Millennium Discourse By Spirit Guide Rani Lash

Discourse by Rani Lash Keeper of the Gateway of Power

Millennium with an expansion of consciousness Rani Lash keeper of the gateway of power. Spirit guides spiritual law? "without vision, man perisheth".
Millennium with an expansion of consciousness Rani Lash keeper of the gateway of power. Spirit guides spiritual law? “without vision, man perisheth”.

Peacock Group Spiritual Development Brotherhood

Spirit guide spiritual law: Greetings, brothers, greetings. Rani Lash, Keeper of the Gateway of Power, once more draws close, that we may utilise our power; with the power of the storm that you are experiencing. That you may find a little thunder and lightning, perhaps; manifesting within yourselves in order to give you that impetus, brothers, that impetus which will take you forward. We are rapidly nearing the millennium, brothers, are we not? Which most of humanity seem to be interested in, in one way or another – various extremes, various wishful thinking.

And so, brothers, it is incumbent upon disciples to move forward and to express their knowledge and wisdom; which by now they should be gaining a bit of wisdom; and to utilise it in a rightful way, a lawful way, to the benefit of humanity. And so, in many ways, even the elements are responding to your millennium, are they not? They are more demanding, more powerful, more expressive, perhaps, than they have been in previous times. They are sending forth their message very forcefully; that humanity, can indeed, radiate a little more powerfully the energies that are within them.

Working Disciple

Today there is a general moving forward, as you know. And the moving forward of humanity has to be balanced by the moving forward of the disciples. A working disciple, should at all times, be one step ahead of average humanity. Otherwise, how can they lead? How can they guide? There would not be much purpose in a trained disciple following one step behind humanity, would there? Because then humanity would lead and it would be a case of the wise following the ignorant. Which we are sure, even in your limited understanding, you could see would not be very helpful or profitable. And so, the ignorant have to be given the opportunity to follow the wise. And we are paying you the compliment, brothers, that you have gained a little wisdom. Sometimes you do give us cause to doubt, but always we continue to radiate towards you.

We continue to support and to watch; and we continue to rely on you to be co-workers and to bring down to earth; in your own little perimeter, within your own little groups. That which we endeavour to bring to humanity today. And which we hope humanity will be able to hold onto a little more fully; and even be interested enough to examine what has been laid before them.

What is God

You have spoken today about many interesting subjects, ranging from what is God? To the work of Masters, the work of spiritual initiates, and the work of humanity with its limitations of violence and all those lower qualities that go along with it. Right up to the fact of the changing in the attitude of humanity today and the giving forth of those new vibrations, the giving forth of those new ideas which at present are rather chaotic, but which are coming out in various ways through many instruments. And which eventually will be drawn together, one hopes, to form a united whole. A pattern by which humanity can work and by which humanity can plan and organise its future life and its future progress. The various aspects of divinity are being studied, not only by yourselves but by many others. And they are being thought about, which is all-important.


They are not just being accepted as a statement from others; but they are being looked at in their own right. And they are being looked at in a way that will bring down to earth qualities with understanding; and qualities with power and qualities with activity. All of which can become part of what you are doing today and what you are giving out today.

Each quality which is invoked, brothers, as you know; each quality which is brought down into manifestation becomes a part of creation. And it not only becomes a part of creation, it becomes a part of the manifestation of all the forms of life, and the bodies and forms in which that life is manifesting. The growth of spiritual beings, whether individually or collectively, is a process of indulging in spiritual awareness, contacting spiritual energies – spiritual qualities, and then uniting those spiritual qualities within a pattern and within a form, so that it is gradually brought down through the various levels.

Manifestation Universal Level

From the spiritual levels to the mental levels – the higher mental levels, to the lower mental levels; to the emotional levels, through the heart centre, down through the solar plexus levels. Which are the lower emotions, and down into physical activity of the physical and etheric bodies. And each quality, of course, as it is contacted, becomes part of that, that being that is being created. Whether it is a being on a personality level or a group level; or whether it is a being in manifestation upon a national level or a universal level.

