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Definition of insight meditation secrets Ashram: It is conscious process of increasing energy from the oversoul. That leads to higher states of consciousness
Definition of insight meditation secrets Ashram: It is conscious process of increasing energy from the oversoul. That leads to higher states of consciousness

Manual to Achieve Enlightenment with Release from Wheel of Rebirth

Importantly to achieve insight meditation secrets Ashram higher consciousness. Firstly, you need to recognize. That there are only two paths in life. Which is either living the illusion or escaping it. Which is to live as an ego chasing the illusion; and travelling in ever diminishing circles. Until you create a beautiful depression for yourself. Or function as a soul to become meditation enlightened; to escape the illusion in blissful surrender. Consequently, this means that insight meditation is the universal panacea solution. Accordingly, this will heal and transform the whole pattern of your life. Ultimately it will heal and remove all psychological and degenerative disease health problems, on an energy level.

Indeed, this is in addition to healing or removing. The need to ever come back into incarnation again. However, if you are serious about your spiritual development. And healing the whole pattern of your life. Then consequently you will need to study this meditation secrets website. Until a holistic picture forms within the mind. In this way you will gain higher consciousness ability. This journey begins with Anapana practice or beginner meditation. Which is what I call the window to the fourth dimension. Certainly it is through this avenue or pathway; that the heavens will open up. Appropriately to anyone who has the discipline to practice correctly and diligently.

You tube video: Introduction to Insight Meditation Higher Consciousness

Meditate Continuously

Learn how to meditate continuously to fast track your journey to achieve meditation maturity. Here is a link to a Youtube video on common meditation.

Insight Meditation Secret: Two Categories Meditation Technique

In summary to achieve higher consciousness ability. Firstly, you need to understand; that there are two categories of meditation technique. Which is either diffuse or focused. However, it is only a focused technique that will ever lead. To progressing along the three stages of meditation ability to achieve enlightenment. Importantly these three stages of meditation ability or maturity, are surface, deep and escape. Which are all discussed in far greater detail in the article titled enlightenment.

Insight Meditation is a Dissolving Process

Definition of Insight meditation enlightened is the conscious process. Of invoking and increasing the flow of energy. From the over soul into our brain consciousness on the earth plane of existence. Accordingly, a focused to a point meditation technique; or the insight meditation secrets approach is the only way. To bring the full power of the Oversoul. Into your being on the earth plane, to dissolve all the resistance of ego.

Steps of Purification

After you have learned all the steps of purification. Then apply these steps in order to achieve the same 100% repeatable physics results. Of higher frequency over soul awareness. Just as no emotionally focused individual. Or pure mystic has ever or will ever escape the wheel of rebirth. So too no individual functioning purely on a talking level; will ever escape the illusion either. A seriously focused to a point meditation technique invoking the full power of the oversoul. Is the only avenue of escape. Which is sad but true.

Importantly the only people who know this truth; are people who have done it. Or who are close enough in their vibration; to see the finish line of enlightenment. Spiritual maturity is being able to see all of someone’s faults; and then choosing to love them anyway. Which is one of the many qualities, developed with advanced meditation practice. Expression of unconditional love in practice; is only possible from the perspective of detachment.

Energy of Oversoul: Definition of Insight Meditation

Insight meditation higher consciousness is to bring your over soul awareness into your brain consciousness. While living upon the earth plane. What you gain with insight meditation or serious meditation. You can not achieve any other way. Consequently only advanced meditators will be able to recognize directly; this timeless insight meditation secret.

As a natural consequence of seriously disciplined insight meditation practice. This will lead to a stronger energy flow. That will straighten the spine. By dissolving resistance and increasing the spaces between the vertebrae. Importantly in this way the advanced meditator becomes taller in physical height. Which reflects a better conformation and function of the physical body. In addition, you will remain younger and healthier into advanced older age.

Insight Meditation Secrets dissolving process Key of release

Key of release is insight meditation practice. Which is a very simple technique. However you will need to practice; with a very strict discipline to be successful. Sadly the ego does not like discipline too much. So here we have our eternal choice. Which is to feed and nurture the ego or soul.

Christ said many years ago that “as you sow so shall you reap’. Which is a direct reference to the wheel of rebirth. Insight meditation is a dissolving process; that sets you up for better circumstances. Consequently this means that as you apply yourself correctly; in one lifetime or incarnation by evolving spiritually. Then you may expect better opportunities in your next lifetime. Which you can achieve far more quickly. With meditation enlightened psychic insights application.

