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Manual to achieve Enlightenment with Release from Wheel of Rebirth

Firstly begin with learning the steps of purification to escape the Illusion. As there are only two paths in life; which is either living the illusion or escaping it. Consequently this means that insight meditation higher consciousness is the universal panacea solution. That will heal and transform the whole pattern of your life. As it will ultimately heal and remove all psychological and degenerative disease health problems; on an energy level. This is in addition to healing or removing; the need to ever be pulled back into incarnation again. If you are serious about your spiritual development and healing the whole pattern of your life. Then you will need to study this meditation secrets website; until a holistic picture forms within the mind. Certainly in this way you will gain insight meditation enlightened higher consciousness ability.

Insight Meditation is a Dissolving Process

Insight meditation enlightened is the conscious process of invoking and increasing the flow of energy; from the over soul into our brain consciousness on the earth plane of existence. Eternal choice in life is to either run around in circles chasing the illusion; or to sit still and meditate in order to escape it. Focused meditation or the insight meditation secrets approach is the only way. To bring the full power of the over soul; into your being on the earth plane; to dissolve the resistance of ego.

Steps of Purification

After you have learned all the steps of purification. Then apply these steps in order to achieve the same 100% repeatable physics results; of higher frequency over soul awareness for yourself. Just as no emotionally focused individual or pure mystic has ever or will ever escape the wheel of rebirth. So too no individual functioning purely on a talking level will ever escape the illusion either. A seriously focused to a point meditation technique invoking the full power of the oversoul; is the only avenue of escape. Which is sad but true. Importantly the only people who know this truth; are people who have done it. Or who are close enough in their vibration to see the finish line of enlightenment.

Definition of insight meditation secrets: It is the conscious process of increasing energy from the oversoul. That leads to higher states of consciousness.
Definition of insight meditation secrets: It is the conscious process of increasing energy from the oversoul. That leads to higher states of consciousness.

Spiritual maturity is being able to see all of someone’s faults; and then choosing to love them anyway. Which is one of the many qualities, developed with advanced meditation enlightened practice. Expression of unconditional love in practice; is only possible from the perspective of detachment.

Energy of Oversoul: Definition of Insight Meditation

Insight meditation higher consciousness is to bring your over soul awareness into your brain consciousness; while living upon the earth plane. What you gain with insight meditation or serious meditation; can not be achieved any other way. Consequently only advanced meditators will be able to recognize directly; this timeless insight meditation secret.

As a natural consequence of seriously disciplined insight meditation practice; the stronger energy flow will straighten the spine. By dissolving resistance and increasing the spaces between the vertebrae. In this way the advanced meditator becomes taller in physical height. Which reflects a better conformation and function of the physical body. In other words you remain younger and healthier into advanced older age.

You tube video: Introduction to Insight Meditation Higher Consciousness

Insight Meditation Secrets dissolving process Key of release

Key of release is insight meditation practice, which is a very simple technique. However it needs to be practiced with a very strict discipline to be successful. Sadly the ego does not like discipline too much. So here we have our eternal choice, which is to feed and nurture ego or soul.

Christ said many years ago that “as you sow so shall you reap’; which is a direct reference to the wheel of rebirth. Insight meditation is a dissolving process that sets you up for better circumstances. Therefore this means as you apply yourself correctly in one lifetime or incarnation by evolving spiritually; then you may expect better opportunities in your next lifetime. Which will be achieved far more quickly; with meditation enlightened psychic insights application.

Healing Arts

When becoming a member of the healing arts; learning a language of expression in a whatever particular healing modality is chosen. Only becomes the medium of communication that enables us to connect with others on a surface level. The real and complete transformational healing comes from the deep love that emanates from the core of our being on an inner level.

Recipe Success

Advanced meditating enlightened secrets is a guide for querents or spiritual aspirants seeking to discover the truth. Interestingly meditation is one percent theory and 99 percent practice. Above all no one will ever come to know. What meditation is all about by reading any book about it. Neither for that matter by listening to anyone talk about it. Because meditation is a process of entering and moving; within the fourth dimensional world. We all must make this journey alone!

All you need are the two techniques of Anapana and Insight Meditation. Which will need to be combined with the tenacious discipline to apply them correctly. This is in addition to the degree of practice required; to achieve the big results of total personal structural transformation. Why not enter an Ashram today on the journey of discovery within the fourth dimensional world; and form your own expert oppinion for the definition of insight meditation?