Energies being contacted

The growth of any particular being in manifestation on any of the various levels of creation; is a process of energies being contacted, formulated, united, linked together; through friction or through magnetic influence, and welded into being; so that eventually they become part of a whole. And that whole, of course, then becomes part of a greater whole. And so spiritual growth, that is spoken about so much but understood so little, becomes a living factor. Everything which is being spoken about today very openly – and this is good – all the different spiritual talks, and lectures, and studies, and meditations and contemplations that are being carried out, brothers, are all having one particular result in common.

They are all contacting an energy. They are all contacting one of the many energies that are part of creation. And remember at this point, once again, what we have always pointed out, that there is nothing but energy. And therefore we are working always with energy.

New World Millennium

And so, when we are endeavouring to create a new being, a new self, a new group, a new world; we are building step by step. Like a bricklayer adding his bricks one at a time, and cementing them into position. We are building an edifice, a mansion, a temple, a dwelling place, whatever you wish to call it. Which is either for our self according to how we are working at any particular time, for a group, for a nation, or for humanity as a whole. Always we are building and we are creating and we use our mental capacity to do this, as we have said before.

Because mental energy is inherently creative, it is the building blocks of anything which is created. As we stand at the millennium, brothers, we are endeavouring to create something new, are we not? New to ourselves anyway, for nothing is truly new.

New Humanity

But we are endeavouring to create a new pattern of existence, a new planet, a new humanity; a new method of working and living and thinking. A new method of acting, a new method of progress, a new method of spiritual evolution. And slowly we are, as we draw down our energies, adding new building blocks to what we already have. And that is why, brothers, it is essential to always remember, that we build on the foundations of the old.

There are too many problems today and too many levels of thought which have come to the conclusion that; that which is old, is outdated. And therefore, in order to progress one brings in the new at the cost of throwing out the old. And as you know, there is one level of thought, which is very powerful in the world today; which is literally doing this, is it not? It is throwing out old rules and regulations, old laws, old methods of thinking and behaving. And it is saying, “Because they are old they are not necessary, they have no use. They have no purpose. They have served their purpose, and therefore, we must bring in new rules.” But this level of thought is not very wise or very constructive is it? It is taking no account of the whole process of evolution.

Personality Desires

And mostly those who are holding to this level of thought; and this pattern of living are only concerned with their own personality and their own personality desires. So they are tending to try and create a world; and to sort out the energies which will give them. As they believe more personality things that they are interested in and they desire. In fact, to increase the strength of the personality; while weakening the strength of the underlying framework of the soul. And that which has been the result of millions of years of evolution; slowly building with various energies, what we have today – a spiritual framework based on spiritual law.

Framework of Evolution Millennium

So we have, brothers, two patterns working in the world today. And they are both creative patterns, brothers, because they are both responding to the inflow of mental energy. But they are both working in different ways and at present creating conflict. The one we first spoke about, of course, is endeavouring to build on a framework of evolution. Millions of years of progress, millions of years of experience and learning in which the pattern of humanity and the framework by which humanity is endeavouring to enter into the future and the new millennium, is based on the best of the past. And to which can be added the knowledge and the wisdom and the understanding of the growing mental activity of the present day and of the future.

Mental Energy

And the other pattern, of course, is taking the mental energy on its lowest level, recognising the impact of this mental energy, and because of a lack of understanding; because of an ignorance because its circumference of understanding, its area in which it is only interested in understanding being the personality, there is little thought or credence given to all the building activities of the past, and all that spiritual evolution and earthly evolution has created. And if it is, indeed, understood on a physical level by scientists, it is only understood on the level of physical evolution, is it not?

Material evolution and although this is being followed in many ways; it does not in any way allow for the impact of the spiritual energy within physical evolution. So again, it is very limited. It is learning to understand, as we have said before, the old symbiology; the skin of the orange but not learning to understand anything about the flesh; the juice or the seeds of the orange. So therefore brothers, it is very limited.

Spiritual Laws

But the main group that we are speaking about, are those users of the mind; who are utilising it now with greater intelligence, but utilising it only to gain their own ends. Only to feed the personality. Only to discard, brothers, that which has been established and proven for so long. Only to leave behind the laws of the past, the spiritual laws of the past; on which evolution has been built. Only to leave behind the framework on which security has been gained; and in which spiritual growth can go ahead in safety.