First impact of Soul is Purification

There does not need to be pain and suffering experience in spiritual growth. Unfortunately there usually is. Because the ego resists soul light weakening its power. Grief is the one emotion that will open you; to the greater reality with many new possibilities. In conclusion when we give up chasing. And simply quietly sit still. Then many possibilities will arise to change fate. As we invoke energy to change energy state; awareness or consciousness rises. Which in turn changes our probability pattern into the future. Which is a direct consequence of becoming meditation enlightened.

Tantra Ability is Linked to Correct Spinal Alignment

Insight meditation corrects the alignment of the spinal column. Due to the increased power of the energy from the oversoul. Which dissolves resistance and opens up the energy channels. The increased power quite literally pulls your spinal alignment straight. Therefore as an added benefit. You will gain the ability to practice Tantra more successfully. Which is an important co-contributing process in building energy. Here is a link to a Youtube video on Tantra.

Lifestyle Choices Revealed in the Aura

The net energy consequence of every lifestyle choice, you can see in the aura. Hence anyone who has the interest. May monitor their own unique spiritual evolution progress with sequential aura photographs. In this way you come to see first hand. How certain choices will lead to predefined immutable inevitable auric results. In this way anyone can see clearly the direct relationship between cause and effect. The following three aura photos demonstrate the changes that happen; in the electrical or magnetic field with serious meditation practice. In August 2024 I will again have my aura photo taken; for a fourth time over a three year period. Who is curious to see? The results of another twelve months of meditation.

Brother Bert Aura

When you present yourself as the pathway upon which others may walk. Then the standard requirement is to open yourself to complete scrutiny. These photos taken 12 months apart; reveal everything of value about me. These sequential aura photos, demonstrate how meditation changes the aura. With serious advanced meditation practice. The power of the oversoul quite literally takes over the expression of the Aura. It is important to keep in mind. That these significant relatively quick changes in the Aura. Can only occur when you have significant stage two deep meditation ability. Which is when the flow of energy from the oversoul. Is much stronger when compared with the earlier stages of meditation.

Pastel colouring Reveals a Greater Infusion of White Light

The third aura photo in particular demonstrates, a significant improvement in softer pastel coloring within the aura. By definition pastel colors are pale tones of colors. Made by mixing a significant amount of white into the original shade. This is a demonstration of a higher frequency. Which is my case is a direct consequence of advanced meditation ability. These aura photos are provided as facts based evidence. That proves meditation changes the aura.

Brother Bert Aura photo taken on the 17th of August 2021.
Brother Bert Aura photo taken on the 17th of August 2021.
Brother Bert Aura Photo taken on the 26/8/2022. Which demonstrates a stronger intensity when compared with the photo taken the 17/8/2021.
Brother Bert Aura Photo taken on the 26/8/2022. Which demonstrates a stronger intensity when compared with the photo taken the 17/8/2021.
Brother Bert Aura photo taken 14/8/2023. Overall it reveals more softer or pastel auric colors. When compared with previous photos indicating higher frequency.
Brother Bert Aura photo taken 14/8/2023. Overall it reveals more softer or pastel auric colors. When compared with previous photos indicating higher frequency.

Meditation Enlightened Secrets Aura

Link to website for these aura photos is On this website you will see other people’s auras for comparison. With a detailed explanation of the auric colors.

Redcliffe Spiritual Development Meditation Group

Redcliffe Spiritual Development Meditation Group is for anyone who seeks to obtain direct instruction.

Arcane School

Importantly if you feel drawn and motivated to study at an esoteric training school. Consequently then I would certainly recommend the Arcane school.

Learn Meditation Secrets Energy Healing Centre Ashram

Address is 366 Oxley Avenue, Margate 4019 Queensland Australia

Phone +61402103685.

However in the event that you seek to improve your meditation ability; while progressing your spiritual evolution. Visit an Ashram to gain insight meditation secrets higher oversoul awareness. Additionally study “insight meditation summary” with all the other posts; in the categories of Meditation, Insight Meditation and enlightenment.

If you seek rapid progress in your meditation maturity or ability. Then above all be aware of the meditation trick. Which is to artificially straighten and elongate your spine; to facilitate stronger flows of energy from the Oversoul. Significantly this procedure beforehand simply results, in a stronger meditation experience. Learn all about insight meditation higher consciousness to free yourself from illusion.