First impact of soul is purification

There does not need to be pain and suffering experience in spiritual growth. Unfortunately there usually is because the ego resists soul light weakening its power. Grief is the one emotion that will open you to the greater reality with many new possibilities. When we give up chasing and simply quietly sit still; then many possibilities will arise to change fate. As we invoke energy to change energy state awareness or consciousness rises; which in turn changes our probability pattern into the future. A direct consequence of becoming meditation enlightened.

Brother Bert aura photo which was taken on the 17th of August 2021.
Brother Bert aura photo which was taken on the 17th of August 2021.

Meditation Enlightened Secrets Aura

Meditating changes the aura. Importantly the link to the website where this aura photo was taken is On this website you may view other people’s auras for comparison; with a detailed explanation of the auric colors.

Good story about Ego and Soul man

May I present to you a good story because I like you enjoy a good story. One day ego man was walking along the path of life. He is referred to as ego man because his focus of perception and function is part or self interest orientated. As it happens he meets soul man at the cross roads; which is the choice between circle illusion path or straight up freedom from illusion path.

As he is a soul man he knows by his own direct experience; that the only way to escape the illusion is vibrational education. Soul man presents in his hand a priceless gem the esoteric secret key of release. To which what do you think ego man said? “Do not tell me what to do” of course because he is only interested in the glamour of illusion; with the wild ride in life that it provides.

Ego man finds potholes by falling into them

Our over soul is a real powerhouse of energy. Importantly the voltage of the over soul is assumed to remain constant. Certainly the first time you feel the real power of your own soul you will wonder why; you ever waited so long to invoke it. In addition psychic insights are comparatively the easier part to gain. However the complete melting of all the crystalline structures of the ego takes a lot longer.

So now ego man continues walking on his way falling into all the pitfalls of life; suffering pain and suffering experience as a natural consequence. All because his road map is incomplete. His approach to finding pot holes is by falling into them first. Soul man also goes along on his way feeling very compassionate; because he knows only to well what will be ego man’s fate. It will remain the same as it has always been. While his approach remains unchanged; it will mean endless reincarnations for all eternity.

Insight Meditation Secrets Two Categories Meditation Technique

To achieve insight meditation enlightened higher consciousness ability. Firstly it is necessary to understand that there are two categories of meditation technique; which are diffuse or focused. However it is only the focused techniques that will ever lead; to progressing along the three stages of meditation ability to achieve enlightenment. Importantly these three stages of meditation ability or maturity; are called surface, deep and escape. Which are all discussed in far greater detail in the article titled enlightenment.

Definition of Insight Meditation Three stages meditation

However it can be said that all forms of meditation in the diffuse category; constitute girly giggle meditation capability. Because all surface meditation capability in isolation; by definition is a layer of illusion. Which needs to be passed through. In fact even during stage one ability of a focused technique. Which for many meditators can often result in being lost in the illusion. Consequently when the meditating ability only remains on this level of capability.

Soul energy is cold while ego energy is hot

During the initial stage of meditating; when you first become aware of subtle or Auric energy. You will feel soul energy as a cool breeze. Which is flowing over the hot reactive rock of ego. At first it will be experienced as a sizzling sparkling physics reaction. Its outward appearance on a surface level will be heat generation.

Some meditators may become so hot. That they will actually perspire during this beginner stage of meditation. Therefore by definition soul energy is cold while ego energy is hot. An Analogy would be to say; that the soul pours cold water over the hot ego during meditation practice.

Complete process of extinguishing the hot reactive rock of ego takes many many years. In most cases it will take at least twenty to thirty years of continuous meditation. Before complete dissolution has occurred. Therefore serious meditation is not for the faint hearted. Young people who start meditating early will have a very significant advantage over older meditators. Which is in the context of achieving significant dissolving results.

Path of Discipline is only Pathway to Freedom

Escape the wheel of rebirth with meditation higher consciousness. Ashram insight meditation secrets higher consciousness is applied discipline. A clarity of perception with tenacity of effort. Therefore everyone on the planet. Who fails to practice insight meditation, taken to its final conclusion in this lifetime. It will be waiting for you in your next incarnation. However for all those people who never ever practice insight meditation. Then consequently and very sadly for you; the wheel of rebirth is your lot for all eternity.