To rampantly utilise energy for personal use without the understanding of the laws of energy is always dangerous. As we feel you are beginning to recognise. Even on your earth, brothers, to tamper wantonly with the power of your earthly electricity, without understanding something about its workings and the safe guards that are needed, is a very dangerous thing and is asking for trouble, injury and probably death. Therefore, to utilise the inflowing energy of the millennium and to see them only as energies which can be used to satisfy the personality, and to give, as one believes, freedom to the personality at the cost of breaking free of the spiritual laws which have sustained humanity for so long, and safeguarded humanity for so long, is a very dangerous thing. It is as much a misuse of energy, as the misuse of energy through dark occult practices.

Awakening Creative capacity of Mind

To take the new found energies that are pouring into the planet at present as they are, awakening on many levels: awakening the thinking, awakening the understanding, awakening the powers of mind, awakening the creative capacity of mind. Awakening also, whether desired or not, the powers of the emotions, both higher and lower. Energy is no discriminator, of course. And awakening also the lower levels of physical manifestation, the lower levels of physical growth: the animal nature, the vegetable nature, the nature of all past evolutions on a lower level, which are still within the substance of evolving humanity and in the genes of evolving humanity. And therefore, are part of its hereditary program.

New Millennium

So, as one begins to utilise the new energy of the new period without giving credence and obedience to the laws by which humanity has been brought safely to this point of evolution, then one is playing with a very dangerous substance, is one not? You must see this for yourself, brothers. One is saying, “This is a great gift. I, a little child, have discovered a stick of dynamite. I, a little child, have learned by watching others, that if I hold a lighted match to this stick of dynamite there will be a beautiful firework display. So I, a little child, like this firework display and can clap my hands and can be amused by it.” So speaketh the little child.

Because the fireworks and the dynamite that he has witnessed; and which goes straight to the heart of every child, entertains every child, gives pleasure to every child. Is a display of this power he is given when there are celebrations and firework displays upon your earth; are made possible and add to the scenery and the enjoyment. Beauty is created, yes, but the little child enjoys it. But, brothers, is it the little child that creates the firework display? Or is it those accomplished electricians and technicians; who working behind the scenes understand the laws of this dynamite and these explosives and the electricity. And know in their educated way how to bring about a beautiful display of energy without damage?

Higher Levels are Beautiful

So the higher levels are beautiful. As you have been saying today, they are like a firework display. They give us, when we have a glimpse of them, a beautiful pattern of existence. Coloured lights, coloured rockets, all kind of beautiful creations. Far greater than anything the greatest firework display on earth could produce, naturally. And in those beautiful realms we see a future, we see what we are aiming for. And so we reach for energies. We say, “We will reach along various channels, any channel that opens to us, any teacher who proclaims to be able to give us an entry into these various energies.”

And we reach for them and we meditate as we may be taught and we find that these beautiful patterns are becoming available to us. We find that they begin to draw us, to attract us and we find that the energies behind these patterns are always coming to us and becoming available to us.

Inner patterns are being revealed

And this is what is happening to humanity as a whole at this millennium. So many inner patterns are being revealed; so much energy is being opened as a screen is drawn away, brothers, between humanity and the higher levels. They are being given an opportunity to reach up, and above, their earthly existence up to the present. They are being given an opportunity in which they can bring down to earth many qualities; that are going to enhance the future of humanity. And that are going to enable them to set a whole new pattern; and to organise a whole new way of living upon earth by which life can become much higher. Much more universal and much more in accordance with spiritual plan and spiritual law.

But our second group of people whom we were speaking about, are tending to feel these new energies and are tending to take them to themselves, and saying, “I have sensed a beautiful pattern and now I have been given an energy by which I can create my own fireworks.” And so, they take that energy and they say, “I can live in an eternal world of personality satisfaction. I can create for myself all the pleasures of the personality, that the personality seeks and desires, and I can see that now I have within my hands the power to do this.” And so, brothers, they are so enamoured in many ways of what they are receiving. So enamoured, as they see the gateway to freedom opening before them, that like sheep who have suddenly discovered an open gateway on their pen, they are all ready to bolt through it.

