Initiate: Spiritual Awakening Consciousness

An initiate during meditation revealing a balanced flow of energy; that occurs with advanced meditation practice. Indicating a changed consciousness.
An initiate during meditation revealing a balanced flow of energy; that occurs with advanced meditation practice. Indicating a changed consciousness.

Energy Meditation Secrets: Initiate is Spiritual Initiation Awakening

Definition of Initiate

An initiate is anyone who achieves; a change in consciousness or spiritual awakening. Which is an initiation or a change in level of spiritual awareness or development. For instance this is from a low animalistic pattern; into a higher more responsible way of being. Therefore in effect it is to become; more vibrationally educated in spiritual evolution. Here is a quote by Mr. Carl Jung “Until you make the unconscious conscious. It will direct your life and you will call it fate.” Which is totally correct.

Belief system or model of the world does not change reality in any way. However the only thing that we can change. Is our perception of reality. Above all this is precisely. What is achieved with insight meditation practice.

Therefore in this way an initiation represents; a significant turning point in your life. For instance this demonstrates a change in frequency; reflecting an improvement in consciousness. Above all it is a transition from an old rigid dense inflexible pattern; into a lighter finer less dense more flexible pattern. Initiations in the beginning stages of spiritual evolution; happen as a secondary consequence of pain and suffering experience. However in the more advanced stages of evolution. Initiations are often achieved; far more easily in subtle ways.


Initiation is a concept in Theosophy. That there are nine levels of spiritual development. There are four basic levels of spiritual development. That human beings on the earth plane; can progress through as they reincarnate. When souls have advanced to the fourth level of initiation. They have achieved enlightenment; and have no further need to reincarnate. At the fifth level of initiation and beyond; souls have the opportunity to become members of the Spiritual hierarchy. Which is channeled information; that came through Alice A Bailey beginning in the 1920s.

An Initiate changes his fate

In summary it is only by raising consciousness; that anyone can ever change their fate. In other words pure quality information is the power to enlighten and transform the pattern of your life. Above all Insight meditation is what I call the elevator of life. We can be anywhere on the mountain of awareness. However by choosing to practice the discipline of meditation. We can achieve 100% repeatable results. Therefore it is determined by the level of energy correctly applied.

Perhaps you may have the discipline required? To become an initiate in order to change your fate? Why not find out by attending an Ashram to speed up your spiritual evolution. In summary it is vibration education; which is walking the pathway of consciousness.

Choice of Lane being traveled in life

Levels of spiritual awareness

Levels of spiritual awareness is reflected; in the choice of rate in spiritual consciousness awareness change. Perhaps we may talk about; which particular lane in life. That we have chosen; in relation to speed of transition in spiritual evolution. Whether it is the slow lane or the fast lane. However you may even feel; that you have your own particular individual lane.

Importantly every lane in life that is not the fast lane; has an aspect of ego in it? Which means that there is an aspect of pandering; to the personality desires or ego addictions. However every lane that has an aspect of ego in it. Is by definition a slow lane. Only the fastest lane is completely free of ego considerations and intentions. Therefore this obviously will mean the fastest progression in spiritual maturity.

Advanced meditation Secrets Spiritual initiate

This in turn means faster transitions through the various initiations. Which are basically like molts in the insect world. Where a more dense older physical body is replaced; with a finer higher frequency more sensitive version. Over a period of every seven years every cell in your body is completely replaced. As your frequency on an inner level is increasing. Therefore so too is the physical body becoming finer and finer; to accommodate the higher frequency. In conclusion the spiritual warrior or spiritual initiate will always choose the fast lane; because in this way the pathway to escape illusion is very clear.

Insight meditation speeds up spiritual evolution