Unless of course your oversoul looses all hope for you to find your way home. In which case the oversoul will withdraw the soul aspect of you; to allow the personality elements to dissipate back to where they came. As in the concept of ashes to ashes and dust to dust. Probably it is best to keep in mind; that discipline and love are two sides or apsects of the same coin. Which should not be separated but viewed as one energy.

Psychic Insight Meditation Secrets

Especially relevant when practicing insight meditation correctly; you will receive psychic insights. In that you will see your own mental and emotional pattern; in a wider context. When compared with what was previously possible. Therefore this is the whole basis; for the name of insight meditation. This reveals that the energy flow from the over soul is increasing; and that you are definitely meditating correctly.

These psychic insights can typically occur in the early stages of meditation enlightened practice. Most importantly they can occur even at the Anapana or beginner stage of meditation. In the peace of stillness we may all become aware of the divine spark of divinity. That is within us all.

Open Sky

Open as the sky is the way that we all need to become on inner level. This energy state can be easily achieved with insight meditation.
Open as the sky is the way that we all need to become on inner level. This energy state can be easily achieved with insight meditation.

Open sky symbolises how we all need to become; when we interact with our brothers. Importantly only in this way will we ever have any chance to escape the illusion. Which is the opposite to the psychological pattern or pathway of psychic barriers. The creation of blind spots in the human psyche; is associated with and intensically linked to psychic barriers. Which are a sole creation of the ego to protect itself; that will keep out soul light illuminatinating the mind. This is commonly called the self protection psychological pattern. It is wise to keep in mind that the only thing that is ever being protected in this way is our own lower personality; which means living within a self imposed limitation or psychic prison.

Not until a person first realises or becomes aware that a physical body is in fact a prison. That consequently requires seeking the key of release; will there ever be any possibility of escape. In this way we may all become aware in our consciousness; that the divine spark of divinity is the same within us all. Importantly this is the natural final conclusion energy state result with insight meditation practice. An electrical dissolving process; that enables the moving onto finer levels of being in order to become free.

Redcliffe Spiritual Development Meditation Group

Here is a link to the Redcliffe Spiritual Development Meditation Group meetup; for anyone who seeks to obtain direct instruction:

Arcane School

Importantly if you feel drawn and motivated to study at an esoteric training school. Consequently then I would certainly recommend the Arcane school.

Energy Healing Centre Ashram Brother Bert

Address is 366 Oxley Avenue, Margate 4019 Queensland Australia

Phone +61402103685.

In the event that you seek to improve your meditation ability; while progressing your spiritual evolution. Visit an Ashram to gain insight meditation secrets higher oversoul awareness. Additionally study “insight meditation summary” with all the other posts; in the categories of Meditation, Insight Meditation and enlightenment.

If you seek rapid progress in your meditation maturity or ability; then above all be aware of the meditation trick. Which is to artificially straighten and elongate your spine; to facilitate stronger flows of energy from the Oversoul. Significantly this procedure beforehand simply results; in a stronger meditation experience. Learn all about insight meditation higher consciousness to free yourself from illusion.

Importantly also be aware of the symptoms of meditation on your way to meditation higher consciousness. No one can give to another what you do not have yourself. As revealed in the definition of insight meditation secrets.

Insight meditation summary is a complete record pathway to become a spiritual master. When meditating for first time it is easier to participate within a group.
Insight meditation summary is a complete record pathway to become a spiritual master. When meditating for first time it is easier to participate within a group.

Meditation Enlightened to remove Blind Spots

All it takes is one false assumption or miss conception to become completely lost. Which is the way of the ego to keep itself in power over the life patten of the entity. By denying even the validity over some presented evidence, theory or concept. Its natural consequence is to not even looking at it. Rather than examine all the evidence in an ambivalent way without any expectations of outcomes. Which would then enable the ability to see all of what is there. And then hopefully in this way learn the life lessons from this pattern of experience. In failure you have the seeds for success. The ego thinks it is so smart; demonstrating ego directed intelligence, which is not worth very much. As most people will eventually come to work out for themselves.