Choice Sheep dog or Wolf

How far do the sheep go in their eagerness for freedom? With only one thought, “Now the sheep dog cannot dominate me, it can not nip my heals. It cannot round me up and make me go where it wants me to go. It cannot put me back in the pen and I am free.” And so it runs. And it runs and in its innocence and ignorance it thinks it is free. Until one day, of course, as it gambols around, it finds that there is a wolf. And the wolf is far worse than the sheep dog for the wolf only wants to destroy and to kill. And when the wolf comes towards it, the flock panics.

Humanity are sheep

And it runs, and the wolf runs after it. Not like the sheep dog; running round it in order to safeguard it and hold it together; and protect it and guide it back to safety; but in order to devour a few of the sheep for its own ends. And so the sheep run and panic. And eventually they run till they come to a cliff. And so great is their panic and their fear that they go straight over the cliff. And so they sadly discover, those who are still left alive; that the safety of the pen was a safe haven indeed, and that for them; the freedom of the open gate, was merely a roadway to destruction.

It is a parable that we give you because humanity are the sheep, naturally, as you understand. Very ignorant sheep at present. And many of them are seeing an open gateway to the pen in which they have lived safely. And the pen, of course, is spiritual law that has guided them for so long. And so with their new found energies they are galloping out of that open gateway saying, “Now the only law that we need to follow is “Do what thou wilt.” Do what thou wilt, is the only law. What freedom! What joy! What pleasure!” No sheep dog, no pen. Nothing to restrict them.

Lower Nature

And so they give full reign, of course, to their lower nature. They can express the whole of their lower nature without any thought as to results; as to penalties, as to the implacable working out of a law. The irrevocable law with its flow of energy going round and round. Making itself felt, giving for a while an uplift, an impetus, a feeling of freedom; and then coming back in an arc of short circuiting to destroy and burn out what it has set free.

Energy expressed according to law

Think of these things, brothers, because there is a large section of humanity today are working to this; “Do what thou wilt, is the only law.” They have free will and so they will do what they will. Because their free will is being augmented and increased by the new power; that is coming into them by the new energy. And those, of course, who are like yourselves; disciples who work within the law or strive to work within the law. The law will, the energy will come into them just the same. But they will realise, because they recognise the law so fully and its importance; that the energies which they are now getting will be expressed and used, at all times, according to law.

So there are going to be two different levels of progress upon your earth. And this in a way, at the end of every cycle, has always been so. There are going to be two different streams of evolution. Those ones who are truly on the spiritual path and have been for many lifetimes; and who have worked the slower way. Through discipline and law and have got to where they are today; will go steadily ahead in the same way.


Utilising the new energies which will increase their power, their understanding, their wisdom. And will take them eventually to each door of initiation. One after the other as they prepare themselves, with many lifetimes in between, of course. And the others, of course, are like the gathering swine, are they not, in your Scriptures. They have galloped free of their pen. They have absorbed the energies. They have renounced the law. And they have said, “Do what thou wilt, is the only law that we acknowledge.” So where do they head, brothers, where do they head?

Each cycle or Millennium one third of humanity goes forward in Evolution

These things, it is necessary that one begins to think about. We know that understanding will only be rudimentary at present. But it has always been said, in the holy teachings according to law. That at the end of each cycle; one third of humanity will have prepared itself enough to go forward in evolution, to whatever lies ahead; whatever state of being, whatever planet, whatever level of evolution is the next stage. And so, evolution will continue. And two thirds will, because of their own lack of being willing to utilise what has been given to them; because of their ferocious clinging to the personality and its demands. Because of their utilising the new energies to feed their personality; rather than to feed their higher-self, will go back to the melting pot.