Importantly also be aware of the symptoms of meditation on your way to meditation higher consciousness. No one can give to another what you do not have yourself. As revealed in the definition of insight meditation secrets.

Meditation Secrets Spiritual Science Esoteric Study Top Ten

If you have a serious interest and commitment to spiritual development. Then you will need to study the top ten pages; presented in the footer menu. As an absolute minimum requirement. My recommendation would be to study this website. Until you gain a conceptual understanding. Then move on to confirm; this knowledge by your own direct experience. Above all no one ever really knows anything until he can do it for himself.

Insight Meditation Secrets Higher Consciousness Claimer

Above all everything on this website is 100% verifiable and repeatable. To anyone with the discipline to apply the steps of purification. To achieve the final conclusion energy state of enlightenment. However, it all starts with a humble beginning; of understanding the basic esoteric truth that “energy follows thought”. Which means that every implemented choice in life; has a vibrational consequence. So, then it is all becomes a fundamental question. Of whether you wish to travel up or down in frequency. Is it not?

All average humanity is living within a psychic bubble or prison. Certainly this is a trap in consciousness. Which you can represent by the symbolic bottle. Consequently, there is only one escape. Which is through the neck of the bottle straight up. You may try to find another avenue of escape for all eternity. But you will never find it. Because the only path is increasing energy while decreasing resistance. Thus, to become more vibrationally educated. Insight meditation is the fastest way. To develop fourth dimensional awareness to escape the illusion.

Contraction of Ego Prison or Expansion of Soul Freedom

By way of explanation into how others may see this website. Light pressure will reveal truth. Which forms the whole basis of why “the source and solution to every problem is within the self”. We are all 100% responsible; for how we choose to look at our brothers. As it is only our ego; that gives us the illusion of separation. Consequently, it is only the receiver. Who determines whether an approaching energy. Is threatening or spiritual service.

Insight meditation practice is the bringing down of Oversoul energy, into our brain consciousness on the earth plane. The only 100% guaranteed way to achieve a fully conscious life. Which is the living reality of becoming meditation enlightened. This reflects our eternal choice in life. Which is the contraction of ego with prison or expansion of the soul with freedom. The very first time time you invoke the full power of the Oversoul. Your first thought will be. “Why” have I taken so long?

Meditation Enlightened Active Intelligence

Importantly you can recognize. That there is no direct relationship between the level of education and the degree of intelligence. However, there is a direct relationship. Between the degree of personality resistance or size of ego and the demonstration of active intelligence or common sense. In other simpler words we may categorically state. That all big egos are unintelligent. Importantly we all need to realize. That the ego needs to be an instrument of soul and not a power unto itself. Importantly this is the only pathway to becoming a well-balanced and intelligent human being.

Future Probability Pattern

Consequently, this leads us to discuss the future. How do we change it? Sadly, unconscious man will repeat the same lifestyle patterns. Over and over again for all eternity like a squirrel in a cage. There is only one way to change the course of the future. Which is to become more consciously aware in the present moment. Naturally this is a complete validation of the timeless esoteric truth. That the source and solution to every problem is within the self. Only after having the spiritual maturity to face the whole truth within yourself. Will the heavens totally open up. And recognize why no pure mystic has ever or will ever escape the wheel of rebirth. Insight meditation is the fast track to increased level of consciousness to become meditation enlightened.

Communication Open or Closed

There are two choices in life which is either to be open or closed. When we communicate with another. Importantly it is only by choosing to be open. That we may cultivate the prospect of achieving real intimacy. As there is an unrestricted free exchange of energy. However when we choose the closed and self protected orientation. Consequently there will be conflict and disharmony due the nurturing of one’s ego at the expense of another.

It is only the ego that feels the need for self protection. Therefore it is very important to understand the full consequences for self protective psychology. The real power in life is in the gentleness and kindness. However who is strong enough to do it? Everything begins by being 100% responsible for how you feel. It has nothing to do with anyone outside one’s self. The people we meet in life are only the messengers in how we need to recreate ourselves.

Contact Brother Bert to learn about spiritual science and Insight meditation. Apply steps of purification to achieve enlightenment Energy Healing Centre Ashram.
Contact Brother Bert to learn about spiritual science and Insight meditation. Apply steps of purification to achieve enlightenment Energy Healing Centre Ashram.

The pathway of discipline is the only pathway to freedom.

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