But what is the natural conclusion for this approach? Pain and suffering experience of course because the pot holes in the road are not seen beforehand; and the fool ego falls right into them every time. A perpetually recurring pattern until the pain and suffering becomes so great. That a beautiful grief experience is created bringing with it the surrender state. A giving up with the opening up of the crown chakra. Allowing greater soul light intensity from the oversoul into the brain consciousness of the individual. How many lifetimes before the discipline of meditation is applied to escape the illusion?

Why do Problems Remain the Same?

Our problems in life remain the same; no matter where we go nor with whom we are in relationship. Because we take ourselves with us. Which is sad but true. Therefore it is clear; that the battle of the spiritual warrior is within. Perhaps we should all keep in mind that nothing comes out of a person; that is not already there. Which means visiting an Ashram to find out how to become meditation enlightened!

Four Disciplines of Life

First and easiest discipline to implement is the physical or nutritional discipline. Which means to only consume natural and wholesome nutritious products. This has a natural aspect or bent to it; which means to avoid refined and processed foods in all its forms. Here we are talking specifically about all tinned and dry processed foods; which have been subjected to very high cooking temperatures. This is the concept of eating living foods, which are higher in energy value. While avoiding dead foods, which are much lower in energy value. Specifically and more seriously this will also mean avoiding; all forms of drugs and intoxicants such as alcohol, pot, nicotine and all forms of mood altering drugs etc.

Second discipline is the emotional discipline; which has its basis in accepting 100% responsibility for how you feel. Only when we accept full responsibility for anything; do we have the power to do anything creative about it. In practice this will mean to love unconditionally. To do this successfully requires a demonstration and clear understanding for the concept of firm assertive behaviour. To love unconditionally in practice; does not mean to allow yourself to become a door mat.

Mental Discipline Insight Meditation Enlightened

Third discipline is the mental discipline. Which means to see your brother as another aspect of yourself. This is to move away from duality into unity consciousness. And the only way to be completely successful with the mental discipline; is for the mind to become an instrument of soul. And not a power unto itself as in the example of ego directed intelligence. The easiest and fastest way to achieve this ability; is with disciplined insight meditation practice.

Fourth discipline is the spiritual discipline which is the hardest of all the disciplines to implement completely successfully. It is our failure to practice the spiritual discipline correctly; that will lead to inevitable karmic consequences. In short this is to be pulled back again and again into incarnation. Until we get it right. First spiritual law is the law of free will. Only by impelling others to do what is requested has no karmic consequences. In comparison this is rather than compelling others; which certainly has very significant karmic consequences. It is essential to understand that to control the lower levels correctly. Requires the beneficial nurturing influence from the higher levels; to achieve insight meditation higher consciousness. Which is a case of accessing the full power of the oversoul directly.

Insight meditation higher consciousness is a dissolving process. Inducing increased energy from over soul; reducing resistance to speed up spiritual evolution
Insight meditation higher consciousness is a dissolving process. Inducing increased energy from over soul; reducing resistance to speed up spiritual evolution

Spiritual Science Esoteric Study Top Ten

Anyone seriously interested in committed spiritual development will need to study the following top ten pages; as an absolute minimum requirement. My suggestion would be to study this website; until a holistic picture forms within the mind. After you have achieved this conceptual understanding; then move on to confirm this knowledge by your own direct experience. No one ever really knows anything until he can do it for himself.

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Psychic Barriers Imprison Ghosting or Psychic Insights

Insight Meditation Secrets Higher Consciousness Claimer

Everything on this website is 100% verifiable and repeatable. To anyone who has the discipline to apply the steps of purification correctly; until the final conclusion energy state of enlightenment had been achieved. Therefore in order to become meditation enlightened. It all starts with the humble beginning; of understanding the basic esoteric truth that “energy follows thought”.

By way of explanation into how others perceive this website. The following will be presented to assist understanding. When light pressure is applied to reveal truth. This can be viewed as threatening and abusive by the people who are perceiving it. While their ego’s are resisting and not clearly seeing what is being said or revealed. Whether an energy coming at you is judged to be abusive or spiritual service; is only determined by the receiver of that energy. Which forms the whole basis of why “the source and solution to every problem is within the self”. We are all 100% responsible for how we choose to look at our brothers. As it is only our ego that gives us the illusion of separation.

Insight meditation practice bringing down Over soul energy into our brain consciousness on the earth plane; is the only 100% guaranteed way to achieve a fully conscious life.

Brother Bert