And eventually, over long, long periods of time, will come round again. Through the same old treadmill, learn the same old lessons – one hopes a little better next time. Through the same experiences and eventually join their brethren, through eons and eons of time, cycles and cycles of energy. And so, eventually, all of course, will become one. All will become whole. But the rate of unification, the periods of unification are very different. All the time there is the winnowing, as it were, of the chaff. There is the winnowing of those who have proven themselves to be pure spiritual beings, pure energy. Who have learned the laws, the wisdom, the knowledge which gives the true utilisation of laws for one’s own use, and for one’s own progress and for one’s own work upon the various levels.

Laws upon which Humanity travels

The laws by which all humanity travel, and especially, are very potent at this particular millennium. And the laws, which, of course, will be revealed very rapidly and in some cases very drastically; as this 1000 years goes by and in the decades that follow. We are looking at a period which is going to be very volatile, brothers, very volatile indeed. And the understanding that will go along with people on one level; on the mental level, along with the awareness of the volatile energy on another level; and the practical demonstration of that energy on the third level. Will be what will indicate the differences in those who travel ahead; and those who go round once again on the treadmill.

Spiritual Growth

So think of this as you go along, brothers, think if it. Not only in regards to yourselves, but think of it in regard to what you now are, and the work that more and more will be expected of you. Progress comes to each one as they strive to perfect themselves. But remember that spiritual progress, brothers, has only one aim. And all that is attained on a higher level – all the strength, the power, the beauty that is attained – is not attained that one may sit and enjoy one’s new found worlds, one’s new found visions and patterns as if one were at an earthly cinema. As if one were watching a film.

The true meaning of spiritual growth and the absolutely essential recognition of what and why spiritual growth takes place, is the recognition of every disciple – and this has always to be kept in mind, brothers – that what he is attaining, what he is gaining, is for the use, the practical use, of what he will do with it. And what he has attained will only be of value to take him into the future if it is in practical demonstration. And this on the hard arduous road of discipleship is oft forgotten by disciples in the stress and strain of what they are going through. It is understandable, and this is why we remind you as you are all going through difficult periods, as a true disciple will and must.

Why am I going through all this

And you are all going through your training. But as you go through this training, always remember, and try not to lose sight of that golden thread onto which you must hang: “Why am I going through all this? Why is all this taking place? I may not like it on a personality level. I may not like it at all. Or I may enjoy it on a personality level when the good side comes and I watch the pretty pictures.”

Likes and dislikes of Personality are Illusion

But always remember, that both the likes and the dislikes of the personality; are absolute illusion and belong in the world of illusion. Have no meaning, no power, no purpose because the personality itself is illusion. So what can the feelings and the desires, and the likes and don’t likes of the personality have; when their very source, the personality is smoke and illusion? Therefore all these feelings, all these wants and don’t wants, all these likes and dislikes are also absolute illusion. Just smoke and hot air, brothers. Always remember this, because this, brothers, is your safeguard. This is what will keep you from joining the second group that we were talking about; who have said, “Do what thou wilt, is the only law.”

The power of the energies will be very strong, and there will always be the battle, until you have gone much further, between the first group dominated and led by the soul which works within spiritual law, and the second group dominated by your personality which strives to ignore and deny spiritual law. And always there will be the pull. And always there will be the beckoning finger – even to disciples, for a long time – from those who are in the second group and who are saying, “Join us, brothers. Look how we enjoy ourselves. Join our carnival. Look at our fireworks. Look at our pretty lights. Look how easily and wisely we play with dynamite.

Lower forces always like to recruit

Look what a great time we are having, how we dance and sing. And how have we discovered it, brothers? Because we have thrown out the old laws. We have opened the gate to the sheep pen, and we have run – we are free. And all we have to do is whatever we will. “Join us brothers,” they will say, and they will call and beckon; because they like to draw others to themselves because they like to recruit. The lower forces always like to recruit. They are always, and have always been, a recruiting station, have they not?

Army of light needs recruits this Millennium

The army of darkness needs its recruits, like we recruit also. And we recruit into the light and we shine the light. And we do beckon you and try to tempt you at times into the light, as much as we are permitted without ourselves infringing the law. But you will find, brothers, that as the pull goes on, if you lose sight of the fact that there is still a beautiful world with the world of the personality, and that you want to join them with their little games of fireworks, then suddenly, of course, you will discover that they are children.

