will lead to inevitable natural consequences appropriate to the choices, which have been made. In practice this will mean to look at every aspect of life to see and understand the outer and inner realities of manifestation. Perhaps you may discover the path to enlightenment?