That they are sheep who have gone from the pen. And you will find that as they play with their matches and their fireworks. One day they are going to pick up a stick of dynamite in mistake for a firework; and in their ignorance they are going to light it. And although you will have a beautiful explosion and many flashes of light; you will not be there to enjoy it.

So, brothers, think about these things. Because, remember, that in the flock of sheep that went through the open gate of their pen, there came a wolf. The wolf, the representative of the dark forces, gleefully champing its teeth, licking its lips, anticipating the meal of nice tender sheep that it is going to have. Yes, the dark forces, they live off sheep, because sheep as a whole, in the true course of evolution, are not expected to have much intelligence. But when a sheep has evolved to the point of the human form, and has been given intelligence, and still chooses to behave like a sheep, then it is truly pathetic and tragic, is it not, brothers? We think so anyway.


And to see the sheep that we have tried to nurture, galloping wildly over the cliff because of the dark frightening forces that are pursuing them, crying and screaming in their fear – and some of you know the meaning of fear, some of you know what we are speaking about, brothers, and that there is a lot of fear brought about by dark forces. It is their weapon. And therefore, remember that the dark forces are the ones who call us to do what we will. They call us to take the new energy, which is uncomfortable when it is building up we know, and will cause pressures and headaches and all kind of things.

But it is still spiritual energy. It is still being held in reserve to create a new being; to create a new life and a new pattern of living on a higher level. And if, of course, we try to free the pressure of that energy; by thinking that personality desires and going along with personality will, will be an outlet to it. Then, of course, we are truly joining the sheep, are we not?

Within a Disciple Energy is building

There is no release on those levels for energy in a disciple which is building up because within a disciple, energy is being built up in order to create. It is lifting a disciple in every way to higher levels. It is bringing the three vehicles of the personality into alignment. It is realigning every cell, every nerve fibre, every muscle, every molecule, every pattern within that being is being realigned. Every blood cell, white and red, every gene within that body is being realigned. We know that you do not, in the beginning, understand the terrific thing that takes place in a disciple on the spiritual path who is being prepared for initiation. If you did, you would not be surprised or complain at little difficulties that come along; and little pains and pressures that you experience.

You would be amazed and you would say, “How is it possible that all this is taking place and I experience so little discomfort?” And you would say, “Yes, so little discomfort.” And this would not mean that on a personality level you did not still feel that you were being torn limb from limb, but that compared with the magnitude of what was happening to you, the tremendous transfiguration and the remaking of you that was taking place, would indeed seem to be a very small result in comparison. So think about these things.

Treading one stage to another

Life for many of you is unpleasant, yes. You are disciples now. The pressures are being increased and you are treading from one stage to another. Yes, brothers, indeed, you are. You are being given the tests where you need them; each one differently because each one has different weaknesses and different limitations. Some are being tested through the family. Some are being tested through their egos. Some are being tested through their ambitions. Some are being tested through their desire for power. Some are being tested through their greed, through their envy. Some are being tested through their lower energies; through their lust and their envy; through their resentment, through their violence and their bitterness.

All are being tested, brothers, and it is hard. Clashes, a battlefield; the very essence of yourself and your three vehicles, in every nerve and fibre, becomes a battlefield. Yes, of course, you feel it is hard. It is hard. It is difficult. But you are disciples.

Beauty that lies ahead

And as you get each glimpse – which is why some of you are getting these glimpses – of the beauty that lies ahead, of the reward, if you wish to look at it in that way, which is the result of all the things that you are experiencing. Then, indeed, you will have no complaints. And it is impossible for words, it is impossible any word you could use, which could even begin to reveal the magnitude of what lies ahead for you, of what it is to actually experience those states of existence which you speak about so much at present – which all humanity is beginning to speak about – but which is meaningless to them.

They try to equate it with – to the best that they can – with what to them is considered beauty on this earth: good food, plenty of money, nice clothes, being able to do whatever they want, not having to work too hard, and so on. And this they see as a utopia. This is their heaven, is it not? Yes, indeed, this is the lowest hell they could imagine, did they but equated it with what lies ahead. And in truth, your religions speak much about hell, but how many of you recognise that your true hell is down on your planet, and you are going through it now. And that is in the balance compared to what lies ahead of you.


Yes, what you are getting now, even the best existence upon earth; when you feel you have gained everything, is literally just a hell compared to what lies ahead. And what you consider to be your heaven, if you have come up through a faith such as Christianity; is still very much a halfway mark on the road to what lies ahead. Even your Christian heaven will be looked back on as a purgatory.

And so these words that we speak are meaningless, but they are merely; perhaps, an endeavour to bring to your limited mind, the wonders that do lie ahead. When even what you consider heaven today, is a hell compared to them, then what magnificent wonders must lie ahead. And keep this in mind, brothers; as an inspiration when you are feeling the pressures, feeling the darkness, feeling the despair. Feeling all the things that any disciple must pass through; when the personality is pulling you apart and you are sinking down. When all the flaming arrows of the lower nature are being fired at you; and the dark forces are fighting tooth and nail to hold onto you. Think of these things. Think of the glory. Think of your Master, if you have one, whoever that Master may be, in or out of incarnation.

Choose Initiation this Millennium

Think of your God, whatever your God may be. And hold tight, brothers, and go forth through the light. For you, a special band, a special group, you have so much, so much going for you. We wish to see you all make the grade. We wish to see you all take your next initiation. And it will be different for all of you. But your group initiation will be the same. As a group you will take your initiation. As individuals within that group you will have your own individual initiations; because you are all at different points, of course, of spiritual evolution. But each one of you will take that gigantic step forward which you choose to call initiation. And it will mean a great awakening; a great surge of power and it will be aided by the 1000 years into which you are now passing.

Brings power

Bear in mind the two groups. The millennium brings power. And to those who are working within the law – who recognise the laws, who live by the laws. That power will be a tremendous surge forward and uplift. To those who have cast aside the law and chosen to follow that large group of humanity; those two thirds who today say, “Do what thou wilt, is the only law.” Then so be it. They will still receive the power. And they will utilise it according to their own strength and what personality wisdom and knowledge they may have.

And may God have mercy on them. For they will need it. For without the law, what is man? Without the law, what is any creature? Without the law, what is creation? And even, one might say, “Without the laws, what is God?” Think of it, brothers, because God is the laws. The emanation from what you call God, is the laws. So what is God without the laws?

Without the Law what is God

We usually toss a high enigma in you as we are leaving. We toss it to you that you may think about it. We know it does not mean anything. But as your little minds struggle around with it; perhaps a little enlightenment will come to you, a new way of thinking, a new way of looking at things. A new way of expanding your beliefs, your understanding, your consciousness, your religion, whatever you call it. Without the law, what is God? Without God, what is the law?

Rani Lash Keeper of the Gateway of Power

We leave you there with that puzzle to think about. And go in peace. Rani Lash Keeper of the Gateway of Power, sends you forward in this millennium; with all the joy and the love that some of you are receiving and others are still striving towards. And with this energy and love that he sends to you; to disperse the darkness that is around you at times. So that you may never be blocked from the vision that lies ahead. That you may always see and strive forward to that vision. For remember the old occult saying, brothers, “Without vision, man perisheth.”

Go in peace, brothers, go in Peace. Rani Lash, keeper of the gateway of power, sends you forth this day on your journey into the light. For the future of yourself and the future of many are with you. And the more you prove your discipleship through what you emanate to others; and for what you do to others in service, so will your growth be increased. So will your journey to the light be speeded. Go in peace.

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After reading and studying this post. You can now regard yourself to be a serious esoteric student. Importantly the next step is to practice serious insight meditation! Which is in order to achieve a lighter vibration of being. That will completely transform the pattern of your life!

Insight Meditation is a dissolving process; which promotes or invokes the increased flow of energy from the Oversoul. It is an awareness focused to a point meditation technique. Which is the only way; to bring the full power of the Oversoul. Into your brain consciousness or being on the earth plane; in order to fully dissolve the resistance of ego. Learning the meditation technique is simple and easy. However the discipline of practice requires a little more effort.